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1959 / Family Ties|Delrey Snaps
« on: 04/02/2020 at 04:04 »
First Day,
Arrival Time;
Main Hub.

Delphine leaned against the outside of one of the main camp buildings as she conversed with none other than her brother Christoph Grey. She was still a little jealous that the boy had seriously been made a counselor and not her. She'd submitted a flawless application to her head of house, but had been rejected...though in hindsight even if Chris forgave her later maybe outing her little brother didn't play in her favor.

She was briefly distracted by a new comer stepping out of the building as if freshly arrived. "Merlin...who's the cutie?" She pondered aloud before feeling Chris stiffen next to her. "What? What did I say?" She asked confused.

OOC: For those unaware I control both Chris and Delphine. Powerplay is my discretion.

1958 / Hexes and OMGs|Delrey
« on: 12/07/2019 at 05:09 »
"My exes and Ohs they haunt me, like ghosts they want make more they won't let...go. Exes and Ohs."- Elle King (Exes and Ohs)

Calamity Jane's Infirmary
End of Week One
Mid Afternoon.

There were a lot of things Delphine Dario wished to be true. She wished that she was a legitimate heir to the Grey fortune. She wished she was an only child. She wished her father had loved her enough to choose her. The point was that she'd change a lot of things about her life if she could. But currently along with her issues with Chris? The biggest thing she would change was her ex. Yes...that ex. The one she shared now with her half brother.

Francis Beauchene was enough. Everything Delphine had looked for in a possible future husband. One that she'd eventually catch cheating she was sure and take for half of what he was worth. In a perfect world. If she didn't live in the era she did. No this was not that fairy tale where she got the riches and the arm candy and could dump one and keep the other. She knew that. Had been prepared for a loveless marriage because...let's be real. Who could truly love that boy?

She supposed her brother had proven to be the answer to that question. He'd seemed happy...and of course...she had to fix that. Chris wasn't allowed that. Not on her watch. So the right words whispered in his ears sent him running away from that slice of happiness as easy as can be. Not that it really was that much of a loss because...Francis would have lead to Chris ruining himself eventually, the boy was poison. But it hurt in the moment...thinking it all a lie. Never being sure.

But she was drifting from her initial line of thought. No if she could turn back time with a wish she'd never had given Beauchene the time of day. She would have continued on with her life. Maybe she wouldn't be here right now, who could say. But she wouldn't have to feel the shame of having dated someone so...boring and foul. Foul like the smell coming from the cauldron that her half brother was stirring not far from her.

"Ello Chrissy. Whatcha making there?" She asked brightly.

1958 / Not In France Anymore..|OPEN
« on: 12/02/2019 at 01:48 »
Delphine Dario wasn't sure what she realistically expected in terms of what Camp Loki would be. She knew kids and teens came from all over to spend their summers. She knew that the camp experience was supposed to be fun but it hadn't been that great. She'd enjoyed messing with and taunting Christoph, of course she had it was a large part of why she came to the stupid camp. But she hadn't really found much to do.

Everywhere she looked things looked more and more juvenile. From the activities like basically cups and muggle, to Quidditch which made her shudder. Everything seemed organized and aimed towards the little people and teenagers with no class whatsoever. The infirmary was the only thing aside from maybe Dueling that had caught her eye. Maybe she was being a stick in the mud about stuff, but she was used to a little decorum and dignity. This place seemed to lack both.

Thus since her arrival she'd spent the majority of her time with only herself for company. Mother always had said friends came and went...but you have to live with yourself forever and ever. "I wish Mother had warned me this experience would be more or less a waste of my valuable time...I could be home in France going to all the latest parties instead in some backwater western flick nightmare." She commented to herself as she looked around. 

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