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     S   O   L


     S E V E N T H   .   b i r d h o u s e  .   i t a l i a n   .   h al f b l o o d

Sol Santoro is, was, and will always be a girl itchin' for trouble.

Unfortunately, trouble, good trouble, has been in disappointingly low supply. To be frank, prior to July 1st, if you were to ask Sol Santoro as to how she's been doing, she would've given you a sort of miserable look, rolled her eyes in a rather dramatic manner, and proclaim passionately that she was "not at all bitchin'" and as a matter of fact, "practically about to die of boredom."

You see, the past year has been full of disappointments for our poor Sol Santoro.

After a fifth year full of the troublesome sort of trouble, the type that wasn't fun at all and actually quite worrying, not to mention the additional burden of O.W.L.s (a horrid, horrid time in Sol's opinion), sixth year was supposed to be for kicking back and forgetting about the imminent future, the impending final year at Hogwarts, and all the messiness it would bring with it.

Sixth year sucked.

The Aurors sucked even more. And Sol wasn't even at the school for the whole year, though that didn't make it suck any less.

No, as if she needed any more babysitting, halfway through term her papà had thought it a splendid idea to pull her out of school for some internship, all the while going on and on about how it would be good for her to "travel outside of her comfort zone," and "learn to be less reckless" and "practice responsibility," and besides, "it was best to take a break from that 'crazy school Hogwarts' after the absurd series of events that had taken place last year."

Papà was right, but, as with everything else, it still sucked. It sucked that she was halfway across the world while all her friends were having the time of their lives back at Hogwarts.

But Sol is back now. And its July, and the summer sun won't set for awhile. Plenty of time to get into some trouble.

Sol Santoro really, really can't wait for camp. Best stay out of her way, unless you're coming along for the ride.
looking for... new faces, friends, enemies, rivals, people to prank said enemies and rivals with, people to argue with, people to snog, the wildest adventures, curfew-breakers, more people to argue and maybe snog after the argument with, people to annoy, lackeys, gossip, anything and everyone remotely interesting or entertaining

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[right][span style=" font-size:9px; text-transform:lowercase; color:#FFFFFF; letter-spacing:2px; text-align:right;"]year | house | blood [/span][/right]

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PLOTS HERE! So, what did Sol do to you? Steal your heart? Your secret stash of caramels? Your favorite seat in the dining hall? The punchline to your joke? Orrrrrrr perhaps, more scandalously so, your snogging partner? That's rough, buddy.

1959 / curse of the mummy | open!
« on: 04/17/2020 at 07:29 »
A R E   Y O U   M Y   M U M M Y?

after this.
...what's that sound?

- - -

If it hadn't been her, and instead, some poor firstie stuck in a sarcophagus, Sol might've laughed. She might've found the situation quite humorous indeed, for from an outsider's perspective it probably seemed as if a very angry mummy of some powerful Ancient Pharaoh had been woken from his very long nap.

The curses that followed, however, were most definitely not spoken in Ancient Egyptian. Or language befitting that of a Pharaoh. Or really, any proper young lady.

A woman of her word, Sol Santoro did, in fact, scream from the depths of the pyramid's tombs for nearly three minutes straight (she'd counted in her head). She'd realized it was the stupidest mistake she'd ever made when her throat began to hurt, her voice became raspy, and the fact that she would've promised to give her left limb and live like a saint for the rest of her life for a glass of water at that point.

"Shit." And then there was silence.

Thunk. Forehead meeting the lid of the sarcophagus, Sol tried to think. And think. And then she gave the stupid, stupid mummy coffin a big ol' kick. She was pretty sure she'd almost broken her foot so she stopped that too.

A few minutes later, a screech bounced and rocketed and carried out of the suffocatingly quiet chambers. The cause being that part of the mummy (a nose? a hand? it was too dark to see and Sol didn't want to speculate) had dropped onto her shoulder. Taking panting breaths, Sol slumped forwards and into a dragged out groan.

"Merda. Oddddiiiiooooooooooooooooooo. I haaaaaaaaaaaate this." 

Thump. Thump. Thump. Her fists pushed uselessly at the carved stone.

- - -

sometime later. (and trust me, it wasn't anytime soon.)

Sol froze at the sound of footsteps.

Her eyes squinted through the dark, before she gave a mental slap on the head and reminded herself that she was in a sarcophagus. Was it Calliope Ambernasty? Back to torture her with her annoying voice and self-absorbed talk? Or was it a savior? Anyone, please!

She opened her mouth to call out, but only a pitiful croak escaped. Perfect. Gone and lost her voice now, too. Could this day get any better?

"...H-h....e...llo! He....lp!"

1959 / walk the talk | solvar snaps!
« on: 04/12/2020 at 23:12 »
N O   S N O O P S   H E R E.

we need to talk.
- - -

As with all troublesome things (that had thus far occurred to Sol Santoro), it started with a scalding day.

Any person with an ounce of common sense would have performed a swift 180 degrees and marched right back into their cool rooms, out of the reaching hands of the sun.

But for someone seeking a place out of peering eyes, gossipy mouths, and listening ears? The Sahara Desert hit every mark.

Sol tapped her foot with some impatience. (She had hoped to cut an intimidating figure amidst the dunes of sand and scuttling lizards- bandanna pulling back her hair, sharp shades hiding her narrowed eyes from view.)

Avaric Archeron and all the trouble he had so kindly bestowed upon her had better show up soon.

1959 / black licorice | min
« on: 04/12/2020 at 22:21 »
I M P O S S I B L E.

sweet, bitter, salty, sour.
needs some sweetener!

- - -

Spontaneous from the start, their journey from the Team Egyptian dorms to that of the very tippity top of the Grand Canyon culminated with the most perfect star-gazing spot in all of camp. A pillowcase entirely filled with treats and sweets, soft blankets scattered around them, and a container filled with hot tea was the icing on the cake.

"I just don't understand it, Min!" And laughter rose into the night sky, accompanying the tendrils of steam escaping from the tea. "One second, I'm enjoyin' a book in the library, the next, I'm squabblin' with these two gits who decided swappin' spit in the Gnome section was a brilliant ide-...why was I in the Gnome section? Well you see, I had this idea for a short film of sorts, which is besides the point, anyway..."

Two minutes and twenty-three seconds later, Sol Santoro promptly threw herself down with a sigh, eyes up at the stars, a contemplative tone to her words.

"How are you so nice to everyone, Min? I reckon you're one of the most popular girls at camp. Meanwhile, if I had a sickle for everytime some nitwit got on my nerves..."

1959 / venus flytrap | sun&moon
« on: 04/12/2020 at 07:38 »
D E A D.   S E R I O U S.

terrible, scheming, evil, annoying little bug.

- - -

"Kaya," And dark eyes locked onto that of her dear friend, "She's horrid."

"How can you," Sol threw up her arms up in bewilderment, and nearly straight into the flight path of a rather large beetle, "...how can anyone even stand to be in her presence?!"

(The witch in question, was none other than Calliope Amberghast, the subject of a conversation- rant, more accurately- that had now reached a milestone of ten minutes.)

"I betcha she uses some kinda love potion on Archeron. That's the only reason he can stand to be around her!" Sol knew that wasn't how love potions worked, but any other plausible reason or rationale escaped her comprehension. "Kaguya Märchen, if you laugh again-"

"It's not funny! She. Put. Me. Inasarcophasguswithareallyoldgrossmummy-itwastheworstthingeverohmygodricstoplaughing."

It was (Sol would reluctantly admit later), a bit funny.

Very funny, in fact.

1959 / anything you can do | calliope
« on: 04/09/2020 at 07:12 »
P L E A S E.   A N Y W H E R E   B U T   H E R E.

too hot for this.
hasn't anyone told you that two's a crowd?

- - -

"Sorry." Sol Santoro was anything but sorry. "I got here first."

She could feel herself losing patience with every second, and Calliope Amberghast hadn't even said a damn word yet. Just...The girl's presence, ever since that party, was irritating. Like a mosquito that wouldn't stop buzzing and following you around. And one that was very much so unwelcome in the summer heat.

Merlin, it was boiling outside. It was a very good idea to seek cool relief inside the magnificent marble Taj Mahal- and yet it would be such a tragedy if her plan was ruined by the likes of Miss Poopy or whatever-she-called-herself Amberghast.

Her hand closed around the door handle of the room-

(she'd scoped it out earlier and it was very nice, with lots of flowers and lovely cushions to read and lounge on; she assumed Calliope had done the same)-

daring the girl to challenge her.

1959 / no rules | avaric
« on: 04/09/2020 at 05:19 »
L A T E.   O R   V E R Y,   V E R Y   E A R L Y.

a couple days after this
the world is quiet.
she's waiting for the sun.

- - -

Sleep was a foreign concept at this point.

The hours of the night had slipped by far too quickly, filled with gasping breaths of laughter and gossip and all sorts of catching up in one Kaguya Märchen's room. The girl was just back from Japan, and already the two of them were up to no good- first of their nefarious activities being that of keeping the whole floor up all night.

Sol didn't feel too bad, though. It was camp. Who was trying to sleep at a reasonable hour at camp?!

She would've spent the entire night in Kaya's room, but there was simply too much adrenaline running through her veins. That, and the fact the sun would be up in an hour or two. Might as well catch the sunrise. She'd spend the day sleeping if need be. For now, bundled in blankets (the nights had been pretty warm, anyways), Sol sat relaxed on the ledge of the Great Wall, leaning comfortably against cool brick, eyes closed.

Nothing could disturb her peace. And that was exactly how she liked it.

So when she thought she heard footsteps, only a brief "Spot's taken!" left her lips. To hell with curfews.

1959 / sucker punch | sol santoro
« on: 04/07/2020 at 09:32 »

     S   O   L


           S I X T H   .   t h e   b i r d h o u s e  .   i t a l i a n   .   h al f b l o o d

Even the Sun deserves a break. And boy, has it been a long, long year. Besides last term’s chaos of protests and poisonings...and death-

...Well, besides all that, O.W.L.s had taken up every hour of Sol Santoro’s fifth year, and really, that was practically a daily poison she endured for months. (Was it too soon? It was probably too soon. Sol’s apologies.)

So sixth year approaches. And for once, there’s no real expectations, and Sol, Sol is in need of some good fun. Some mischief. Some no good, unladylike, fantastic hooliganry, and everything else you’re not supposed to do.

She’s been aching to set things on fire (in the metaphorical sense of course, like hearts, and souls, and all that other romantic nonsense, don’t look at her like that, not actually setting things physically aflame- though bonfires are always something to look forward to), so why not help her out?

Let the sparks fly! But really, do be careful, these sorts of things are quite dangerous.

Sol Santoro can tell you that.

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[right][span style=" font-size:9px; text-transform:lowercase; color:#FFFFFF; letter-spacing:2px; text-align:right;"]year | house | blood [/span][/right]

[center][div style=" width:200px; height:130px; background-color:#FFFFFF; padding:10px; border:4px double #DA8752; margin-top:10px; text-align:justify; text-transform:lowercase; color:#000000; overflow:hidden;"][div style="width: 100%; height: 100%; overflow-y: scroll; padding-right: 150px"]                                   [center][div style="float:center;"][img width=50]https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c8/3b/19/c83b19ec3d4d3e66114ac8b00239ee7f.jpg[/img][/div][/center]

PLOTS HERE! What's a motto? Nothing. What's a motto with you?

1958 / hold your horses | insolent snaps!
« on: 12/02/2019 at 02:38 »
D E J A   V U  !

i feel like
we've been here before,
i've been here before.

and we'll make the same mistakes.
and we'll ask the same questions.
but maybe,

i won't regret it
this time around.

- - -

Cherry red bled down her chin, seeped onto her tongue with the taste of summer. A well-worn book sat abandoned at her feet, its olive green cover speckled with droplets. The blanket rested on the bank of the creek (her spot, cleared of anyone and anything that posed a threat to her peace) and every so often a particularly large fish would come by and send a spray of water with a flick of its tail. It was tradition now, she supposed, and at the least, it was something to do in those first few slow days of camp.

Sol swept at the blood red trail with her thumb, reaching for the grapes haphazardly stacked on a picnic basket.

The thing with tradition was that it got boring rather quickly.

And though she had made sure there would be no ambushes on her picnic by a certain oafish Ravenclaw boy, as had occurred in the past, Sol almost felt herself wanting an interruption for the sake of her sanity.

Thank goodness then, for the flash of golden-white hair that appeared in her peripheral just as she had made her way into the water, its mirror-like surface lapping at her ankles.

As an advocate of keeping things interesting, Sol acted none the wiser.

It wouldn't do to seem too eager, after all.

1958 / too close to the Sun | sol santoro
« on: 12/02/2019 at 02:06 »

S   O   L

f i f t e e n   .   r a v e n c l a w   .   i t a l i a n   .   h a l f b l o o d

Sophrosyne. Temperance. Balance. Moderation.

But what fun is that?

He stretched out his arms to the sky
and made towards the highest heavens.

Excess: too much, too much, too much, but oh, how wonderful it is, how lavish, to bathe in wealth, to drown in knowledge, to quench undying thirst. The Sun drips and pours its molten love upon the world, and with equal splendor, Sol Santoro welcomes the bizarre and the curious, the beautiful and the peculiar.

He knew that Icarus was drowned.

The summer promises such, with its sunlit hours, time frozen days, and its endless mysteries. With its hidden secrets, and places, and people.

Oh, the people. She's still got to get to know the people. And their secrets. And their stories.

Maybe snog a few along the way.

Sol is a woman of thrills and novelty, competition and excitement. Start a debate and she'll end it - she's always right, after all, and you ought to learn that fast. She is places to be and people to see, bright eyes with burning questions and an attention span that dies at the drop of a hat. Sol indulges in all, and commits to none.

Moderation is overrated. Balance is boring.

Sol will look you in the eyes and tell you she loves you- and it’s the truth. (But is it really, this time around?)

Be careful. Be wary!

(It will be too much. But maybe that's what you want.)

The Sun! The Sun! She's watching you, with those burning eyes, and wicked words.
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[font=windsong][size=3][color=#6fb3e3] AGE . HOUSE . NATIONALITY . BLOODSTATUS[/color][/size][/font]

[left][color=#b7d6ec]alrighty PLOTS HERE!!! gimme the 411, the drama, the love, the craziness ;) [/color][/left][/center][/div][/div]

1958 / howdy howdy let's git rowdy!
« on: 12/02/2019 at 01:29 »

N  E  S  S  A  !

haw yee! yee haw! hello!

Yooooo it's the same code as last summer! Reduce, reuse, recycle...that's the vibe.

Been here for about a year now, if you count the random hiatuses in between, but I keep comin back and that's what counts, right?

Love this site and the people and can't wait to thread some more with you alllll! QUICK FACTS! (I get lazier each time, oops.)

  • ME ! Incoming first year college student now!!! livin the FRESHMAN LIFE, California gurl™ WEST COAST BEST COAST, Aquarius, I ascended to life on Feb 5th, vibin with the colors green and yellow and TANGERINE ORANGE lately, fave holidays??? all of them i just love holidays because we party party party (but I've had a newfound appreciation for Halloween) and HELLO CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP!!!, fave seasons are spring and summer, (STILL!!!) really want a cat!
  • FOOD ! Will die for dark chocolate, potatoes of any sort, tofu, anything that is not dining hall food...
  • MOVIES ! I HAVEN'T WATCHED A MOVIE IN A HOT SECOND GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS!!!! Tho i did watch Atlantis: The Lost Empire on Disney+ recently and that was a BANGER as per usual
  • TV ! Need to start on the third season of The Good Place!!! BUT JUST BINGEWATCHED THE ENTIRE TWO SEASONS OF GRAVITY FALLS GOLLY GEE WHAT A GOOD SHOW. Still love Freaks and Geeks with all my heart (the soundtrack is truly, bangin.)
  • MUSIC ! vibin with a LOT OF THINGS LATELY. Sublime! Primus! Daniel Caesar, Bren Joy, FINNEAS, Mac DeMarco, Abhi the Nomad, Foster the People, Milky Chance, Gus Dapperton, Hippo Campus, EARTHGANG, BROCKHAMPTON, UMI, Pepper, Frank Ocean, Bruno Major, STILL WOOZY!
  • HOBBIES ! What have I been up to? WELL. In short, SCHOOL. Super busy with all these college things but it's been a good time. I learned how to SURF and SKATE so i feel like a real CALIFORNIAN NOW. YEAH! I've also been painting a lot and I'm looking to start drum lessons!
A few words! Drama! Angst! Trouble! Young love! Yeehaw! WOoo let's get it! So hyped to write with all of you lovely people! <33 Now meet my krazy kooks.

S  O  L .


she is hidden glances and silent thoughts. spices and sandalwood. lowered voices and warm laughter. smug victories, heated debates, and proving she's right. she is questions, unanswered questions, unspoken questions, questions that set their claws deep into the skin. she is blue skies and sun that is bright, bright, too bright.

Sol's back and better than ever! If you can get better than the best, that is. Talk to her! Walk with her! You can argue with her too, if that's more your thing, but that's a dark, dark path I don't suggest you tread on. In any case, GIVE ME ALL THE THREADS. WRITE WITH ME PLEASE. xoxoxoxoxoxo

V  A  N  E  S  S  A    N  A  O  I  .


bonfire smoke and the garden breeze. wind whipping the air, a leap from the cliff's precipice, eyes closed. too many words, and not saying much. she is the lost girl, wandering for far too long, staying up for far too late. moonlit shenanigans prancing across cool stone floors, secrets upon secrets and more.

Elsewhere baby, just graduated Hoggies. Oh, how time flies :') let's shake up her life a little, yeah?

E A R L Y   A U G U S T

9pm, of course
everyone knows that's the best time
to have a sleepover.
full of secrets,
and silliness
pass the popcorn?

- - -

"Bene allora, let's get things really started!"

Sol Santoro sat on her throne of pillows, reclining criss cross applesauce in a big cotton t-shirt, and smiling brightly at the group of girls relaxing in various levels of comfort around her. It was a good sized group (as expected, it was her sleepover, after all), and Sol was proud, indeed, that word had spread around camp to all the 4th year girls (or at least the most notable ones) of the event.

In the corner of the room, snacks and assorted finger foods had been meticulously placed and sat invitingly in cute little bowls and plates. Water and juice as cool refreshers for the warm summer night beckoned from glass pitchers at parched guests. Blankets covered the cabin floor and pillows were scattered at each and every corner.

Perfection, was a game Sol Santoro took seriously. And success, was most definitely a sweet and welcome reward. She savored it.

More importantly, now that all of the girls had arrived, the fun could begin in earnest. Standing up, hands clasped together, the whisper of mischief in her eyes and the buzzing intensity of summer settled over the room with a sort of restlessness.

"So. What're we doing tonight, boys?" (Tongue in cheek.)

Secrets? Goss? Pranks? Exploring? The world was their oyster, and they had the whole night to devour and conquer.

1957 / genesis | eden's squad
« on: 08/14/2019 at 23:14 »
L A T E   J U L Y

they've lost track of the time.
a strange group of four
a haunted lake
(the sun & moon
will not reach down here.)

- - -

"You lot think this joint is actually haunted?"

Sol slung an arm around Kaya's shoulder, having spent much time in the Märchen girl's company since their comical meeting in the graveyard. To the other two, she gave a playful grin.

"Betcha the boys will chicken out 'fore we do, Kaya."

1957 / mamma mia | cola snaps!
« on: 08/10/2019 at 06:50 »
T H I R D   W E E K   O F   C A M P

just before this.
that means it's pretty early in the morning
too early, but the sun rays stretch through cracks in the windows
and you have to admit, it's worth it to be up this early
and watch the sun rise
(but only a little bit)

- - -

"Yeah, alright, I got enough apples, but I'm askin' if ya got any lemons and limes."

Sol watched the house elf scurry off with her request.

"It's for my picnic!" She called, as an afterthought. Occupied as she was, ticking off the many checkboxes on her mental checklist, Sol collided with another body in the dining hall, basket of apples and assorted fruits turned upside-down-- and her with it.

"Che palle!"

An Early Morning Translation: "Bollocks!"

1957 / [slow] burn baby burn | sox snaps!
« on: 08/06/2019 at 08:32 »
T H I R D   W E E K   O F   C A M P

late morning.
lemons and limes,
jam and bread
a picnic!

- - -

Sol sat slightly forward, green gingham skirt splayed around her, book neatly at her knees: Mostri, by Marco Abruzzo. Monsters- perfect educational material for the unexpected dangers at camp. She cast a glance at the seemingly unoccupied waters of the lagoon, innocently lapping at the bank.

It was best not to be taken by surprise.

She bit into lime, tasting bitter electric, a spark of vivacity. (It was more for show, than anything. As much as she did take pleasure in the sourness of the green fruit, she enjoyed the expressions of the people observing her much, much more.)

Every action taken by Sol Santoro was carefully calculated, consequences and gains weighed against one another. She did not like surprises.

So when a figure approached her meticulously placed picnic blanket, she did not raise her gaze from the pages of the open book.

"Do I know you?" A sharper translation: "Did I invite you?"

Sol Santoro did not like surprises, after all.

1957 / smoulder | holy snaps!
« on: 08/03/2019 at 22:22 »
E A R L Y   J U L Y

it's a little late. like, after curfew late.
the sand is moon-white and the boats whisper to the reeds

- - -

Pebbles raked the boat, progress slowing down to the millimeter, but Sol soldiered on. Her camera sat snugly underneath the solitary seat, amongst the scattered snacks, a book, and a pack of cigs. With a hiss the cig was set alight, its glowing ember a warm halo near her mouth. A flick, and the camera was rolling.

A crunch, and Sol knew she was no longer alone.

"I'm heading out, so unless you're joining the party, bite me," she threw to the shadow. A beat. "Or maybe I'll bite you, seeing as I'm a part of the vampire team and all."

1957 / feel alive | solia snaps!
« on: 08/03/2019 at 22:01 »
F I R S T   W E E K   O F   J U L Y

late afternoon
the sun is very bright at the top of a pyramid
stones, hot to the touch

- - -

Sol Santoro was about 99.3% sure she was going to die.

And what a tragedy it would be.

Her limbs were heavy. Her camera was heavier. This was a terrible idea. Who came up with this idea? But the flat surface of the pyramid's peak beckoned at her warmly (blisteringly, actually) and with a few more tired lunges, she made it to the top- promptly collapsing on her back and letting out a satisfied sigh.

The view was worth it, that was for sure. Scrambling back to her feet with a burst of energy, Sol closed her eyes and let the wind ruffle her hair, comfortable even at the dizzying height of the great structure.

Up top, the campers looked like ants, and she directed her camera to catch the movement down below. One ant seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

"Hey! If you're coming up here to join me, I sure hope you got snacks, capicsci?"

1957 / mallow madness | gia
« on: 08/03/2019 at 21:25 »
S E C O N D   W E E K   O F   J U L Y

wow, what a hot afternoon.
the sunlight is screaming through the windows

- - -

"Kayyyyaaa, my LOVE."

Butterbeer in one hand, camera in the other, Sol Santoro practically pranced into the Team Werewolf cabins, sporting a Cheshire cat-like grin. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, the water was...wet. It was a perfect day, truth be told. Made even more so by the proclamation Sol was about to throw at a certain Kaguya Märchen.

"Märchen! You have to come with me to the lagoon there's a ton of"-- what exactly there was a ton of would not be revealed for the time being, however, as Sol stopped mid-step, wide-eyed at the scene before her, with a person that was very much so not Kaya but also very much so drenched in goop.

"Oh shit."

A pause, hand over mouth. "What happened?"

1957 / graveyard gals | sun & moon
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f i r s t   w e e k   o f   j u l y

stone pushes out of damp earth,
granite flowers of the night.

- - -

She was blanketed in the darkening shades of twilight, gravestones rumbling up from the dirt like sallow knuckles of the restless undead. For the second time this week, Sol was crouched on damp moss, and had spent the past hour or so occasionally teetering on a headstone, checking over her shoulder, and lurking about the cemetery rather creepily.

With nothing but junebugs and the odd shuffling of feet every so often (she really had to wonder what else was rolling besides her film), even Sol had to admit the footage being captured was rather dull.

Where was the excitement? The after curfew parties? The baying werewolves? The lumbering zomb--

She paused, freezing in the milk white shine of a moon that now sat high amongst the stars. A crunch sounded out from underfoot, close, too close, and Sol's heart pounded with the strength of a thousand drums. Breathing with hushed anticipation, her ears strained to pick up a telltale moan- the sign of a ghoul that hungered for human brains.

Sol pointed her camera blindly at the shadows. She could've sworn there was something or someone in its midst.

Gooseflesh pricked her arms and neck as a figure lurched and came into the clear.

"Omerlino. ZOMBIE!"

1957 / solsearching | property of sol santoro
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S   O   L

a collezione of moments, developed & undeveloped, life in all its rawest glory, captured by Sol Santoro. it's probably not as profound as Sol makes it seem. filmed on her Kodak Brownie movie camera, model 2.

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