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Freestyle Roleplaying / binary | elsie [snapshots]
« on: 12/23/2020 at 19:14 »
11 june 1961
dining hall

It was very, very cold. Anna stood in front of the hot beverage station, wondering how it could truly be June. She reached a hand out to her left, without really making sure that her target was within reach, and tugged the sleeve of Elspeth's blouse.

"Elsie," she said, eyes fixed at the array in front of her, fist clenched on fabric. "how is it to make hot chocolate."

hello, i am hannah :~)

i am a returning hsnet creature who was once known as dacian ellwood-luxe, cassius ellwood-luxe, lucretia chaucer... a few others. i first started playing in 2011 when i was sad about the last movie coming out and that there would be no more harry potter forever. boy was i wrong about that last bit.

anyway, the impact hsnet has had on my life is frankly silly, and very far-reaching, and i'm unemployed because of the way that the world is presently, so i am back for some more fun partying with you, my favorite people. hi, i love you. here are some more things about me if you would like to hear.

locale: pacific northwest united states
house: hovering somewhere between ravenclaw (51%) and slytherin (49%)
big three: virgo sun gemini moon capricorn rising
meyers-briggs: infj-t
coffee order: double iced americano, black
likes: coffee, cats, KNITTING!, taking walks, being awake before everyone else, buying yarn, baking, drinking water, journaling, d&d, the moooooooooon
dislikes: tomatoes, when strangers in the grocery store aren't wearing their mask over their nose, loud sounds, new moons, having greasy hair

- maximum number of cats lived with at one time: 6
- number of american states lived in: 5
- number of countries visited other than usa: 0
- number of years as vegetarian: 10
- number of grad schools applied to in 2020: 1
- number of objects knitted in 2020: 24
- number of cheez-its devoured in 2020: ∞
- most watched show of 2020: ready, steady, wiggle

about anneliesse : o)

14 - halfblood - french/welsh - unknown house
volatile, strange, and small, anna was born in france. she lived there until she was eight, when she was sent to live with her blood grandfather in wales after her mother's father-in-law sent her away. she spent a few tumultuous years attempting to attend the boarding program at blackhill wood school of magic, but it did not go well for her. now, she is trying hogwarts out for the first time as a rising fourth year. she is not expecting spectacular results, and is hoping, more than anything else, to find interesting places to hide and to eavesdrop.

she is the daughter of my original boy dacian. she does not really know this. if you ask, she will not enjoy it, but you are of course welcome to try. if you need a ruthlessly truthful opinion, would like some candy, or would like to hear a strange historical fact, give anneliesse a shout!!!!!!

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