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1941 / Re: is this real life
« on: 04/09/2014 at 18:01 »
I'm not on this list and Tim is on this list.

1972 / Re: Give It Up (Flynn)
« on: 12/24/2011 at 09:00 »
Her touch was warm, like the sunshine they had just escaped.  He pushed his cheek into her hand. His own hand reached around her waist to pull her closer, his fingers pressing into the fabric at the small of her back. There was a growing warm feeling in his stomach that had nothing to do with what he'd eaten earlier.

"You don't have to apologize to me."  She didn't have to speak at all, anymore.

He didn't want her to change her mind. He would have to act quickly. His lips found hers and he kissed them, gently at first, but then with an increasing urgency. He kissed her as if he were afraid that, at any moment, she would disappear from his life again. His other hand moved to her wait and he gripped her tightly. She couldn't leave him again.

He broke their contact eventually, leaning his forehead against hers. "Just don't leave me again."

1972 / Re: Give It Up (Flynn)
« on: 12/24/2011 at 07:05 »
"Look at me."

Her eyes flew back up at him before the words were fully out of his mouth. He had been ready for rejection, after their meeting at the cafe. She seemed so vulnerable now, it was almost as if a different girl stood in front of him. Bo wanted to take her in his arms and reassure her, but if he did, would he shatter the tentative peace they had built?

She was so damn hard to read.

"You're not insane." He hoped. " could throw a guy a hint every now and then." He smiled, and hoped she wasn't about to hex him.

1972 / Re: Give It Up (Flynn)
« on: 12/24/2011 at 01:48 »
Best friends.

Best friends he could deal with. But if Finn was going to come at him like a mad man again, there would be problems. Bo wasn't scared of the other boy, but he couldn't hide his relief that he wasn't here with her. That he was in a completely different country.

Bo dropped his arms, where they dangled awkwardly until he put them behind his back. He began prowling again, weaving slowly between stacks of boxes and various belongings. And then he was in front of her. His hands clenched, but he resisted reaching out to touch her. He was so close, he couldn't risk losing it now.

"I missed you, Flynn."

1972 / Re: Give It Up (Flynn)
« on: 12/24/2011 at 00:49 »
"What about Finn?"

It was the only question that really mattered.

1972 / Re: Give It Up (Flynn)
« on: 12/23/2011 at 10:22 »
"Well, you gave me your address. Obviously you wanted me here."

He folded his arms in a mirror image of her. They faced each other squarely, and suddenly Flynn's living area was a dueling arena. Bo wasn't used to this. Girls fell into two categories for him: snog partners or Lucia. He hadn't felt anything for someone in so long, he found it hard to put into words.

Flynn wasn't going to give him any breaks either, it seemed. Fine. If she wanted to play hard ball. "Do you even like me? I try to carry on a conversation, offer to give you a tour, and you shoot me down. You give me your address, invite me in, then ask me what I want?!"

"What the hell, Flynn?"

1972 / Re: Give It Up (Flynn)
« on: 12/23/2011 at 09:52 »
He hadn't expected for her to make it so easy.

It threw him off balance. At the cafe she had seemed so brisk and she stood there like an open book. He circled around the coffee table, studying his surroundings more in order to buy himself some time. "You know, a painting might look good there." He nodded to an empty space on the wall.

Bo knew nothing of interior design.

She was watching him, waiting.

"Look. I don't know what to say....I guess....I guess I thought this was going to be easier?" And then the real question.

"What is this?" There was no doubt Bo was no longer referring to wall decorations.

1972 / Re: Give It Up (Flynn)
« on: 12/23/2011 at 06:58 »
"I'm good, thanks." He had grabbed a slice of cold pizza and finished a beer before heading over. A lunch fit for champions, or at least newly graduated wizards. Flynn's stores of food, if the rest of her flat was any indicator, would be minimal at best. Bo imagined the girl living off of noodles for weeks at a time before finally caving enough to buy groceries.

No, he'd skip out on the food.

Bo did follow her inside though, stepping cautiously over half-opened boxes, and passed clothes strewn without a second thought as if they had been considered and then discarded on another whim. Everything had a decidedly Flynn-ian touch, but he found words coming out of his mouth before he could stop them. He had to be sure.

"So, do you have any roomates? Or do you have this all to yourself?" Or did she share it with, Merlin forbid, someone more intimate? Were there other reasons for her move other than the Ministry job?

Jesus, was Finnian here too?

Bo felt him trying to casually check down the hall for anyone else. It seemed to be safe. They were alone for the first time since the incident in the gardens in France. Even though she had spent the previous hour hexing and stupefying, they had hit it relatively off afterwards. The Hufflepuff graduate couldn't help but feel like there was more distance now between the two of them, then there had been after their duel. All they had traded was mere words.

"It's a"

1972 / Give It Up (Flynn)
« on: 12/19/2011 at 00:56 »
7 July 1972
5:31 PM

Bo was staring down at the piece of paper in his hands. It had been folded, unfolded, and refolded a thousand times in the span of the hours he had been given it. He knew its contents so well now he could probably write them in his sleep, but still he double checked the address to make sure he had gotten it correct. She had said she got off at 5:30, but maybe she had made plans after work with her new coworkers? Maybe she took the long way home. A sudden, horrible thought occurred to him that made him rethink his whole plan.

What if Finnian had moved here with her? What if he was actually inside?

No. Stop this nonsense.

Bo mentally shook himself. He was acting like a scared first year. This was not the first girl he had ever been interested in. After last term, the Hufflepuff graduate would be hard pressing keeping up with all of the girls he'd snogged on both hands. He forced his hands to pocket the worn napkin once and for all, for good measure wiping his hands on his trousers to remove any trace of nervous sweat. If this was going to work out at all like he wanted, he needed to get it together.

She was just a girl.

He resisted checking his watch again, and opted intead to sit on the stoop outside the apartment building. If she didn't come soon, he told himself, he would just call it off and try it another day. Five more minutes, surely. That was plenty of time, and if she didn't arrive...well, Bo had a list of things he could be doing besides this. Hadn't Elias mentioned getting a party together tonight?

Of course, he mentioned something of the sort every night.

Fifteen minutes later, Bo was done. He sighed, standing up finally to dust himself off and apparate back to his temporary residence. As he turned, his eyes caught a familiar outline walking up the hill, towards him. He stopped, giving himsef a glance over to make sure he was still presentable. As Flynn approached, he leaned on the rail of the stairs. He would keep this casual.

"Sorry," He shrugged, as if it was no big deal, his turning up here. "Don't own an owl."

1972 / Re: Hufflepuff rox your sox
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1972 / Re: Hufflepuff rox your sox
« on: 12/06/2011 at 23:56 »

But seriously, we're awesome.

1972 / Re: Second.
« on: 11/30/2011 at 03:26 »
Hurry back to us. <3

1972 / Re: Hufflepuff rox your sox
« on: 11/29/2011 at 00:47 »
Chuck Norris is the honey badger of human kind.

1972 / Re: Hufflepuff rox your sox
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Make me proud guys.

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