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1947 / Re: light up | peter
« on: 04/07/2016 at 01:36 »
The way the girl held herself, prominent and favouring her chances, he thought her to be someone who was considerably crowd-pleasing. Popular to the masses trailing after one another, battering over juicy gossip and the latest beloved snog.

He swallowed back bile, or was that the cigarette parching the back of his throat?

"I'm Joy Detora,"

Clearing his throat with a soft sounding bark, Peter glanced back towards the line of trees that stood ominously before the pair of them, hushed by the overcast fog that trailed lazily against spongy green grass.

“Pleasure, Joy.”

He paused, allowing for another moment of silence to befall. Some might have thought the boy to be rather rude, haughty and slightly condescending for his particularly muted persona. For it wasn’t often to find such younger individuals that held silence above other considerably more important things, but that was Peter.

He found solace and unity amongst the reticent whilst more vivacious, lively folks seemed to drag at his patience and bring upon a snap.

“My name is Peter,” he replied eventually. There was much importance in last names and Peter found himself holding onto his own. News of his mothers death had spread amongst higher class families and it was a known fact that word of mouth traveled fast amongst teenagers and nosy adults. He was in no mood for a pity party.

“What brings you to this side of camp?”

Particularly the cabin belonging to the boys.

1947 / Re: light up | peter
« on: 04/06/2016 at 23:24 »
The initial scramble of students darting between their cabins and the mess hall had died down by the time Peter poked his head outside, blinking back stars.

A cigarette sat between his teeth, held there with an awkward frown.

He hadn’t been here long and already the routine of things dragged on. Rebelling against the norm, Peter strayed behind the masses, pausing often before and after preforming more mundane tasks and most importantly, keeping to himself. There was something oddly satisfying about flying south of the flock, taking his own pathways and clearing the foliage.

Arrogant? Perhaps a little, but Peter most certainly couldn’t merge as smoothly into the throng as his other siblings did, almost effortlessly.

It was exasperating, and nearly caused for him to simply state that it wasn’t worth the effort.

Lost in his thoughts, Peter spied a lithe figure manoeuvre right past him before wavering and glancing back downwards at the male she had clearly mistaken for something banal.


Lifting two fingers almost lazily up towards his temple, Peter gave a sharp salute before allowing his fingers to trail back towards the cigarette perched between his lips.

"Mind if I sit?”

The male had a feeling that whatever came out of his mouth wouldn’t even matter to whether the female sat down or not. 

“Be my guest.”

Puffing gently at the enkindled smoke, Peter brought it away from his lips, exhaling and running his tongue along the backside of his teeth. The girl lit her own cigarette, in a very feminine like way for that matter, and turned to face the sober looking boy.

"It's nice to see everything quiet, isn't it?”

Finally, somebody had said something that proved to be wise.

“It certainly is.”

And with a crack of crepitate ash, he brought the smoke back towards his lips.

1947 / Re: Activity || P. Shah
« on: 04/05/2016 at 17:07 »
Peter had been at camp for nearly a week, and nothing had changed.

He started most of his mornings early, rising whilst his fellow cabin mates still lay in the blissful arms of sleep. He wasn’t quite fond of sleeping amidst other snoring students, however it couldn’t really be helped. Back at home, he’d share a room with his brother, but Rajesh never snored this loudly. It was habit, rising early. Peter was never the type to need as much sleep as the average boy his age and had even gone for whole day without catching a wink of sleep the night before.

Of course it took its toll on his mood, but the night offered many other distractions to keep his mind whirling.

It was short of a miracle that he had even been able to sleep for a few hours last night, as sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings had proved to be slightly difficult already. He wondered if Rajesh was suffering from the same cruel fate, pondering if his brother was having a tad more luck with this whole socialising thing.

“I’m a great runner.”

Raising a brow as a tugging smirk appeared against pursed lips, Peter nodded.
Nimble and agile, Peter was built for running. He wasn’t as muscular and broad as his older brother, nor as tall as Rajesh, but Peter was quick and rather graceful regarding his movements. It was partly why his mother had allowed the boy to grow as an aerialist, he was simply sculpted for such activities and felt pride as his talents flourished.

“Thomas Ellwood-Luxe.”

Ah, so the boy was another pureblood. Ellwood-Luxe’s were rather plentiful in London and he was almost positive that his father had worked with one or two before. It was a powerful name, rather self-explanatory in its own way. He had never considered himself to be an elitist or particularly interested in the politics surrounding pureblood shenanigans, but every now and then a name or two remained imprinted within his mind.

Giving a blunt nod, Peter started forward, breaking into a jog. His forehead already glimmered with a thin layer of sweat and his windswept hair lifted away from his eyes as a gentle breeze swept past the two males.

“I’m right in assuming that you’ve been transferred.”

Again, the boy nodded. Unsure whether or not to fully answer the question. He was new to the whole schooling business and wasn’t entirely familiar with what it encompassed, but socializing seemed to be a requirement and Peter lacked slightly with the necessary skills to succeed.

“That’s correct,” he paused, breathing steadily.

“I was privately tutored before.”

1947 / If I only had a heart // Clinton
« on: 04/05/2016 at 04:55 »
He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was something off about the milk.

It wasn’t sour, he was almost positive about that. But a rather peculiar metallic taste on the back of his tongue alerted the male that something was most definitely off about it. He whirled the creamy fluid around in his mouth, unable to quite comprehend what exactly was bothering him. It wasn’t the eggs, nor was it the sausages. He actually admitted that the sausages tasted a tad less burned than when his father cooked it, but the man never announced to be the best chef.

That title was usually left for his mother.

That was it, the nagging ache that never seemed to fade away.

His mother was still dead.

Peter swallowed down bile, lifting an arm to wipe at his eyes until he blinked back stars. It was an ache that had begun with a subtle tease, tugging against his heartstrings until he found himself physically sluggish, unsteady with bereavement. However Peter didn’t allow himself a moment to breath, refused to acknowledge that he truly needed it.

Especially at this blasted camp.

Especially away from home.

He longed to taste the familiar apples that had grown nearby his house, longed to breath in the familiar scent of his equine friends in their stables. Longed to be absolutely anywhere but where the universe had so cruelly decided to plant his crippled roots.

And the milk still tasted bad.

Lifting an index finger, almost lazily, Peter pushed the glass away from his upturned chin. Lips pursing in hesitation, he paused, hand mid motion.

Merlin, he had never felt so lost before.

And he blamed it on the milk.

1947 / Re: Summertime sadness | Peter
« on: 04/05/2016 at 00:53 »
Another day, another pointless stroll along the river.

Peter Shah gradually picked his way towards the river bank, eyes peering beneath thick lashes at the chatoyant waters, unwaveringly brimming over pebbles and crags. A shell peaked out from beneath the ebb and flow of the tide, glistening in colours that could only be described as opal-like. Considering whether or not to disturb it, Peter decided it wasn't worth the effort and moved forward.

Tucked beneath one arm, was a beautifully bound leather notebook. Delicate penmanship describing beauty in many forms could be found within its pages, amongst quick sketches and doodles. Since arriving at camp, Peter hadn’t quite been able to write as much as he had liked to and felt a pang of guilt. Guilt towards his own lazy consciousness and urge to lounge around, and guilty that he would allow something as mundane as summer camp to disrupt his quiet time.

Something he desired to find now.

Tiptoeing over roots and fallen branches, Peter sauntered towards the tree line, planting his own roots beneath the shaded sphere.

Finally, crossing bare legs gently laying down his notebooks against his knees, Peter paused and breathed deeply, allowing his lungs to expand.

It was quiet.

For now…

Unaware of her presence, Peter shut his eyes, leaning his head back against the tree trunk.

"What are you doing?”

Opening an eye to peer upwards at the female blocking his sunlight, Peter sighed.

“I’m contemplating individuality, madame.”

1947 / Re: Activity || P. Shah
« on: 04/05/2016 at 00:30 »
Peter had risen much earlier than he had originally planned.

Usually, his morning schedule would include a vast variety of chores which mainly concentrated on the well being of the horses. Peter and his little brother would rush towards the stables, both racing to keep up with one another until they arrived and the ravenous beasts whinnied and neighed, hungry and very impatient.

And then of course, he left to run.

The moors and forests surrounding his home had presented itself to be rather intriguing and Peter explored new pathways and caves almost everyday. The sound of the forest surrounding the male had been most memorable, a gentle crunching of leaves and flutter of wings caught his attention and every once in awhile, he paused to admire everything. The boy spent hours outside in the nearby woods, often taking along a snack and some water to sustain him for longer trips.

He couldn’t even count the amount of times his mother had scolded the boy for staying out past dark, and how many times Peter had shrugged her off.

Now, he do anything to take back some of those selfish decisions.

For his mother was dead and his father an empty ghost of a man, hardly sparing a glance at his grieving children. Perhaps this was why the man shipped off Peter and Rajesh to Hogwarts, blinded by his own mourning, he could not see that his sons felt the same.

But then again, Peter thought that he was being selfish once again.

People grieve in different ways and perhaps having his two sons around would remind him of how things used to be.

But Peter only wished he could help the old man.


Slowing down to a halt, the caramel skinned male glanced back over his shoulder. A boy stood not far away and was steadily approaching. The Shah boy was sure that he had seen this kid around, however couldn’t quite place a name on the familiar face.

"Do you mind if I join you?"

Pleased to find a distraction from his thoughts, Peter nodded.

“Sure, if you can keep up?”

He tilted his head and allowed a slight smirk to cross over full lips, a challenge in his words.

“I’m Peter.”

1947 / Re: a sea of solid earth || peter
« on: 04/04/2016 at 04:28 »
Fingers daintily tapping at the edges of a page, Peter tilted his head while strands of charcoal tinted hair dangled beneath his brows. Amber eyes skittered from word to word, pausing momentarily on certain sentences to ponder and admonish their meaning. He didn't particularly agree with every clause and detail, but then again he couldn’t argue with a book. Besides, he was almost positive that the author was long dead.

And the dead were given the fortuitous right to peace.

Pondering on what was gone and forgotten, Peter found his mind once again dangle within the memory of his mothers death. A quiet passageway and something rather mundane in the more lavish magical world. Charlotte Shah did not receive a grand, awe-inspiring funeral, but it was dignified.

Which was more than he could say about his father.

The man had unforgivingly passed judgement on his sons residing at home, still relishing in the joys of homeschooling, something familiar and cherished by the two young males. Hogwarts had always been a thought and even a outlying possibility, but again, something unexplored and foreign. But alas, the waters were deep and they had jumped, or had rather been pushed.

Peter sighed, running a hand through thick, untamed hair.

He didn’t want to contemplate the past. Nonetheless, the past followed in his shadow, lurking around every intersection and alleyway.

He couldn’t shake it off.

Preoccupied, Peter failed to notice the petite individual that prowled the nearby apple trees, fixated on his novel before him. He had lost the flow of steady reading and found himself scanning the pages for nothing in particular. A sentence or two caught his attention, however nothing to hold the boy into place.

But the universe had other plans for Peter and before he could react, angular shins stumbled back against his crossed over legs and then she was upon him.


With a startled little jerk, the Shah boy found himself face-to-face with a little dame. His arms had instinctually wrapped around her waist to steady the girl and his own expression perhaps mimicked her own surprise. He didn’t often come in contact with people other than his brothers, but had learned to be courteous when the situation arose.


Hands moving to rest on her shoulders, he allowed his eyes to scan the features that stood out so prominently on her face. She was pretty and a more tender expression crossed over his face, even if she had disturbed his reading time. 

“Are you alright?”

1947 / Re: that one dancing kid [Jaquel]
« on: 04/04/2016 at 03:55 »

Peter Shah

Peter is new to Hogwarts and will totally be looking for some company. I feel like Jaquel and Peter would get along well as artsy buddies. Peter would totally be up to teaching Jaquel some fencing moves and since Peter's an aerialist he could learn some pretty cool dance moves from Jaq. Lets dance around the fire and talk girls, yea?

1947 / Re: Thread Trackers '47
« on: 04/03/2016 at 21:39 »

1947 / Re: Like I Would // Peter
« on: 04/03/2016 at 20:45 »
PM's coming to an inbox near you!

1947 / Re: ↠ born to die · baby ↞
« on: 04/03/2016 at 20:44 »
Peter Shah

16 . 6th. Ravenclaw? . Pure

History // None yet.
Plot Ideas // Lets go on adventures, but be careful and don't hurt yourself, Baby...

1947 / Re: Clip-clopping my way into adulthood ~
« on: 04/03/2016 at 17:31 »

Canada is awesome. I've lived here for about two years and its great. Just cold but  suppose Vancouver Island doesn't get as bad as Alberta! HOMEWARD BOUND WAS MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD, it brought me to tears every time...

I've been around for awhile, floating in and out. The site is just so amazing and I love the people here, so I haven't got the guts to leave XD

1947 / Like I Would // Peter
« on: 04/03/2016 at 17:15 »
16. Ravenclaw? Pensive
Peter Shah
      Brought up alongside artists and musicians, Peter Shah was not overlooked. Peter lives within the pages of a good novel, tiptoeing between paragraphs and written poetry. He’s an artisan, aerialist and avid swordsman, delicately dividing his time between physical activity and drafted penmanship.

   Coached by his father to be a gentleman, Peter spends his time opening doors for damsels and writing haikus for loved ones, hardly faltering in displays of elite devotion. This boy would lay down his coat to prevent a lady from dirtying her shoes and most definitely hold the door open for her, almost instinctually.

   Versed in both English and Hindi, Peter uses language meticulously, often choosing excessively large words in order to bother his friends less acquainted with the English language, or perhaps you’d hear him mutter a few curses in Hindi behind your back. Either way, he prefers to fight his battles with language and refinement, never raising a fist without reason.

   Yet, after mourning the death of his mother, Peter Shah has found himself at Camp Loki for the first time. Brand new to Hogwarts and familiar with private schooling, he’s grown bitter. Lurking beneath dangerous waters, Peter has turned to mind games and manipulation. Boredom strikes often and along with boredom comes distraction. Causing mayhem for his own personal gain and entertainment, Peter is no longer the gentle soul he once was, or rather wouldn't like to think he is.

   Either way, he’s not a bad guy once you see through his audacious display.

   Well, probably.

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1947 / Re: not like other girls | joy
« on: 04/03/2016 at 02:31 »
Peter Shah

History: Well, Peter has just transferred to Hogwarts from private schooling so nothing much there.
Plot Ideas: I can totally see Joy catching Peter being broody with a cigarette and him freaking thinking she's a counselor or something. Perhaps she could be someone he confides in a little?

1947 / Re: Blood Bank
« on: 04/03/2016 at 02:21 »

Peter Shah || 16 || Pure

History & Ships
#ursmol #whatisthisthing #getitoffme #why

No history considering Peter is brand spanking new to Hogwarts, but he's totally a face she'd remember ;)

Plot Ideas
Throwing characters together in a heaping pile of spitting fury? Sounds about right?

1947 / Clip-clopping my way into adulthood ~
« on: 04/02/2016 at 23:56 »

    Semi Active Me

    Hi guys! My name is Jade, I'm nineteen and I live in CANADA! I say ‘Semi Active’ because I disappear a lot, bad Jade! Juggling between my last two months of high school and university applications, I’d say that I’m doing alright, save for my sanity. I’ve actually just received my acceptance letter into a few universities and I’m still deciding where abouts I’d like to go. I’m going to be studying nursing which is super exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. BUT, besides panicking about these things, I have a few hobbies.
    • I’m a pretty decent horse rider, spending more time in the saddle than on my own two feet. I have a beautiful mare called Piper, who seems to enjoy making every single ride interesting. I’m going to start competing soon so everyone can see me fall on my butt in competitions.
    • I write. A lot. My writing consists of mostly rants and stuff but I do enjoy the occasional poetry spew and story writing. I haven’t been able to stick with anything so far but I’m trying.
    • I love movies! Currently obsessing over the new Star Wars movie. It came out yesterday in the itunes store and I haven't been happier. Other movies I enjoy include; Across the Universe, Labyrinth, MULAN 1 and 2, Homeward Bound, ALL THE MUSICALS, Harry Potter and many, many more.
    • I love broadway and try my best to watch ALL THE SHOWS that come to my little town. I saw West Side Story last year and I am obsessed.
    • My itunes library consists of a vast variety of music, all from Zayn Malik’s new album (yum) to Adam & the Ants. I’ve also become strangely obsessed with AURORA and I highly recommend her music. I also have a strange fascination and love for Kate Bush. Talk Kate Bush to me and we're already friends.
    • I’m a newbie Youtuber, currently recording some horror game reactions and blogger challenges. After I take the time to edit everything, I’ll have them up! Its very exciting, although I’m under the impression that I tend to think I’m funnier than I actually am. Har Har Har…
    • I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. I’m currently making my way through The Witcher 3 and its amazing. I usually just spend my time on my PlayStation 4 but I’ve always adored pokemon so my 3DS is always charged and ready. I am literally counting down the days until Pokemon Sun and Moon are out.
    • I also make pretty weird avatars sometime, so if you're ever in need... I'm your girl.
    This beauty over here is Piper, my horse. Oh, and I'm there as well.

    sixteen // possible raven // pureblood

    My most active baby at the moment. Peter is pretty artistic, keeping to himself and preferring the company of a piano more than people. He’s just suffered the death of his mother and was forced by his daddy to come to Hogwarts. So he’s brand new! Oh, and he’s got a brother thats going to be played soon!


    Clinton vs. Peter
    Friends for sure! Peter is rather quiet and observant, save for a sharp comment here and there. Lets be serious and broody together sometime.


    BIRTHDAY (AGE): September 3rd (16)

    YEAR/HOUSE: 6th year (Unsorted)

    SUPERPOWER: (Invisibility)

    KRYPTONITE: (Sports)

    Vol. 1,
    Issue No. 1;
    The Beginning

    1947 / Re: swallowing flies, and lullabies -- cloudy
    « on: 04/02/2016 at 20:44 »
    16. unsorted. purer than you

    Ever seen 'Brother Bear'?

    1947 / Re: shop o' wonders (and avvies) maybe
    « on: 04/01/2016 at 02:07 »

    Peter Shah ✧ 16 ✧ Unsorted

    FC: Zayn Malik

    pics in mind?: Nope

    theme?: Hm, think broody, angsty Ravenclaw.

    text?: I don't have any in mind! But if you come up with something fantastic, I'd be thrilled <3

    anything else?: I loove you

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