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This past term and summer has been somewhat of a rockety year for Vivian. Apart from juggling Quidditch and studies at school, she is also dealing with personal hassles back home such as her adoptive family's continued disparaging of her that has gotten worser. As a result, she's gotten a bit more irritable and perhaps a bit more sporatic than she usually is but nevertheless, keeps it all up locked up to herself confiding in a few only. Looking forward to prepare for her O.W.L.S for this term and perhaps try to make camp and term go as smoothly as possible without any more future distractions, the French girl can only hope that everything goes off without a hitch.

15 -- Ravenclaw -- Half-Blood

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1961 / Quidditch Banners
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The Whos


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The Whats


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1961 / Recollections
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1961 / Code Red (Open)
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It was cold.

Yes, it was cold and freezing. For Vivian, however, warmth was the least of her priorites. The rows and rows of snow-blanketed trees greeted her as she walked in pursuit of an higher objective. She could have sworn she saw it around here, the Ravenclaw tugged her home-knit scarf tighter around her, the thick brown woolen coat she wore proving as an effective barrier against the nail-biting cold that had graced the camp this summer. It didn't even feel like summer, she eyed the snow ruefully as she tromped through it, her boots leaving heavy footprints as she wade her way through.

Vivian flinched a bit when she heard a twig snap in the nearby distance whirling around to see who was coming. "Who's the-?" She never got to finish the sentence as her coat got snagged on a low-hanging branch and as she wrenched it free, her foot slipped causing her to grace the icy cold ground face-first with a grunt of pain. "Du froid!" The blonde muttered, her French taking over for a brief moment as she brushed off some of the frost that clung to her. That was when she came to that realization. That horrible realization.

Oh, no.

Oh, Merlin, no, this was not happening.

The bulge she had felt in her coat pocket was not there. Her pink gloved hand shot insider her coat into the pocker where her wand should have been. It wasn't there. Vivian looked around at the rows of trees that surrounded her and the heavy sheet of snow. It was a small object, how on earth was she going to find something that was the size of a small twig? Speaking of which..she turned her head towards where she though she had heard the sound come from. Who else was out there that had resulted in this current predicament.

"Was that you?"

She asked somewhat vehemently as thoughts ran through her head. No, she had to find it, there was no way she would be able to explain this one. What was she going to say, that she was going for a stroll and somehow, magically, her wand just poofed? "I lost my wand." The Ravenclaw said bluntly staring accusingly at the individual who was nearby as if this all their fault.

Blasted twigs.

1961 / The Summary
« on: 11/21/2020 at 20:48 »
Hey there and welcome to my little cheerful place! You can call me Jangles or Elly, which one floats your boat, it honestly doesn't bother me. Hope all of you are staying warm and enjoying the holidays. Really hope Texas gets some snow this year, it has been like FOREVER since I saw snow so fingers crossed! Before Texas, I was in California and before that, Taiwan, my birthplace. Fun fact time! The national dish of Taiwan is stinky tofu, yes, you heard me right. Don't ask me why, I've been asking myself the same question for the past decade. I've been roughly about..(gosh, how long has it been) couple months, about a year, that sounds about right though I have been roleplaying for about 3 years now so I consider myself a somewhat decent typer or so I would hope. Sometimes, you might notice me popping in and out of Discord at random times even odd hours of the night, this is due to the fact that I am a person of two hats, that being a 911 dispatcher and reserve police officer and as such, I am usually around at times you would expect least. Feel free to hit me up on Discord(Shipmaster334 #1201) though! I promise I won't bite even if it is like 1 A.M, just make sure you come prepared with puns.


1. Vivian Jangleton, Ravenclaw, Fourth Year

Curious, a bookworm, Vivian emboides every aspect of a Ravenclaw though she has an unbreakable dying love for Quidditch. Only a very select few people have had the liberty of knowing the past that haunts the French girl though she passes it off all with smiles and laughter. Just keep Choclate Frogs away from her, there's something about frogs that gross her out, she just doesn't like them.

2. Elena Jangleton, Auror-in-Training, 25

Proud Gryffindor graduate, Elena has taken up with the Ministry pursuing her dream career. She is also Vivian's elder adoptive sister but unlike her Ravenclaw sibling who resides in the Jangleton estate, Elena has moved out to an apartment in London where she lives out of as Elena and her parents are not exactly on talking terms for a variety of reasons. It would probably be in your best interest not to tick her off, once riled up, it takes quite some effort to reel her back in though aside from that, she's a friendly, active figure!

1959 / Greetings and Saluations
« on: 04/11/2020 at 02:35 »
Hello, ni hao, assalamu alaikum and bonjour! I think I covered most of the langauges there!


I don't even know how I got here in the first place but I love it. You can thank Google for that. I just happened to be scrolling down Google and this thing popped and being a huge HP nerd, I had to check it out and bam, here I am.  I've been roleplaying for well over 3 years now and I gotta say, it's been a blast. I come from another Hogwarts site as well(imagine that) and picked this up.

I am a huge cat person being the lovely owner of three cats myself. Yes, you heard me correctly. Three cats. Not one, not two but THREE. One of them has the unforunate habit of dragging in whatever falls victim to it's claws  through the front  door. It dragged in a snake the other and that was quite the shock. The other one loves his resting spot above the fireplace on the shelf and will watch you awkwardly with one eye open at all times. It's a grueling task to move him off that thing. My last cat just a fluffy lovely ball of fur while seeking to create nusiances in your daily errands. Like seriously, I love him and all but do you have to take a nap on my keyboard when I'm working?

I have a tendency to crack bad puns as I've been told and will do so at any given chance. Consider this your warning. I am a a huge violin enthuasit and play songs from time to time. I share tunes every now and then especially now with all this virus stuff going around(stay healthy!!)


Sheesh, I didn't realize how long this was gonna be. I'll try to summarize this into one paragraph, no promises though. So let, see, violin player, cat lover, avid RPer..anything I miss? Oh yes, of course you would want to know who acually I am, what I do, all that good stuff right? So let's seeeee, I live in the good ol' United States. 20 years old and I work as a 911 calltaker, you know those people that pick up when you call for police, fire, or ambulance, yeah that's me. I also am a volunteer security enforcement officer for various buisness so there's that. I promise I'm nice as a person despite all that, though my end goal is to get into law enforcement so here's hoping!

I'm always around on Discord and I pop in when I can though these days have me sort of busy with work and all that but feel free to shoot me a DM! I don't bite..only my cats me.. I know..not fun. Please don't ask me math questions, I will run away as far as I can at the mention of numbers and calculations. Math is a nightmare that has haunted me from the dawn of time. Seriously, I don't even know how I made it past high school..but I did. Somehow. Someway.


Ok soo, first of, we havvvvvveeeee...drum roll..please...therrrrre we go

(24 y/o, Gryffindor graduate, Auror trainee and a desire for adventure)
Pretty chill, laid back person once you get to know her, don't get on her bad side though, I can't promise anything good will come out of that. I won't spoil everything about her, after all, that's what bios are for right? On the other hand, if you don't want to trouble yourself reading through the massive wall of texts, just DM me and I shall enligthen you to the edginess and roots that make up the elusive Elena Jangleton. Not that she is least I don' think so..

Annnnd moving on to NUMBER TWOOOO, we haveeee..ok seriously, you gotta get on this drum roll thing..

Vivian Jangleton
(12 y/o, Elena's younger sister, House Ravenclaw and currently attends Hogwarts)

So, we have Vivian! She's a total nerd, like seriously, the amount of books she reads scares. The girl is a walking encylopedia, ask her any fact and she probably knows. She's also Elena's younger sister if it was't obvious already and has a avid passion for Quidditch(hopefully we win this match) and Duelin! Aside from being a total bookworm, she likes to try new things out even if it's a dumb one and has a very intense fear of anything bug-like(oh boy, potions is gonna be fun).


Anddd that wraps it alll up! Thats me, myself and my characters! If you ever want to thread, hit me up on Discord(Shipmaster334#1201) or here and we can work stuff out or just want to chat(better bring cookies though). Aside from that, hoping to get started and hope to see all of y'all on the boards!

Oh! One more thing! Stay safe, happy and healthy!


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