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1957 / The bigger picture | Wella
« on: 08/10/2019 at 22:06 »
It was perhaps this garden that reminded Will most of the manor back at Hogsmeade. And yet, while to anyone else that might’ve seemed like a perfect reason to avoid it like the plague, Will found himself drawn to it. Maybe it was because it was a reminder of what was so different about his situation right now, hidden amongst all the similarities in the actual garden. Maybe a small part of him had considered the manor his home, he had lived there a long time to be fair, and this garden paid homage to that.

Maybe Will just liked gardens. Will wasn’t sure he knew anything about himself as it was.

Whatever the reason, there Will sat, sketchbook rested upon crossed legs. It was typical, that with Will’s first taste of freedom he might spend it sitting in a garden sketching flowers like he’d do any other day back at the manor, but in his defence it did help him think. And think he needed to do.

The upper year party had been nearly a week ago, but Will still struggled to deal with that mess. Three kisses with three different pairs of lips, none of which were Alice’s had left him feeling a betrayer and a cheater. And then Olette had come up with an idea, a way of maybe getting Alice to like him back, and Will like the naive idiot that he was had gone along.

To everyone but himself and the girl in question, Will was now officially ‘The boyfriend of Olette Clarington-DuPont’. The two squibs had joined forces to make other people jealous, and while it had seemed like a good idea at the time, Will wasn’t so sure about that now.

1957 / You can stand under my umbrella | Mariam Snaps
« on: 08/05/2019 at 22:05 »
Rowing a boat was a new experience, but when Mari had suggested going to skull island, Will had jumped at the opportunity to try it out. Even if he wasn’t quite sure what he was doing. Still, nothing awful seemed to have happened yet, oars cutting through the water smoothly (ish). Maybe it had taken Will a few minutes of concentrated frowns and “no it’s fine Mari I’ve got this” but he’d figured it out now and that was all that mattered.

Safely in the rhythm of things, Wills eyes raised to rest on the blonde (positively golden in the setting sun) and a smile pulled at his lips. Not the usual one seen by everyone else, kindly and soft but uncertain and nervous, but one reserved specially for Mari. A relaxed one, open and happy. Marilyn made him happy.

“Your hair looks nice.”

Girls liked compliments, he’d been told, and Mari deserved them.

1957 / Soaking up the sun | Sol
« on: 08/03/2019 at 22:55 »
This amount of sun shouldn’t have been possible. Lying with his arms behind his head, for once the book will had brought lay closed and untouched. It was only now that he realised that he’d forgotten to bring a blanket, something to sit on when he reached the beach of skull island. Will didn’t mind though.

Sand had worked its way through his hair, dotted the sides of his legs, previously soaked from wading through the sea, like the freckles across his nose. Blue eyes the same shade as the endless sky above him half closed against the blazing sun until only a sliver of blue was visible, fighting to be seen past a fringe of dark lashes. The corners of his lips turned up in a subtle smile, barely discernible unless you were to look for it.

This was all so real. Will could read about it all he wanted, but to lie here and actually feel the sand between his toes and the sun across his skin was something different entirely. Why couldn’t life always be like this?

Will let his mind go blank, no story he’d just read in the back of his mind, no daydream. He just lay there and enjoyed the sun and the sand and wished it could never end.

1957 / The family disappointment | Will
« on: 08/02/2019 at 17:51 »

It took a lot of begging, wheedling and promising to get Wills parents to let him come to summer camp. If it weren’t for Marilyn-Rose wilson he wouldn’t even have attempted it. But here he is and now his parents are no longer down his throat with things not to do (don’t tell anyone who you are unless absolutely necessary) he’s actually quite excited.

It’s been a long time since Will's has this much freedom.

And so, now that Will is at camp, he’s got a bucket list of things to do.
1) find people to paint
2) make friends
3) learn how to play quidditch(spoiler, squibs can’t)
4) explore
5) go swimming for the first time in six years

Key words: kind. Gentle. Loyal. No backbone. Awkward. Naive.
Hobbies: ART. reading.

16, almost 17. Squib. Pure
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