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1954 / Re: mamma mia! here we go again...
« on: 08/03/2018 at 16:35 »

Long live the Slug Queen <333

But ahaha. We need to do some more stuff with them whenever. Also Clint and James things too. #brokenrecord I'll try not to kill them this time too whoops

1954 / Re: A Very Elite Person
« on: 08/01/2018 at 02:21 »
"hobbies. napping"

A+++. Best hobby to have.

also roadtrip roadtrip roadtrip roadtrip
Ahem. Looking forward to what shenanigans that Scarsie get into this summer.

« on: 08/01/2018 at 02:16 »
Those gifs are amazing with how much they fit ahaha. xD
Also James is quite the tree, isn't he? Tall, rooted, and probably hard to knock over.

I'll shout into the void with you later in the week sometime on Skype for some plots plots plots plots plots plots.

1954 / Re: Do you like lists? 'Cause I've got lists!
« on: 08/01/2018 at 02:14 »
We should really do some Ryan and Rina things sometime. Also if Wit is still looking for a job, Scars might still have something for him.

1954 / Re: Crikey! What a Beauty!
« on: 08/01/2018 at 01:55 »
"Problematic at best, toxic at worst"
Make Scars proud.

Here is to hoping I don't die this time around when we get to threading with them ahaha. Also Wolffight things later too, maybe.

1954 / i am reborn as an ocelot
« on: 08/01/2018 at 01:44 »

I'm terrible at these things, but hi. It would probably help a little if you imagine this in a droll, recorded voice sounding over an intercom. But anyways, I'm Grimm, or whatever you know me as in MC when I end up in there. Assuming, of course, you catch me in there, since I have a nasty habit of rolling in and out like a tumbleweed.

If you were expecting something more impressive, then I apologize since I recycle these from previous terms because what is coming up with something new? I'm always a sucker for derpy cat gifs though, and have used the one pictured above various times.

I originally joined back in 2011 after being dragged here by an older member of a site I eventually helped Admin (rather poorly, probably), and the rest is history.

Some things to know about me:
- I'm a terribly slow somewhat of a slow writer. And my muse is fickle.
- I really enjoy cold weather, and melt during the summer months. Which is presently happening, send help. The melting that is.
- I devour books, although I still need to go get more of them. I usually tend to read the same books over and over again.
- I listen to pretty much anything there is to listen too. Generally as background noise, but my favorite genre's are punk, rock, jazz and swing.
- I'm twenty-eight and feel like seventy.
- I live for puns. And funny cat gifs. And funny dog gifs. Just throw gifs at me. I'll take all of them.

The Cast (ish):
Alexander Valentine
- Old man. Happily married. Father of two.
- The sarcastic half of Izzentine.
- Works for the MoM, but really needs to be more active still oops. Double oops.
- Just kidding. Coming to a Castle Near You Soon™ probably
- Ravenclaw graduate.
- Immortalized as a coffee menu item in the Ravenclaw Tower.
- With the birth of Elly he has developed a bit of a sweet tooth.
- Papa wolf mode engaged as Elly grows older. She is/was in Castle, but idk this year because of reasons.

Jacob Scarborough
- Another old man. Probably looks younger.
- Head of Hogwarts Outreach Programme.
- Has his finger in some pies. Apple, most likely.
- Was born with a weak heart and underwent surgery in his youth to have it replaced.
- Should have died a few terms ago, but is sticking around much to his mounting displeasure.
- Totally not misusing your money.
- Sold off everything he owns, and is living in a mostly empty flat. It works out since he is rarely ever there anyways.
- Dad!Scars

James Knight
- Not really new blood anymore.
- The other half of Mames.
- Part tree at Six-foot-four inches. Relative of bigfoot with his large feet.
- Twenty-Two??? I think???
- Auror - In - Training (still. Sorry, Caly, you still got to deal with him.)
- Big eater. Be careful with food around him.
- Can and will give you a bear hug.

Ryan Ward
- His name started off as a joke when I first wrote him five years ago. (R. E. Ward. Or Just Ry Wards.)
- Helloo nurse.
- Junior Healer at St Mungos.
- Had a hand in helping with the cure for Mega Mono.
- Biggest dork of them all(tm)
- Exploring the application of Aura Reading to help medical diagnosis and/or Spell Damages after Hogwarts at St. Mungos.
- Doesn't get enough sleep.
- Could probably use a hug most days.
- Big Spoon
- Probably lost in Otherworld most days.

Callum Winters
- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- In Elsewhere somewhere
- Up to no good
- Its a mystery

Gilroy Locke
- Riffraff! Street rat! Scoundrel! Take that!
- Transfer student
- Has been living in a flat in London since around Christmastime 1953
- Trying, and failing, to keep his nose clean
- Surly most of the time
- Orphan

Past Workshop Prompts / prompt one - verano en invierno
« on: 08/24/2017 at 16:40 »
Verano en Invierno
tw: death | a scars prompt

Let’s get married, she said. While those hadn’t been her exact words, it was more of a generalization of her idea. One written on a long, crumpled list of things to do. To experience. It was under continuous revision, mostly when she had a new idea. But marriage had been on her list the longest. Circled thrice and underlined with a few question marks for flavor. Her words, not his.

Olivia was Jacob’s senior in the hospital ward, and he had only known her for a month when she brought it up, but the question of her age was never answered with a straight face. Some days she was older than him, other days she was younger. It was ever-changing like the color and length of her thinning hair, but that never bothered him. He knew she was older. Wiser too, as he could tell from her eyes. They always spoke of something more whenever he looked at them, as if they were changed from her occasional trips to Otherworld.

(She did everything to escape the confines of her bed, even if she had to leave her body behind to do so.)

For people like them, death was an eventuality no matter how hard they struggled against it. They at least had a general idea of when it would all be over, which gave them time to plan. To get their affairs in order. While Jacob was still recovering as his body adjusted to his newest heart, it only bought him a few years at best according to his Healers. Another temporary lease on life. Maybe more since he was a wizard, but he hadn’t really intended on wasting it again. While his time learning at Hogwarts had been a huge time sink, now he would have full use of his wings and be able to soar wherever he wished - as long as it wasn’t on a broom, according to one of his Healers.

Olivia, however, was knocking on the Reaper’s Door. She always claimed that she didn’t care, and that she was ready to punch Death in the face. But her words were just beautiful lies she told. Jacob had heard her at night, mixed in with the cacophony of the others that filled the ward. A muddy grey maelstrom of sadness in concert that hung heavy in the air like cigarette smoke as it clung to everything it touched. Smothering and suffocating. It resonated with his own sadness, masked by his own lies to hide that he spun and built up over the years to hide the hurt.

So agreeing to her idea had been easy. Neither of them loved easily from what he could tell, and they harmonized easily enough from the time they spent together complaining about the entirety of St. Mungos. Him mostly in English, her sometimes in Spanish when her rants got too heated. The bond, however brief, had been formed in observance of one of the Healers. There were no real rings to speak of, but they had old scars, a new bond, borrowed time, and her lips were slightly blue as Jacob pulled away from the sealing kiss.

Their first - and last - night together after their bond had been palpably colder as Jacob lay with her, absently brushing her hair as she stained his hospital gown with silent tears. Smoke curled from the cigarette he held in his fingers that the Healers allowed, and danced in the air with her projection. Or, perhaps at the time, it had been her spirit. She stayed with him, dancing under the moonlight as it filtered into the ward until the stick burned out before fading. But Jacob stayed with her until morning. Unmoving, eyes closed, with her finished list crumpled up in his lap.

1950 / Re: What's on your Hogwarts Bucket List?
« on: 04/22/2017 at 22:33 »
Ry's List:

- Actually do something
- Broomstick jousting in the hallways
- Sleeping under the stars. Not just the ones enchanted on the Ravenclaw Tower's ceiling.
- Get lost in things.
- Pranks.
- Have more dates.
- Raven things.

Scars List:

- Rearrange the library.
- Read everything in the Library that he didn't have access to during his youth.
- Try to keep the plants in his office alive.
- Freeze the lake.
- Pester certain professors.
- Try to not become a ghost.
- Send Howlers to students with overdue library books.

1950 / Re: song muse meme
« on: 04/18/2017 at 18:07 »


flaws by bastille
You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve,
And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground.
Dig them up; let's finish what we've started.
Dig them up, so nothing's left untouched.

i'm not over by carolina liar
What a waste of time, the thought crossed my mind.
Can't explain this thing or what I mean. I'm trying to let go.

survive by rise against
Life for you has been less than kind.
So take a number, stand in line.
We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt,
But how we survive is what makes us who we are.

whiter/straighter by adaline
Come here pretty, I've got a way to mess you up.
I'll tell you something to make you feel like you're in love.

good to be bad by royal republic
If you wanna get in trouble, baby, that's what we do.
If you don't wanna get in trouble, baby, that's ok too.
I swear to break my word if I can.

deadly handsome man by marcy playground
I got all the things I need. It's the nature of my breed
I'm independent, smooth and confident.
Always in command with a graceful element, a tasteful compliment.
Do you know who I am? I'm a deadly handsome man.

1950 / Re: I took some personality quizzes
« on: 04/04/2017 at 02:21 »

we should do wolffight things eventually
<3 <3 <3

All of those are perfect, but I think I love Clint's the most. A++

1950 / Re: i swear that this isn't a copy paste
« on: 04/02/2017 at 18:15 »
Oops, I knew I missed tweaking something. I already had my birthday. xD
But yesss. Soon™

1973 / Re: Me, You, and Everyone We Know [Jacob S]
« on: 04/20/2012 at 01:11 »
"As you wish."

Jacob grinned. Steadying himself as he watched her dart through the darkness towards the charmed iron death-ball and listened as her bat connected with it. He listened as it cut through the night air; As his heart thumped loudly in his chest; As the night breeze blew into his ears; As everything else slowly drowned out.

"Do you…" As his bat connected with the bludger. "Like it here?"

Then he watched it flew back Ellerie's way, curving slightly from the way he hit it and as it hit the target. Success swelled up in his chest as he watched it wreck the floating target, his grin intensifying over such a simple feat. Such simple destruction.

Then, when the sensation faded, Jacob let out a sigh and settled back on his broom. His eyes flickered back towards Ellerie. "Camp? Hardly," he said, not the full truth, but not lying either. He was only here to avoid people hassling over him all the time.

Jacob spun his bat, leaned forward, tightened his grip on his broom and flew over towards the girl. He hooked a right at the last second, pulling up and turning enough only when he got to her so that faced her direction instead of facing the direction she did. "Or here? If so, possibly," he said, a teasing grin tugging at his lips before he glanced from her up towards the sky. He liked nighttime. And again, it was always better with the right company.

The teenager glanced back down at her. A pause. Another grin. "What about you?"

1973 / Re: Me, You, and Everyone We Know [Jacob S]
« on: 04/13/2012 at 17:39 »
Of all the things that Jacob could have been doing at 2AM, sleeping was hardly ever one of them. During the summer, at least. He spent most of his days asleep while trying to avoid the heat, then spent the evening to twilight hours out and about looking for fun.

Tonight's location of fun was the girl's cabins. Or well... above the girls cabins on a broom, hitting bludgers in the dark. It was dangerous, but one hell of a good time when you had the right company.

Ellerie Saint Auxpris was that company today.

She had been talking about something, but Jacob had forgotten what the original subject was, since most of his focus was were the bludgers were. The jet black iron balls were almost impossible to see at night, but thankfully there was some trace of moonlight that let them see. Even if it was only just barely.

Why was he out here again? Oh, right. Fun. Plus he had missed Summer Quid sign ups due to another check-up at St. Mungo's, so this was perfect to blow off some steam.

The sound of Ellerie's bat connecting solidly with one of the bludgers caught his attention and he watched it rocket towards the target. Smirk, even, when it careened off path and crashed into one of the girl's cabins before rolling off and hitting the ground with a thud. That was sure to freak somebody out.

She tried again, still talking, but had missed the target yet again when the bludger had went in the opposite direction. They would probably have to go searching for more at this rate, since the number that had been swallowed up by the night was more than he liked to count.

"But at least it isn't here. Your turn."

"What isn't here?" Jacob asked, obviously paying attention as he gave a flick of his wand like she had to levitate a bludger and charming it into action. Unlike her, his wand was attached to a strap of one of his wrists and he let it go before taking up his Beater's bat.

Following the bludger through the darkness, the moonlight just barely glinting off the smooth metallic surface, he swung and was presented with gratifying sound of his bat meeting the bludger. The bludger rocketed through the darkness and missed the target like Ells' shots had, but judging by the sickening sound of impact of splintering wood, it must have stuck a tree off in the distance past the target.

"Bloody hell," he muttered, a hand combing through his dark blonde hair, and then a sigh. Glancing at his partner in crime, he readied his bat again, a smirk now tugging at his lips. "Send one my way this time."

1973 / Re: look alive, sunshine (Jacob)
« on: 04/09/2012 at 22:06 »
Even though Jacob liked being active in the past few years, he had always been hesitant on doing anything public that would reveal the scar on his chest. People that knew him, really knew him - The number being less than he could count on one hand. Or a half of his hand, even. - would know that it was from surgery. The rest only knew stories. Tales spun in the moment to take them off the subject and onto another one.


Because Jacob didn't like talking about those years. Didn't like talking about the time since his rebirth, as he liked to consider it in his head. Who would want to think back on months spent in and out of hospitals? Of tests to see if his heart would or wouldn't accept him? If it would give out from so much as doing something simple like running. Other boys could run, so he had always been envious that he couldn't until a few years ago.

So why was Jacob near the waterfall today? It was simple. The boy wanted to smoke in peace and the waterfall was a place that people rarely came too. He didn't know why. It was a lovely place, or at least that is what others had boasted. He just found it a place to fool around; The crashing of the water into the basin was enough to keep people from hearing anything that might be construed as improper. Maybe that was why? The noise, that is. While the location was nice, it was also deafening at times if you got too close.

As Jacob neared the falls, a figure in the distance caught his attention. The white dress stood out rather nicely through the trees, but it was the hair that caught it completely. There was a good number of blondes in camp, but this one was a bit more familiar. The teenager just couldn't place the girl without seeing her face, so he had decided to get closer, a half grin on his face.

Like the girl, Jacob didn't look like he was dressed to go swimming. She probably had a swimming suit underneath, however, if her intentions had been to do so. Who else would go towards a body of water in something white without something underneath it? Bold people, maybe, but that was just an assumption. Or people not there to swim like Jacob; Who was in a black shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. But if a pretty girl was going to be going swimming alone, from what it looked like from here, then no harm in jumping in as well, right?

As he near her this time, something had crunched under his shoe and she seemed to stop like a doe in her tracks. She glanced around, but not back, and he arched a brow as he moved. Hadn't she heard the origin of the noise? His grin curled more until the point of collision when she back up into him, glancing back at him only then.  His arms came around her then, mostly on instinct, to keep her from tumbling forward and his grin hadn't faltered any in the process.


Blinking, Jacob looked down at the girl in his arms. Oh, his mind had finally registered and he felt his grip loosen from around her as everything else clicked. Now his grin faltered since he hadn't expected to run into her here today. "Hello, Matty. 'S been a while, huh?" he asked, stepping back a good step or so before shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans. Wrinkling his nose, Jacob glanced past her to the falls before letting his eyes dart back to her. Nodding in the direction of the water the teenager asked, "Going for a swim? Or just here to look today?"

1974 / Re: When You're Evil :: Jacob Scarborough
« on: 04/03/2012 at 04:22 »
~ Summer ~
look alive, sunshine [Matty] @ Waterfall
Me, You, and Everyone We Know [Ells SA] @ Girl's Cabin

~ Elsewhere ~
Title [Involved] @ Location

~ Planned; Unsorted as of yet ~
Running/jogging thread with Maur(?)
Prank thread with Bronwyn&c.
Snark thread with Jules

1974 / Re: When You're Evil :: Jacob Scarborough
« on: 04/03/2012 at 04:21 »
Romantic Interest(s)
N/A - text .
- text text text .-

N/A - text .
- text text text .-

N/A - text .
- text text text .-

Everybody Else - Everybody Else.
- 'Nuff said. -

1974 / When You're Evil :: Jacob Scarborough
« on: 04/03/2012 at 04:20 »

{Unsorted; 6th year hopeful; Pureblood}
| Intelligent | Snarky | Athletic | Charismatic | Sly |
|Jacob is hard to read at times since his outer most personality typically flops depending on his mood and present company. On most occasions, the teenager can seem to be rather sly or mischievous, but not in a way that a child is when they are younger and seeking to play tricks on others.

At other times, Jacob can actually be fairly sociable even if it is just a front for him to try and get what he wants. He has a perchance to being antagonistic, however it is rarely ever seen due to the fronts he keeps up. It typically only shined though when he wants it to or when he is in a rather bad mood. He also, on equally rare occasion, has the capacity to be genuinely nice to another human being without expecting anything in return.

Unlike some other Purebloods, Jacob has no real interest in such things as Blood Pride and he can usually be found scowling at any displays that include such behavior. However, like most Purebloods, the boy is also rather prideful and when the offer of help arises from others, he is usually too hardheadedly stubborn to accept it. Even if he ends up failing miserably at whatever the task is, since he has a strong dislike as being seen as helpless or weak.

Age: Sixteen (October 17th, 1956)
Hair: Blonde / Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 182 cm (5'11")
Laterality: Right-Handed
Build: Athletic - Compact Muscles
Ethnicity: English
Strength: Conjuring & Summoning
Weakness: Divination

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Past Relationships: N/A
Dream Job: A work in progress. Meaning, he doesn't know anymore.
Likes: Quidditch, Quodpot, Dueling, Muggle Sports, Girls.
Dislikes: Hospitals
Currently Reading: Nothing. It is summer, who reads during summer?
Additional Info: Scar on his chest from surgery in his youth for his heart.

When the Devil is too busy [Facial Recognition]
And Death's a bit too much [Acquaintance]
They call on me, by name you see, [Partners in Crime]
For my special touch! [Future Friendship]

To the Gentlemen, I'm Misfortune [Attraction - (On him)]
To the Ladies, I'm Surprise [Crush (On him)]
But call me by any name [Snog - Past/Future]

Anyway it's all the same! [Other - Specify]

And it's so easy when you're evil [Annoyance]
This is the life, you see [Dislike]
The Devil tips his hat to me   [Rivalry]
I do it all because I'm evil [Enemy]
And I do it all for free [Other - Specify]

Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need! [Other - Specify]

Code: [Select]

1973 / Re: Snogging Tree, '73
« on: 04/03/2012 at 03:14 »
I think Chloe and Fabs will need a separate tree/forest due to their competition.

As for my characters, Alexander is finally on there with Isabelle.

And for Jacob.... no clue, but I'm sure he has. Just haven't plotted with him/played him yet. -should do that-

Karis is the same as Jacob. -needs to play her too soon-

1973 / Re: Cabin Assignments
« on: 04/01/2012 at 19:33 »
Name: Jacob Scarborough
Year: 6th hopeful
Birthday: October 17th
Cabin Request (optional):
Cabinmate Requests (optional):

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