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1958 / hair | gia
« on: 12/24/2019 at 02:11 »
Astro enjoyed the view while she worked, which was why she'd told Gia to meet her up there. It was funny how the two of them had gone from hexing each other and marshmallowing each other to actually kind of, sort of getting along. Astro was sure that it was 90% because of Gia's hair, but she would take it no matter what the case was.

She hummed to herself as she unpacked her bags, setting up her brushes and hair ties and products out on the blanket she'd set out. She was thinking an up-do today. Braids were usually her preference, since they were good for quidditch and running around, but change was good for everyone.

"Gia!" she called, when she spotted the girl in the distance. She waved her arms, brush in one hand. "Are you ready?"

1958 / break and enter | Starquis
« on: 12/18/2019 at 04:49 »
Early August

They'd been working at it all summer.

It should have been easy, really. Pick the lock, get in, steal some underpants, get out and run them up the flag pole. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Definitely something that she and Sandy could do in their sleep. After all, they were a part of Mischief Managers.

But there was one problem that they didn't expect. It seemed that Clint was two steps ahead of them and made sure the door to his quarters was super mega locked and absolutely impossible to penetrate.

They'd tried everything. The lock picking kit that Astro had gotten, Sandy using his fancy counsellor powers and magicking it open, kicking it really hard, setting off dungbombs in front of it, you name it. But it still wouldn't open. It was like Clint really wanted to keep them out or something.

"I dunno why we're even still bothering," she said, as they headed down to to give it yet another go. "Maybe we should just try stealing the underpants off of him instead. It might be easier and he's gonna be mad either way."

As she always did when they made another attempt, she reached towards the doorknob, giving it a turn, just in case. It was never open.

Except this time.

"Sandy!" she said, pushing the door open a crack. "Look!"

1958 / girl talk | jane
« on: 12/07/2019 at 05:26 »
Astro had busted up her hand. How was she supposed to know that there was a massive rock in the middle of everything? It had looked deep and blue from where she'd been standing. But it seemed that she'd somehow managed to smash her whole left hand on the only rock in the area.

Thankfully, she had friends in high places. And by high places, she meant people who were good at healing injuries.

And by that, she meant Jane. Basically, the only person in the infirmary this summer she would even let near any injury she had. Thank goodness for her.

"Tell me something to distract me," she said, wincing as she looked at it again. It wasn't nearly as bad as when her shoulder had gotten broken, but it was still gross looking. "Tell me about your last date - or adventure, or whatever you guys call them - with Devin."

1958 / don't play | Odi
« on: 12/07/2019 at 05:14 »
Early August
Girls cabin

Astro sat on her bed, carefully detangling her wet hair. She'd left it curly today, but jumping off the waterfalls had done some interesting things to it, leaving it more like a rat's nest than her usual nice curls. And the last thing that she wanted to do was show up to dinner and having Clara Darcy see her with that mess on her head. Or anyone else for that matter. That would be embarrassing.

Her mind wasn't really on her hair though. It was something else that had been playing through her mind lately. Just something she'd been curious about, maybe because of her sister, or maybe just because it had come up before.

She glanced over at Odi. "Hey, I got a question for you." Generally, she trusted Odi's judgement. She had a good head on her shoulder. "Do you think it's cheating if a girl kisses another girl? Or is it only cheating if it's with a boy?"

1958 / out of my hair | Calliope
« on: 12/03/2019 at 04:36 »
The girl had pretty hair. Like really, really pretty hair. She could almost compete with Gia for how pretty her hair was, and that was quite the compliment because Gia's hair was absolutely stunning.

Astro had seen her in the dining hall the day before and had desperately wanted to talk to her since then. She could be friends with a girl with hair like that, even if she was completely awful. Well, maybe not if she was completely awful. But a little bit awful was more than okay.

This was what she was thinking about as she sat near the mine - which she was definitely not going into because she wasn't insane. And like she had magically conjured her out of nothing (did it work like that? Could you conjure people? She needed to ask this when she got back to school), the girl appeared! It was a miracle!

She jumped to her feet. "Hi, my name is Astro. Is there any chance..." Was this a weird thing to ask a complete stranger? "...You'd let me play with your hair?"

1958 / makeover | bea
« on: 12/03/2019 at 04:21 »
Astro waiting outside the Team Cowboy cabins, hoping that she wasn't making a very huge mistake by doing it. But she'd seen the dress while she was out shopping before camp and it had been so perfect and she knew she had to at least try. What was the worst that could happen?

It didn't take long for Bea to appear. It was good too, because if it took too long, Astro might have talked herself out of the whole thing. Especially since Bea had a really good reason to hate her, unlike Clara, who was just the devil in disguise. The Ravenclaw girl at least had a chance.

"Hey!" she said, talking quickly before the other girl could run away. "I know we're not friends and that you don't like me but I have something for you and I'd like to at least show it to you. Do you think you could stay for just one minute?"

1958 / kool-aid | christoph
« on: 12/03/2019 at 04:15 »
Astro still couldn't believe that Artie had left without telling her, especially after everything she'd said when Polly had left. She didn't get it. They were supposed to be her sisters, and family was supposed to tell each other things. Instead, Artie just wasn't around and then she'd had to write their mum to find out that she wasn't anywhere.

What had the world come to, when friends were more reliable than siblings?

She'd gone up the the ridge, worried that she was upset enough that she'd yell at Ren or do something equally stupid. It was quiet there for the moment, so she occupied herself with throwing rocks off the ridge, imagining each one landing on Artie's head and annoying the hell out of her. She deserved it for abandoning her.

A figure caught her attention, that Slytherin boy she'd seen around a bit. How long had he been there?

"If you're gonna be a jerk because Clara Darcy told you to, go away before I shove you off the ridge." It was an empty threat. She'd probably just kick him. "If not, you can stay."

1958 / girls on fire | snaps with the devil
« on: 12/02/2019 at 04:53 »
Fifth Day of Camp

Astro's hands were covered in melted, sticky marshmallows. As much as she loved marshmallows, this felt pretty awful and she desperately wanted to wash her hands. But it was all going to be worth it.

It didn't take long for Clara to show her ugly face.

Astro moved quickly, not wanting to miss her chance. She wouldn't get a second go at this. There was a chance she wouldn't leave this situation alive as it was. Clara was kind of terrifying whens he wanted to be.

She launched herself forward, her marshmallow-y hands in front of her, aiming for the girl's hair. It would serve her right for making everyone hate her for no reason.

1958 / country roads, take me home
« on: 12/02/2019 at 00:57 »

I’m Hil (or Hilary or Lia or whatever you prefer, I’m not fussy). I’ve been hanging out around here since August 2018, mostly trying to ruin my character’s lives, but sometimes also making them happy. The latter is less fun though.

Some Random Things About Me in Real Life:
  • I like to play instruments, sing, listen to music (here’s my: 2019 playlist), sometimes write songs, and then go to work and do music therapy/teach music classes.
  • I used to do portrait modelling for painting classes when I was in high school. I’ve also worked in a copy centre, as an artist's assistant, taught cycling (mostly road/mountain biking skills), waitressed, sold computers, assistant-taught Montessori preschool, and worked as a freelance musician before starting my company. It’s been interesting.
  • I’m obsessed with my 9 month old puppy, Asta. He’s awesome and also kind of a jerk. Here he is looking like a snow demon.
  • I’ve been with my other half for 9 years this February. We talked about getting married a while back, but realized how much pizza we can get for the cost of a wedding. We chose the pizza. No regrets.
  • I broke my nose when I was 10 trying to ski with my face. I don’t recommend doing either of those things.
  • I thought everyone had music playing in their head at all times (not like an ear worm, but more like a radio in the background) until a few years ago when I was told otherwise.
  • Every year, from 11 November until 31 December, I count how many times I hear, sing, or am asked for Jingle Bells. The record was last year with 412.

  The Characters

Astro Marquis

Third Year Gryffindor. Dating Ren Cole. Impulsive. Addicted to marshmallows. Quidditch is more important than classes. Outgoing. Always down for something fun. Doesn’t always make the best choices and not very good at actually thinking anything through. Family is more important than anything else.

Elias Glass

Incoming First Year. Orphan farm boy. Animals are better than people. Generally apathetic. Easy going and always down for something fun. Likes to torment Vesper Delacroix. Plays trumpet because it is very, very loud. Likes Quidditch and flying, but not super competitive.

Lia Ayres

Expelled. Will be 17 at the end of August. Spent her sixth year poisoning people at Hogwarts before Clara Darcy came along and ruined her fun. Currently working in the illegal potions business. Kind of dating Henry Reed but it’s also kind of complicated. Insomniac. Likes books, tea, and hanging out with friends. Generally easy to get on with.

Adeline Carmondy

Six. Medium. Has two ghost friends (who she has been told are imaginary friends) that hang around her constantly. Cat owner. Very into books and fairytales and stories. Wants to be a quidditch player or a princess when she’s older. A bit on the odd side.

Harlowe Cameron

Thirty-something. World traveller. Has never held a job for more than a year. Done a bit of everything. Really good at conjuring things, really indifferent to most other magic. Unmarried and unfazed by that. Never much for rules. Really likes kids. Terrified of commitment.

Victoria Arrington

Forty-something. Paediatric Healer at St. Mungo’s. Cat owner. Total homebody. Never married, never quite sure why that hasn’t worked out. Very neglected by me.

Luke Delacroix

Twenty-nine. Works for the Ministry by day, involved in illegal trade by night. Vesper’s father and takes that very seriously. Married but not very faithful. Charismatic and always down for a good time.

All of these folks are up for plots and I never say no to threads, so grab me on discord (Hil#2520 or Lia Ayres on the server) or PM or whatever you prefer if you'd like to plot!

1958 / meant to be | astren snaps
« on: 12/01/2019 at 21:51 »
Second Day of Camp

It didn't take long to find Ren. They'd been planning to meet up anyway, she'd just had something to do first. But now she was wondering if maybe she should tell him that she needed a little while and would come find him later, get out of there before she did something stupid.

"Artie's not here," she said, in lieu of a greeting. "I checked the whole camp and I asked the counsellors from all the cabins and a bunch of other people just incase they were lying. She didn't come to camp and she didn't even tell me!"

Why did they keep doing this to her? Did Artie or Polly care about her at all? Why was she always the last to find out everything?

"If you weren't coming to camp or changing schools or whatever, you'd tell me right away, right?"

1958 / are you ready for this? | astro m.
« on: 12/01/2019 at 04:37 »

Astro Marquis

Astro Marquis’ Super Important List of Summer Goals:

1. Hang out with Ren as much as possible.

2. Sneak into Clinton Litchfield’s quarters and steal his underpants.

3. Win a quidditch game.

4. Hang out with her sister as much as possible because she graduates at the end of this year.

5. Write Alice a million and ten letters about everything she is missing and how much fun it is so she comes back.

6. Go for a midnight swim.

7. Get a really good tan. With sunscreen, of course. And by tan, she actually means lay by the water and read awful magazines.

8. Get better at playing guitar. Three chords isn’t really enough to play all the songs she wants to. And get better at piano too, if camp has a piano.

9. Pull the best prank ever.

10. Maybe try duelling. Maybe not though. Maybe talk to people who know things about duelling and see if it’s worth trying.

11. Have the best summer ever.

Think you can help a girl out?

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1957 / control group | Arthur
« on: 08/17/2019 at 17:36 »
It wasn't like with Sandy. She was sure that she couldn't just walk up to Arthur and ask him to snog her and it would all go fine. He definitely didn't seem the type for that, if his response to her trying to get him to fly was anything to go by. It was going to take convincing or tricking or something to make it happen.

Astro wasn't sure how she felt about that though. She didn't like the idea of tricking someone into snogging her, not really. But how else was she supposed to find someone to compare her kiss with Sandy to? Science required controls or something like that.

She's stopped by to visit Polly - who wasn't there and neither was Lia was said about everything that needed to be said - only to realize that someone in particular she'd been thinking about happened to be in that cabin as well. Well, if that wasn't a sign, she didn't know what was.

She leaned against the outside wall, snacking on chips instead of marshmallows for a change. One couldn't subsist on marshmallows alone, after all. She didn't have to wait too long for him to appear.

"Hey!" she called, offering her chips out to him. "Long time no see." Not exactly true. She'd seen him around camp all summer. But they hadn't chatted in a while. "You playing quidditch this summer?"

1957 / girl talk | Bea
« on: 08/16/2019 at 16:46 »
Astro leaned against the outside wall of the Werewolf cabins, shovelling marshmallows from the bag in her hand into her mouth. There was probably something she should actually be doing, but it was probably boring and she probably didn't want to be doing it anyway. And the shade by this cabin was nice and it didn't melt all her marshmallows in her hand.

A familiar head appeared out of the cabins and Astro grinned. She thought Beatrice Caulfield was kind of boring but generally fine otherwise. She just needed to stop being so darn serious.

"Hey Caulfield," she said, grinning at the other girl. She held out the bag to the other girl. "Marshmallow?"

1957 / target practice | Edith & Gia
« on: 08/14/2019 at 16:34 »
Astro sat with Edith on the highest spot they'd been able to find. They weren't really that high up; there wasn't exactly cliffs or something around the lagoon. But high enough that they could see everyone swimming and sunbathing, which made it the perfect location to get in some target practice.

She still only had her one water gun, which sat between the two girls, but she was mostly using the bag of mini-marshmallows to toss at the unsuspecting beachgoers. She tossed another one down, towards a boy with dark hair, but missed by a mile. Oh well, there were lots more in the bag.

"Do you think I could hit that guy over there?" she asked, pointing to a red-headed boy she was pretty sure was in her house but she'd never really paid close enough attention. There were much more interesting boys for her to pay attention to.

"Just don't hit her," she said, pointing over to where she saw the girl with the pretty hair. "She's scary and will hex you even though it's against the rules."

1957 / rumours | Sol
« on: 08/04/2019 at 01:34 »
Rumours flew around camp, as they did at Hogwarts, like crazy, though it was hit or miss whether or not they were true. That one about the girl who died in class at Hogwarts? Surprisingly true. But the one that said that Honeydukes sold a candy that could transform you into animals? Not so much. Though she'd learned that if a rumour said that people were snogging, it was safe to assume that it was probably true.

This particular rumour, though, she wasn't so sure about. Yes, vampires were real, but what were the chances that they would just so happen to have one at camp? It didn't seem too likely, but they'd had a werewolf at Hogwarts a year and a bit back. So it maybe wasn't too far a stretch.

And in this case, there was only one way to find out for sure.

She wasn't going to do it in any of the creepy parts of the camp though, not even the ones that were fine in the day time but not so fine at night. The mountains seemed a safer place. Worst came to worst, she could probably just scream and start an avalanche.

She caught up to the girl. Someone said her name was Soul or Mole or something like that, but she couldn't quite remember. Maybe it wasn't important.

"Hey!" she called out, jogging up to her, though she was careful to keep some distance. "I heard that you're a vampire. Is that true?"

1957 / come together | Sandy
« on: 08/03/2019 at 00:12 »
Mid July
After Dinner

The lagoon was perhaps not the most sneaky place for them to be shooting first years with water guns, but it did save them from having to constantly be running back and forth to a sink, so convenience won out over location. That was fine though. They would be able to make do.

Astro headed down, her water gun holstered in the waistband of her skirt. She caught sight of Sandy right away, but she didn't pull her weapon out. Not quite yet. A thought had been floating around in her mind for the past few days now, thanks to Alice Swan and her big mouth and ideas about kissing and gross stuff like that. And now that she was actually here and could actually see him, all the other thoughts about water guns and crying first years were slipping from her mind.

She wasn't sure Sandy would be up for it, but it was worth a go, right? He'd let her kiss him once already and sure, that had been on the cheek, but how different could it be?

She walked up to him, just a few butterflies in her stomach. It was stupid to be nervous, though. Astro Marquis was not afraid of something silly like kissing. Maybe she was just nervous that Sandy would slug her or something. That would make more sense. Better to just get this whole thing over with.

"Hey Sandy!" she called, waving. "Want to help me with an experiment?" He was going to think that she was such a weirdo. But oh well. She never cared much what people thought of her. "Want to kiss me so I can see if it's gross or not?"

1957 / trouble | Alice Snaps
« on: 08/02/2019 at 16:39 »
First Week of Camp

Astro was pretty sure that it was a stupid idea. After years and years of various schemes and ideas and following along with her siblings, she generally had a good sense of when something was a good idea and when something was a bad idea. But knowing something was a bad idea was not the same as not doing something that was a bad idea, which made the whole thing so much more difficult.

That's why she needed a second opinion. And who better to give her a second opinion than Alice Swan?

She found the older girl in that fancy building thing on the north side of camp and flopped down on a sofa nearby. She pulled a half-full bag of mini marshmallows from her pocket and held them out to Alice before taking a few from herself and shoving them in her mouth.

"So," she said, once they both had their sugar. "I need your opinion." She paused, trying to figure out how to phrase it that she didn't sound completely insane. "There's this girl with crazy long, pretty hair. How bad would it be if I put melted marshmallows in her hair?"

1957 / you and I look good together | Astro Marquis
« on: 08/01/2019 at 18:32 »

Astro Marquis

Astro Marquis’ Super Important List of Summer Goals:

1. Kiss people to prove Alice Swan wrong and that kissing is actually pretty gross.

2. Win a quidditch game.

3. Find a victim for the marshmallow hair experiment.

4. Check out all of the cabins and make sure hers is the best.

5. Sneak into Clinton Litchfield’s living quarters and see what kind of underwear he wears.

6. Make sure her sisters don’t get too freaked out. You know, with the whole horror thing that’s going on. Someone really didn’t think this through.

7. Find a real vampire.

8. Figure out which twin is Devin and which one is David now that they don’t wear different house colours ‘cause not knowing is kinda embarrassing when her sisters are twins and she can tell them apart.

9. Find out if Sandy still has his water gun and wage war on the new firsties. Alternatively, if he doesn't want to or is busy or whatever, find someone else to help her wage war on the new firsties with water guns.

10. Ask Jane about boys. Because Jane seems like the type to know these sorts of things. Or find someone who knows things about boys and ask them things about boys. Maybe about girls too, just to cover her bases.

11. Have the best summer ever.

Think you can help a girl out?

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plots go here![/div][/center]

1957 / one | Gia
« on: 08/01/2019 at 04:45 »
Second Week of Camp

It was a risk that Astro was willing to take.

She was pretty sure that she wasn't going to get detention at camp. For one, Polly was a counsellor and probably wouldn't let her get camp detention. For two, she had never seen camp detention or even anyone really getting in trouble at camp. So she was feeling pretty safe.

She just had to make sure she could outrun the girl with the crazy long hair. She was feeling confident about that too, though. That girl didn't look like she could run very fast, and Astro could definitely run very fast.

She snuck up on where the girl was, moving as quietly as she could, smearing the warm, melted marshmallow from her hands into the ends of the girl's hair. She only giggled when most of it had left her fingers.

Freestyle Archives / don't we look good together | Odi
« on: 07/27/2019 at 02:49 »
Day of this
After Dinner

Astro had been thinking about that Conjuring and Summoning class all day. It had just been so weird, all that talk about love and finding people you're supposed to be with by summoning their stuff. Was that what Divination was always like? Because she was pretty sure that she didn't want to take it if that was the case.

And then there was the whole situation with her and Sandy and Odi. That was weird too.

The more she got thinking about that, the more she wondered what Aphrodite must be thinking right now. Because both she and Sandy had gotten her object, but she'd only kissed Sandy. She'd never really thought of kissing girls before, but Polly did it and maybe she was supposed to have snogged Odi too, to see if she'd be a better fit than Sandy.

She wondered if Aphrodite was mad at her for that. Because a blown kiss wasn't exactly the same as a proper one.

There was only one solution. She searched out her friend after dinner that night, catching up to her in the corridor.

"Hey," she said, a little out of breath from running up. "Are you mad because I kissed Sandy and not you in class?" Best to be blunt and upfront on these sorts of things. "Cause I don't mind kissing you too, if you want."

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