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1959 / Re: dropped a stitch
« on: 04/01/2020 at 16:40 »

Me seeing this intro and then clicking and seeing the theme:

i strongly believe that coffee is to be enjoyed without milk. a dash of sugar is only acceptable when the energy level has dropped to a critical 1%.

I respect you, but girl this is chaotic. You might as well just eat the beans straight. Almost made me turn around and leave this thread, but you kept me with the bullet about trying tea and being a dog person.

i can't function without bullet lists and proper stationary. an organized agenda makes me happy - even when it's too full with appointments.

FACTS. I have an obsession with starting random writing projects, thread trackers, and to-do lists off-site just so I have a reason to fiddle with the layout/organization, not because it's going to make me any more productive. :/

mumford & sons, general fiasco, bastille, x ambassadors, two door cinema club, twenty one pilots, franz ferdinand, the score. peaky blinders, sex education, game of thrones, sense8, mindhunter, la casa de papel, brooklyn nine-nine.

The list speaks for itself. It's so..... *chefs kiss* (If you liked Mindhunter, have you tried Manhunt: Unabomber?)

Also, we suck. It took us like six years to thread again after the first time and what spurred it was a random open thread. D: Let's never wait that long again ok?!

Now brb while I figure out which of your characters' lives my characters can butt into next. c:

Nemo: check
Fides: check
Rid: check
Up next: Waldo

1959 / Re: wompwomp
« on: 04/01/2020 at 05:03 »
WELCOME BACK. We all know how hard it is to stay away. c;

If you're into coding, have you heard about The Odin Project? It's probably one of the best online tutorials/resources for learning web development. (They have a Discord server, too, for when you get stuck.) The start from the very beginning and cover the full stack (front-end and backend). They also help you build up a portfolio! It's worth looking into if you have a lot of time and want something meaty to sink your teeth into.

ALSO, I realized Russ and Ced have a lot more in common than I remembered. Both Gryffindors (Russ is '42), both served in the war (Russ was 33rd), and both then went on to work at St. Mungo's, where Russ still works today. Might be something there to play with?

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