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1941 / Re: Summer Show Off [Eleanor]
« on: 05/01/2014 at 21:46 »
Malachi could see his ingenious plan was working perfectly.  Eleanor waived at everyone as she accepted her fate.  Not wanting to give her a chance to have second thoughts or to back out, the sly Irishman picked up his guitar and began skillfully picking at its strings.  He chose a simple but upbeat tune that could be repeated to give his new found friend a moment to compose herself before performing.

Eleanor started singing for the group and Malachi was only just beginning to pick up on her northern accent.  He hadn't encountered many people with that kind of accent so she seemed to take on a foreign or exotic trait by association.  Yet again she proved to be something different, Malachi liked different.

The girl seemed to be self-conscious about either her accent or her singing as she began to break down in front of the group in laughter.  "Get it girl!"  Malachi cheered her on as she tried to recompose herself with the chorus of the song.  His words appeared to have an effect as Eleanor finished her song strong and gave a nod in his direction.  He responded with a big, toothy grin of approval before jumping up to let out a cry of approval.  "Yeeeheeew!  That there was some mighty fine singin'n'dingin'."  The boy picked up his guitar and called out.  "Ladies'n gentlemen, my new best friend Elena!"  He struck a vibrant cord to seal the deal.  Everyone gave responses that ranged from clapping to lively hoots on par with Malachi's earlier remarks.

"Brilliant,"  Malachi said after he set his guitar down and turned to Eleanor.  "I particularly enjoyed the fit of giggles you got in the middle of it all."  He flashed her a playful grin to let her know he wasn't being malicious.  "I can tell that you are my kind of girl.  I sure do hope we end up in the same house."

1941 / Re: Summer Show Off [Eleanor]
« on: 04/30/2014 at 22:44 »
The wannabe-cowboy missed the blush on Eleanor's face but he didn't miss her correction for him.  He smiled in response and refrained from correcting her.  She seemed like she was genuinely enjoying herself.  He would rather she relish the moment now and impress her with his vast wealth of knowledge later than ruining the moment with what most consider a boring subject.  Besides,  Malachi wanted to focus on having an eventful night and this girl sparked his interest.

Elena seemed entertained, which meant the night was off to a good start.  She event appreciated the character he had chosen for the event.  A rare but desirable trait.  Malachi hoped that meant she was the goofy kind of fun he was, which is why he asked her to assist him.  The new girl gave a hesitant response about how she may give him a helping hand.  That told Mal that he had to give her a helping hand to get a helping hand.

"Excellent!" Malachi exclaimed, jumping up and clapping his hands together as if to solidify an agreement.  The boy turned to the rest of the group and began speaking loud enough for everyone to hear.  "Welcome everyone, welcome!"  The dull roar of people talking around the fire began to subside as Malachi spoke.  "First off, I'd like to thank ya'll ladies and gents for coming to this here shindig.  Otherwise it'd be me sitting by my lonesome pickin' on my gui-tar and that'd just be sad."  He shrugged to acknowledge the truth as he heard a few chuckles in the background.  "So lets kick this little fiesta off right with some music.  I will be playing the guitar with my new assistant, Elena.  Everyone please give her a nice round o' applause and we'll get this show on the road!"  Malachi made sure to gesture to Elena when he called her up, using a Spanish accent when he said her name, and started the clap to get her to come up on stage.  He knew all too well that peer pressure was the best way to get someone to do something.

1941 / Re: Summer Show Off [Eleanor]
« on: 04/29/2014 at 01:33 »
Malachi couldn't help but smile at how the girl immediately deferred to how dirty her clothes were.  The response was cute in a quaint way.  Not the kind of quaint people say to prevent someone from having hurt feelings, quaint in the good old days kind of cute.  Something about the girl's response was old fashioned yet refreshing when you compare it to the city politics Mal had grown accustomed to.

"Elena,"  The boy said with his coyboy-ish accent.  "Mighty fine name."  He liked the way the name rolled off of his tongue when he spoke it.  Though he may have indulged his inner linguist by saying her name with a Spanish accent.  Fortunately, the girl didn't seem to mind his particular way of saying her name, so he hoped she liked it.  She was now stuck with the Spanish version of Elena in Mal's mind from this point forward.

That was when the girl asked Malachi why he was wearing his outfit and why he was talking the way he was.  "Shoot,"  Malachi said with a smile as he put his hands in his back pockets.  "Aint'cha see all them flyers I posted?"  He pointed towards a tree that had a flyer attached to it with his right thumb.  "This here is the end 'o the year 'Murican Bonfire.  Celebratin' the end 'o summer and the signing of the 'Murican Declaration of Independence on the second 'o August."  Malachi had realized he was laying on his accent pretty thick when he counted the number of times he said 'o and figured he should lay off a bit.  The last thing he wanted to do was overplay his part.

That was when Malachi took a seat next to the girl and, for one of the few times in his life, broke character.  "I'm supposed to be an American cowboy, how am I doing?"  His pure Irish accent was now clearly articulated, albeit barely above a whisper so only Elena could hear him.  "That is might kind of you to say miss."  Mal said in response to her compliment, getting back into character with his cowboy accent.  "Would you care to do me the honors of assisting me in my first performance of the night?"

1941 / Re: Once More Unto the Quiet [Mal]
« on: 04/27/2014 at 14:11 »
"Quite alright. Allow me to revise my apologies, then.  I apologize for distracting you from your work, Mister..."  Malachi chuckled when he heard the boy's response.  At least he was funny in his own way.  Not outright hilarious like Malachi found himself to be, but a subtle sarcastic humor none-the-less.

"Ah, how rude of me, my apologies, again. I don't think we've properly met?"

Mal glanced over to see the kid rising from his bunk for a proper introduction.  Therefore Mal put his books down and took care to avoid spilling his own ink before standing up.  The Iriz-Ima kid had already arrived at his bunk by the time he stood up and had introduced himself as L Azuriah.  The name was very peculiar in Malachi's opinion and he immediately wondered if he preferred a nickname or the full length.

"My name is Malachi, Malachi Gallagher.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."  The boy said with an Irish accent as he grasped L's hand firmly and shook it.  "Do you mind if I ask if L is short for anything?  I have never encountered someone with a name quite like yours so I cannot help but be intrigued."

1941 / Re: Innocence is bliss [Elliot]
« on: 04/27/2014 at 14:01 »
Malachi was waiving his wand in preparation for another attempt at transfiguring the grass before him when a figure appeared through the tall grass next to him.  It was a boy who appeared to be a few years older than him.  He also appeared to be in desperate need of a hat like Malachi's to repel the intense sunlight.  This guy would most likely get burnt if he stayed out in the Sun too long.

However, the mysterious boy that had appeared seemed far less concerned with his fair skin and far more concerned with Mal's activities.  He did not even introduce himself before he started correcting Malachi by stating magic was forbidden.

"Yeah, I had heard that."  Malachi said as he put his wand away while turning to face Elliot.  "But I didn't think that applied to out here."  He stretched out his arms to gesture towards the entire grasslands.  "I mean, there are wild animals out here and I participated in a magic duel out here.  So I thought it was okay."  A touch of pink began to rise to the boy's cheeks as he finished speaking.  There was a hint of embarrassment Mal was feeling as he began to realize he had broken the rules unintentionally.

1941 / Re: Once More Unto the Quiet [Mal]
« on: 04/27/2014 at 13:51 »
'Lucky?!'  Malachi thought to himself as his face twisted in confusion at the thought.  Every kid Malachi had met at camp loathed the idea of homework.  Well, every normal kid anyways.  Not that he himself did.  Mal's father had always found a way to make the jobs he was giving interesting or almost a game that was very engaging.  He simply had a hard time focusing on his work when there was beautiful weather outside to run around in or a nice swimming hole to dive into.

Malachi was brought back to reality when L apologized for disturbing him from his studies.  "Hey, don't worry about it, I hadn't gotten very far in the first place."  He began to say as he looked down at his empty piece of parchment.  Again, it was not that he didn't want to do it, so much as he'd rather be outside right now.  Why couldn't it be winter or something?  "Besides, I should have been more considerate.  I hadn't even realized anyone else was in here."

1941 / Re: Summer Show Off [Eleanor]
« on: 04/27/2014 at 03:36 »
The people didn't take very long to show up after Malachi had built his fire.  They all seemed to be attracted to the music and bond fire like moths to the flame.  The wanna-be cowboy always paused momentarily from his musings to say hello and offer them a seat before continuing with his made up routine.  There were a few that he stopped for more so than others.  The few he actually spent quality time getting to know and harassing throughout the camp.

Still, there were quite a few he didn't necessarily know beginning to show up.  Like the one girl who seemed to walk up to the bond fire all by herself and stood by the fire to awkwardly watch him while he played.  She had fair skin and radiant eyes.  Long, straight hair seemed to fall over her shoulder when she curled her legs up into her chest.    She gave no introduction nor did she interact with the others.  The Irishman was able to notice all of this through only the corner of his eye while still focusing on his guitar.  Who said guys could not multi-task?

The girl eventually took a seat right next to Malachi so he felt obligated to say something to her.  He waited until an appropriate moment to finish his song on a high note before standing up and saying.  "Thank ya'll for comin' out tonight!  I've rustled us up some mighty fine food over here and there is plenty ta go 'round, so help yourselves while I get myself situated."  He tried to pull off an authentic American accent that he had encountered during his travels abroad but he was far from perfect with it.  That didn't mean he wouldn't try.  "Howdy!"  Mal said with an imaginary tip from his imaginary hat to the girl who sat next to him.  He himself was taking a seat back down to check the tune of his guitar while he spoke to her.  "Pleasure to meet ya'.  My name's Mal, Malachi Gallagher.  How on God's green Earth did you manage to end up here on a night like this?"  He mused with a smile as he extended a hand to the girl for her to shake.

1941 / Re: Once More Unto the Quiet [Mal]
« on: 04/26/2014 at 16:40 »
"Yeah..."  Malachi's said in an unenthusiastic tone in response to the boy's surprised expression.  His eyes fell to the fairly empty parchment before him.  It was a constant reminder of how little he had accomplished and how much more work was needed.  "My parents love to give me homework.  And they are more critical than the Daily Prophet."

Mal had noticed L's scowl but didn't visibly react to this gesture.  He could see the look soften the moment Malachi was able to finish explaining his action.  It seemed like this boy was as judgmental as he was.

1941 / Summer Show Off [Eleanor]
« on: 04/26/2014 at 04:03 »
Firepit 19:32 (7:32 PM)
29 July 1941

Malachi whistled a cheerful song stuck in his head as he stacked the last of the wood in the firepit.  He used dried out leaves and brush for kindling to catch fire quickly so the wood stacked in a cone could catch a more permanent fire to warm the coming night.  All of the other brush had been cleared away to ensure the fire didn't accidentally get out of control.  The Loki Grasslands weren't too far off after all and Mal did not want to be blamed for burning down the camp.

The Irishman fancied himself an American cowboy for the night and had decided to dress the part.  He wore a pair black leather boots that were partially covered by his dark jeans.  The dark colors were contrasted against the red collared shirt with a black plaid design.  Malachi preferred to wear his shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the buttons unbuttoned so he black undershirt could be seen.  He unfortunately was not able to get his authentic cowboy hat that he bought in Nashville to camp in time but that didn't matter much.  He would simply have the hat directed to the school itself so he could have fun with it during the school year.

However, Malachi was able to complete his ensemble with a Domingo Esteso authentic guitar and complementary harmonica.  What good cowboy wasn't equipped with some form of entertainment for the long journey ahead of his cattle drive?  A guitar and a nice fire sounded like a good time to any cowboy.  The only thing that could make the night better was campfire snacks.  And what did you know?  Mal had thought ahead enough to have a picnic basket of goodies to be cooked that ranged from sausage kabobs to dessert goodies like chocolate and mash-mellows to be melted onto biscuits for a delightful treat.

'Oh yeah, I know how to plan these kind of events well.'  Malachi thought to himself as he approached the kindling to light the fire.  The dried grass caught quickly and soon shone brightly as the fire spread across the entire kindling area.  The sudden spike of heat washed over the kid but quickly subsided as the combustible fuel extinguished.  Fortunately, the kindle served its purpose of catching the wood.  The entire wooden structure assembled by Mal caught fire after a minute or two and turned into a dull roar.  All that was left was for anyone interested to show up and and pop a squat by the fireside.  He had posted fliers about doing a summertime bash before camp was over and the school year began.  He would've promised ice cream but he could only steal so much before being caught and he really didn't want to risk getting caught for a publicly advertised gathering.

Malachi sat down next to the fire and let out a relaxing sigh.  He then reached over for his guitar after a pause to rest.  Music was the gateway to the soul and he felt like sharing.  His acoustic guitar skills weren't the greatest but he recently visited the United States of America, 'thank you Roy Smeck', and picked up an interesting technique he wanted to try out before his country performance.  The technique was called guitar tapping where Malachi would place his guitar on the ground and pick his strings without holding his guitar.  The sound was still golden but it freed up Malachi's hands to tap against the structure of the guitar itself for a tapping sound that added a whole new dynamic to playing the guitar.  He hadn't truly mastered the art of guitar tapping yet, that is why he had to place the guitar on the ground instead of wearing it around his neck.  He figured now would be as good of a time as any to try and play while he waited for people to show up for music, bonfire, and melted goodness.

'Heh,'  Malachi thought to himself as he began picking at the strings of his guitar'It is almost like I am picking at the keys of the piano my mother made me start playing three years ago.'

1941 / Re: Find Your Hogwarts House!
« on: 04/26/2014 at 03:09 »
Is this even possible?

96 Gryffindor
95 Ravenclaw
81 Hufflepuff
69 Slytherin

Pottermore had me as Ravenclaw and it looks like this is a fairly close match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.  I hope Mal doesn't see these results, he will be thoroughly anxious XP

1941 / Re: Once More Unto the Quiet [Mal]
« on: 04/25/2014 at 19:56 »
"I meant,"

Those two words immediately caused Malachi's ears to perk up.  Though he casually looked up at bowtie-boy, his attention to the situation had increased threefold.  The young man began listening to this kid's vocal inflections acutely.  His blue eyes casually but cautiously studied the eyes of the other boy's.  He even paid careful attention to the words L chose to speak.  The previously distracted wizard decided he would pay the extra attention necessary to the now-confrontational-kid to avoid any unwanted hostilities.  He had work to do after all.

"do you mind being quiet?"

Malachi raised questioning eyebrow at the unfamiliar boy.  "Books?"  He took a few moments to realize that he had been talking aloud as he wrote on his parchment and that the boy before him must have been annoyed by his act.  Still, his eyes widened upon realization that he had been a source of disturbance for the boy.  "Oh, I wasn't reading aloud.  I'm doing homework and thinking aloud helps me visualize what I am going to write before I write it."  The kid said to inform the boy he now dubbed Bo, short for Bowtie.  "I didn't realize I was bothering you, sorry."

1941 / Re: Run Wild, Run Free| Eleanor Blakeney
« on: 04/25/2014 at 01:47 »
Who am I?: Age (11), Blood Status (Half), Year (1), House(Unsorted! O.o )

Who am I, really...:  I am Malachi!  The charismatic and devilishly good looking trouble maker!

Who are we?!:  Two self opinionated friends to be!

Plot ideas??:  Summer is getting ready to come to a close, so we should meet up at some soon to be over formal event down by the hut or firepit!  Malachi loves to be on stage and show off, then pull other people up as well.  Maybe he grabs Eleanor up on there with him??

1941 / Is this a private party?
« on: 04/25/2014 at 01:39 »
The day was hot but the water was cool.  That was all Malachi kept telling himself as he used his all too familiar wheelbarrow to ferry the necessary supplies to the spring.  He found it ironic that he had 'acquired' this wheelbarrow by chance and has been using it all summer long for one party or another.  Today he was shutting his phonograph, his records, a few beach towels, beverages, and some recently 'liberated' ice cream he wrapped up in his towels to ensure its survival.  All in all he found himself well supplied for the swim he had planned for the day.

Malachi was looking forward to having a relaxing swim and ice cream with his new dueling partner and friend; Aleksandra Borovsky.  She ended up being a rather powerful and skilled opponent.  That didn't mean the Irishman didn't give her a run for her money.  His tricks and cleverness definitely gave her a run for her money while the Irishman did not have a single scratch on him.  Still, being the gentleman he was, he conceded the match to those more deserving.  He should never have attacked her in the first place so it was the least he could do to make amends.  Taking her out for a swim was simply icing on the cake.

"Here we are!"  Malachi said to himself excitedly in a British accent as he found a perfect spot next to the spring to set up.  The ground was flat and near a tree for shade if necessary.  The kid immediately got to work as he placed the delicate ice cream parcel under the shade of the tree to try and preserve it for as long as possible.  He didn't want the chocolate or vanilla ice cream flavors to melt and mix because they were in a single container of half each.  The next task was to place the towels out in the sun for anyone wanting to fall asleep and get a nice, red sunburn.  Then came setting up the phonograph.  Mal used the handcrank to get the machine started before pulling out an all too familiar record.  The record he chose had Cotton Tail by Duke Ellington and Ben Webster as its featured song.  A lively and energetic song.  The kind of song Malachi loved to listen to because it made him get up and want to move.  Of course, that was only one of a dozen records he had with him.

Now all he needed was his partner in crime to arrive.

1941 / Re: Once More Unto the Quiet [Mal]
« on: 04/25/2014 at 01:18 »
“Do you mind?"

A slightly familiar voice reached Malachi's ears as he was paging through the book in front of him.  He looked up to the direction of the voice with his blue eyes and realized the source of the voice was a fellow Iriz Ima  he had yet to get acquainted with.  That wasn't too surprising to the Irishman.  This kid appeared to be a bit of an introvert from what Mal could tell.  He dressed funny as well.  Funny in the sense that he was trying to be refined or sophisticated but he went about it in a way that seemed to have no fashion sense.  He always seemed to be wearing a bowtie as well.  'What about when he goes swimming?'  The young lad thought before he had to fight a losing battle to suppress his ear-to-ear grin.  He immediately pictured a hilarious image of the kid walking around the pond in swimming trunks and a bowtie.  'He would do that...'

"Heh,,"  Malachi said as he tried to recompose himself.  He hoped his cheeks hadn't flushed too much from the funny mental picture.  "No I don't mind."  Mal assumed that the kid was asking if he was concerned about casting magic in the cabin like he had heard the kid practicing moments ago while he was reading.  "Just try not to burn the place down."  He said as he gave the kid a wink before returning back to his book.

1941 / Innocence is bliss [Elliot]
« on: 04/25/2014 at 01:07 »
The Sun shone brightly as it rested high in the sky.  The golden globe was warming the planet below, a necessary function for life to thrive.  But perhaps today the sun was doing its job all too well.  Heat could visibly be seen rising from the ground as it distorted distant light.  Wildlife that normally frolicked through the grasslands were lying low to disperse heat in anyway they could.  Even Malachi's fedora seemed inadequate to provide him the necessary relief from the Sun's unforgiving rays as he walked back from the dueling arena to camp Iriz Ima.

"Lord Almighty,"  Malachi said as he removed his hat to wipe the sweat from his brow.  He had rolled up his sleeves previously to provide him with what little relief it would grant him earlier so he need not worry about dirtying his clothes.  "It is hotter than the seventh circle today."  The young lad began fanning himself with his hand to try and cool himself off before he had a brilliant idea.  Why not make something designed to fan him instead of using his hand?  He'd get for more return on his fanning investment and it would make his long trek home far more bearable.

The young wizard began looking around to try and figure out what material would be good to transfigure.  He needed something stiff and light.  "The tall grass should do nicely..."  Mal said to himself as he pulled out his wand and began to rehearse the spell necessary to transform the abundant material before him.  He had never tried any transfiguration this advanced but figured he knew the principles.  If he botched his first or second attempt he would have plenty more tries before him.  He was skilled enough as a wizard to do this kind of magic, right?

"Lets do this!"  Malachi said enthusiastically to get himself motivated and remove any doubts he had.  "Commutati orbem!"  He said aloud as he pointed his wand at the blade of grass.  The kid paused for a moment and stared as nothing happened.  Realizing his transfiguration had failed he went through the magic in his head one more time.  Perhaps he used the improper command.  'Yes, that must be it!'  Malachi thought as he cleared his throat and assumed a proper stance once more.  "Commutati rotundus!"  He called out sternly, but the grass remained unchanged.  The kid began to grow impatient and wrinkled his nose at the defiant blade of grass.  "Commutati orbem!  Commutati rotundus!  Commutati Circle!!"

1941 / Re: [Scavenger Social] Bullpen | [OPEN]
« on: 04/21/2014 at 02:38 »
"Here you’ll find plenty of room to breathe but you may seek higher ground if you are planning to stay, beneath the foliage along with this stone, you may find creatures you’d prefer to keep at bay."  Malachi said aloud as he walked towards camp Tauroi-Aithiopes.  He was still wearing his fedora but there were some smudges on his clothes from where he ran through the grasslands.  The young Slytherin hopeful was re-reading the clue aloud so he could better visualize the riddle in his mind and unlock its mysteries.  His initial logic sent him searching in the grasslands where he was chased something that could've probably eaten him alive so he had to run for his life.  After he ran three miles and calmed down, he realized his logic was flawed.  There was no way any of the camp counselors would put children at risk of life, limb, or eyesight no matter how much magic they knew.  He should instead search more towards the camps and huts like where he accidentally found the Iriz Ima stone.

Camp Tauroi-Aithiopes was located on the ranch and had huts built on stilts.  That satisfied two parts of the clue, the first being plenty of room to breath, the second being higher ground if you plan to stay.  The clue also said to search under foilage for for the stone and the roofs were made with palm leaves.  That suggested the stone was located under the hut and it would be the first place Malachi decided to look.

Malachi grinned as he saw the huts getting closer.  "As soon as I get the Tauroi-Aithiopes stone, its off to Sassabonsam!"  He said to himself with a big smile on his face.  The boy was feeling rather clever as the riddle made perfect sense.  Not only were the stones named exactly where their locations were, but the clues were iconic of the location of the camp.  Like Sassabonsam being a royal palace, it reminded Malachi of the snobby girl he bumped into the VERY FIRST DAY he arrived at camp over there.

Shaking his head, Malachi searched the perimeter of the huts quickly before braving the area beneath the huts.

1941 / Scavanging!
« on: 04/18/2014 at 22:29 »
Hey guys,

I flew home for Easter so I probably will be hit or miss until after Sunday.  I hope you guys aren't too depressed while I'm gone :P

Stay classy,


1941 / Re: Once More Unto the Quiet [Mal]
« on: 04/18/2014 at 22:20 »
Malachi lay on his stomach across his bunk as several books and a piece of parchment was spread out in front of him.  He was in the process of doing in depth research so he could respond to his father in a succinct letter for him to review in at his leisure.  The stipulation was that he had to do it in Latin.  His father never did give Malachi an easy assignment.

"Historia Augusta..."  The Irish boy said aloud as he began drafting the essay header.  He started the second line directly below the first to refine the source material he was using.  "Scriptores Historiae Avgvstae..."  Then came the final line.  "Tacticus..."

Malachi paused to look at the pile of material in front of him.  Where to begin?  Should he begin on a broad scale with background information and narrow it down to the event itself or should he assume that the average reader has a firm grasp of the history and immediately go into detail of the environment before starting his analysis?  His father could criticize him for taking either approach and has done so in the past.  Since he already started his historic citation he may as well directly write the quotes for reader to reference and draw conclusions from, right?  But that would automatically lengthen the essay exponentially, allude to the need for expansion on the quotes alone, and be counter productive to writing a short essay.  Maybe he should simple write annotations at the end of the paragraph for the reader to look up on their own time?

"Ugh..."  The frustrated kid sighed as he moved to the first paragraph.  His ink was already on the paper and therefore permanent.  He would salvage the essay by doing a single direct quote and then annotate any reference materials at the end of his sentences.  Muggle paper clippings would serve as attachments while drawings of the event would be appendices, problem solved.  Now all he had to do was read through the whole book and figure out what quote to go with.  "Great..."

Malachi watched as Toby came crashing down to the ground and ate half a ton of dirt.  The kid winced a bit but was able to stand none the less.  "Told you he'd bounce back."  Mal said as he looked over his shoulder to the girl standing next to him before directing his attention back to the only threat that remained.  The defiant look the other boy was giving him told Malachi that he wasn't quite ready to be finished.

"Calm down,"  The blond Irishman said as Toby began to get frantic.  Unfortunately the kid seemed to be fueling his own rage at this point.  Malachi began to think that this kid was actually more frustrated with himself than the duel at this point.  That didn't excuse him from his inappropriate behavior.  "The lady asked about your well being and you snapped at her.  That type of behavior inexcusable and..."

Malachi had more to say about Toby raised his wand in his general direction.  Malachi immediately raised his own wand in response because he fully expected the kid to attempt to strike him with a spell.  "Locomotor Mortis."  Malachi said as he aimed his spell at the boy, Toby, across the beach.  The spell wouldn't hurt the kid, just immobilize him and hopefully force the kid to reason.

1941 / Re: Summer Romp (Open)
« on: 04/15/2014 at 03:52 »
Unfortunately for Zoey, her rosey color cheeks were as obvious as Malachi's had been moments ago when she caught him dancing.  She would have been difficult to read had her cheeks not flushed in all honesty.  Mal couldn't tell if she was upset with him or not when her attention was directed towards him when he asked her to be his dance partner.  He actually felt a moment of apprehension as he awaited her answer because he had no idea what her response would be.  Now that he thought about it, he still didn't even know the girl's name and yet he was somehow asking her to dance.  Somehow he knew his father would have been proud but not for the right reasons.

The mystery girl's response finally came and a waive of relief came over the young Irishman.  This was the second time in three minutes, wasn't it?  It didn't matter.  He was glad that this girl wasn't giving him a cold-hearted rejection or some sort of excuse not to, kinda.  Her problem with his suggestion was that she didn't know how to.  That was something he could work with.

"Is that all?"  Malachi asked innocently as he walked over to his phonograph.  He moved the needle off of his record and pulled the record from the phonograph.  "I would love to teach you.  It could be a lot of fun."  He gave the girl an earnest smile as he grabbed the case for his record and began the delicate process of sheathing his sacred music.  "Besides, everyone has to start somewhere, just ask Beethoven."

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