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Freestyle Archives / Re: Ghost of Time Warp Past | Newton
« on: 08/15/2017 at 03:14 »
To hear that her grandmother had been a witch, and possibly the generations prior to that, eased a hurt inside Anne that she'd carried around so long she'd forgotten its name. From the day she first wore a blood badge Anne wanted more than one measly generation to back up her right to the magical world. She'd wanted a legitimacy that being an almost-orphan failed to provide.

And she simply could not fathom how generations of women kept returning to the muggle world. Her mother. Her grandmother. Was it a curse? Newton's story wove in and around her thoughts. Anne picked up small details but would struggle later to recount the whole endeavor. The sound of her name snapped her attention back.

"No, Miss Meadows," and it wasn't right that her name seemed to shrivel on his tongue. Instead she heard echoes of her first year, endless classes when no amount of protest could convince the teachers that Miss MacDonald didn't suit her.

"Just Anne," she murmured between his sentences. She couldn't bear to make the comparison.

His second story captured her attention far more effectively. After all, he mentioned her mother. Anne still didn't know how the two met, what they were, but now it seemed at least she'd know how they ended. How, perhaps, more than just the two of them had ended.

"When the Aurors stopped looking, I started.  I left- to try to find my sister."

It could also be supposed that Anne thought of what she might've done, given the chance, for her own baby sister. She'd certainly never intended to have so much in common with a man who was always supposed to be a stranger.

She took a sip of tea in silence, trying to choose among the things that all fought to be expressed. The moment stretched out, the edges tense and brittle, a surprisingly heavy weight between them. Eventually Anne eased herself away from the landmine, not ready to face all the boggarts in her closet.

"Not London, then," and if her words implied a lack of understanding, her tone overruled. There were enough of them when the warp hit to band together - to speak around things without ever actually speaking of things. There would always be grievances that only hurt worse when exposed to open air.

Freestyle Archives / Re: Ghost of Time Warp Past | Newton
« on: 08/10/2017 at 21:32 »
Memories floated to the surface, so obscure at the time that Anne was surprised her brain held on to them.

"You look like your aunt," her mum has whispered one night when Anne was nearly asleep. There was a funny sound to her voice and Anne dozed off wondering how she possibly looked like Aunt Jessica. Her dreams that night were decidedly odd. Anne tried to hold on to them, feeling it important, but the pieces had slipped away to nothingness.

"My aunt," she whispered as a hand reached back out to the frame. This time fingertips grazed the surface before growing bolder and pulling the picture close. Eight children seemed hard to fathom. She had grown up with a few cousins, a sister, and grandparents. And that had felt large! Especially once it was all lost. Anne theorized that perhaps everything seemed large against a family of two.

"Cream?" His voice - her father's voice - broke through again.

"Hm? Oh," she glanced between the tea cups, "Erm, yes." Anne begrudgingly set the frame aside to take up her tea instead. "You're muggleborn too? Just like Mu- I mean, you too? And your sister? I-"

A deep breath seemed to steady her again. How was one supposed to stay standing when the world kept shifting? Anne had not wanted to bring her mother into the conversation and she reached for something else, anything else. Leap before looking if it changed the topic.

"She doesn't live in London, does she? I feel like I'd remember seeing her, even on the street." A quick glance back at the picture and a small bite of her lower lip. "Yeah, I'd remember seeing her."

Freestyle Archives / Re: Ghost of Time Warp Past | Newton
« on: 08/10/2017 at 02:40 »
It was with hesitation that Anne crossed the shop, tacitly agreeing to follow this through. She couldn't say that she desired to follow the rabbit hole to its end but it had been made clear that she couldn't walk away either. Two weeks of constant wondering had taken its toll.

Oddly her mother's response to the gift had tilted the scale in Newton's favor. It had proven that there was far more to be known. Anne was terrible at shopping for her mother, thus her prior procrastination, and now sought to learn more of this man who could pick out the right gift in moments without having seen the woman in decades.

Now eyed the chair and it's partner, weighing the costs. Her chin tilted up and Anne made sure to meet his gaze as she pulled the opposite chair out and took a seat. Her courage faltered there, not sure how much reaction she wished to see, and instead blue eyes fell to take in the table. Anne froze at sighting the picture. One hand reached partway out before retreating back.

"I never- what is this?" Distrust was creeping back in.

Freestyle Archives / Re: Ghost of Time Warp Past | Newton
« on: 08/09/2017 at 02:03 »
The candles were heavy in her hands, the box edges digging into her fingers. It was funny how these moments seemed to stretch out and speed past. This was a meeting Anne had spent a decade imagining. Sometimes she daydreamed about having a complete family again. Other times she squashed it with guilt. She wanted to know if her weakness for charms came from him or if it was hers entirely.

She'd never thought it would actually happen. She never thought it would go off the rails. She didn't realize he'd already know about her. Or perhaps she was always scared that he would and that he'd never looked.

Anne took his direction and moved past Newton, past her father, towards the door. She turned at the last moment, her back leaning against the frame. "I won't. Tell her that is." Her right hand idly toyed with the edge of the box. "Aunt Jessica blamed you. Mum didn't. I wasn't supposed to know." Blue eyes flashed up to meet his gaze.

"I guess she doesn't need to know this." Anne ducked out of the shop, knowing she'd be back.

It took two weeks to bundle up the courage to cross that threshold again. She used that time to research - the MacDonald name, the history of the Chandlemancery, anything she could find. And she was never more grateful to have her own flat where she could hide it all from her mother.

It hadn't been as much as she wanted. It seemed the only answers were back in the shop, which explained how she once again stepped over Newton's doorstep. This time it was a Saturday morning and there was no pressing obligation she had to race off to. Anne's sleek work attire, all dark colors and pulled back hair, was swapped for earth tones and an untamed stream of red hair.

"She liked the candles," Anne greeted her father. The words felt cumbersome and awkward, wrong and inevitable. She still wasn't sure how to speak to this man.

Freestyle Archives / Re: Ghost of Time Warp Past | Newton
« on: 08/08/2017 at 02:37 »
There was a tremble to her lips as she listened to her father speak. If he had only stayed... Her mother never would have married a muggle, had a muggle daughter. There would have been no family for Anne to lose. If he had only stayed she would've had a fully wizarding childhood - an honest claim to being halfblood, at the very least.

If only he had stayed there might not have been secrets lurking in the corners.

She might not be in a candleshop, desperately looking for a birthday gift for her mother's dinner that evening.

Blue eyes drifted and darted, taking in every sight. Finally there was a source for her red hair, an explanation for her freckles. There was even a reason, she could see as he talked, for the small gap between her upper teeth.

"There aren't enough explanations in the world," she replied curtly. Her life had been devoid of big explanations for longer than she could remember. Her face, her name, her magic. Everything she'd gained and everything she'd lost was beyond her own explanation because her parents held the keys. A thumb swiped under her eye, escaping surprisingly dry.

A dull peal echoed outside as the Crystal Clocktower marked the time. Anne tore her eyes away from Newt to race over a clock. Her lunch hour was almost up and her task was incomplete and magnitudes more complicated. She didn't know if this was an opportune escape or dreadful interruption.

"I-" didn't know what to say, what to call him. Brutal honesty would be best. "I don't know if I can do this." Blue eyes flashed back to meet his gaze. It was never easy to rewrite twenty plus years of understanding.

Freestyle Archives / Ghost of Time Warp Past | Newton
« on: 08/07/2017 at 23:44 »
Continued from these prompts: 1 2

Newton MacDonald. Newton MacDonald. The vowels and consonants shouldn't even piece together because that name, well that name wasn't one Anne was even supposed to know. Maybe that's why there was such a buzzing in her ears. It was the equivalent to a curse which made being stunned a completely normal side effect.

Though that didn't last.

"You're-" When had her hands become damp? Anne didn't sweat, didn't get nervous. She had perfected a cool exterior but now her palms wiped against the slick fabric of her traditional cut wizarding robes to disperse the excess moisture.

"You're supposed to be dead." There was no stuttering the second time as shock passed through to a growing anger. Her cheeks flushed, the curse of a redhead to display every emotion, and her fingers curled in tight. "That's the only way it's fair, the only way it makes sense..."

An aching sense of betrayal was desperately clawing to the surface. Anne swore for a second she could even smell the exact overly sweet grape that had been the hallmark of her little sister's shampoo. Her jaw was clenched tight against the burning in her eyes. Today was supposed to be simple. Why couldn't it have stayed that way?

She attempted to ignore the welcome, not having time to spare during this last minute errand of gifting desperation. The lunch hour clock was ticking and her boss was not of an understanding nature. Anne pushed past the shopkeeper (red hair her brain helpfully supplied) who didn’t understand the precious nature of her time.

“Hmm, are you sure I can’t help you?”

“Positive,” she called over her shoulder, refocusing on the task.

Then the gentleman introduced himself.

A Hogwarts letter was a welcome interruption to any birthday breakfast. Annie clutched the letter to her chest and pushed away from the table. “Mum,” her shout rang through the house, “Mum, it’s here!”

Her feet were a loud thud even against the plush carpeting, pounding as she ran through the house trying to share her good news. The 11-year-old skidded to a halt, breathless and excited, just inside her mother’s room.

 “Look!” she brandished the letter. “Can I open it? It has my name!” Fingers traced the script on the front with reverence. Sarah Anne M-

“MUM,” she screeched in outrage, “they got my name wrong!”


Hogwarts was amazing. Annie had been home for Christmas three whole days and still hadn’t run out of things to tell her mother. She’d had to correct all the teachers - her last name was Meadows and it was completely unfair that no one else’s name had gotten mixed up. Mum would fix that. And help with her herbology homework! Annie began to search the house.

Finally! Voices on the other side of the door. It sounded like Aunt Jessica was visiting! Annie paused just before barging through when she realized that she heard crying. She boldly pressed her ear against the door instead.

“But she loves Robert so much,” that was mum’s voice!

“And she still will. But she deserves to know her father’s a wizard. She can handle it.” Annie hugged the door closer, always loving a good mystery.

“He always meant to come back, you know that. How do I make Annie live with it?” She stood up straight, blue eyes going wide. They were talking about her? Her mum was still talking too. “No, I can’t. I won’t! Let Newt stay in the past. Please.”

But Annie wasn’t listening anymore.


“Are you on that again?” an exasperated voice asked before yanking the photo from Anne’s hands. There was no privacy in a fifth year dormitory. “You already know what you’re looking at!”

Anne flinched and grabbed the photo back from her roommate. “Bug off, Laura.” Habit caused her fingers to trail over the figures. Mum - Blonde. Papa - Brunette. Baby sister - Brunette. Her? Flaming red hair.

“I’m just trying to help! I know you lost them in that thing,” that time warp that no one could explain or name or justify, “but you could still find your dad. He was a wizard, right? The ministry might know…”

The frosty glare of a Ravenclaw was always underestimated. It shouldn’t be. “I said leave it alone.” Anne shoved the picture into a schoolbook to end the topic.

“You see, I’m Newton MacDonald,” the gentleman introduced himself.

He continued on but Anne didn’t hear the rest. It turned to a simple buzzing in her ears as all the pieces fell together. She turned around to stare her father in the face for the very first time.

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