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1952 / Yo
« on: 12/21/2017 at 18:35 »
I'm not dead!

Or well... I mean... I'm Kat been here for awhile. I got a few characters and because I don't like talking about myself... I'm just going to list them and them... or most of them. Not all. Cause there are too many.

Oswald Viggano
"Something of a prat."
Pureblood. Third Year and oldest son of Catharina and Frank Viggano. He doesn't really understand the need to interact with people, but he'll try. Sorted into Ravenclaw he's judgemental and really not all that patient and more like his father than he'd like to admit.

Eirian Aalmers
"Sociopath... maybe."
Muggleborn. Fifteen, and most likely will be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw... She isn't all that polite. More focused on her own goals and achievements then others. Doesn't mind lying and can be a bit lazy. Not really much else I can say.

Xerxes Gerdher
"Disgustingly good-looking."
Pureblood. Former Slytherin, and heir to his family's fortune he's currently engaged to Tempest Northcutt. They were basically caught making out everywhere at Hogwarts. He's being groomed to take over the family business, and also planning a wedding. Being only 19 though, this may be a little more difficult than he thinks it will be. That and he's pretty and he knows it.

Adam Carlisle
"Cinnamon roll."
Pureblood. Dis-owned, and currently working as a bartender at the Warbling Rogue, Adam Carlisle is an actual cinnamon roll. He's just too pure and good for this world even though his world isn't going exactly how he thought it would. Then again at least he's got a job and gets to walk dogs almost everyday. So... it's not perfect but he's happy.

Vincenzo Nicolosi
"Kristoffer Carlisle."
He's Pureblood and actually he's Kristoffer Carlisle, but he just finds it easier to be Vincenzo at the moment. He is engaged to Elsie Marchen. It's cute. He doesn't know how he got so lucky. Neither do I. His past is rather tragic being a metamorphmagus and all. Father emotionally neglected him, brother died during the war (not really but he thinks that's what happened), was tortured by the British Ministry, and basically seen as a sideshow/anomoly for most of his life... Yah, he kind of has a right to be bitter. Still, Elsie makes everything better because she is amazing and strong and a beautiful angel that somehow is able to understand and love him. Basically I just love Elsie. Elsie makes him one of my favorites. 

Frank Viggano Jr.
"Former Badboy turned Dad"
American Pureblood that was sorted into Slytherin. He is the sort that can be charming with a smile and a wink. Never thought he'd get married but he did and he even has children! He has four in total. Two boys and two girls, one of them being Oswald. He is currently 32 and has been an Auror for about 13 years now. Cat is the love of his life and she's just wonderful. Again Frank got really lucky. Seriously.

Quincy Carlisle
"Feels way too much"
He's an Empath, former Pro-Quidditch Player and ex-soldier, he kind of has had it tough. His ability makes it rather easy for him to connect with people, but it also makes it difficult for him to be around people sometimes. Makes frequent trips to St. Mungo's for help in keeping his abilities under control, has had issues since after the war and well... also being tortured and all that. But that's another story. He's the 2nd oldest in the Carlisle family, and was married but is now separated/divorced.

Edward Carlisle
"No idea what he's doing."
He's the current head of the Carlisle family. Which... He doesn't know what he's doing half the time. So far he's just been attempting to keep his life in order with having a wife and kid. Two kids? Maybe? Don't know, but he is married to Lilith (Ricardus), and he was nervous about the whole age gap thing but so far it's okay. There is of course some scandal and politics involved around him and him being the head of the family but it's fine... He still works at the ministry as an Auror like his cousin Frank. Though he prefers paperwork more than fieldwork.

Joshua Case
"Grumpy old man."
An American Halfblood on paper... In actuality he is muggleborn but he doesn't know that or even wants to know that. Orphaned, he grew up with a bunch of nuns and basically got the fear of hell put into him. He's a Healer at St. Mungo's, and he's good at his job. Mostly professional, he excels at Herbology and has a "pet" Devil's Snare he named Lula-bell. He's very proud of her. He's rather grumpy and snarky. Sarcasm is his friend. Would rather deal with plants than people.

And now... Those that aren't used that much but technically are still active.

  • B. Foster - Graduated in 1946 from Gryffindor house, he's muggleborn and grumpy. Not a talkative fellow. Works as a freelancer with the Daily Prophet.
  • Caleb Lance - American and graduated from Salem Instituted. Came over because of the war and just kind of stayed. He's a genuinely nice guy.
  • Jane Montclaire - Married and has two kids. War kind of messed her up. Timid, but a sweetheart. Likes Conjuring and Summoning and housework.
  • Silva Ricardus - A Ricardus from the Italian branch family. She may be too independent for her own good.
  • George Viggano - Is Frank's Uncle. Came to Britain to spy on the Hexenreich and to report back to the U.S. Government what was up. In the end still sticks around because he's kind of hoping to get Frank a seat on Wizengamot. It's something to do right?
  • Andrei Voskhod - Is actually Andrei Carlisle, Kristoffer's older brother who he thinks is dead. He was part of Hexenreich, but he was cleared of all charges and is currently helping with the Reconstruction. Or that's the story.

And... That's it. I think... maybe? Idk... uh... warning if you ever rp with me I will let rps die unless I'm nudged to respond to them. I also am very needy and survive on praise.

That is all.

1951 / Re: Quidditch Game Two | Foxes vs. Geese
« on: 08/24/2017 at 09:45 »
Oswald Viggano

The game had started optimistically. They had gotten the quaffle and although he did not see their seekers, it was still possible to win a match without needing to catch the snitch. With how Fox's keeper found herself actually flying into the pole. He observed this for a moment. Gazing out as he saw the girl attempting to right herself, before tilting his head as he debated if he should say something. It would give them an advantage in the match, considering it seemed like she had never been on a broom before but...

Was it fair?

This predicament of game ethics would be put on hold as, like always, movement on the pitch caught his eye. Bludgers had gone flying and either missed their targets or had been deflected. The chasers had a moment of interaction and then the quaffle had changed direction. He took a deep breath as the look of passive boredom lifted off of Oswald's face. Focused attention brought forward as he began to circle the hoops, eyes on the quaffle that kept on getting closer in Mia Green's hands.

The position seemed easy enough. He was small and quick on his broom, could move agilely enough and had enough forearm strength to handle a bludger bat.

He could block the quaffle. It wouldn't be that hard.

1951 / Re: Never Meant to Fly | Open
« on: 08/24/2017 at 08:17 »
Why were there people?

He didn't need people crowding him.

Oswald closed his eyes taking deep breaths as he fought off the beading of tears in his eyes at the growing throb in his hand. It was not weak to cry at pain, yet he did not want to express his pain in public. It was not weakness, but he rather not be considered a nuisance. He did not like people worrying about him or wanting to take care of him. That was not his job as a big brother, as the oldest son, as a relative of Marcus Altair. Marcus wouldn't cry.

"...Are you alright?"

Annoyance was what actually made him open his eyes. A scowl on his face before he sighed, "I'm fine." He was. It was just a sprain, nothing broken. He just needed to stand up and get to the nurses office. The other boy seemed to be in a panic, something he brushed off as he took a few more deep breaths before sitting up. Ignoring the hand that was offered he began to stand and then realized that something warm was dripping into shoe. This realization was followed by a sudden sharp stinging sensation slightly above his ankle, about mid calf.

Maybe he had not avoided the stone altogether.

"Molto bene..." He muttered, sarcasm evident in his sigh as he attempted to put his full weight. He actually forced himself, wincing as the muscles tensed but there was no real additional pain. It was just a scrape, light bruising to follow. Again nothing that would be too worrisome at the infirmary.

"Keep practicing... He needs it." Or more like he needed the confidence. He had the right idea anyway. If anything happened on the pitch you don't really stop unless the ref blows a whistle. Even then, you just change out the players. Life moved on. Injury or not.

1951 / Re: Quidditch Game Two | Foxes vs. Geese
« on: 08/21/2017 at 21:42 »
Oswald Viggano


Perhaps he should be thankful he had not been put in as a Fox simply because of his hair, though he wondered if temperament made a difference when it came to the teams. Geese, although considered rather benign, were actually quite terrifying if you got them riled up. Quick to anger and ready to rush at you at a moment's notice, they were vicious creatures.

Was he a vicious creature?

He adjusted the padding on his uniform giving a deep sigh as he turned his gaze back to the Quidditch pitch. He was used to playing a beater, or seeker when it came to practice with his brother. Or when he could get his brother to practice with him. Those were positions in which his mother and father had been quite proficient at. It was easy to see his father as a beater, all muscle and brute force, with a wink and smack of his bat. Easy to see his mother soaring through the skies light as a feather and playfully dancing with the snitch.

Keeper though...

He'd try keeper.

1951 / Re: Hide and Seek | Oz
« on: 08/21/2017 at 21:33 »
She was annoyed.

He blinked jaw tensing as she turned around as he tried to puzzle through the emotion she was giving him. He had simply asked a question. It was not a complaint. Or perhaps it was...

"You'd better get moving then... I'm only counting to ten."

He opened his mouth and sighed. Giving his own look of annoyance as he fought off the urge to actually stick his tongue out at her. A tantrum would do nothing here, and he might as well finish the game. He jogged for a bit, finding a tree with a branch that was low hanging enough before jumping and pulling himself up. She had gone to the ground for a spot to hide, he decided it was best he went towards the sky.

He was about two stories when she had finished counting. The branches were thinner and more hazardous at his stopping point, feet dangling down as he leaned his back against the trunk. His gaze towards the sky as the sun still brightly sat in the sky, at least for another hour or so.

1951 / Re: Minimalist | Oswald A. Viggano
« on: 08/21/2017 at 02:20 »

1951 / Re: Hijacking friends || Oz + OPEN!
« on: 08/19/2017 at 00:05 »
"Hufflepuff is the best house ever. While your brother over there might have told you all about how Ravenclaw is covered in books and how everyone is too busy being creative or clever,"

He frowned at this. The tone she was taking was annoying, and in his mind his brother would do well in Ravenclaw. He was clever and creative. Those were the tenants of the house and his brother definitely was much more intelligent than this girl. He narrowed his eyes, arms crossing over his chest as he just looked annoyed at the immature response. He glanced off attempting to figure out what he could do to distract Nicholas.

Getting his brother away from this shrew would be the best course of action.

"Wanna borrow one? I know how much you quiet Ravenclaws like to read."

He looked at her. Blinking before giving a scoff, "You are making a general assumption on my character that is neither accurate or polite." Yes, he was quiet and he did read but, he did not read just anything that was given to him. He knew what he was interested in, and it wasn't Witch Weekly, potions or dueling.

1951 / Re: see something? say nothing
« on: 08/18/2017 at 23:43 »

I here do humbly submit KRISTOFFER CARLISLE VINCENZO NICOLOSI, also known as MARIANO DI VAIO(and Clement Chabernaud) to the void and realize I may or may not receive a lifetime subscription to the dear hunter a hastily edited image of this character. If possible, I would prefer this likeness to include TEXT/NO TEXT (your choice), GIF if there's no gifs of your character I will cry and be as O T H E R W I S E as possible.

My sacrifice is one metaphorical cup of coffee, a promise to listen to the dear hunter, and A SONG OF MY CHOOSING, LINKED h e r e

May book three of the kingkiller chronicle be published soon.


IF YOU CAN INCLUDE BOTH FCs THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! But if not then well... Just go for Mariano. He's the main look atm. ALSO IF YOU CAN NOT DO A GIF, one that isn't a GIF is fine. Basically do whatever you want with Kris Faces... because I trust you and the things you do is lovely

1951 / Re: Minimalist | Oswald A. Viggano
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1951 / Re: Never Meant to Fly | Open
« on: 08/17/2017 at 10:56 »
It was fascinating on how slow everything seemed to be moving after the crack of the bat hit the stone. The long drawn out warning coming in what seemed like minutes after the rock was sent towards him. It was not the first time a projectile was headed towards him. Oswald had played quidditch, he had gotten hit by a bludger at least once or twice, and sometimes his attempts to get closer to the stars have ended with him getting some form of injury or another.

He recognized this moment. These few milliseconds in which he could attempt to understand what was happening and how to react.

His first reaction was to hit it back. A rally between beaters with the projectile getting faster and more deadly with each crack of the bat it made, but he didn't have a bat. So he reacted as if he was the seeker. He lifted his broom up, planning on doing a flip and then continue on his path. Of course, a flip is easier with his broom and there were certain things done differently when attempting one on land. Still he had jumped up, and realized a bit too late that he was not going to avoid this situation without some pain. Arching his back he attempted to catch himself, hands reaching out and palm attempting to reach the ground. It would have worked, it should have worked, if he had kept his balance...

His wrist gave out, toppling to the side and dropping in a belly flop on the ground. The pain a dull thrumming only for a few moments as he rolled himself over. Heart thumping in his chest, and eyes looking skyward as he tried to understand what had happened. He heard, and perhaps also felt the movement coming towards him. The throbbing in his wrist was becoming more intense, and there was a growing discomfort in his leg. It still felt numb and throbbing.

He needed to get up though. He needed to not be a burden, a bruise was nothing. A sprain was nothing. This just told him that he should not have gotten involved.

Getting involved only meant pain.

1951 / Re: Hide and Seek | Oz
« on: 08/17/2017 at 10:25 »
"Three... Two... One..." His voice trailed off as he turned to look at the direction he had heard Pheonix run off to. Brows furrowed as the twelve year old looked quite concerned.

What was he doing?

No... Wrong question.

He knew what he was doing. He was currently out in the woods attempting to find someone. Hide and seek was a game he plenty of times with his brother and parents, but this was different. Why had he agreed to a game? Why had he offered? Had he offered? His eyes were focused on the ground as he analyzed and deciphered what clues he could. Hide and seek was not really a difficult game, but it did have its merit when it came to survival.

He stopped in front of an oak tree. Blinking as he looked up at the branches of the forest.

Why was he continuing this?

"... What if I wanted to hide?" He turned around his gaze on the ground again. Brows furrowing as he crouched down, squinting as he believed he found his quarry. "You just told me to count."

And he had counted which... Why did he do that?

(OOC: Just PM me if I should edit. I'll change whatever I need.)

1951 / Re: starry night // open
« on: 08/17/2017 at 03:02 »
"I'd think there would be plenty of air right outside your cabin instead of all the way at the well."

He blinked at her. A brow raised but no response as he decided she would not understand. He did not really understand either, but whenever he felt his fingers twitch and his limbs thrum he knew he had to move. He had to get out. No one really understood. He wasn't asking them too. Neither did he really want to explain.

"So, what will our punishment be?"

Mia's response to the question made him tilt his head, curious now. It seems she did not foresee actually needing to punish someone. His father's punishments were to allow him to punish himself. His mother, tried punishments but she did more with a look than actually taking action to punish.

"And I know I'm supposed to be punishing you, but I'll give you a chance to get out of it instead."

Another slow blink, his arms crossing over his chest before he glanced back at the direction he had been going. Would he make it if he ran? Would it matter if he did?

"I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I am in every place. What am I?"

There was not even time for a heartbeat before an answer was given, "The letter E." Oswald was still looking away, behind him. Head tilting from one side to the other before giving a sigh and turning to look back at Mia. "May I go?"

1951 / Re: Summer Duelling of 1951 Sign-Ups
« on: 08/17/2017 at 02:41 »
Name: Oswald Viggano
Camp Team: Frog
Year at Start of Next Term: 2nd
Is this your first time dueling (OOC)? No
Are you specialized in any spell(s)? No
Are you using Potion(s)? No
Are you an Infirmary Assistant? No
Are you a Quidditch player? Yes
What are your Magical Levels? C2D3T1S2 (For beginning of term)
What is your Magical Strength?  Divination

Total Points:13

     Power: 1
     Ability: 1
     Resistance: 3
     Strength: 3
     Agility: 4
     Vitality: 1
     Velocity: 0
     Potions: 0

1951 / Re: Summer Quidditch 1951 Sign-ups + Rosters!
« on: 08/17/2017 at 02:37 »
Character Name: Oswald Viggano
House/Year: 2nd Ravenclaw?
First Choice Position: Seeker
Second Choice Position:   Keeper
Have you  played before OOC?: yep

1951 / Re: Minimalist | Oswald A. Viggano
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1951 / Re: Minimalist | Oswald A. Viggano
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1951 / Re: Food in Flight || Open!
« on: 08/14/2017 at 06:32 »
He did not like this.

It was too loud. It was too chaotic. It had no reason or sense. As a child he may have tossed food at his father (a few times), but that was simply because he had no other way to communicate. It had been a way to get attention yes, and to voice his displeasure when words had not been available but now though, now people of his age and older were just throwing food and causing chaos.


How was this fun?

He had taken cover underneath a table. Ducking the first lob of food that had been meant to decorate the crown of his red hair. He took a few deep breaths as he took a look towards the exit. Should he make a break for it? Could he make it? Everyone seemed rather preoccupied but a moving target may be what some would be looking for.

1951 / Re: Hijacking friends || Oz + OPEN!
« on: 08/14/2017 at 05:58 »
Oswald really did not socialize that much. He really had no desire to go over to strangers and talk to them. Which was the issue his father had with him.

"What's Hufflepuff like?"

He had a book. He could answer that. Though he doubted the way the common room looked or the fact that it connected to the kitchens was exactly what Nicholas wanted. He pressed his lips together, hand coming to rest on his brother's shoulder.

"What are you reading?"

"We should probably not bother her, Nic." His voice was soft, a tone in which was reserved only for his brother and mother. Not as harsh or bored when he was talking to others.

1951 / Re: Truth or Dare || 3rd years and below!
« on: 08/14/2017 at 05:44 »
He had gone into the hedge maze in order to be by himself. It also seemed to be the best place to be after curfew. Even if someone did find him as long as he was quick enough he could avoid being caught. At least so he could finish calming himself down. Being around so many people and with so many things he did not understand, he needed to be outside.

Of course there was his brother, but in the end Nicholas gravitated towards others. It was exhausting.

It was the sound of voices as always that brought him to a gathering of some sort. A bottle placed in the center. Was this some sort of game or ritual? Brows furrowed as he looked along the group that had gathered. Circling around in the back attempting not to be noticed, but unable to ignore what was happening as marshmallows were suddenly spat out and he gave a jump back.

He gave a look of disgust before sighing and standing to watch the group again as the bottle was spun and someone had been chosen. At least it looked like it. Brick was familiar, the boy at the pond. The others mostly because they were in his classes, but they probably would have no comment about him. Which is how he liked it, which is what his father didn't want.

1951 / Re: Never Meant to Fly | Open
« on: 08/14/2017 at 05:25 »
Oswald had been observing the event that was currently transpiring. Barely within earshot, he had simply been watching Brick attempt to hit the rock a couple of times. It seemed like a decent enough exercise. His father always suggested doing some sort of quidditch drill whenever he felt too anxious or frustrated with something. It was a piece of advice he actually followed from his father, and agreed with. At times physical activities were therapeutic.

This exercise though seemed to be frustrating the other boy. Considering he was missing more than he wanted to. Then again it did not seem like he was practicing right either, simply going by pure emotion rather than using any known form.

Perhaps he didn't know?

With knees pulled up to his chest he tilted his head as another boy came into the picture. The larger one looking annoyed and still frustrated. Then well... a rock was now being thrown.

Wait? What?

Oswald stood up at that, "Hey! What...?" Perhaps he wasn't understanding the situation, but that didn't seem right. There did not seem to be any sort of conversation on what would be happening. If it was an agreed upon action, an attempt to help with practice, not allowing the other boy to prepare seemed like a cheap shot.

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