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1944 / Re: Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
« on: 04/19/2015 at 07:07 »
Happy Birthday, Pamela! <3 <3 <3

1937 / Re: HAPPY 2ND DEC...
« on: 12/02/2012 at 12:53 »

Have a good one, Rach!

Stay awesome.

1974 / Re: Where the Sidewalk Ends [Tegan]
« on: 04/30/2012 at 02:23 »
6th :: Gryffindor :: impulsive
[acquaintances::ardrop of a crying ant would be yo][related to::e is more than two!just then, along came]
[it's about time these two should thread! let's see how they react to being cousins?]
you say, " cousypoo."
tegan says, " leavethishere. "

1973 / Re: A Mini Reunion (Thalia)
« on: 04/17/2012 at 18:41 »
The blonde girl closed her eyes, enraptured by the music that had filled her ears, soothing her as if it had been a balm to her soul. She listened carefully to lifts and drops of the melody. The plucked tunes, the sliding riffs and Kian's honeyed voice.

It made her smile so widely her cheeks hurt.

For someone as young as he was, Kian was truly talented. She could imagine his nimble fingers racing across the guitar frets,  plucking concordant tunes on the strings, perfectly in synced to the rhythm. His voice was a gift, a blessing and it only enhanced his masterful grasp of guitar-playing.

To compare his voice to that of chocolate would be an understatement. However, if anything, chocolate did describe his voice best. Deep, rich and slightly husky, Kian had a voice that would definitely make any girl melt.

Finally, the end of the song came, its final notes drifting in the still air, leaving nothing but a slow, distant fading of harmonious notes. Thalia opened her eyes.

"So, what do you think?"

A smile broke on her face and without thinking, she pushed off from the log and was on her feet before her cousin. She brought her hands together in a shattering applause.

If there had been an audience with them, it ought to have been a standing ovation, with her in the lead. Even so, Thalia felt honoured to have the pleasure of showing her admiration. He truly deserved it.

"Kian! That..." The blonde paused to wipe at some tear in the corner of one eye, "was beautiful! Absolutely brilliant!"

The blonde girl launched herself at the boy, yet again, to envelop him in an affectionate hug. She moved to place a puckered kiss at the boy's cheek. For some reason, she felt entirely motherly.

"Oh, I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work, okay?"

Thalia grinned and ruffled the boy's curls before her returning her gaze towards the orange-hued sky. Sunset was soon to come and it wouldn't have been safe to be stuck in the woods after dark. Who knew what creature could attack them and gore them to death? She didn't want that for her cousin. He was too pretty and too damn talented to die young, anyway. Thalia snickered at the private joke.

"Damn." cursed the girl, before clasping her cousin's wrist. " Come on, we better get a move on before it gets dark. It's kind of dangerous out here. Hurry!"

1973 / Re: Hey sister, soul sister. (Kaitlyn)
« on: 04/15/2012 at 08:23 »
At least Kaitlyn was in a good mood.

Thalia smiled wryly as she tried to be enthusiastic for the girl as she took her seat beside the girl. She was truly happy for her younger housemate. Apparently, it was a huge achievement for a Gryffindor to pass her classes, so how about all of them? Thalia, herself, had difficulty on passing half of them and with the OWLs hounding her 5th year... It was a miracle to see her advance to her 6th year. Thalia supposed she should be happy about that.

"Congratulations, Kaitlyn! Your parents must be so proud of you." Thalia enthused, grinning at the girl.

The blonde eyed Kaitlyn's strawberry ice-cream as she sipped at her hot chocolate. She  wondered where the girl might have possibly procured such a sweet dessert so early in the morning. Perhaps all that Thalia needed was a dose of saccharine to boost her mood, as well.

"So your like a grown-up now. Is that why you don't have time to talk to me anymore?"

"I'm sorry about that... I've been so terribly busy last term. OWLs and all." The blonde sighed as she picked at her omelette. Had she really been that busy? So much that she'd neglected her friends? Thalia frowned at the thought. She didn't want to lose her friends.

"But hey, we're hanging out now." Thalia playfully nudged at the girl's elbow. "Though I wish I was in a better mood."

Blue-green eyes peered at the girl beside her. Kaitlyn had done some growing up as well. She was taller than she’d remembered. Something had changed in Kaitlyn as well… if only Thalia could pinpoint what exactly that was.

“Well, look at you!” The 6th year gushed. “You’ve grown into a lady yourself!”

Thalia eyed her friend mischievously, leaning over to whisper into the girl's ear.

"So tell me... you crushing on anyone yet?"

1973 / Re: A Mini Reunion (Thalia)
« on: 04/13/2012 at 18:33 »

No wonder Kian had been reluctant in telling her anything. He knew about her temper and it was something that no one would want to mess with.

Of all people, it had been Stephen hurting his own brother? She expected Kian to tell her about bullies and such. But his very own brother giving him these bruises... And to think that she'd admired Stephen for being such a responsible, hardworking and goal-oriented person. Heck, she had even considered him as one of her role models in life. She wanted to be like him and to know from Kian that he was just the opposite.


Thalia felt the heat creeping up her face as she simmered in her anger. The blonde girl stood where she was, unmoving, her hands fisted by her side. Her shoulders lifted from her obvious attempts at calming herself. Her eyes were hooded and her lips were set in a stern, straight line. She was on the just on the verge of losing it.

She needed to do something before she goes ballistic. Breathe in…out…in…ou-

Damn it all.

“It’s not nothing, Kian!” seethed Thalia, her eyes blue-green eyes dark with anger. She took a step towards him, blind with fury, as she curled her hands around her collar to drag it down. Merlin, there were more bruises… what kind of person would do this to his own flesh and blood? A monster, that’s what. She had been a fool for not seeing him for who he really was.

Stephen will pay for this!

Thalia’s eyes watered slightly from her thoughts. She was just so angry at Stephen, her blood was literally boiling, her entire body shook with it. The Gryffindor bit her lip, trying to reign in her temper before she could hurt something or someone...

“Ugh, I’m going to kill him for doing this to you.” Thalia said coldly, her voice filled with ice and without remorse, her unfocused gaze hardened. If looks could kill, then Thalia’s were murderous. The girl paced back and forth in front of her cousin.

The only thing that was keeping Stephen safe right now was the distance. If he was even within a kilometer from her, Thalia would not have any doubts in hexing the jerk. She would teach him a lesson and never let him forget it. Relative or not.

She would bide her time until then.

The blonde stopped her pacing, her breathing his erratic but at least, the livid look from her face was gone. Her blue-green eyes softened when they landed upon her younger cousin. She had more important matters to attend to.

“Does your parents know about this?” asked Thalia. After a beat, she retracted her question. She knew all too well that Stephen had the advantage, he held the upper hand. He wouldn’t be in any trouble at all from his parents.

“Never mind. Don’t answer that.” Thalia gave a deep sigh. It indicated the end of her rage, yet it also showed how much anger she kept pent-up inside, with all the unaired frustration about her cousins and relatives. She needed to relax.

“All this talk is depressing me…” The blonde girl slowly approached the log and sat on it, cupping her chin with her hand. She looked up at her cousin and down at the guitar in his hands.

“Would you play something for me, Kian?” Thalia let a small smile return to her lips. “It’s been a long time since I’ve heard you sing.”

1973 / Re: A Mini Reunion (Thalia)
« on: 04/13/2012 at 01:59 »
Her smile faltered as Kian answered her queries. The expression on his face made her want to take it all back. It broke her heart to see him like that. The lad looked even younger and vulnerable in this current state. For some reason, she felt unnaturally protective of him.

Seeing Kian had reminded Thalia of their relatives. She was genuinely pleased to hear that they were doing well, though she couldn’t be quite sure. Her dearest cousin seemed guarded about the topic. Especially when she asked after his older brother, Stephen. Kian seemed to stiffen at the mention of his name. Thalia could tell that the young boy was definitely not telling her everything. At least, not right now. She’d wait until he was ready.

Thalia knew little of what went on with the Gallaghers. She didn’t have the right to intrude upon such personal issues but sneaking around had helped in satiating her burning curiosity. Through accidental eavesdropping, the blonde could safely assume that there was a long-standing sibling rivalry between Kian and Stephen. No doubt, Uncle Elias had played the game of favourites and doted upon the elder son. She could only imagine how Kian felt. She was an only child, however.

“I see.” The blonde girl nodded in understanding. “I’m still glad you’re here, though. With you in the camp, I won’t be so lonely after all.” Thalia grinned like the Cheshire cat, wide and scheming. She was already planning out trips to town in her mind. Nothing usually ever goes according to her plan.

Her blue-green eyes drifted over his angelic face, surprised to see the changes in her baby cousin. Still ever so adorable, she’d discovered that Kian had, quite literally meta-morphed into adolescence. He looked more groomed and better-dressed. From the size of those biceps, she could tell that he had been working out. Most probably to attract the ladies, thought Thalia derisively.

From the corner of her eyes, she caught a discolouration, branding one of his arms. Despite its nearly faded appearance, the thing still stood out on Kian’s pale skin, like a giant mole. It looked nasty.

Instinctively, Thalia reached out to grab her cousin’s wrist, her hand pushing back the sleeves to reveal the bruise. Her anxiety spiked up and protectiveness overwhelmed the girl. She narrowed her eyes at her cousin.

“Where’d you get this, Kian?” Thalia demanded, her voice lifting a full octave. “You better tell me the truth before I force it out of you.” Thalia lifted her chin, her stern gaze resolute, as she attempted to intimidate the boy into talking. She knew it wasn’t the right way to make him talk but seeing the bruise had made her so worried. Whoever inflicted these bruises would surely get it from her, whether Kian liked it or not.

“Please, Kian, will you tell me?”

Only one thing was on her mind: Who would dare to hurt such a sweet boy as him?

1973 / Re: Guess again?
« on: 04/12/2012 at 19:39 »

1974 / Re: Twisted Wonderland {Anya}
« on: 04/12/2012 at 11:23 »
Name: Erathalia Gray
House and Year: Gryffindor 6th
How we met: I save your life during COMC class. No problem, kiddo.
Future Plots/RP ideas: We'll talk soon.
Relationships: Friend, Confidante, Mentor/Role Model

Name: Julian Cross
House and Year: Ravenclaw 7th
How we met: Saw her dancing like in the middle of the night. Thought she was some spectre or some such.
Future Plots/RP ideas: You talk. I listen.
Relationships: Allies and Friends. (Romance-wise...erm, he's pretty occupied. But we'll see. ♥)

1973 / Re: Threads 'R' Us
« on: 04/11/2012 at 07:05 »
Just a list of stuff I should be replying to/thread I should be creating:



  • # with Kian G.
  • # with Kaitlyn O.
  • # with Bronwyn M
  • # with Jessie & Co.
  • # with Montmorency Girls
  • ! with Erynn+Izzy (SHOPPING)
  • ! with Erynn+Izzy (PRANK)
  • ! with Daphne B.
  • ! with Brooke H.


  • # with Eve H.
  • # with Matty G.
  • $ Jacob S.?
  • ! with Colton B.
  • $ with Esme/Ellerie
  • $ with Fiona H.
  • $ with Lola B.


  • # with Tylendal V.
  • ! with Landon B.
  • # with Study Abroad

1973 / Re: A Mini Reunion (Thalia)
« on: 04/11/2012 at 05:32 »
Thalia didn't know reason why she was in the forest. Only that, she had the urge to run into it and get lost, somehow. The blonde rarely got lost, and even if she did, she always seemed to find the way out.

However, here she was standing in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and more trees. The path looked the same wherever she turned. Yet, she wasn't about to give up now.

The Gryffindor started up a beaten path, kicking at the leaves that happened to be in her way. She was frustrated, yes, but mostly, she was just lonely.

She heard the faint yet melodic sounds of guitar-playing somewhere nearby. Could it be that she wasn't alone after all? Great. Maybe they could be lost together, whoever this person was.

Hunting down the source of music, Thalia relied on her ears for guidance. She was listening for those familiar chords when suddenly the music stopped trickling within the forest.


Thalia pushed past a bramble and found herself into a clearing. It was funny how familiar it was to her. She looked around, entralled by the beauty of the forest and the calm it brought her.

Her blue-green eyes drifted from the surroundings, focusing on the lone subject that sat with his back to hers. Thalia cocked her head to the side in wonder. She was sure that she'd seen that shade of blonde before. Could it be-?

"Kian!" The girl exclaimed in delight at the sight of her cousin. With outstretched arms, she ran to the boy and launched herself at him in a bear-crushing hug. It would be a miracle if the boy had survived her fierce embrace.

Kian Gallagher was a cousin on her father's side. Though, admittedly, she wasn't quite fond of some of the little devils her aunts and uncles had spawned. Kian, however, was a complete angel. She liked him best out of all her cousins, besides his big brother Stephan. She liked to think that they were the closest among the cousins.

Thalia stood back to assess the blonde boy.

"Look at you. All grown up now, eh?" The young woman pinched one of his cheeks playfully. "How many girls have you been macking on, huh?" Thalia grinned, ruffling Kian's blonde curls as she kept up her interrogation.

"So, how have you been? How about Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Elias? Stephan? Tell me all about your summer!" The girl paused to catch her breath. All this excitement about seeing her dearest cousin once again was killing her.

"And most importantly, what on Earth are you doing here?"

1973 / Re: Sweet 16 and never been kissed....(open)
« on: 04/10/2012 at 22:26 »
More people arrived at the party, most were new faces, some of which she couldn't put a name to. Yet, she hardly cared about that.

What she was most interested in was that cake and that suspicious-looking dude that came along with it. Thalia was waiting for the thing to explode already.

Thalia opened her fifth, or was it the sixth?, bottle of Butterbeer. At this point, the girl swayed dangerously on her feet, her speech slurred slightly. Perhaps, she ought to stop drinking.

The night was still young and drunk was the last thing she wanted to be.

Gradually, Jessie and company had moved away from Cake Boy, going about their conversations. Thalia, however, decided to stay back. She stood near the cake, peering at it curiously. Casually, she dipped her pinky into the cream, sticking it quickly into her mouth for a taste.

Sweet...with an after taste of what, exactly?

Her eyes flicked up to Cake Boy, head cocked to the side in interest. He was wielding a lighter, a pretty-looking one at that. Now where'd he get that come from?

"Everyone ready?" asked Cake Boy.

The blonde nodded a bit tipsily, but no one else seemed to be listening. She took the opportunity to make small talk with Cake Boy. Everyone deserved the benefit of a doubt, besides, she cannot possibly call him Cake Boy forever. A smirk played on her lips.

"Hey, I'm Thalia. You're new to Hogwarts, aren't you?" Her slighty slurred voice was barely a whisper. Something told her that she wouldn't be quite as well-received if she had been caught fraternitizing with the so-called enemy.

"What's your name? And most importantly, do you really plan on blowing this thing up?"

1973 / Re: Stealth (Bronwyn)
« on: 04/10/2012 at 20:43 »
Being caught out in the woods after curfew by a councilor was one thing, being gored to death by a savage beast was another. Thalia was terribly thankful that what came forth from the shadows had been neither.

“Woah, you scared me a little back there.”

Thalia released the breath that she’d been holding. Seemed like her would-be attacker, only turned out to be a girl around her age. The blonde felt her face heat up in embarrassment. To think that she’d reacted so dramatically. How incredibly stupid of her.

“Couldn’t sleep?” The girl had decided to plop herself beside her, like she had every right to be there. Thalia grinned, she admired anyone who knew what they wanted. The blonde knew right then and there that this was someone worth befriending.

"Nope. I’m too awake to go to sleep.” Up close, she could see the girl’s features. She was pretty, but hers was a face she didn’t exactly recognise. Was she new to the camp, or new to the school?  She opted for the former. If this girl had been attending Hogwarts since their first year, Thalia would probably know. Someone like her could not be easily missed.

“You’re really good at sneaking around. I didn’t even hear you!” gushed Thalia, grinning widely at her unexpected guest. She studied her for a while, and soon, curiosity overcame her. “Hey, I’ve never seen you before. You new?”

Her question made her realise that they hadn’t actually been introduced to each other.

“Oh, man." The girl scratched her head, looking sheepish. "My name’s Thalia, rising 6th from Gryffindor. You are?” Thalia held out her palm eagerly for a shake.

The blonde dug around the front pocket of her hoodie. The crinkling of plastic filled the darkness around them, and finally, her hand produced a packet of sweets. Funny, she could remember to bring snacks but not her wand? Weird.

However, these sweets weren't exactly those normal ones. They were edible, yes, but they did have a tendency to have magical side-effects. Much like the old-time favourite Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, this set of sweets were unsuspectingly harmless, unpredictable and certainly packed a punch. Quite literally.

It was why Thalia liked them, really. She anticipated what magical effect each sweet would befall her once she popped one of them into her mouth. Not knowing what would happen only sweetened the deal, no pun intended. Most were minor, harmless jiinxes, though some were truly disturbing yet hilarious charms. Only a handful were potentially debilitating and fortunately, luck had been on her side, but only for long. Her luck ought to run out sooner or later.

Nonetheless, the blonde would only be glad to share her sweets. She had no one to eat them with, anyway. Besides, it was entertaining to see someone else suffer, ahem, experience the after effects. The girl seemed to be pretty daring. Sneaking out was quite a huge achievement in Thalia's eyes.

She tore open the packaging and presented the brightly-coloured candies to the brunette.

"These are special sweets. They have magic imbued in them." Thalia smirked playfully, her eyes twinkling in mischief.

"Wanna try some?"

1973 / Re: Magic! Who'd have guessed?
« on: 04/10/2012 at 08:41 »
Hey, Jessie!

Welcome to Hoggies. Oh, trust me, you will love it here. I was completely hooked ever since I joined. :D

YAY. Reading, writing and cake! I like you already. I'm currently reading Game of Thones, it's awesome so far.

Shane sounds great and lovable(like a puppy?). Also, if you ever want to thread, just shoot me PM or catch me on chat.  ;D

Welcome, welcome!

1973 / Re: Rock n Roll Will Take you <3
« on: 04/09/2012 at 20:03 »

GREECE, wow. So, forgive me for being forward, but are the boys over there as hot as they claim to be? Hahaha <3

Anyway, SHELDON. Can't get enough of BBT. ;D

Also, keep practising on your guitar and memorise your basic chords. It's the only way you can get better! I speak from experience since I taught myself how to play a little, too.

I'm loving our thread by the way.  ;)

Again, welcome!

1973 / Re: Sweet 16 and never been kissed....(open)
« on: 04/09/2012 at 19:27 »
"I've never been better, Asita." said Thalia to her younger housemate, before adding. "We should hang out sometime." For the blonde, it seemed only natural watch over the younger ones and look out for them. She'd never had a chance to do so since she was an only child. Her childhood would definitely have been less lonelier.

"Same old, same old." Thalia joked, in answer to Jessie's inquiry. "It was fun! And now, with your birthday bash, I'm sure it's gonna be awesome."

The party seemed to be in full swing. Thalia swayed a little to the catchy music. Blue-green eyes gazed at all the scrumptious food that had been especially prepared for the occasion. She might as well enjoy herself.

"Hey, Stella. Claire. You guys are looking great!" Thalia grinned as she sipped at her bottle of Butterbeer. Before she realised it, the blonde had let out an uncharacteristic giggle. Was she drunk or what? Butterbeer wasn't all that alcoholic, was it? Then again, she'd had two bottles now...

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, a tall boy appeared with a huge cake in his hands. Thalia sidled closer towards the group to get a closer look at who was Jessie's new admirer. Anyone who'd bring a cake that size could only be besotted with the birthday girl.

"Ooh, Jess. A boy's brought you a cake!" Thalia gasped, her eyes twinkling mischievously. She nudged the birthday girl forward, whispering into her ear. "He seems sweet and good-looking at that. Forgive him already."

Thalia grinned like the Cheshire cat. Secretly, she'd always wanted to be a matchmaker. This could be her break. Nevertheless, a familiar-looking redhead came along. Lia.

"I wouldn't light this cake if i were you. Those blowers will expload the whole thing. Cake everywhere! Who brought the cake?"

Thalia wondered why not. The cake seemed harmless. However, if Asita and Lia seemed so against it...

"It's that guy." Thalia lazily pointed to the dude holding the cake, addressing him vaguely. His was a new face, and naturally, she didn't have his name. Until she did, she'd have to stick to nicknames in the meantime."Hey, big guy, why don't you hold the cake for us while we light it up?"

If the cake was truly harmless, then the boy would have no problem holding it, now would he? He wouldn't run away.

"Would you like to do the honours, Jessie?" A little Incendio was all it took, after all.

Now, this was going to be fun.

1973 / Hey sister, soul sister. (Kaitlyn)
« on: 04/08/2012 at 21:16 »
Placing a hand over her mouth, Thalia barely suppressed a yawn.

She staggered into the Main Hall like a drunk, only with better-looking hair, before plopping onto an empty seat. The girl had barely gotten a wink last night. Someone had been snoring, quite loudly at that, and thus depriving her of a good night's sleep. Wasn't there a spell for loud noises such as that? Thalia asked herself. However, her addled brain refused to provide a rational answer.

Evidently, she wasn't a morning person.

Sighing deeply, Thalia leaned on the table, cupping her chin as she tried, once again, to cover a yawn. Lazily, the 6th year started to pick out some food until she felt a presence looming over her. The blonde looked up to see a familiar face. One that she had barely seen last term. Despite her drowsy state, Thalia managed a smile.

"Morning, Kaitlyn. How long has it been since we've last talked?" Thalia grinned before biting into her bagel. She chewed thoughtfully before swallowing.

"How was last term? Good, I hope?"

1973 / Stealth (Bronwyn)
« on: 04/08/2012 at 20:22 »
It wouldn’t come.

No matter how much she tried, sleep still eluded her. Hell, she even started counting sheep until her fingers twitched. Something kept her awake yet she didn’t know what. Maybe fresh air would do her good.

The blonde dragged herself out of bed, slipping out of her covers before she padded over towards her trunk. She lifted the latch and grabbed a hoodie and a packet of magically-enhanced sweets before padding out towards the door. Who cared if she was out in nothing but her jammies? Thalia certainly didn’t.

Creeping out of her cabin didn’t hold much challenge. Sneaking out seemed second nature to her already. Not a soul was in sight, not one councilor patrolling the grounds. Almost too easy, perhaps? A smirk played at her lips. Still, she wouldn’t take her chances. Being caught was the last thing she wanted. Thalia checked the area, to make sure that there were no stragglers around. Once she gave an all-clear, she walked briskly towards the direction of the lake, with only the moonlight as her guide.

There ought to be lots of fresh air there.

The blonde slowed her pace once she was under the cover of trees that surrounded the large body of water. She could hear the gentle lapping of the waves, which meant that she neared the bank. Finally, she reached the grassy knoll where water met land.

Plopping herself down on the ground, Thalia looked out towards the water, watching it ripple prettily. The scenery calmed her almost instantly, but it didn’t wipe the urge to do something. Nor did it lull her to sleep. In fact, it made her more lucid. Weird.

A sudden movement whispered over the grass.

Thalia’s ears pricked up as she instinctively patted her pockets for her wand.

It wasn’t there.

Drat it, how could she forget? Anything but her wand! If this was a wild creature, which no doubt it could be coming from these woods, she’d be worse than dead. Without her sole weapon, she was defenseless and was most likely going to die an ugly death. Being gored to death by some stupid animal wasn’t going to be pretty. She hoped to Merlin it wasn’t a wolf or something. Even so, she wasn't going down without a fight. Thalia turned around slowly, her eyes glued to where she’d thought the sound had come from.

Something stepped out of the shadows.

"What on e-?!"

1973 / Re: Sweet 16 and never been kissed....(open)
« on: 04/08/2012 at 18:43 »
Thalia checked her reflection in the mirror. She looked okay but it wasn't as if she cared much about her appearance. Of course, she was conscious of how she looked but...well, she couldn't have cared less that night. This was Jessie's birthday party and she was going there to celebrate her friend's sweet sixteenth. Birthdays were supposed to be fun.

She had on a green, floral-patterned sundress, partnered with tan-coloured platform shoes. It seemed like dresses were taking over her wardrobe, whether she liked it or not. Her shorts and jeans didn't diminish in number but it was apparent that frocks were almost dominating the space in her trunk. She wasn't supposed to like dresses any more than she liked eating her veggies.

Shaking her hair loose from its braid, Thalia grabbed Jessie's present from her bed. Hastily, the blonde headed towards the lake, where the party was held. Almost late, the teen half-jogged, half-ran to the venue. She arrived, huffing and puffing.

"Whew! Happy Birthday, Jessie!" the girl exclaimed, panting slightly. Having caught her breath, Thalia paused to give the birthday girl her gift.

"Here, erm, it's nothing much but...I hope you like it!"

Inside the box would be a silver bracelet, with sapphire gems embedded on the band. She didn't exactly know what Jessie would like, but she decided to go for jewelry. Girls loved jewelry, didn't they? Takeshi had given her one, and she never took it off.

"Nice party," commented Thalia before noticing Asita, a younger housemate. She'd seen the girl around before, but they've never really talked.

"Oh, hey, Asita! How are you?"   

1974 / Re: Always and Never-Bronwyn Mocking
« on: 04/08/2012 at 17:54 »
Name: Erathalia Gray
Year and House: Gryffindor 6th
Have we met and if so how: Not yet. BUT WE SHOULD because I swear, Bronwyn sounds like Thalia's long-lost twin or something.
Relationship: Friends, Confidant, Attached By The Hip
Ideas: Thalia's definitely one for breaking the rules. She loves to pull pranks, as long as she has accomplices. She's curious and is too impulsive for her own good. She grew up a little tomboyish but that didn't stop her from having a boyfriend. It didn't end well. Hmm, Thalia couldn't sleep and sneaks out of her cabin and finds Bronwyn doing the same? They end up pranking somebody? Breaking the rules? PM me if you've got ideas!

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