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1937 / Re: Better late than never
« on: 12/24/2012 at 16:37 »
You get a Julian post here, because.



Bloodline: Pureblood
Age/Year/House: 18/Former Ravenclaw
Relation: Annoyance, Dislike, Enemies
Thread? And ideas: We'll discuss em, doll.

1974 / Re: Only He Who Has Power
« on: 04/30/2012 at 03:15 »
1. seventeen years old, male, pureblood, ravenclaw
2. mean, snarky, condescending, superior, inner softie
3. likes cake and stargazing, making others miserable, doesn't like uncontrollable situations, hates feeling
4. Pureblood functions? Passing acquaintances, instant dislike?
5. Relationships:  enemy turned friend | respect | mentor
You could use a guy friend and/or enemy. Just sayin, with all the chicks you got up there. :)


*snugs the new kid*

You sound yummeh. Thumbs up for everything you've listed down. Where's the like button when you need one?


I just wanna say I love you and you get extra bonus for being Asian. (that creepy enough?) WOOOO TEAM ASIA FTW! Where the bloody hell are those badges?! -Ahem-

*looks at the number of new people*

Holy shm- Have I been gone that long? Aye.

Welcome to Hoggies, Cyb!

1973 / Re: Do I know you? {Julian}
« on: 04/27/2012 at 14:14 »
Lola was certainly a fascinating creature.

"...And you are? You don't have to tell me, I'll just call you boy if thats more to your liking."

Smirking, Julian’s eyes tracked the girl’s movements as she sat primly on a stump, crossing her legs over the other like a proper lady. There was nothing proper about her, however. If he may be as bold as to amuse himself, this Lola girl could actually be flirting with him.

As if he had all the time in the world to pursue romantic affairs.

Not even with a pretty girl like Lola. He had to admit, though that de admired how she didn’t seem to be intimidated by him. Instead, she sought to play with her words, her tone slightly teasing. Oh, she can tease him all she wanted. Not that he’d let her get away with it.


Perhaps, for the hell of it, he might snog her once, twice, but he wouldn’t even bat an eyelash to gain an ounce of her affection. Julian wasn’t simply that kind of person. He was hardly concerned (or not at all) about the idiots that roamed the hallways of Hogwarts, much less with this princess he was now currently stuck with.

Princess. It seemed to be a fitting nickname for his new acquaintance.

He snickered inwardly, maintaining his cold, calm disposition. The blonde sauntered towards the girl, slowly, taking all time in the world, methodically rolling up his sleeves to his elbows. He came close enough to the girl, standing before her. Julian scraped his shoe against an exposed root, frowning at the damp leaves that clung onto the sole.

"The Valentines Masquerade ball."

Julian looked up, raised his dark blonde brows at the statement. Whether he was keen on what the girl babbling about, he didn’t show it on his face. He let her continue.

 "I believe you sported a gold mask."

A gold mask? A ball? He couldn’t remember for he simply couldn’t be bothered to. Details as such were meaningless to him. If he was true to himself, he might almost admit that he hadn’t a care in the world. Of course, he did care once, but he cared too much, apparently. In fact, nowadays, he could count the number of things he would bother to care about. Masks and balls weren’t on the short list, however.

Nevertheless, he vaguely recalled attending such an elaborate function. Although, he couldn’t remember his attire, he did remember how it had been so terribly boring. Not many were his age, and those that were didn’t dare talk to him, which was, honestly, for their own good, as well. Julian wasn’t exactly good at making small talks.

He did recollect being introduced to several Pureblood families. ‘Make connections and widen your social circle, boy!’, his Uncle Seamus had said. Julian scoffed to himself. To think that he’d made more enemies than friends that night... His uncle must have been so proud.

One particular name he remembered encountering was Berlioz. Supposedly, they were quite wealthy and had good social standing in the community and perhaps, the Ministry. They seemed to be quite the influential sort, as well. If he wasn’t wrong, he was introduced to a couple and later on, to their children. He could hardly remember that time but there had been a pretty girl, a year or younger than him, and her face seemed to liken Lola’s. Perhaps, they were one and the same? Maybe so.

“Perhaps.” Being a cryptic, Julian merely shrugged, tucking his hands into his pockets again. He cocked his head, intrigued, watching her bite her shapely lips. They certain looked good enough for snogging. Soon, maybe.

“Tell me, my dear, Lola. Were you also wearing a tiara?” mocked Julian, green eyes gleaming with satisfaction. He laughed tonelessly. “Funny how you could remember all that. I couldn’t. Perhaps, I should help you remember more?”

A dangerous beat. At this crucial point, she should run like hell and never look back. Too late for her now, anyway. For some strange reason, Julian took pleasure in messing with people’s minds. Cruel, yes. Yet, it was amusing, to say the least and it certainly made him feel superior. Yes, he liked being in control.

The blonde leaned forward, planting a hand on the stump, his face hovering near hers. His lips moved to whisper by her ear, stirring the wisps of hair that dangled beside it.

“It’s Julian Cross. Remember it well, princess.”   

1973 / Re: Burning Low (Colton B.)
« on: 04/27/2012 at 09:22 »
The shadow did not go away.

“Who the hell are you to tell me to go away, you prissy git. Take your tanning session somewhere else, maybe one of the girls below will give you a nice rub down if you don't open your mouth like a fool.”

Julian cocked his head to the side, appearing to be listening to the person’s incessant drivel. The voice grated on his nerves, the accent thick and unpleasant. Bloody Yanks.

Americans, with their lack of taste and their uncouth and unrefined ways, the blonde scoffed. ‘Mutt’ truly suited the lad well. He reeked of dirt, sweat and all things vile. He was probably a filthy mudblood, by the looks of him.

Julian scraped his tongue against his teeth, distaste lingering in his mouth.


Apparently, some people liked to hear themselves talk, as well. Who was the fool now? The boy was one to give lip to his superiors.

What audacity.

He did appreciate the way the boy held his own. None could so much as stand to be in Julian’s presence for much longer. Admirable, really. Perhaps, he ought to credit the boy for his false bravado. It wouldn’t last for long.

The 7th year straightened from his sitting position to stand before the boy. On instinct, the blonde puffed out his chest, appearing to be as intimidating as possible. Without a doubt, the boy had unnerved him a little more than he’d care to admit. But there’d only been one who’d previously affected him like so.

All the same, that person had proved himself capable and earned Julian’s respect. Unless this boy had something on him, Julian wouldn’t pay him an ounce of respect. To Julian, until he proved himself to be worthy of his attention, the boy was nothing. Nobody.

Nobodies didn’t talk to him that way.

“I’m tired of your senseless yapping,” Julian turned his cold gaze upon the boy.

He stepped forward, leaning his face towards the boy, staring him down. Julian’s hand shot out to grab at the boy’s neck. His words came out in a hiss.

“Remember this, mutt. You do not provoke me.”

A beat.

“Now be a good boy and sod off.”

1973 / Re: Do I know you? {Julian}
« on: 04/21/2012 at 02:32 »
Running a hand through his tawny hair, Julian bit his cheek as he tried to figure out where he’d seen that face before. He had to think really hard about this one. Julian didn’t usually bother remembering faces or names, for that matter.

The scrutiny began.

His peridot gaze lingered from her comely face down to her carefully assembled outfit. He observed her distinct idiosyncrasies and her cultured speech. Without a doubt, this girl was of high-breeding and pureblood status. Then again, he might’ve been wrong. He’d previously judged another girl of the same verdict just because she’d acted like one. He wouldn't make that mistake, again.

"A ball, perhaps?"

“A ball…how romantic.” Julian deadpanned.

The blond cocked his head to the left, his eyes narrowing, trying to remember.  Inwardly, he played tiny scenes in his mind, replaying all of the meaningless events and galas he’d attended. He could see a well-bred young lady, garbed in an elegant gown, sipping delicately at her drink. Yet, it could’ve been anyone.

 "And to answer your question, I needed to...escape. I awoke way to early for my liking and with a room full of fidgeting girls I couldn't possibly relax in there."

He nodded inconsequentially.

Seems like they were both after the same thing. Escape. Not that Julian would ever stoop so low to admit that. But he eyed her appraisingly, at least she had an interesting attitude... Perhaps, she wouldn’t be too bad of a company, that is, if she could shut her mouth and leave him be. Unless, of course, she could make intelligent conversation with him, unlike some people he knew.

"I could also ask you the same question, what are you doing up at this riduclous hour?"

 The girl startled him out of his musings, although he let nothing on with his poker face. He was a good actor, yes, but the wench seemed to demand an answer, like everyone seemed to be.

“It’s really none of your business, girl.” Julian smirked as he insisted on using the derogatory term. After all, he had no idea who she was, much less her name.

“But since you seem so concerned, I shall hope to indulge you.” said the 7th year, his voice low and mocking. “It wasn’t as much as an escape, really. Boredom, perhaps?”

“Anyway, I can bloody do whatever I want to. Whenever I want to.” A smug smile tugged at his lips. “What say you, stranger? Am I supposed to keep calling you girl?”
He wouldn't give up his name so easily.

1973 / Re: the technicalities of life
« on: 04/17/2012 at 15:36 »
I will miss you. *twitches*


See you when term starts!

1973 / Re: One for all...
« on: 04/17/2012 at 15:31 »
Get well soon, luv. <3 *sends all Julieve love to you*

1973 / Re: Do I know you? {Julian}
« on: 04/16/2012 at 22:20 »

Julian knew it was the very thing he needed. All the humdrum and clamor of the camp had finally taken its toll on him. How he had managed to tolerate it for that long was a miracle. He shouldn't have lasted a week.

The boy ambled through the gardens, lost in his thoughts. He picked a familiar, beaten path, one that led to one of his many haunts. His hiding places. Leaves crushing underfoot, the boy stuffed his hands in his pockets as he sniffed the air. Fresh. Just as he liked it.

This was his second summer at the camp. If it wasn't for Katie's insistence, he would've just stayed back at the Castle, lurking and brooding in his dorm room. His dearest sister, however, had different ideas. She urged him to socialise and god forbid, mingle with people. Julian scoffed at this.

He liked his own company just fine.

Julian's already less than agreeable mood faltered. His neutral expression turned murky at the thought of having to interact with lowlifes. What was his sister thinking? She knew very well that he did not like having to stoop to such degrees. He did not consort with just anybody. And with the lot of heathens crawling in the camp... The youth shook his blond head in disgust. No, Julian Cross was not the type of person to rub shoulders with those that didn't meet his lofty expectations.

A slight movement up ahead alerted the brooding boy. Julian was meandering through flowerbeds and shrubs and now stood before a tree and a hedge-like foliage that surrounded it. Beyond the green yonder, was his hiding place.

Green eyes narrowed at the thicket. The light that filtered through the greenery flickered, casting mottled shadows on the ground. He swore he'd seen something stirring behind those brambles not too long ago. Dare he think that somebody had discovered his hideout? Surely not. Quickly, he darted up behind the tree, risking a look around it.

He spied a shiny brown head peering over the bushes, as if he or she had suspected an unexpected visitor, as well. Squinting, Julian could make out a feminine figure, sitting there, delicately. As prim as a princess could be.

Sodding hell.

How was it that girls seemed to have a knack at finding all of his hideaways? Was it some queer obsession of theirs? Invading his personal space? The boy bit his cheek and frowned. Whatever it was, he would surely get to the bottom of it and stop it, once and for all.

Julian stepped out from his current hideaway and sauntered over the bush, revealing himself to the girl. Shocked or not, he couldn't care less.

"You, girl!" barked Julian, his voice cold as ice. "What do you think you're doing here?"

Looking at girl, Julian stepped back slightly, startled. The girl was unnervingly familiar, though he couldn't exactly put a name to her pretty face. He felt as if he'd seen her before... But where?

"Say, you look familiar. Have we ever met before?"

1973 / Re: So, I’m copy-pasting this…
« on: 04/14/2012 at 14:42 »
@Mrs Cross: There, wifey. ♥

@Erynn: Gah, now I really want to read them. *glares at library* And yes, the one about prankin' Iz and making her grow a... Okay, I'll shut up, now.  ;)

@Mikey: Uncle, nuuuu. :D I really need to work on his bio though, so we can thread!

@Aubs: Now that's one crazy ship. I'll see if I can set up a thread for them. Also, there's nothing wrong with a color-coded, season-sorted closet. In fact, I'm jealous at your organization skills because, clearly, I have none...

@Scott: Heehee. Did I? Oh, man. Must have forgotten about it. But yes, it's about time we thread. Aww, you ossum, too! I still support SCAID, by the way. That is all.

Name: Julian Cross
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 7th (ooh, does that make him pedo-ish? XD)
Relationship: JULILAH. Nuff said.
How/Have we met?: Probably, in the Raven's common room. Julian finds Tallulah delectably corruptible. The snarkiness only adds fuel to the fire.
RP Ideas: Let's PM or I'll catch you on chat. <3

1973 / Burning Low (Colton B.)
« on: 04/13/2012 at 04:46 »
Bleeding hell.

Those idiots were at it again. He could hear them over the thunderous crashing of the falls. 

Julian stared balefully from his perch upon the mammoth of a rock that loomed over the waterfall. How he got up there, he knew not, though he felt the need to separate himself from the group that had cluttered around the area. Desperation drove people to do near impossible tasks, apparently.

Nevertheless, the kids down by the wading pool were creating a sonorous cacophony of noises, like bloody monkeys in a zoo. Not knowing that they were being watched.


If he could have his way, he would hex the lot into oblivion, never to be seen again. If that was the price for a moment’s peace, he would gladly pay. Cruel, yes, but vital. Besides, he would help make this world a better by committing this necessary evil, would he not? The number of fools gallivanting this planet would decrease dramatically. Such noble causes, if only they were legal.

The 7th year was sprawled out on his rock, as if he had every right to be there, like a King upon his golden throne and with the world bowing at his feet. It was a nice, albeit selfish, daydream but Julian wasn’t one to dawdle on such meaningless things. He’d rather be left alone.

Sighing exasperatedly, Julian laid back down. He closed his eyes, trying to block out the unwanted clamor from his mind. Trying to find that peace he’d been longing for. Yet, something still unnerved him, bringing him back to reality.

A shadow loomed over him, dark and ominous. Julian cracked open both eyes to peer at whoever it was that dared to trample upon his god-forsaken privacy. Easy.

“You’re not welcome here, mutt. Shoo,” barked Julian, dismissively.

If the person hadn’t made a move within the span of five seconds, Julian would have to resort to using force, whether the newcomer liked it or not. It was a bloody high drop from his perch and down below was a maelstrom of churning waters, lying in wait for those who wanted to take a deathly plunge.

Accidental or not.

1973 / Re: Stars of Summer (Matty)
« on: 04/13/2012 at 01:53 »
She trusted him.

If Julian had been shocked by the revelation, he didn’t show it.

But to hear from Matilda that she was willing to put her life in his hands. It was unnerving, to say the least. He knew that he wasn’t the sort of person everyone could speak to, much less trust your life with. Her willingness to trust her life in a stranger was admirable for she spoke with conviction. Julian almost envied her naiveté.

It seemed ridiculous, now. His question had backfired and was used against him, thwarting his initial motives. He ought to have known better. He should’ve just shut his mouth. Too late for that now. Matilda deserved an answer.

“To be brutally honest, no, I wouldn’t trust you.” Julian blinked his verdant eyes up towards Polaris. He had no desire to see her reaction. Something told him he would not like it. It would force him to care, something he tried not to do very often. Caring was a sign of weakness and vulnerability, making one susceptible to pain and hurt.

“But if I did, I would…” breathed Julian, inscrutable. He seemed to be speaking to the stars instead of the girl seated beside him. He was all but lost in translation. It was a wonder how he still stood rooted to the ground when his head was so far up in space.

“You shouldn’t trust me so readily, Matilda.” His unwavering gaze at the heavens faltered, softening slightly. “I can be cruel and uncaring. I would hurt without remorse. You should think twice before handing your life to me, all wrapped up with a pretty bow on top.”

He meant every word.

“I appreciate the thought, however. You mean well, Matty.” At this point, he managed to bestow her a rare, full-fledged smile. The one that caused his dimples to show. Julian seldom smiled, she should consider herself fortunate enough to witness such a private moment.

The temperature dipped slightly, the summer wind nipping slightly at his sides. It broke the moment they shared, as brief as it had been.

From the corner of his eyes, he noticed her shiver, clutching at her sweater from the sudden chill that had enveloped them. Automatically, Julian unzipped his hoodie and peeled it off of his wiry frame.

“Here, put this on.” He mumbled, his voice back to its coolness. “Unless you want to freeze to death, you’d best not refuse my generous offer.” Julian shook out the jacket before nimbly draping it over the girl’s shoulders. Catching a cold was not an option in a place such as this. The infirmary might have welcomed such cases, but not Julian. He wouldn’t want to spend the rest of his summer bedridden and afflicted.

“We ought to head back.”

It was hardly a request.

1973 / Re: YOU! Yes, you there. Come here...
« on: 04/09/2012 at 14:45 »
New gurrrrl, hey.

Big Bang Theory, YES! Sheldon's the awesomest, isn't he? Game of Thrones! I like Dany, though I don't really watch the show 'cause I can't stomach all the gory bits *insert awkward look here* so I'm reading the books, instead. GLEE! I love most of their songs! And yes, WE ARE YOUNGGGG...! What season is it already? I think I've been living under a rock. ;D

Anyways, Wisteria sounds great! Just holler if want to thread with my characters!

Welcome to Hoggies, Ellie!

1973 / Re: Stars of Summer (Matty)
« on: 04/09/2012 at 09:30 »
"I can't. If I go back to bed, I'll be a slave to my thoughts for the rest of the night. I can't sleep. Seeing the stars was supposed to help me clear my head."

Julian inclined his head, his gaze now fixed on the rippling water as he ruminated on her words.  Seemed like he wasn’t the only one being deprived of sleep. He supposed the part about seeing the stars was quite true. It must be, for he’d had firsthand experience.

There was just something about stargazing. Logically, he would reason that staring up at nothing but black and white would only cut off excess thought, thus imparting a slight increase in one’s lucidity. Furthermore, quite naturally, the lull of the waves had a calming effect on a person. Perhaps the combination of the natural elements would explain why, on occasion, he would find himself waking up in that same spot, with the sunlight beaming down his face.

"Why are you out here Jules?"

The boy glanced back lazily at the girl lying on her back near where he sat. His green eyes took in the expression on her face. The girl seemed genuine enough, though he had not a clue, as to why she would want to know the reason behind his coming to the lake. Was there harm in telling her? Would he even stoop that low? He could hold very well on his own, with no help required. He wasn’t some troubled youth who needed counseling. Julian liked himself just the way he was.

He ran his pale hands through his caramel-hued locks, trying to choose his words carefully.

“I don’t believe that’s any of your business, Matilda.” He started, his voice low it had barely been a whisper. “But since you seem so concerned about me, I will tell you.” One side of his lips twitched in a half-smile.

“Technically, I am here for the very same reason you are. Also, if I stay in my cabin a moment longer, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop myself from hexing someone.”

“I have a question, Matty.” ventured Julian, using the girl’s nickname for added measure. He needed her attention solely on him. He was about to ask something that could throw her off-guard.

Julian trusted his good judgement when it came to people and their true motives. He believed in his ability to distinguish those that were worthy of his attention and those that weren't. Nevertheless, people could still be pretentious and words could be manipulated to work in their favour.

A simple question ought to deal some damage and create a fissure in their well-patched appearances. Only then would he know if she was still intent on being his friend. He wasn’t necessarily pushing her away, he did that a lot to others. He was just making sure he wasn’t about to make the the greatest mistake of his life. Trust was still a sore topic with him.

“Would you trust me with your life?”

How she would answer that question, Julian did not know. He would, however, take into account her explanation, knowing that he was at liberty to either accept or reject it. He could only wonder what his response would be.

1973 / Re: Let me blow your mind with my vuvuzela
« on: 04/08/2012 at 16:42 »
Trust me, love, JULILAH sounds much better. *winks*

Adam, do be a dear and sod off.


1973 / Re: Too close for comfort (Eve)
« on: 04/08/2012 at 16:40 »
He could either pull away or hold her closer to him.

Either one had its potential drawbacks, both of which would be something he’d truly regret later on. His hands lay motionless by his side, his whole body tensing at the girl’s touch. His shadowed face betrayed nothing.

Was he hallucinating? Or was he too deep in his cups?

This Eve, this shell of a girl curling up against his chest, had unsettled Julian. He preferred her strong, stubborn and witty. For someone that didn’t generally like people, that was saying something. But now, she lay limp against him, bawling like a babe, clutching at him as if she’d been holding on for her dear life. He buried his nose in her hair, his chin resting atop her head, eyes glazed in contemplation. The state of his blazer didn’t even cross his mind until he felt it. Drenched right through.

She’d been crying for quite some time now, with him unable to respond, seemingly powerless to stop it. He couldn’t form words of comfort. No sweet nothings to soothe her with. He made no attempt whatsoever to calm her whimpering. He couldn’t.

Julian felt awkward still, stuck so long in one position, though he’d managed to place a reassuring hand on her back, tracing an invisible circle.

If he thought that their closeness during their dance nearly killed him, then this one ought to send him through hell, past purgatory and back. Their position was all but compromising. Agony ripped through the boy, wanting to pull away for both their sakes. Her soft, warm flesh was torture. 

He longed to hold her close and shush her harrowing cries. He would kiss away her pain if need be. Yet, Julian Cross wouldn’t do these things. He couldn’t do them even if he wanted to. He wasn’t one to show his concern so openly and caring for another was absolutely inconceivable. Such sentiments simply hadn’t a place in his cold heart. He was no prince charming and she certainly didn't need a saviour.

Even so, as if she had heard his silent plea, Eve pulled away, only to cup his face before meshing her lips with his. On immediate contact, his dark lashes fell close as he let himself slip past reality. Julian emitted a groan, in protest or pleasure, he was none too certain. Still, he savoured the feeling of her lips and the tingling sensations it sent down his spine. A hand tightened around her waist, the other fisted itself in her hair. He tried not to drown in the sea of feelings that threatened to unravel him.
She was killing him.

As their mouths battled for dominance, Julian struggled with his control. It seemed as if he was walking around in a fog, grasping blindly and wanting for something, yet never finding it. He was desperate, he was foolish and his behaviour screamed imprudence. This had to stop.

Warning bells tolled in his head, telling him that this should not have happened at all. Slowly he came to, pulling back from their kiss posthaste. His hand grappled with her arms as he leaned his head against her shoulder, breathing heavily.


A command.

He didn’t want to stop.

A plea.

Even though he knew he should.

The boy swallowed a bitter lump in his throat, finally pulling away to see the damage he’d dealt her. He fixed his gaze on her unfathomable eyes, glinting darkly against the moonlight. She needed to understand that they couldn’t be this way. For the love of God, they could never tread that precarious path. It would ruin everything between them. This was for his own benefit and hers, however selfish that may sound. They were strictly friends, nothing good would ever come, if and when the go past that.

“This will not happen again.” His lips rasped.

We can’t let it, said his eyes.

Julian pushed her aside and motioned to leave.

He couldn’t bear to leave her but he must.

1974 / Re: Pureblood Families
« on: 04/07/2012 at 22:06 »
Cross ◊ / ❖ @Julian Cross / UK, Scotland Common The Crosses, like many others, were an old assemblage of particularly insignificant Pureblood families. They’ve been around long enough (and wealthy enough) to be considered as one of the founding families of the Wizarding world. They hold a substantial grasp on the Ministry, yet not enough to make a political discrepancy. The Crosses been known to actively support the call for purer bloodlines and were also noted for their animosity towards their inferiors. Furthermore, the Crosses were not as close-knit but saw themselves as a unit of individuals that pride themselves on intelligence and ability. They’ve attended Hogwarts for years and were mostly sorted in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. For those interested to join, PM for more information.

1974 / Re: People are Flammable too.. // Colton Brent
« on: 04/07/2012 at 21:10 »
Name: Julian Cross
Year and House: Ravenclaw 7th
Relationship -- describe category & degree: 1st degree, dislike. Julian doesn't like everybody in general. Go figure. Future friendship/enemyship?
Plot Ideas: Colton is a threat to Julian's authority. He's the resident bad boy (or so he'd like to think) who has a superiority complex and Colton just triggers that. Ideas, hmm, Julian pisses him off and Colton tries to set him on fire? I've got mush for brains right now, so no good ideas yet. PM me if you want. ;D

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