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« on: 08/26/2013 at 14:10 »
Happy Birthday, Tallulah!

I hope you had a lovely day. <3

1939 / Re: show me how big your brave is
« on: 07/25/2013 at 08:17 »
Ophie-Izzy!! <3

Animals, puppies, Disney/Pixar, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, yarn, office supplies! You are Awesome! Here have a puppy!

You also have such lovely and different characters! All special. I think Daniel is still a bit in awe/confused by Daph. Lol. I'm looking forward to seeing Leon. And Lemon? Hehe.

(And you are not old, pfft. You have the perfect age!)

1938 / Re: ROUND TWO
« on: 04/30/2013 at 15:21 »
Yup! At the school boards editing is a big no-no too. In this case though, her post does not seem to have been edited, so I'm not sure what was up with the coding before.


1938 / Re: ROUND TWO
« on: 04/30/2013 at 04:37 »
The way I see it she casts the spell around the wand, not directly at it. But yeah, setting the ground at fire would just damage the ground/grass and create fire on the block, nothing else. As Chanty said, the spell has set effects. :)

What we could discuss, though, is if the fire would last for long enough to create a shield around the wand, preventing Phinny from grabbing it easily! ;)


1938 / Re: ROUND TWO
« on: 04/26/2013 at 10:37 »
*peeks in*

If I understand Roland's post right, the canoes were actually on the block.

Chipped red paint and broken canoes perhaps didn't provide with the esthetically pleasing, but it made up a nice setting for a battlefield if duellers only knew how to exploit their surroundings.

However, trying to drop a canoe on someone's head is a bit... harsh, lol. Not to mention a boat on fire! Just imagine the picture irl, Fletcher would be rather squashed and quite burnt, if Toby succeeded. If I was reffing I might have the ref stop the boat before Fletcher ends up at St Mungo's or worse. Unless of course the canoes are so damaged that a spell cast at them would break them to bits.

Still, even if Toby succeeded in using WL on the boat, wouldn't moving it towards Fletcher count as a second action?

Couldn't help giving my opinion, feel free to ignore me! ;)

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