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1944 / Re: where we could be [maya p.]
« on: 04/25/2015 at 01:56 »
"No.. Please. I-I'm sorry. I really didn't see you there, and in the swirl of falling and landing, hi was the only thing I was capable of saying. Please understand, I am not normally so rude!"

Hiyori only blinked. Okay, now she says sorry. And she's sort of dense. Cool. Anyways, the blonde couldn't help but forgive her, at least in her mind. She didn't like judging what she first saw in a person... Though she did seem quite clumsy. She couldn't help herself as she smiled. The girl seemed awfully bubbly.

The girl felt the weight being lifted off of her, finally able to properly regain her breath. Hiyori only hoped that she wouldn't react loudly once more. "No, it's okay," she replied with a smile. Her accent was clearly British. She took the hand to hoist herself up and find a stance in the tall grass. The girl was full of energy, and it only made her smile more.

"Are you okay now? I am terrible sorry. My name's Maya, by the way. What's yours?"

And the concern this Maya carried for others was a friendly trait also. First impressions are never too great. "Yeah, I'm okay now, and don't worry, it's okay." Then the girl introduced herself. Maya, the name suited her well, in some unknown way. Hiyori just thought it did.

"I'm Hiyori... Pronounced hee-OH-ree."

The girl drew out every syllable, like she did every time she introduced herself to someone. Just to make it clear that that was how it was pronounced.

1944 / Re: Mountain Climbers [Hiyori]
« on: 04/25/2015 at 01:42 »
Hiyori had only wanted to spend time with the older girl, and maybe learn a little more about her during the process. So she tagged along...or got dragged by the older girl to just accept her antics and play along, so that's what she did. The blonde girl heard foreign mumbles on their way.

Ahhh, a break.

The smaller girl's legs were soon to give up on her, even if she wore the appropriate footwear and ankle support for a trip like this. She brought a bag along with food and juice in properly sealed containers. Her brown gaze sat on the girl called Kiki as she sighed - at least that was what it seemed like to her - and dropped her bag. Maybe she would follow suit?

But the narrow eyes of the older girl left her stiff, and Hiyori couldn't help but tense many muscles in her body which were already sore. They wouldn't be doing anything this tiring again, she deduced... But hopefully correctly.

"You need learn Japanese."

Aaaah, the culture that was always hidden from her, because of her father. How she had always wanted to meet someone pro-Japan. She smiled a little, nodding. The only way they could communicate was through nods and shaking her head. She knew tiny bits through secret research, but how much secret research by an 11 year old kid help?

"I know..."

1944 / Re: curiouser and curiouser | hiyori
« on: 04/14/2015 at 01:11 »
Maybe she would need to explain to the girl the reason behind it? Hiyori had seen her shock, and thought maybe the brown haired girl did need an explanation. "I have these weird sleeping douses where I pass out randomly." It wasn't a condition she had till she was about the age of six. It was strange nonetheless.

The blonde haired girl saw Rin turn around again. "Well, do what you do, I'm getting out of this place." Hiyori's mouth opened as if she wanted to say something to her, but she had no idea what to say or do. So she ended up closely following her, having rested more than enough to be able to function right now. Hiyori was curious as to see what Rin was like.

"I-I'll come with you!" she said, looking around, only now having remembered about the jaberwocky. How had she slept peacefully here? She was getting stressed out just thinking about it. She would probably want to be somewhere safe very soon...

But the older girl gave off a vibe of not wanting to talk to Hiyori... Hmm. How would they end up communicating for this? She closed her eyes as she walked behind her. "What are you doing here anyways?" she said, in curiosity purely. She didn't mean to sound rude.

1944 / Re: where we could be [maya p.]
« on: 04/12/2015 at 21:15 »
Hiyori slowly ran her fingers in the grass as she arose, her hair astray but she only thought no one was around. She then found herself digging her fingers in the dirt as she started to crawl within the tall grass. The grass is  just tall enough to cover her as she made her way through the tall wonders of the grass in the Mimsy Meadows.

As a child, she would have done the same, but get scolded for it, but now her parents were never around to get mad at her for doing small things like getting her hands dirty, or her clothes. Dirt was part of life. Life was on her clothes. How ungrateful of her parents.

Crawling a little more, she found herself in the same place as before, lying on her back, her arms and legs forming a gentle star. She couldn't help but giggle, closing her eyes as she smiled. But then the wind was knocked out of her suddenly, and her eyes watered as she gasped for breath.

The figure rolled off of her, and Hiyori could only grit her teeth in disapproval. Not even a sorry? As she panted to regain her breath, she thought she deserved a sorry. She could have died right there?

"Hi!" said the figure between giggles.

What the. Please. "Rude," she muttered, crossing her arms as she sat up.

1946 / Re: Birthday Masterlist
« on: 04/08/2015 at 02:22 »
Sept 28: Hikaru Arai (since that is the parent account ;w;)

1944 / where we could be [maya p.]
« on: 04/08/2015 at 01:59 »
July 1944
3:14 PM

Hiyori breathed heavily as she turned on to her side, with a slight smile on her face. It was ruined by a quick inhale, then she noticibly shut her eyes more than they were before. Yawning as she peeked an eye open, she almost screamed when she found herself in a field of tall grass and in the distance, yet all around her, large mushrooms.

Hiyori sat up so suddenly that she suddenly felt light headed and fell back into the position she had been in before. "I can't believe myself!" she said, scolding herself for passing out for almost approximately three hours. She couldn't believe she let herself do that. But more over, she really didn't have a reason to be mad at herself.

It was the blonde girl's problem, passing out in strange places. The days where it would happen for less than an hour other than normal sleep time, were the days she enjoyed, but worried the most. The best part though, was the fact that she slept like a baby for those nights.

Hiyori attempted at sitting up again, raising a hand to her head. She sighed to herself as she lowered the hand to smooth out her beige shorts she wore with the mint green shirt she wore. The sandals she wore were also mint green, as if she was almost yelling about her camp cabin. But it was also easier to blend in the colour of the tallgrass if she kept her blonde head down while crawling around in curiosity. It was only a matter of time when it would happen.

And who knew it would be so soon.

1944 / Re: curiouser and curiouser | hiyori
« on: 04/08/2015 at 01:02 »

Ah, what a pretty name compared to her own. She was momentarily jealous as she attempted not to bask in the jealousy she had. The blonde girl simply nodded to the response to her question. She really didn't find the need to say anything anyways. Not like the girl in front of her named Rin would even respond. She did look slightly annoyed after all.

Hiyori slowly followed the girl's actions, tilting her head. Well if she was annoyed, she would've probably left, but if she wasn't, she wouldn't have her back turned to Hiyori. She tilted her head in curiosity as to why the older girl was staying put.

"So, what brings you into the tunnels?"

Now this was a question that was bound to be asked by someone to her one day. She was rather confused why no one hadn't ever made the effort to wake her up during her sleeping douses anyways. Maybe they thought she needed a nap?

"Well, I had fallen asleep.." she said slowly, hoping Rin wouldn't dig any deeper than that. She would be very embarrassed if that would ever be the case. Like who randomly passed out in the middle of the worst moment possible ever? No one did. It's just common knowledge not to fall asleep during something important, or something interesting. Very common knowledge. It almost always made her look bad. She only preyed that she would grow out of the problem one day.

1944 / Re: candied apples ✿ miyazaki hiyori
« on: 04/07/2015 at 17:24 »

Rinny~ I got back to you on that and now there is this!

1944 / Re: CHAT QUOTES SUMMER '44: we're all mad here.
« on: 04/06/2015 at 20:03 »
Thaddeus Bellamy:  Not much. Just getting into a fight. You?

1944 / Re: madness is a slow descent || OPEN
« on: 04/06/2015 at 18:05 »
Hiyori had been staring at the mint coloured flame, without realizing it. She looked up from it, to look to the counselor whom she had yet to learn the name of, only to find his face darkened by the light of the flame. His face looked sort of purple for that reason. Looking around, she then rested her eyes on the girl she mumbled about before.

A note was taken that she looked a bit flustered. Before she could say anything to her though, she found herself being backed up into another camper. Blinking as she bit her lip. Did she really say something wrong?

"What. Did. You. Call. Me?"

Well, she now had no clue what to say. The girl seemed awfully offended by her choice of words, but she didn't mean it in an offensive way. She knew that eleven still counted as an age where older kids and adults called them 'little'. She thought it wouldn't be taken so seriously by the girl.

"Assuming you're 11 like me, little should be taken lightly..." she said, pressing her lips into a line. Sure the girl was shorter than Hiyori, but little was a normal word to call an eleven year old child. The blonde girl wouldn't assume anything different. She was standing firm on her answer and wouldn't take any of it back.

All she wanted to do was explore with the counselor, and she got herself in a slight mess with an intimidating girl. All she wanted was to be like Alice for a night. All she wanted was to survive the night without randomly passing out. Please, pretty please, let me out of this one, Merlin, she thought.

1944 / Re: curiouser and curiouser | hiyori
« on: 04/06/2015 at 16:14 »
Hiyori's gaze never left the ground as she heard the footsteps of the figure draw closer to her. She was a bit nervous, knowing that wandering at night was dangerous, especially in the Rabbit Hole Caves. It was more than likely to scare the life out of her if the figure grabbed her.

"Who are you?"

The voice was cold, toward her, but clearly feminine. And the girl must've been closer to her own age. She looked up, her brown eyes on the figure as she tilted her head. "Me?" she said, pressing her lips into a line. She usually preferred not to be known by people, so things like rumours wouldn't go around about her.

Hiyori sighed to herself, as she replied with, "Hiyori is my name. What's yours?" she wasn't loud... It was more on the quiet side, her voice. She felt as though she was holding her breath as she waited for the brown haired girl's answer. So she exhaled, and made sure she was breathing.. Last thing she would want was to pass out on the girl in front of her.

Her brown eyes looked away from her face to her notebook. Hiyori raised a brow, then furrowed them. She wanted to ask what was in there, but decided against it. The girl didn't seem friendly, and she also seemed as though she was in a rush. Whatever was in the notebook would've been the thing she would be heading toward, the blonde assumed, but was still quite unsure about it.

1944 / Re: ➤Tea Time Secrets || Ra'asiel Albear
« on: 04/05/2015 at 16:13 »

Hiyori Miyazaki
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None yet.


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Well, Ra'asiel and Hiyori are both Mad Hatters, but she's new and has trouble finding her way around. Maybe she gets lost or something?


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I think it would be a product that would go big. We won't know unless we try~


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1944 / Re: curiouser and curiouser | hiyori
« on: 04/05/2015 at 15:16 »
Hiyori had earlier wandered into the area of the Rabbit Hole Caves, but only to have passed out. Her snooze-fests were rather odd, but she was quite used to them at this point. She had her back leaning against the cool rock of the caves' entrance when she awoke, but it was dark out.

Biting her lip as she arose, she remembered hearing rumours about the Jabberwocky... Hiyori couldn't help herself as she sighed to herself, a bit scared to be perfectly honest with herself. She didn't have a candle on her either, and it was dark. The sun would have set maybe an hour or two ago, she would assume.

Taking careful steps around, the blonde girl attempted to be as quiet as possible, only to not wake anything nearby. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the dim moonlight, as her eyes widened. A figure? She wouldn't know for sure.

The last thing she wanted, is for whoever was out there to think she was a ghost. But she didn't want to scare the person either... It was plain manners not to do so. She really wanted to sit down to think about a plan of approach, but instead she (without thinking) called out to the figure instead.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" her thick English accent was present as she said those words.. Hello sounded like 'ello and there was pronounced oddly on her tongue, but it was completely normal for her to hear the sort of accent she had.

Blinking at herself, she furrowed her brow. What if she scared the figure? What if the figure couldn't hear her? So many 'what if' situations were present in her head, she wouldn't notice if the figure approached her, as Hiyori's gaze was down.

1944 / Re: laughter lines - - waldo woodrow angerville
« on: 04/05/2015 at 13:42 »

Well, the two won't possibly have history but Hiyori likes to observe people and their actions. Perhaps Waldo spots her while doing so?

1944 / Re: madness is a slow descent || OPEN
« on: 04/05/2015 at 03:52 »
Having found her way around without a snooze-fest, Hiyori had been making her way back to her cabin for a small nap.. But found a note on the door of the cabin. Furrowing her brow as she skimmed through it, she blinked. "Tulgey Wood?" she asked herself, as she looked around. The camp was so confusing, and there were no signs anywhere. Not like magic was any helpful in this case either. The blonde girl had no clue how to use the wand purchased for her.

As she looked around, she tilted her head. Oh, how she hoped a douse of sleep didn't hit her here. But she found the group and perked up on her tippy toes to see what was going on. The tall boy reminded her of the Cheshire Cat, and she could only guess that he was a counsellor for their cabin. Sharp teeth with a steady, but evil looking grin. Most she was at this point was intimidating. She was handed a candle before hand, and it lit up the mint green of her cabin...the Mad Hatters. She did love crazy hats and tea, so it did make sense to place her there. Then suddenly the boy began to speak.

"Most campers have heard something. Some say it sounds like singing, and some swear it's shouting…"

Once she had gotten lost in the Wood, fallen asleep, only to hear such eerie things...Maybe as a warning to leave the Wood?

"And there are some who swear it's a sound that goes snicker-snack-"

Hiyori couldn't help herself but quietly giggle at the noise the counsellor made. It was such a strange noise. After a great pause for dramatic emphasis, she assumed, he said:

"I can see just fine in the dark. Can you?"

Before she could even think of something to say in return, a girl she hadn't seen before had made her quite...loud appearance in the crowd.

"What am I supposed to see?"

Hiyori really wanted to say something rude to her in the sense of talking back, but she decided against it... "Little kids use their imagination..." the girl said quietly, to no one particular. She was slightly dumbfounded that the other girl had no idea what to see. Hiyori, herself was expecting something like the Wonderland Alice had visited in the novel. She had always wanted to put herself in Alice's shoes, and now she had the most realistic chance at such.

1944 / Re: Clean cup, clean cup, move down! || open
« on: 04/05/2015 at 02:59 »
Hiyori was wandering the area of her cabins... Being new around the area, she couldn't help herself but feel curious. It was no doubt that she fell asleep after about an hour. Randomly passing out in a place with sparse population was never exactly a good idea.

The smell of familiar English tea made her feel cozy in her spot though, as she slept...though a vivid dream running like a novel in her head. The voices near by fuelled this novel or tale of some sorts, but she was unable to recognize any of these voices. The voices became clearer though, as she turned while asleep, groggily moaning in discomfort.

"Although Prince Daemon was merciful to his people, any creature that meant threat would receive an unsympathetic spell that ended the poor thing's life. His haughty smirk faded as he saw the bears growling, the musky smell of all of them blinding his senses. What he didn't know was that the protective spell that was casted over him expired after his twenty-first birthday that happened to be mere weeks ago. As each animal closed in on him, the prince..."

As she heard the last line, it was evident to anyone observing her that she was awake. Struggling to keep balance from a light head, she slowly made her way over to the general direction of the voices she was hearing, though unable to distinctly hear anyone speaking to continue the story. Furrowing her brow, she raised her hands to the blonde mess that sat upon her head before joining them at the long table of the Mad Hatter Pavilions. She sat down, thinking back to the last line, she thought a little bit for a clever, but close save for the brutal prince in the story. Hiyori couldn't help but think to herself that the prince was rubbish and he should just die there. But what sort of story is a story that ends there?

"...had found a slight crack for a quick escape. Shooting a stunning spell at one of the bears with his wand, he smirked to himself as the other bears were distracted by the slight light emitted from his wand to connect with one of the bears. Though he was quick with his wand, he wasn't impressive when he was thinking on his feet though. He tripped over his own feet just as he found an escape route. Two bright eyes appeared in the distance, and those belonged to..."

But Hiyori took a moment to breathe there. She didn't know what to continue with next, but whatever this next person would add it would be nice to know what happened to this rubbish prince. She took a small teacup that was full and blew away the steam as she took a sip, as if nothing particular had happened. She was never one to contribute in a conversation anyways.

1944 / Re: Ace of Spades ♛♤♛ TOP
« on: 04/05/2015 at 02:40 »

Hiyorin || 11 || Pure

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Hiyori is rather observant and a listener with things. When If they become friends, she would probably leave a cup of tea by his cabin door with a note that would say it's for him with something like "Notice me, senpai" on it.

1944 / Re: Infirmary Sign-Ups || Summer '44
« on: 04/03/2015 at 20:07 »
Name: Hiyori Miyazaki
Age: 11
Team: TBD
Previous Experience?
None, just interested in how things work. A rather quick learner as well.

do you believe in luck?
luck is for muggle games, but I still believe in it.

pick a card, any card: king
suit: cups

1944 / Re: lies are hidden within me
« on: 04/03/2015 at 19:58 »
Aaaaa, take all my love you all are so nice

Take it alllllll

1944 / Re: though the truth may vary || felix
« on: 04/03/2015 at 19:02 »



#meah #hi i wanna be friends #ignore me as i watch your every step #i like observing people #and you just happen to be one

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Hiyori's a suck-up and wants to be acquainted with all the counselors. And yeah, also she might pass out on you.

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