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1939 / Re: Iris (Nilo)
« on: 08/30/2013 at 14:15 »
“I’m sorry.”

Nilo squirmed - just a bit. It was hard not to, being suddenly subjected to such intense scrutiny from this girl's amazing mismatched eyes. Also, her apology made him feel even more uncomfortable.

"Er, for what?" Hastily, as heat burned a bright red up his neck and ears, he corrected, hands flying up to wave about (a bit too dramatically) in an attempt to erase his previous words from the air, "That is, it's - it's alright, there's nothing to - be sorry about, it's alright."

Linti, it looked like he was making things worse instead of the opposite, which was what he was going for.

At least, he thought so, until she seemed to relax after he put a hand on her shoulder. She even smiled. Somewhat.

Nilo chalked it up as a good thing, and he gave her the brightest charming smile he could muster.

And then she surged forward - and he stiffened as his brain thumped heavily with alarm bells and he had this sudden great urge to bolt - and before she could embrace him (or at least, that's what it looked like, belatedly), he felt his skin itch, grew smaller, and scampered off, panicked and high on adrenaline.

He was just a smudge of black fur as he dashed behind a box (crate?) thing and fought to calm his sudden panic. She'd only wanted a hug, right? He hoped so. Oh crap, if she did just want a hug, he probably offended her or something. He winced at the thought and peered around the edge of the box.

His clothes were strewn all over the floor in front of the girl.


Feeling his hammering heart calm slightly in his chest, he glanced down at himself and took stock: black fur. All black fur. He was a... a cat? Huh. That was new.

Shrugging it off, he peered around the corner again, yellow eyes probably shining in his dark corner, and then, feeling a bit skittish and a whole lot embarrassed, dashed over towards his clothes, and dashed back behind the box.

"Meow," he said, guiltily. Sorry.

After a few moments, he felt himself relax and his skin itched again and he was back. Human. He glanced down at himself. Definitely human, thank God. After he'd hastily pulling his clothes back on, he peered around the box again, and tentatively walked back over to the girl.

"I'm - I'm sorry about that. It's instinctive," he hurriedly explained, feeling himself flush to the tips of his ears. "But, I guess you know that; being alike and all," he added sheepishly, rubbing the nape of his neck and settled himself down again.

"Sorry for... running off. You just, er, startled me." He coughed a little, and extended his arms out, forcing himself to meet her eyes, "Er, let's try that again, yeah?" He managed a sort of shaky smile as he extended his arms out a little further, inviting her in for that hug he'd accidentally denied.

1939 / Re: when you can't sleep at night [ambrosius]
« on: 08/30/2013 at 11:54 »
Maximus? Diyos ko, foreigner names were so odd.

Nilo snickered a little at the boy's name, but said, "Max - alright, then." He wouldn't want to insult his treat-giver, after all.

Perhaps, he thought eagerly when the foreigner drew out a boxful of sweets, he should make this boy his official treat-giver. (It did usually take quite some time for him to calm down enough to return from his tiny dog form, and consuming these sweet treats had obviously helped him go back to his human form much quicker than usual.)

Yes, maybe he should. Maybe he would.

“The darker ones have blackberry jam inside, they really are good, so you should try one. The larger ones have chocolate inside and the other one is custard.”

The sixteen-year-old peered into the box, dark eyes twinkling at the sight. Definitely making this foreigner his official treat-giver if he always has sweets like these.

"Where did you get these from?" he asked, Filipino accent a little more prominent-sounding, such that his th sounded like a d, and his f a p.

Nilo picked up one of the darker ones - not sure what a blackberry was, since he'd never really tried it, but he had heard of it before (he just couldn't remember where, but it was probably from the shop; most everything he knew about foreign foods came from the shop) - and studied it, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

He dropped the treat back into the box, dismissing it, (because he wouldn't want to waste such precious treats if he didn't like the taste) and picked up a chocolate one instead (chocolate was okay; it was safe) and popped it into his mouth.

He gave an approving nod. "It's good," he mumbled through his mouthful, swallowing before grinning messily at the foreigner boy.

"What's a blackberry?" he ventured to ask, lifting another custard treat to his mouth.

1939 / Re: Will Work For -
« on: 08/27/2013 at 08:06 »

Oh I LOVE IT. And nice touch with the skull btw, I approve! :D


1939 / Re: Iris (Nilo)
« on: 08/17/2013 at 07:26 »
Nilo did a double take.

He was sure that...

But no. No - where a second ago, the girl's hair had been red, it had now - as in, just now, right in front of his eyes - it had turned... pink.

Was she... Was she...

"You're like me?" he murmured, soft, wondering, uncertain. He didn't know how to handle this - having someone like him, who could change. He wondered why his hair didn't change, though.

Well, that's a bit unfair, he thought huffily.


The Filipino blinked. Blinked, then shifted his weight on his feet again. Left, right, left, right -

So, this girl missed her own Inay, by the sounds of it.


He felt his blood, warmer than usual, flood up his neck and flushing his ears a bright red. He wasn't blushing, though. It was definitely something scientific, like his blood vessels expanding or something along those lines. Nilo did not blush.

"I, uh." He coughed a bit, trying to clear his throat of the lump of discomfort that had lodged itself there.

"I miss my mother too," he said, voice low, so he wouldn't upset the girl even more, like how one would treat a scared animal.

(Well, the girl was like him, after all, so the boy thought the comparison was fitting.)

And then the girl looked at him and he felt a choked gasp climbing its way up his throat, but he clamped his lips shut to keep it from escaping.

The girl was pretty - very pretty - but her eyes startled him, and he couldn't do anything but stare. One of them was blue, and the other was green. It looked odd and freakish but somehow... amazing too.

This was starting to get really unfair. He wondered if maybe the girl somehow managed to learn how to change her colors - she definitely looked like she knew a lot more than he did about the ability.

“I…I’m… I’m alone.”

"...Oh," was all he could say.

“Everyone’s gone.”

"Um. Er -" His teeth drew out a bit to gnaw gently at his bottom lip, dark eyes starting to flit from corner to space to corner, anywhere but at her, because, well, she was crying. Had been, at least. Nilo didn't know how to deal with crying girls, but he just got confused about what to do around girls after they cried.

Should he hug her? Should he give her flowers? Chocolates? Should he pat her on the back? Or punch her on the arm? No, wait, arm-punching is for friends - er, mates. Boy mates.

He settled for slowly lifting a hand and reaching out - and tried to put his hand on her shoulder, eyes on his face to see whether she looked like she was about to run or, worse, cry again. (His hand definitely wasn't shaking. Whoever said so was lying, obviously.)

"Um... I'm sure you'll... be fine?"

He tried not to make it sound uncertain, but it came out like a question anyway. Because, really, what did you say to girls to reassure them when they're upset? They usually wanted to just, you know, cry in peace, right?

(Personally, he liked being hugged and having his hair stroked when he was upset. But he'd never tell anyone that.)

1939 / Re: when you can't sleep at night [ambrosius]
« on: 08/17/2013 at 07:02 »
Nilo relaxed back slightly, and sat up halfway, a bit satisfied, when the other boy seemed to have understood his vague-when-in-dog-form gestures and didn't look to be ill or dying or, well, dead, after taking a bite off half the pastry.

He leaned forward a bit and sniffed the other half held out towards him again. Still smelled not-different. Wait, wait, was that...


Joy and excitement rushed through his veins and his eyes sparkled as he leaned forward again. He ignored the itching on his skin, among other things (like his body changing again), because this was a custard pastry. If anyone tampered with a custard pastry, he'd haunt them down and kill them, somehow. His ghostly body would find a way, he was sure. A lot of aswang did it all the time, after all.

In a couple blinks as he opened his mouth - well, beak now - and carefully took the sweet between his not-there-anymore teeth, he vaguely registered that he'd shifted into an eagle again, but focused all his attention on not breaking - definitely not breaking - the sweet treat in his mouth - er, beak.

With reflexes that were swifter in his avian form,  he twisted his head this way and that to get the whole piece of food in his mouth and gobbled it up.

(His skin was starting to itch again. He didn't let it worry him; he wasn't feeling angry or anything, obviously, and why should he anyway? It should be fine.)

He sighed, closing his eyes at the feel of the taste and texture of the custard on his tongue. He couldn't remember if his mother had ever liked baking - or if she even baked, at all - but baking reminded him of home, and for that few brief seconds, he felt...

Nilo swallowed and licked his lips, smiling. "Mm," he heard himself say, "nice!"

A split second later, his eyes flew open widen and lifted up quickly to the other boy, frozen, shocked and just a little horrified. He must be quite the sight, he thought, must be looking like a stretched-out human frog maybe, all gangly limbs, with his arms supporting him halfway-up, and squatting low with his knees apart, and -

The Filipino boy swiftly turned around on the balls of his feet, locking his knees together as he straightened up a bit, and cleared his throat awkwardly. He most certainly was not blushing. Though, the situation was highly embarrassing, but Nilo did not, well, blush or anything of the sort! The redness on his neck and the tips of his ears was just from the heat of the sun leftover from earlier, that's all.

Without turning around, he said quickly, "Excuse me," just above a whisper, loud enough to be heard, and blindly patted at the ground beside him, dusting off the thin until he felt fabric under his palm.

He snatched his shirt up out of the little hole he'd dug earlier in canine form (hey, he'd had his clothes stolen by pesky and I-told-you-they-were-definitely-untrustworthy foreigners before; you can't fault him for being careful) and shook it out and put it on quickly. He did the same with all the other clothing he'd hidden, careful to get most of the dirt off (he needed a better a hiding place, he decided huffily) but not careful enough to be moving so slowly.

Once fully clothed again (and the not-blush mostly gone from his skin now) and feeling much more normal and (relatively) comfortable, he spun around again and planted his arse down on the ground, swiftly crossed his legs as he glanced towards the foreigner boy - who had a pretty weird-sounding accent, he now realized.

(Great - a new kind of foreigner boy. But...)

"Thank you for the treat," he said crisply, offering a tiny nod and friendly but quick smile, "My name's Allares," before leaning a little forwards, eyes now on the boy's bag. "Have you got any more?" he asked, sweetly, cracking an innocent grin.

1939 / Re: | Let's run away together |
« on: 08/16/2013 at 14:35 »
hey hey ((:

Nilo Allares
Age - Sixteen
School - Hogwarts
Relationship - Feeder (you-->him), Potential Friend, etc.
Past - Threading!: They met when Nilo was in puppy form and Max tried to feed him.
Future - Nilo (to Max): "Hey, dude. How are you? Do you have food?" Maybe something else later. (;

1939 / Re: Show me your C O L O R S
« on: 08/16/2013 at 14:31 »

School + Age - HOGWARTS + 16
History - WE'RE THREADING!! ;D
Favourite Color - GRAY

1939 / Re: Iris (Nilo)
« on: 08/16/2013 at 14:20 »
ooc: SWS cover song!!

Yet another shite day at this too-sunny camp.

He never knew he would actually think it, but he sure missed the dreary weather back in London. Because wherever this damn camp was, it surely wasn't London. (He'd briefly entertained the idea that it was somewhere in the Philippines, but dismissed it. The place didn't feel familiar at all; surely, he'd feel something in, say, his blood that indicated he was back home?) Obviously, it meant he shouldn't be wandering around it, because everything was suspicious.

But - and it was still a suspicious 'but' - he'd been here for days already, and so far, nothing had tried to kill him. Not even in his sleep, when he had managed to.

So, since he had no intention of making friends any time soon with any of these damn foreigners, he decided he'd venture out on his own. If only -

Nilo shook his head.

Though, he was quite sure he had friends before, back in the Philippines - a group of good friends, actually (he could feel it, in his gut); they'd been close, he liked to think - he couldn't for the life of him remember. Couldn't remember their names or what they looked like or whether they had a secret handshake or whether they had known what to do when his stepfather turned, well, bad.

(He couldn't remember what happened to his stepfather either, exactly, just that there was alcohol involved, so the boy assumed he turned into a drunkard.)

It must be because he'd been away from home for so long. Maybe -

Maybe if he had enough money he'd fly out again. Yeah. When he graduated, maybe, he'd... Yes, that sounds... brilliant.

His skin started to itch, and he absently scratched at his arm as he, moving almost robotically out of routine, relaxed a bit and looked around for a place to hide -

There! A small house... building. Thing. Er.

Anyway, he quickly ran over to the tiny house-building-thing, stripping off his shirt as he went (he'd learned the unfortunate way that his wings tended to get a little stuck in the fabric, and that his talons just ripped it to shreds, in the end, out of frustration) -

- then skidded to a halt.

He froze like that, shirt halfway over his head, and cocked his head to the side a bit to listen. He didn't realize he was holding his breath until he gasped a bit in shock when he heard... crying.

Someone was crying.

(He risked a quick glance towards the direction of the sound from over his raised arm.)

Someone female was crying.


Hastily, he pulled his shirt back on and... just stood there for a bit, uncomfortable. He wanted, badly, oh so very badly, to get out of there and leave the girl in peace, but another, bigger part of him - the part that would surely guilt-trip him later if he left - urged him to go over and try to comfort her.

Suppressing a heavy sigh, he gingerly stepped over to the upset girl (who, he now noticed, had bright red hair - he frowned; foreigners were so odd) and spoke up gently as he moved to squat a few feet beside her, "Hey, um." Thank God he'd managed to adapt even the tiniest bit of a British accent to be understand.

He shuffled his weight on his feet, uncomfortable, and kept his eyes on the girl's odd-colored hair. "What's - What's wrong?"

1939 / bury your flames •• nilo a.
« on: 08/16/2013 at 14:19 »

i don't care about the flesh it'll tear;
it isn't flesh that i'm worried about

april 30, 1923 •• hopeful hufflepuff
ex-sales assistant at sofia's cake shop
halfblood •• filipino w/ a slight british accent

the past is a flower; the future, the snow
i wasn't ever close to perfect but i never let you go

Before he turned eleven, Nilo's life was pretty normal - mother went back to the Philippines after a (whirlwind-)romance-went-wrong and remarried, stepfather had a fairly stable job, little brother woudn't let him copy or do his maths homework - normal. When he got his Hogwarts letter, his life went spiraling down. At the age of fourteen, Nilo saw his mother killed by a flying bottle of alcohol. Seconds later, when his drunk stepfather, the thrower, neared, he discovered he was a shapeshifter.

But not exactly - he just realized at that moment that he was turning into a wolf and he panicked (and so did his stepfather, who ran for it). Then, feeling the urge to escape, seconds later, when he was human again, he transformed into an eagle and flew for it.

Then, after a long long long flight, he managed to reach the UK, through sheer will and determination. Long story short, he reached Hogsmeade, found a job there at the Cake Shop, slept on a park bench, and started earning money to be able to go to school. And now, roughly three years later, he's finally able to continue his education, albeit a little differently.

Nilo didn't like change that much; he preferred routines and organization and normalcy, but when all that was snatched up and twisted into knots he couldn't fathom, he became broody, irritable, and paranoid. (And terribly frightened of his ability when he gets angry because he certainly doesn't want to turn into a wolf and accidentally, well, hurt someone. He won't admit it, though.) All culminating to a xenophobia that still makes him suspicious of all the foreigners around him.

Don't take it personally, though, he's like that with everybody in London who can't understand the Filipino language.

you bid the wind blow the flames out
and buried the coals in the sea

kilala •• pare •• 'tol
katiwala •• barkada

hinala •• ayaw •• asar
selos •• poot

hanga •• bonita •• lampa
dagli •• syota

kamag-aral •• dayuhan

*hover for equivalents/translations

our bones are like chains, old and rusted in the rain
they're going to snap when the weight shifts

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{{ Bury Your Flames ~ La Dispute }}

1939 / Re: when you can't sleep at night [ambrosius]
« on: 08/16/2013 at 12:55 »
ooc: Niiiice! I approve heartily of your music taste! ;D It's Of Mice & Men, though, but anyway.

He was human again. Thank God.

Only, for some reason, he was... younger. As in, back in his younger body. He could tell because he was shorter and had a little more meat on his bones. It was probably his thirteen-year-old body, back when -


He grinned at her, and she smiled right back, eyes crinkling at the corners and she leant down and handed him a piece of pastry.

(His ears twitched.)

Grinning wider, and practically hopping on his feet now, he took it into his mouth and munched happily.

Then he blinked, dazed, and a little confused, and everything was dark.

Though it wasn't that dark - there was a hint of sunlight filtering through his eyelids. He scowled at the light, and opened his eyes. The ground was hard under his head, and for a moment, he panicked at his unfamiliar surroundings, ears standing up as he lifted his head off the ground, and -

Wait, his ears standing up?

Nilo shifted a little on his perch on the ground, and realized he had fur. Lots of fur. Like, all over his body. He looked down and, scowling again, nosed his front paws stretched out in front of him sulkily.

A dream, then. Obviously, since his mother was dead - had been for roughly three years - and now that he remembered it (vaguely) he wasn't even anywhere in his dream. A sharp pang of something achy suddenly shot through his chest and he fought the urge to whine at the feeling.

He felt so... lonely.


His broody wallowing in self-pity and nostalgia was suddenly, rudely, interrupted by a figure creeping into the edges of his vision, and he snapped to attention, still lying down but with his head raised and his ears up and alert. His eyes narrowed at the foreigner approaching him.

(He knew his solitude wouldn't last long. Pastilan.)

The intruder, a boy, didn't look much older than him and was smiling a little. And crouching.

Nilo sniffed, indignant, feeling his hackles rise. He knew he was a bit shorter than all these damn foreigners but honestly, he wasn't that -

Wait, is that a pastry?

“I hope you like sweets, little guy.”

The Filipino felt his upper lip curl up in disdain. He wasn't that little, for -

Wait, was he growling?

He stopped. The rumbling in his throat stopped too. And so did the - yes, the growling. Right. Right, he was this... tiny dog. Right.

Scowling, though on his dog-face it looked more like his nonexistent brows just drew together, he glanced from the treat to the other boy. A stranger. And the pastry looked very... delicious dodgy.

Warily, he leaned over and sniffed it, then drew back a little, suspicious. He didn't smell anything different about it, but still. Dark brown eyes lifted towards the other boy's cute face -

(He shook his head. He was getting distracted from the smell of the pastry.)

- to the other boy's face, and lifted his chin, gesturing wordlessly for him to eat it first. Just so Nilo would know it wasn't... tampered with. Hey, you never know. Dogs were treated like that back at home, and he hadn't really seen that many males cooing over puppies like kids and a few women did.

He watched the boy and waited, expectant.

1939 / when you can't sleep at night [ambrosius]
« on: 08/16/2013 at 09:57 »

Nilo scowled and pulled his furry limbs tighter against his body, tucking his chin a little closer to his chest, as much as he could anyway while lying down with his paws under his head.

The sun had been relentless on him, and only him, it seemed. Maybe it was just him; the other students - the foreigners - didn't seem to be too bothered by said sunlight.

He shifted a little on the tiny strip of cool ground he'd now marked as his, and that his small canine body had stretched itself onto, getting as comfortable as he could. If he was in his human form, he'd had huffed and grumbled and cursed about big and bright morning-stars in the sky, but since they sounded more like pitiful whines than anything in this form, he kept his vocal cords in check.

Coming to this camp was a bad idea, he decided. Sure, he'd noticed there were pretty girls here - and oh, how he'd noticed - but, not only was the food here terrible, he couldn't even sneak into the kitchens!

Maybe it was just because he wasn't as sneaky as he'd have liked.

Either way, he couldn't cook the food himself, and he sorely missed the sight of a kitchen, with its gleaming countertops and ingredients all laid out and ready for him to make into something delicious. He especially missed dough, though. God, how he missed dough. Even though it was quite powdery and annoying, he liked how it felt under his hands.

Not that he'd ever tell anyone, not even on pain of death, that he liked baking. Because, obviously, it was a woman's work (but he was sure none of his co-workers or even his boss minded; heck, they liked it too, he supposed).

He kept grumbling mentally for a while and feeling very sad about the lack of kitchens in his near future, until he felt his eyes starting to drift close. He lifted his head a bit to open his jaw more comfortably and emitted a great big yawn, pink tongue curling as a low whine-that-resembled-a-yawn came out of his throat.

As he settled his head on his paws again and closed his eyes, he tried to stop himself from hoping no one will find him in this form, and especially while he was vulnerable and sleeping (of all things!), but he inevitably did anyway.

Just as he drifted off, he felt it, right in his gut - he was doomed.


ooc: nilo in puppy form

1939 / Re: Will Work For -
« on: 08/14/2013 at 10:20 »
Name: Juan Daniel "Nilo" Allares
IC Age: 16
FC: Alexander Ferrario
Personality: Broody, cold, snarky, xenophobic - but is really a big softie inside.
Type: Gif!
Words: Up to you!
Themes: Something... animalistic, maybe? Or woodsy, yeah...
Colors: Black and white and gray! But not in a depressing way - more like a gloomy way, if that makes any sense. No bright colors please.
Dimensions: Go for whatever!
Link to existing plot page: Nada.
Special Requests: Preferably pics of him with fluffy hair. I give you free reign, but I particularly like these pics: i, ii, iii, iv, v
Anything else? here is a FRIENDS gifset about food.

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