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1938 / Re: i'll leave you alone forever now
« on: 04/16/2013 at 14:03 »
Char! NG & SPvTW. YES.



It's a little scary sometimes, yes. D:

That sounds awesome! Maybe someday. (x

Sal! *glomp, from Yves... and me*

I just realized that Knight was right - Saphira's wings really are made of feathers in the movie. ....what.

Anyways, YES. Idon'tusuallyshipincestbutc'mon,thisjustworks!!

Y'know. I just realized that, like half of my charries are in a therapist/patient-like relationship with most of yours. XD

Awww no you didn't, Clad! ..Anyway, Crimson will just continue to ignore him. keep taunting him he'll crack sooner or later

PM sent! (;

Rolo! A very well-made point, that. *nods sagely* I just hope I'll be able to survive all three, though. DDD:

Perfectionism can be so frustrating some times, ack.

Ahaha, there's that upside I was looking for~ (x

yes. chocolate. *sighs wistfully*

Me too! What a shame. But he owes her a kiss, so I'm sure they'll meet again at some point. heehee

1938 / Re: ICICLE CHECK-IN | 1938
« on: 04/16/2013 at 13:36 »
Character Name: Yvonne Dechavez
School they will be attending and age: BB, 17
Previous or other characters you play here if applicable: Dei and Wolfe Sable-Vaelbe (not at camp), Rella Le Roi (drifting around camp), Nilo Allares (brooding at Elsewhere), Cami Azuraih (homeschooled), Ro Winter-Stormheart (busy), Crimson Stormheart (not-eldest-heir-anymore).
If you are brand new tell us a bit about yourself: Already here for a year, so... not new. (x
What Hogwarts House do you think you belong in?: OOCly, I'm not sure; it seems to change a lot. But most probably Ravenclaw, lately. ICly, Slytherin. Always.

1938 / i'll leave you alone forever now
« on: 04/12/2013 at 13:08 »

It's that time of year again!

...Y'know, the time where I get to ramble as much as I want and then delete/replace more than half of what I say to sound coherent and not spam you all with a big block of text but it'll still be long anyway.

Yeah, that time. :>

So let's do this!

/rambling + lists: on.

2013 is not a good year for me, so far. uggggh
  • aka Cyb. Short for Cyber, 'cause of my, er, bond (to put it lightly) with computers.. *coughs awkwardly* but I don't spend as much time on the computer as I used to so YAY ACHIEVEMENT!
  • I'm from the Philippines, fifteen turning sixteen this June, and I PASSED UNI WITH A PSYCHOLOGY COURSE OMG EEEEEE. *flails* (I'm half-scared about it having three math subjects, though...)
  • I... don't really hate Math, but I don't really like it either. Mostly 'cause I only understand it half the time. Uff.
  • I think too much. And ramble a lot. And fangirl often.
  • I've been on this site for a year already, with eight characters in my arsenal... and I'm planning on making more. Not this term, though. :>
  • I like things pretty and tidy and organized. (read: Perfectionist) But...
  • ...I'm lazy. And a procrastinator. Too much, for my own good. It gets very frustrating for me.
  • I'm usually found reading a thick novel. I'm a sucker for romance, but action and adventure is what really pulls me. I love fantasy too. And Rick Riordan is a genius. And Neil Gaiman is awesome. And I'm already on the last book of the Inheritance Cycle! (finally.) ...andIshipMurtagh/Eragon. *cough* Um, what?
  • I have come to be in lesbians with SPvTW again. :3
  • I love movies, anime, HIMYM, Supernatural (i have yet to finish season one "orz), photoshop, GH3, video games, cute things, fluffy things, purple, chocolate, b&w pictures, tigers, penguins, and music (Ed Sheeran, SwS, P!atD, ARttM, FOB, Coldplay, Paramore, 1D, Secondhand Serenade, PNE, and a heck of a lot more).
  • I dislike talking to a group of people, even when I'm not on a raised platform or whatever. I just feel awkward and out of place.
  • I need to always, always have something to do, else I get bored, which makes me depressed or annoying. Depends.
  • I'm easily distracte- WAIT IS THAT CHOCOLATE
...ahem. anyway.


hogwarts - ravenclaw ~ rising 3rd ~ muggleborn
  • He's the hardest character to write, and I think it's probably 'cause he's got more of his personality based on me than all my other characters. Meh.
  • His older sister, Dei, is very protective of him, especially since he's always a target for bullies. And he's very dependent on his sister, and other people but mostly his sister, to save him.
  • He's an optimist who sees the good in everybody, and always has a bright smile on his face.
  • Making friends and making people smile are his favorite things to do. Also, learning.
  • He's terrified of heights and the dark, among other things, and he's never ashamed to show his fear. Not even when he starts crying because of it.
  • Though he has a lot of faith in humankind, he has very little self-confidence, and is only sure of himself when he's referencing something he'd read in some book.
  • He tries not to dwell on things too much, because dwelling makes him sad. And he doesn't like being sad.
  • It's not that he didn't not want to be adopted immediately after the warp, but his sister was too suspicious of anyone who may want to adopt them to even let him speak of the matter (she'll deny any claims that she was paranoid, though).
  • He and his sister are spending this summer with their new adoptive family, and he's taking it quite well. Too well. But that's just typical Wolfe.

hogwarts - gryffindor ~ rising 4th ~ muggleborn
  • My first charrie, and she's growing up! (': But not maturing much, though. Sigh.
  • She's an excitable little ball of fire. Wherein excitable is a friendlier term for paranoid and jumpy. And short-tempered. Careful, she bites.
  • She's an adrenaline junkie, who loves flying and Quidditch.
  • She may be quite... passionate on the Pitch, but she's a social disaster on the ground; there will always be a time when she'll blush and stutter in embarrassment in any conversation.
  • She doesn't make friends easily, but this doesn't really bother her. Not that much, anyway.
  • She's scared of a lot of things (especially fire and big bodies of water, but that's calming down a bit), though she won't show it. She's been taught to think it's a weakness.
  • Post-warp, she has had the responsibility of a parent thrown at her in the form of her little brother Wolfe being the only family she has left, and she's still stressed/frustrated/getting tired of it. Which was why she finally accepted being adopted, so the Parenting thing didn't have to be solely on her shoulder anymore.
  • She still writes to her dead-by-time-warp father. (shh)
  • Being adopted isn't as relieving as she thought it would be. For one, most of the family are Slytherins.
  • She's currently feeling like an outcast.

salem - knight ~ rising senior ~ halfblood
  • Second charrie I ever made in the site, and she's already graduating! *sniffs*
  • She's a caffeine-maniac with trust issues, few trusted friends, and studying as a hobby.
  • When she's not poring over Potions books during summer, she's swimming, singing, or consuming as much coffee and chocolate as her uncle allows.
  • She doesn't go out much. But I guess that's pretty obvious.
  • Watch the hair. She doesn't like it when it's messy, not even the slightest bit. Which is the sole reason she dislikes sports.
  • She tends to care for other people's hair too. It's a weird habit of hers.
  • She's a little too observant for her own good, but that might just be because she's always watching out for any hints of someone lying to her. (see: trust issues)
  • The warp memory modification thing caught up with her on her sixteenth birthday, wherein she had the mentality of her nine-year-old self. A (non-threaded) heartbreak during winter brought her old Ice Queen self back, though.
  • She may still be indifferent and cold and stiff and polite, but she's a whole lot nicer now.

beauxbatons - orange - dance ~ rising Te ~ pureblood
  • I hate when she's heartbroken. It's like she rubs her misery in my face, like she's saying, "You're my writer! FIX THIS!" Gahds.
    yes i'm the kind of weird writer who thinks she speaks/interacts with her charries deal with it.
  • Feisty, playful, flirty, proud, hyper, bisexual.
  • She's used to getting what she wants, when she wants it.
  • She acts tough, because inside, she's still the naive, frightful little girl, only with her boyish side unleashed.
  • Playful nature aside, she's a hopeless romantic who believes in fairytales, true love, prince charming, and happy endings. She's... almost got it, actually.
  • She adores attention, seeks attention, hoards attention. She doesn't care whether it's good or bad - she hates being ignored.
  • It takes a lot to anger her - she can be patient.
  • Peace and relaxation are considered boring to her. She should always have something fun to do, whether it be pranking or snogging.
  • She doesn't like being told what to do, but she'll grudgingly do it if it's a challenge or a dare. And she hates losing.
  • She doesn't like to dwell, but she sometimes catches herself brooding in deep contemplation, as she prefers to call it.

homeschooled ~ twelve ~ pureblood (halfblood, really)
  • Strangely, I find her delusional mind a fun place to be.
  • Mysophobic. But not exactly. More like, she hates it. Muggles and muggleborns are included in the list of Filth.
  • Thinks her grandfather is The Best, her Foreign Languages tutor, Ezra, is The Second Best, and she is The Third Best. But that's fine with her, for now.
  • Everybody else is irrelevant.

works (at Sofia's Cake Shop) to go to school ~ fifteen/sixteen ~ halfblood
  • My Filipino boy! <3 He's learning a lot more (broken) English now, though, and even has a hint of a British accent mixed in with his rough Filipino one.
  • Still broody, still turns into a puppy whenever he is. Still scared of magic.
  • Xenophobic.
  • Clings to his Filipino heritage, even though he knows he has to adapt to his new home 'this foreigners' country.'

salem pawn '37 ~ not-eldest-heir-anymore ~ eighteen ~ pureblood
  • I love his name. It's why I decided to adopt take him for myself. <3
  • Liar, actor, emo, smoker, masochist. Plays his violin whenever angsty.
  • Hates animals (especially his sister's cat), business, being pressured, and failing.
  • Had no intention of being Head of the Family. Still doesn't. Only did it to learn how to become stronger and more powerful.

hogwarts hufflepuff '35 ~ dp photographer - foreign ~ twenty ~ ? pureblood
  • My new favorite character! (: He's what Wolfe would've been, should've been, could've been - sans laziness and daydreaming.
  • Daydreamer.
  • Lazy, naive, and slightly irresponsible, but strives to achieve something - anything!
  • After years of looking for his biological family, he finally, finally found them! Saying he's happy doesn't even begin to cover it.

/rambling + lists: off.

Aaaaand, that's about it.

...So, um. Bye.

1937 / Re: Summertime Sadness (Yves)
« on: 01/03/2013 at 12:29 »

Dear sweet Merlin, why did that sound so inexplicably painful now? She'd never had a problem with it before! Not even when her first crush ever said they were friends forever or somesuch. But maybe that was because they were merely children and the prospect of spending time with someone you like-liked but without they like-liking you back wasn't the end of the world for a child.

This went beyond mere attraction.

Yves wanted to pull her knees to her chest and curl up into a ball, and stay there, in some dark quiet corner of her mind, until the pain disappeared. Avoidance, turning a blind eye, and cold shoulders had always been her remedy for these kinds of things.

(Out of sight, out of mind.)

But doing so would be like shouting out 'I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!' and this was a Merlin-forsaken challenge, damn it! That would simply be unforgivable!


So instead, she gazed at him with dull grey eyes, smiling as widely as her heartbreak could allow her, and gave a weak nod. Friends, it is, then.

Then she jumped. Gaped at him. What—?

"One last hug before you leave?"

Somewhere in her memory, a lightbulb shone, allowing her to see what she had absolutely forgotten.

Friends. – And what did she do with and to her friends? (She had always been the affectionate one, a blatant fact that her friend Sal and her twin Yani pointed out whenever they can.)

This time, a full-blown grin blossomed on her face and the shine was back in her eyes (though they looked more like a familiar glint of mischief). And then a bubbling laugh burst from her mouth (for it was so obvious, why hadn't she realized it before?!) so loudly she had to put a hand to her mouth to decrease its volume.

A few seconds later, she managed to get her laughter in control, and tossed Stefan a wide grin, her eyes twinkling. "Of course, Curly!" She hadn't really meant to call him by the nickname (pet name?) she'd given him, it just tumbled familiarly off her tongue, but she didn't mind. (She would mind, though, if he did.)

Yves got onto her knees and leaned over to pull him into a big hug. The kind of elated embrace she made her other friends suffer when she'd first seen them after quite some time. (Salazar not included, for the bastard had sent a flock of birds to attack her in their reunion. Typical of him, really.)

The hug was quick, but long enough for her to take in his scent (and along with it, a feeling of nostalgia), before she withdrew – but of course, not without placing a gentle completely friendly kiss on his cheek. Half-smirking, half-smiling at him, she reached up to ruffle his hair playfully, "Well, see you around, Curly!" and got to her feet, leaving him like she'd first left when they'd first met.

Maybe being friends with him, her ex, whom she still loved, was better, for it allowed her to shower him with her affections and not let her feel awkward around him at all. (And, a small sly voice in her mind whispered with a knowing smirk, I'll also be allowed to maybe, just maybe, bring him back to me.)

She allowed herself that small ray of hope. It would have to be enough, for now.

f i n

1937 / Re: Things I'll Never Say [Alcina]
« on: 01/02/2013 at 05:14 »
Yves gaped at her.

She... She still...

Alcina still... loved her...

Damn it.

She really should have just left!

Yves ducked her head, avoiding the redhead's eyes. Any confidence or haughtiness or whatever from earlier ebbed away, leaving only a hollow loneliness with just a bit of hope. It was like someone had drilled a hole in her that can't be closed.

Having the other girl angry at her was much better than knowing she still had feelings for her.

Damn it!

She opened her mouth to speak, but she couldn't say it. (I love you.) "Te amo," she finally managed, and she looked up with a smile. Alcina probably didn't know any Spanish, but all the better. She didn't want the redhead to feel the pain she was feeling.

"Take care of yourself," she added softly, in English. "I hope you find someone who'll deserve you." She leaned over to hopefully place a soft kiss on the girl's forehead, letting it say anything else she wanted to say, but couldn't. Then withdrew, giving Alcina one last smile, and left.

It would have to be enough.

1937 / Re: The wind's in our sails [Sal - Snapshots]
« on: 01/02/2013 at 05:00 »
[ooc: Alrighty, then! (: ]

"Gettoffme, now."

Yves rolled her eyes fondly, and withdrew, getting to her feet and splashing out of the water. (Hopefully he wasn't too annoyed.)

"Mind your etiquette, Miss,"

She scoffed. Etiquette. Right. She was supposed to be all lady-like now. Psh.

As if she'd ever let that happen.

Hmm, speaking of etiquette, she'd have to take it again this coming term. Ah, damn.

Might as well enjoy being unlady-like this summer. Which means more pranking, of course.

Grabbing the hem of her shirt, she wrung out the excess water, and smirked over at her friend. "You know, maybe for our next prank, we should try drenching everyone nearby – and not near the lake, mind you."

With a grin, she ducked under his arm, she said, "Point her out to me next time, okay? I promise I won't say or do anything to embarrass you or whatever." Only a promise, for even she wasn't quite certain if she could really do that.

f i n

1937 / Re: The wind's in our sails [Sal - Snapshots]
« on: 01/01/2013 at 14:15 »
"You don't even know who she is, how would you talk to her?"

Yves only grinned at him. "I have my ways." Things like these tend to get around, anyway. She wasn't really that interested in listening gossip (she was usually the one being talked about anyway; or that's what she wanted to think, rather), but this was a special case.

If Salazar's girl wasn't officially his girl yet, then –

"But, I guess so, yes."

– never mind.

Her goofy grin widened, though it was seemingly impossible, and she was just about to get to her feet to wear out her sudden burst of energy again, when he held her firm. She pouted.

"Fine," she whined, and reached out to give him another happy hug instead.

"Ohh, I'm so happy for you!" she squealed, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly.

It didn't even occur to her that she was being very girlish with getting all hyper and ecstatic for her friend's happiness. Because boys didn't go prancing around because they shared their friend's glee.

But whatever. Right then, Yves didn't care.

1937 / Re: The wind's in our sails [Sal - Snapshots]
« on: 01/01/2013 at 12:25 »
There was a big splash when they'd hit the water, but she ignored it; she was too busy beaming giddily at her friend to even care that she was drenched. At least he was laughing, so that meant he was annoyed with her for getting him drenched too.

She obediently moved away from him though, feeling so hyper again that she was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet, and, chuckling a bit when he ruffled her hair (she could just fix it later anyway, psh), waited for his answer.

"Alright then! Alright then!"

Her grin widened – she was allowed! She was allowed!

This was, technically, not breaking her vow, since he'd just let her break free of it by his own freely mentioning the topic of the girl he liked. A rare opportunity, and thus why she was determined to test its limits.

"She... erm... Liked me back?"

The questioning tone at the end did not signify a doubt in the words uttered, but rather a concern for how she may react. At least, that's how Yvonne wanted it to sound like.

So as soon as he finished, she started to squeal again and, instead of jumping about like she did earlier, she twirled along the lakeside then piruoetted back to him. Her spastic dance earlier had sort of worn her out, but not enough to completely make her tired of course.

And then she promptly tackled him in another hug again, still grinning stupidly for him.

"Merlin, that's great! You two are together now! Wait –" She drew back and eyed him suspiciously. "You two are together now, right?" She glared, "Because you better be. I'll have to have a talk with that girl of yours if you aren't." Because that's sort of an unspoken rule: if you two confessed that you liked each other, you get together. Everybody knew that, psh.

1937 / Re: Summertime Sadness (Yves)
« on: 01/01/2013 at 07:40 »
Now? What was he seeing though? Did she dare look?

He was probably looking at the lake. (An 'educated' guess was okay. At least she didn't have to look.) "I'm sure it'll be amazing once you're done painting," she offered, tossing him a tiny smile before looking away again. (Brief glances were okay too.)

"Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to- uh,"

She glanced over again, and saw him looking at his hands. "It's fine," her lips said, though her eyes took the brief opportunity of him not looking to stare at him some more. First his unruly curls her fingers were just itching to run through, then those eyes that were currently not looking at her (which was good, else she'll just get stuck in a little daydream in them again), then down to his nose, his lips, his neck, his –

Okay, stop.

"Merde, I'm not making things easy for the both of us, am I?"

She decided not to answer, and glanced back towards the lake, biting her lip. Of course he wasn't making it easy for her! He was just as amazing and beautiful as ever and he was just there where she could reach out and touch him and kiss him and –

Wait, did he say 'both of us'? Did that mean... No, it couldn't possibly mean... But what if... But he...

No. She couldn't think that. Didn't want to think that. She ducked her head, letting her hair hide her face from his view. She couldn't risk him seeing her eyes getting watery with hope and pain and doubt and longing.

Maybe she should –


– listen to what he had to say first, then leave. Her treacherous self wanted to take in as much of his presence (his voice, his eyes, his proximity, his touch) as she could. Damn.

"I don't like the way we seem to be tiptoe-ing around each other."

Of course she was tiptoe-ing around him. But why would he tiptoe around her? Could he possibly...? ...No, he probably just felt a bit bad that they'd ended on bad terms. That would make a lot more sense. Though, it did hurt a bit.

"I'm sure you don't like feeling this way, either." Numbly, she nodded. She couldn't trust her voice, fearing it might come out as a croak. "If you've got something to say to me, just say it."

Ah, damn. He expected her to say something, obviously. She'd always been a bad actress and a terrible liar. But she couldn't say it. "I can't –"

"Okay? We're friends now, right?"

She flinched, and as much as she wanted to stop herself from doing so, she did anyway. She never would have thought that the word 'friends' could hurt so much...

She kept her head bowed. She didn't want this. He probably did, but she didn't. Maybe someday she will but not now.

"Stefan," she finally managed, and her voice, by some miracle, managed to sound steady and clear, and not shaky and croaky like she thought it would. "I... I can't – I can't tell you... what I want to tell you." She glanced over, and gave him a watery smile, "Because I know you'll leave when I do." She forced her smile a bit wider, trying to reassure both of them. "So let's just leave that bit unspoken and stay, you know... friends," thankfully, she was able to force it out and not flinch, though her fingers did twitch.

I love you. I still do. If this is the only way I can get anywhere near you again, then so be it.


1937 / Re: Of Epic Awkwardness (Yvonne)
« on: 01/01/2013 at 07:15 »
She beamed at him. "I'm always feeling lucky." More usually in these cases, only.


She rolled her eyes. None of that French for her! "On tres." Spanish was okay.

Smirking at him, she gripped his hand tighter and positioned themselves at the edge. "Ready? Uno..." A glance down. "Dos..." She bent her knees, and "Tres!" jumped.

...Leapt, actually, so as to avoid those rocks. And she, as a dancer, of course got their landing area properly and precisely.

Her hand still holding onto his, she dragged him along with her - down, down, down, with the grin still on her face...

(This was as amazing as flying!)


She gasped when she broke through the surface, still holding Bancroft's hand, and tossed a grin at him. Lightly kicking her feet under the water so she could get near him, she purred again, "That was fun, wasn't it?"

1937 / Re: Things I'll Never Say [Alcina]
« on: 01/01/2013 at 07:06 »
Yvonne gaped at her.


Did – Did Alcina really think so... so badly of her that she... she... Merlin, she wasn't that kind of girl!

Drawing her brows together in a frown, Yvonne glared at her, "Do you really think me that shallow?! That coarse?! You just I only wanted to be with you to have a snogging partner?!"

Well, actually, she did, at first. (The word Rebound bounced around mockingly in her head, and she shoved it away.) Until she started feeling for Alcina.

"Because I'm not!" she continued, before the redhead could get a chance to prove or deny her claim. "I don't just want to snog you, honestly!" Hug you, kiss you, cuddle with you, talk with you, just be with you...

No, no, STOP IT, YVES!

"But that challenge if you want to accept it doesn't start until you actually answer me yes or no."

Her hands at the other girl's sides curled into fists, and Yves continued glaring down at her. "Fine," she hissed. "What's your question, then?"

1937 / Re: Summertime Sadness (Yves)
« on: 12/31/2012 at 16:57 »
Her posture was casual, her demeanor at ease, relaxed. She looked at him – at his direction, more accurately – anywhere but directly at him, else she'd lose her cool.

But maybe looking in his direction at all was a bad idea too...

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his hand move and, curious as ever, her eyes followed its way to his curls. Her face softened, eyes smoldering... longing to run her hand through his hair...

(She really should have just left when she'd had the chance.)

Then he started talking again, and she couldn't help but gaze at his lips next. This was bad. Very bad.

"– though I've told myself to take things slow these days."

Almost unconsciously, an eyebrow lifted up at him incredulously, and her eyes traveled to his. She was only a few feet away, but she could see that the faint sunlight drifting through the leaves of the oak reflected slightly in his eyes, making it look silvery one time, then bright blue, then baby blue, then...

Wait, she was supposed to say something now, yes?

With a blink, she realized she'd clutched at the hem of her shirt. As if her subconscious were restraining her own body from even attempting to lean anywhere more near him.

She cleared her throat and looked at the lake. The lake was better to look at; it didn't make her want to kiss it. "By 'taking it slow' you mean 'not snogging upon meeting'?" she smirked, glancing at him once briefly – very briefly – before turning away again. She couldn't look like she was already backing down from this challenge.


He talked a bit more and she only nodded. She could just let him talk, let the sound of his sexy ohMerlinplease rumbly voice resonate in her ears. Let her brain soak up the sound and store it in her memory.

This was why she avoided her exes at all costs; she turned into a hopeless romantic/love-sick puppy once they actually got near each other. Alcina was a bit of a different case, since the redhead's anger gave Yves a little courage. It was just a little, but it was all she'd needed back then.

Yves flinched, and sat perfectly still, eyes a little wide, lips slightly parted in a silent gasp, shoulders slightly lifted up as if to protect herself, badly. Stefan had touched her. (Pathetic.) Well, her hair, but still.

"New hair colour?"

She cleared her throat and relaxed her shoulders a bit, rearranging her face into a less-shocked look and more into an unfazed look, though it looked slightly troubled and not just a little constipated instead. "My twin Yani dared me to keep it brown till the end of summer."

...That had to be the longest string of words she'd managed to say to him since she'd arrived. (Go Yves go!)

Then he whistled, and she tamped stomped down the urge to shudder by biting her lip. It looked good on her. He said it looked good on her.

(...Maybe she could keep this color a little longer.)

Her fingers tightened into the fabric of her shirt and she kept her gaze steadily on the lake's surface. How was she supposed to get over him if he kept doing things that kept reminding her why she loved him?!

"And you? How do you fare?"

She gave a little, one-shouldered shrug, suddenly fearful that if she did it with both, they both might come off. "Pretty good." Depending on how you defined 'pretty good.'

"So, um," in a pathetic attempt to keep the conversation going, she stuttered out, "seen any good paintable views lately?"

...She should really have left. Maybe she still could? Would that be considered as running? As losing the challenge?


1937 / Re: The wind's in our sails [Sal - Snapshots]
« on: 12/31/2012 at 16:39 »
Yvonne scowled.


She kept her head bowed and started to search for a suitable flat stone again. She wouldn't mention it, let alone utter any sound that would signal he was right. If she did that, she'd be mentioning It and that would mean she was breaking her vow.

The fact that he was suddenly mentioning It, though, made her curious. As she picked up another pebble, brushing off the tiny pieces of moss and dirt sticking to it, she listening intently to what Salazar had to say.

This was a rare occurrence, after all.

"I've told her that I liked her,"

She flicked her wrist, quite out of accident, mostly out of shock, and let the stone go – one, two, three, four, five, plop.

Her grey eyes were staring widely and avidly at the boy grinning at her.

She blinked. "You're kidding, right?"

A beat passed.

"...You're not kidding?"

Two more beats.

"You're not kidding," she stated in a hushed tone, her body suddenly feeling tingly.

To Yvonne, there were two kinds of happiness – hers, where she felt so light that it was like she was floating to the clouds in bliss, and others', where she felt like a bolt of lightning had just struck her.

After the shock, of course, came the inevitable giddiness. Girly giddiness.

And a very rare sight it was: Yves got hoity-toity all over that side of the lake shore – squealing like a very giddy, very happy, very girlish pig and half-jumping/half-hopping about while waving her hands about in the air like a cheerleader would, or like someone with spasms up her arms would.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of celebrating – in her own girlish way – for her friend, she ran over and tackled him into a big bear hug, "Merlin, Salazar, why didn't you tell me?! What happened, what happened?! Am I allowed to ask?! Am I allowed to hear?! Please tell me I am!"


I wanna see a white Christmas (in person) too! I have this very high expectation that it will be beautiful or magical, like the books say, actually...

EEEE COLLEGE! It's awesome, no? I've briefly considered taking Pol. Sci. once, actually, then decided that my brain wouldn't be able to take those law books. *coughs* But I agree with you though: School is Ew. :C


I love SCRABBLE (omg, I haven't played that in a looong while) even though I almost always lose ('cause I almost always get the hard tiles), and I LOVE B&W EEEEEEEEEEE! *ahem* Sorry, I just get really excited at the sight or mention of B&W. I just really love it. Really. Really.

Ahem. I love the Bring It On series, I like 1D, and I thought the Notebook was cute, reading and writing are pretty much my life now (aside from school), Winnie the Pooh (and co.) is adorable but sometimes I get annoyed, I wanna see what fake snow looks like, I LOVE COFFEE., and llamas are cute but penguins are cuter.


Yeah, okay, I'll stop rambling now.

<3 <3

« on: 12/31/2012 at 02:21 »

i love you already.

Two please? (:

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1937 / Re: Of Epic Awkwardness (Yvonne)
« on: 12/31/2012 at 02:03 »
Yvonne grinned devilishly as she stared down towards the foamy water crashing down below. There was that glint in her eyes again – the glint that usually preceded her adrenaline rushes and her impulsive behaviors.

It usually turned out good.


"Nope. Never." She smirked at him, and lowered her voice into a soft mischievous purr, "But that's the fun part of it."

It was a bit dangerous, since she wasn't that strong of a swimmer, but it's not like she didn't know how to swim at all, either. She could swim fairly well, but not in any fast or strong way; her body had been built to become perfectly that of a dancer's, and though it didn't necessarily mean that she should or must be a bad swimmer, she, in her dancer's figure, was simply not used to so much heavy matter bearing down on her.

Air was much simpler to move around in, which was why she preferred flying to swimming. Always.

But it would take her a considerably long time to get back to the cabins, and she didn't have enough energy for that. She had enough for this, though.

She gripped his hand and tugged him towards the edge, smiling reassuringly though the glint was still in her eyes, "Let's jump together, shall we?"

1937 / Re: The wind's in our sails [Sal - Snapshots]
« on: 12/31/2012 at 01:55 »
"Not that abysmal as ever, fine, actually."

Hmf, lucky.

She made a non-committal noise and threw a round-ish rock at the lake. She was getting bored.

Briefly, though, she wondered if it was 'fine' because of—

No. Nope. She wasn't going to let herself go anywhere past or near that. (Even though, she was curious.) She'd sworn to him that she'd never mention it again. And if she thought it, she'll get the overwhelming urge to ask, and that would make her break her vow.

And she never broke her vows. Ever.

That would be ineffable. Highly ineffable.

So she stopped her thoughts leading to The Forbidden Subject, but as she gazed at her friend, and he looked at her, she noticed a sort of... change. Mostly in his eyes, actually, even though he was looking suspiciously at her.

His eyes looked happy.

A kind of happy she – somehow – knew she had felt. A kind of happy that only someone special could make you.

Yves suddenly felt a little more alone than usual, though her face still had that 'getting bored already' look.

She shrugged. She wanted to say 'nothing,' even though she knew it was the truth for it had been meant as a casual conversation-starter, but she somehow managed to find the reason behind it:

"It's almost the end of summer, and you haven't told me anything." A tiny half-smile, half-smirk quirked up a corner of her lips. She looked away for a bit to toss another non-flat stone into the lake. "So, talk."

1937 / Re: The wind's in our sails [Sal - Snapshots]
« on: 12/28/2012 at 11:50 »
She needed a hug.


Or maybe even a cuddle.

Yeah, a cuddle sounded nice... if she had anybody to cuddle with.

A hug, then. Maybe Salazar could –

Yves blinked, making a couple more tears fall from her eyes in the process, and stared at arms suddenly encircling her. Then smiled a bit. Seemed like she didn't need to ask him anymore.

With a sigh, she wrapped her own arms around his torso, giving him a brief squeeze. "It's okay, Sal. I'm still sorry for getting angry at you, though."

Ignoring that last part he said, for she wasn't sure how to feel about that, she pulled away from him, wiping at her eyes, and gave him a watery smile. She needed a distraction again.

"Now, why don't you teach that rock-skipping thing? It's not awfully difficult, right?"

August 17, 1937

– Plop.

It had only been a few days (well, moments in days) of half-attentiveness-and-actual-listening since she'd asked Salazar to teach her how to skip those pebbles, but she still hadn't gotten the hang of it. Oh, there was the occasional two- or three-surface-skip before the tiny wet plop, but it didn't matter.


Another pebble went sinking to the lake's depths.

This was okay, actually. The longer the learning process, the more focused she'd be on getting it right consecutively, and the more distracted she'd be with her emotional problems. Especially since both her 'problems' were in camp with her.

"So," she began, crouched down and fetching another flat stone from the ground.

Raising her eyes, she tossed it at the lake. It sank, of course. She'd meant it to.

"How's life turning out for you?"

1937 / Re: Of Epic Awkwardness (Yvonne)
« on: 12/28/2012 at 09:48 »
A Reinhardt?

Good. She smirked. Pureblooded, so that was good. She would have just left him there otherwise, anyway. Without even letting him take her hand, of course.

She grinned. "Indeed it would in this heat." Must be why there were so many noisy (and annoying) people in the lake.

Yves bit on her lip, suppressing the urge to chuckle when the Reinhardt boy sort of awkwardly patted her hand on his arm. The poor boy... Tsk.

Trying to be reassuring, she gave his arm a brief squeeze before attempting to take his hand. A smirk was on her face. "I'm not really in the mood for flowers." They were pretty useless to her anyway. Their only use, though, was being given to one of her girls. Either for extra flirting or for apologizing. Usually chocolates were better for the ones with sweet teeth, but not recommendable for the more, ahem, physically insecure ones.

"How about we just jump down instead?" Her grin widened, "It'll be faster to cool off, that way." Plus, she'd sensed his reluctance of getting even near the edge of the top. If he was afraid of heights or whatnot, why'd he even go up here in the first place?

1937 / Re: Summertime Sadness (Yves)
« on: 12/28/2012 at 07:18 »
She must be hearing things. It's not like Curly – er, Stefan actually wanted her to stay, right? That would be ridiculous. He'd pretty much cut her off his life already. (Or maybe it was the other way around?)

But he said that word again, louder and clearer this time, and her steps faltered. Grey eyes stared hard at the ground, willing her feet to keep moving... (She needed to get away, fast, before –)


She bristled. (– the swirling emotions started to override her again.) She considered looking over to gauze his expression (he was probably just kidding around or teasing her), but that may not be such a good idea, since just seeing him again (slumbering so adorably like that) made her confront feelings she did not want to feel —

Too late.

Her grey eyes gazed somberly into his blue ones. Dear Merlin, how many times had she let herself get lost into those eyes?

There was even a smile gracing his handsome face, but she was currently contemplating going near him, for his hair just looked highly ruffled from sleep and her fingers itched to run through them. And she actually used to hate curly hair. Psh, with a pretty (now that she thought about it) unconvincing reason too.

(She couldn't do this.)

...What a pathetic thing to think. Since when had she ever rejected a challenge? (This certainly was one, right? Even though it wasn't really verbalized or anything. It felt like a challenge, anyway.)

Biting her lip, steeling herself, she took a breath and, indifferently (or at least trying to look indifferent) tossed her hair back over her shoulder and walked over, plopping herself (unlady-like but yet somehow gracefully in only a way she as a boyish ballerina could do, psh) beside him with her trademark smirk.

Of course she could do this.

"Well, what do you wanna talk about?" she asked in her usual purr, though her eyes didn't have their usual mischievous shine. Because it was all an act, really. Outside, she was back to her cool, unfazed, flirtatious self. Inside was a different story.

"I'm truly, truly sorry."

Her smirk morphed into a sad smile, and she looked away towards the lake water. She remembered crying at the lakeside just a few days ago. It wasn't exactly cathartic, actually.

Turning to him again, she gave him a smile and said in a half-whisper, "I know." A little awkwardly, she reached out to briefly pat his shoulder, like she was consoling him or something.

Then she immediately switched topics. (The myriad of emotions in her were starting to get unbearable.) "So," her voice was quite chipper (maybe a little too chipper) but there was a shine in her eyes again (or maybe that's just from the welling-up tears), "how've you been these past few months?"

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