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1959 / fool's gold // troop
« on: 04/07/2020 at 02:12 »
an unnamed tomb

"D'ya think there's gold in there?"

Flick Walker and Roo Hopland stood at a hulking entrance of some unnamed tomb, one of plenty left for time to erode in the sands around the Pyramids of Giza. All the other dumbdumbs at camp were at the lunch hall, but Flick had decided that she and her new best friend Roo were going to go tomb-diving for bones or mummies or even gold, instead.

She wanted to smash some ancient shit on the way.

Roo Hopland was like her badgerboy, angry like a vibration. He reminded her so much of home that it ached inside her and demanded her to listen. She would've paid money to live inside his anger.

The beam on Flick's flashlight looked kinda pathetic against the gloom.

"But if there's a living mummy in there, that's even better. You ready?"

1959 / waiting for the other chip to fall // click
« on: 04/06/2020 at 07:42 »
the first week of camp
evening meal


Lamp chops.

A very generous helping of bean hotpot.

All became temporarily weightless as Flick slapped her plate down in front of her, in front of Clinton Litchfield, in front of heaps of other campers who were probably wondering why in the flying frick she was sitting with the Camp Director instead of by herself. (You know, like a good little loner.)

Flick didn't know either. Not why she sat down, no, nor how to start the particular conversation she wanted to start.

(Poorly is the best course of action)

"Look," she said, with a quirked grin that wasn't quite a snarl, and wasn't quite progress because there were still a dozen other things swirling behind her eyelids, "No snake for dinner tonight!"

1959 / we don't need no education // poppy
« on: 04/03/2020 at 12:35 »
the first week of camp
early morning

"You dragged me out of bed at ass-o'clock in the morning for some bloody quidditch training?"

The only things set deeper into Flick's features than her curled lips were the bags under her eyes, following behind Calliopus like she was some kind of lost kindergartner or something else equally stupid. Unlike her dear captain, Flick had elected to take her blanket with her, and it dragged behind her in the early-morning.

On a brighter note, those stone slabs looked excellent for sleeping. Why had she let herself be lead out here, again?

Flick tightened her arms around herself, sinking deeper into the blanket with the attempt of never needing to come out again.

"I don't even need to learn," She protested, "We won, right? I've got this whole beater thing locked down tighter than Proud locks down her office."

1959 / oi, it's flick
« on: 04/03/2020 at 08:46 »

oi, it's flick

14. slytherin. melbourne.
Flick Walker isn't happy about being at Hogwarts, and she doesn't care that the entire school knows about it.

Thousands of kilometres away from her native Melbourne, separated from her family and her closest friends, Flick has turned her anger towards the late manifestation of her magic, and blames it continuously for the fact that she's so far away from everything she loves.

Most students will find Flick angry, resentful, and endlessly whinging about the fact that she's at the castle. She avoids anything magical like the plague, clinging onto her muggle possessions like they'll bring her back to Australia. Despite this exterior, however, Flick is dreadfully afraid of her new home, of all the students in the castle who appear to have everything worked out. She's afraid of being far from home, and she's afraid that she'll never fit in.

Flick needs a lot of people. Who are you going to become for her?

coded by thijs märchen

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[color=#7aebf5][size=9pt]age ∆ house ∆ relation[/size][/color]

please add here any applicable history between your character and flick as well as future plot and thread ideas


1958 / it's been awhile >>
« on: 12/10/2019 at 10:33 »



so, it turns out that coming back to hoggies opens up a rabbit hole of things i have apparently forgotten how to do such as

-- write a coherent sentence with minimal punctuation
-- How Do Apps Work
-- code (hahahahahahahaha)
-- which! character! is! that!
-- the great jeremy bearimy thing that is Time
-- math

and all of these have been excellent learning experiences, just as the subtle pressure to Write Posts and make sure they're On Time.

anywho, if you've been following the news at all lately, you may have heard that australia is on fire. it's estimated about 150, 000 hectares burned in the amazon earlier in the year, but currently, in australia, about 936,000 hectares have been burnt and those numbers are rising. it's a bit scary-- canberra (which is where i live) isn't in direct fire danger, but for the past week we've been blanketed with smoke from fires near sydney and the coast. as i'm typing this, my house smells like burnt eucalypt.

just a fun update. anyways.

after an extended absence from hoggies to deal with IRL things that demanded some serious attention, i've tentatively come back to test the waters with a new character, whom i love with all my busy heart. i've missed writing most of all and even whilst i was away, i found my thoughts returning to these boards and the lovely community. i don't think that a permanent absence was ever really on the cards. i just keep coming back. 

so, since a bunch of things have changed since we all saw each other last, i'll catch you up with some good stuff about me!

what's new!
  • i study psychology & international relations. going into the 4th (and last!) year
  • enfp ; slytherin with hufflepuff rising
  • big into sports; field hockey, soccer, sailing, and a bunch of other random sports are in my repertoire
  • solidly involved in student theatre
  • just finished watching the dragon prince S3, the good place S4, the end of the *** world S2. hoping to get into daybreak and netflix's awful christmas movies soon
  • i recently read all of rick riordan's 'magnus chase' series, leigh bardugo's 'six of crows'. hoping to read the last nevernight chronicle book really soon.
  • i play a lot of dnd! please talk to me about it! please.
  • currently listening to a lot of indie australian tunes like tones and i, allday, and the rubens- but i'm also listening to heaps of charli xcx, lizzo, and other media like lore (podcast) and the offside rule (podcast). my playlist for all these good things is here.
  • i re-bought the LEGO harry potter collection for nintendo switch, but i'm also addicted to stardew valley and toad: treasure tracker

my characters, listed in order of appearance!

  • Flick Walker
    13. the muggleborn resentful for her magic. incoming!

  • Thijs Märchen
    19. magical psychology trainee. synesthete.

  • Helen Kane
    24. recently graduated her auror training!

  • Tessa Anderssen
    28. PI and medium.

i'm very very very excited to debut Flick across the boards and gently rediscover the ticks and turns of all my other characters, and i wholeheartedly want to thread with everyone on this site. if you have any ideas, half-baked ideas, even no ideas-- please give me a shout! i want to do all the threads over the christmas break, and there's no finer people than the ones on these boards.

lots of love, sophia

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