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1961 / Breakbreakbreak
« on: 12/21/2020 at 16:40 »

Going on a break til the unforeseeable future

can probs get me through Steph/Feyre or Hil/Lia

Goes for all the chars

1961 / this is my only summer post
« on: 12/08/2020 at 23:04 »


i do not speak french

  Scroll for dog pics.

 you're welcome.

hiya! guess i should put some info about me here, hm?

» my name is Caz and i'm reusing my old code
» i am 19
» i'm from the north west of england
» i am in my second year of university, where i study child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing.
» i am a twin, a big sister, a little sister, a half-sister and a step sister. fun times.
» i am always ready to spam people with pictures of my pets
» i can't code and this took forever, esp because my puppy is trying to fight my senior dog uh oh
» if you hear me complaining about the human population, it's probably because i work in retail
» im having a very family based christmas this year so on top of that, working overtime, dog duties and uni work, i've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that i'm not going to be active this summer



mouse märchen
✒ graduated
✒ slytherin
✒ has a lot of mice
✒ self-proclaimed artist
✒ dancer
✒ b/w colour blind so may confuse things
✒ is he at camp?? idk try to find him

Gus Fraser

♜ second year
♜ hufflepuff
♜ shy
♜ will cry if you look at him
♜ aaaaaaaaa

My other chars are chilling in elsewhere and they are:

Henry Reed [19], PJ Carter [14], Kurt Garland [...26??] and a new baby called Jasper that I have yet to app.

Feel free to message me about any plots, threads and pet pics

1959 / fashionably late
« on: 04/14/2020 at 22:38 »

If you haven't seen me around yet, that might be because I'm taking a break from summer this time!

If you have and you still don't know me, then I'm Caz and it's nice to meet you.

Introductions aren't my strong point so I'll just give you some basic information without having to delve into my non-existant coding skills. (This is totally copied and pasted from last summer, sorry)


☽ i'm 18

☽ i'm currently studying child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing at uni (first year!)

☽ anxiety is my middle name, though it can sometimes also be translated to 'awkward'

☽ i'm an identical twin and i say i'm one of five but if we're being very technical then its one of eight, if we aren't being technical at all then i'm one of three. riddle, anyone?

☽ i have two guinea pigs who are basically my babies - feel free to inbox if you want some photos! At one point i had seven because genders were mixed up by a breeder and well, next thing i knew i had a pregnant guinea pig.

☽ my guinea pig's names are Gus and Carlisle.

☽ i have a dog called Theo, who is half blind and is majorly sexist when his hair is cut

☽ some of my favourite books are : All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters and Animal Farm by George Orwell

☽ currently reading war and peace by leo tolstoy as well as ill give you the sun by jandy nelson

☽ favourite tv shows atm: Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Modern Family, Glee, Big Mouth and Full House.

☽ favourite bands/albums/songs: Front Porch Step, Be More Chill (Broadway), Ben Platt, most things from Glee, MCR, Jimmy Eat World. Rec me any similar stuff!

☽ i live in the north of England, aka the best part. sorry southerners, don't hate the player, hate the game. i don't make the rules.

~~✎The chars!✎~~


◇ incoming seventh year hufflepuff
dating engaged to the poisoner
◇ currently not at camp due to personal reasons
◇ struggling to keep his feet on the ground
◇ a total mother hen
◇ open to threading with anyone!


◧ incoming sixth year slytherin
◧ clingy and protective
◧ easily distracted
◧ will race you anywhere
◧ sit still?? no
◧ crash by matt willis
◧ at camp ooc, find min find him


◷ chilling in elsewhere
◷ squib
◷ would be gryffindor
◷ the bullet point is a clock because it's ABOUT TIME he went to hoggies
◷ will fight you
◷ sensitive boi


✂ over everything
✂ ex-slytherin
✂ single like a pringle and he hates it
✂ man bun queen
✂ looks intimidating but he's fine once he's had coffee
✂ works 3 jobs
✂ living in elsewhere @ knockturn if you want to thread with him!


✿ currently 10
✿ is a twin
✿ open for threads!
✿ not entirely used to threading her yet
✿ soft, shy gal who is easily pressured


♫ seven (63 squad hype!)
♫ moderately deaf but wears his transmitter like a good boy
♫ likes drawing, reading and playing outside
♫ is not a spy addie!
♫ open for threads!!

1957 / big enough for the two of us ; Camilla
« on: 08/19/2019 at 22:36 »
If there was a place that one would usually expect to find Henry in - aside from the infirmary which he really couldn't avoid - it would be the library.

The books, the quietness, the amount of potential knowledge to stuff into his head until it's burning with the ache that told him he needed to rest. It was like a drug to him, a song that he loved the most, the thing that gave him the warmest of feelings - whatever metaphor one wanted to use, it was it.

Usually, when people were in there he would just sit in one of the seats that didn't have another person nearby so that he could stack up books besides him as a goal. This time though, there were no extra chairs bar one next to a girl that Henry swore he knew, but not enough to confidentially give her a name.

"Uh, can I sit here?" He questioned quietly, motioning to the empty spot. If not, he'd leave with his tail between his legs and books under his arms.

1957 / Hey Hey You You! - Willa
« on: 08/19/2019 at 22:26 »
He'd seen her around camp but hadn't actually had enough courage or confidence (or socialisation skills) to actually go and talk to her.

When he just so happened to be organising some of the potions in the lab - Henry was almost sure that it was Bracken because that boy screamed messy - and she came in, he shot her a smile.

"Hey. Need anything?" He would've just turned around and let her do her own thing if he weren't a counsellor, and one that was in charge of the infirmary, and technically needed to ask.

1957 / not so secret meeting ' Alice!
« on: 08/19/2019 at 22:17 »
When he'd first found Alice in the Werewolf counsellors area, he'd just raised his eyebrows at her and continued on to his room.

The second time, he'd said hello on his way to the dining hall after dropping off one of his books that he'd spent the morning reading.

The third, he passed her a note that said:

To whomever is asking,
Alice is in the werewolf counsellor cabin of Henry Reed under his acknowledgement and approval.

The fourth, he was already there when she came in. A book in his hand as per usual, with his right index finger sliding down the page at a fast pace, his pupils appearing to barely move when in reality they were skimming left and right, pulling the words off the paper and into his head where they swirled around like water going into a drain. A permanent drain, that was.

If Alice spoke before he was done flipping - the last test he'd taken from that weird man in a suit who came round every few years to give them tests in order to check his progress said he could read at around 12,000 words per minute - he didn't notice. When the next chapter page revealed itself, he stopped and turned over the top ear of the corner and looked at her.

"I think you're in here more than I am."

1957 / service with a smile - reedfield snaps
« on: 08/17/2019 at 22:57 »
He'd slipped a note into Clint's room with the instructions to meet him in 'the first place you think of when you hear my name' and then he'd waited in the library. There wasn't the same volume rules as in Hogwarts so Henry had decided to make the most of it and catch up on some down reading time as well as a catch up with Clinton. It may have only been a week or so between when he went home and came back to camp to help set up but oh gosh, it was an eventful week.

When the man arrived, he didn't look up from the book he was reading - Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson - and instead just said four words.

"Boy or girl. Guess."

Past Workshop Prompts / Prompt 2: I can't do this, mum.
« on: 08/13/2019 at 14:36 »
A thin beep slowly pushed the fog away from his mind, as though tugging a sled through snow in slow motion. Irritating material scratched at his skin and caused the tingle of goosebumps to break out like a virus.

Heavy lids opened and blue eyes looked.

The first thing he saw was white; everything was white.

He thought that he would have to apologize to his dad and his stepmum and the priest at their local church because Heaven did exist, despite the scientific proof that he had claimed to believe instead, as he was in it.

The beep occurred again and the idea of Heaven quickly twisted into his own Hell, with devils wearing stethoscopes and demons armed with clipboards.

Pulsing pressure made his pupils wobble and his lip dilate - he recognized the walls, the faces, the equipment.

Rough texture across his forehead pinned him down, trapping his arms and legs with heavy straps that made his skin ache and burn. A gleeful laugh in the distance, one that reminded him of bedtime stories and mood swings, told him that she was nearby and then there she was. Greeting him, hugging him, warning him. The pain, the pain, the pain, everything is about pain.

More footsteps brought people and people brought pills and pills brought fog. He couldn't do this, not after seeing the days where his mother had lost herself in her own mind, forced under by intense fear of invented scenarios.

Thrashing and screaming did nothing in comparison to fingers clamping on his jaw and prying his teeth apart. Water drowned him as swallowing the burning hot sensation of no control washed over him. He'd lost the battle.

The haze of sleep pulled at his lashes, fishes swimming across his vision as his limbs fell heavy and numb. There was no escape from the feeling of your mind being awake yet scrambled and rampantly grasping at straws to try and slip through the bars of the medicated cage your body is under and he felt so sorry, so sorry for ever thinking she wasn't trying hard enough, wasn't doing her best and being selfish for rejecting medication - mum, he wanted to cry from a mouth that wouldn't open, he just wanted his mum.

1957 / please don’t let go ~ palmread snaps
« on: 08/07/2019 at 22:10 »
He hadn’t gone looking for him - honestly. He had just happened to bump into him.

At least, that was what he told himself when he stood there in front of Charlie Palmer with his older brothers half-dyed-through-oil-from-the-tractor-slippers and Marley’s paint covered dressing gown. They had really stocked him out for the summer, whatever the weather and occasion.

“Ah, Charlie.” Henry shot a small smile at his previous roomie. “Couldn’t sleep either?”

1957 / gotta take the upgrade • james!
« on: 08/07/2019 at 15:07 »
There wasn’t much that Henry could say that he liked about this years theme for camp. He’d never been a big fan of horror - not even in books. His heart raced and his stomach flipped when he walked into a crowd of people or had to speak in front of a group, he didn’t need demons and ghouls jumping out from floorboards for those physical side effects. Plus, once they were in they couldn’t get out. That was probably the worst part, the nightmares and images that he wished he could erase.

Graveyards, however, were normal. Why they needed a graveyard of all things for a summer camp - theme or no theme - was lost on him. He’d visited his mum’s sister in the graveyard once when they’d been in the area after a business trip they tagged along for. There weren’t any flowers so they bought some and made it look pretty again. Henry had been almost seven but he still remembered it as if it was yesterday.

Wandering along this so-called graveyard of the oxymoron (living dead - a little bit contradicting), Henry was vaguely aware of another individual in the vicinity. Tilting his head slightly, he called over. “Seen any ghosts yet?”

1957 / awake me from my nightmare [open]
« on: 08/02/2019 at 13:55 »
some time in the late evening, just getting dark. First week of camp.

When he had found out the theme for the summer, and then which cabin he would be counselling, it felt as if a prank was being played on him. However, it was one he got over quickly. It could’ve been a lot worse, like if it was Lia or Artie or Sandy.. perhaps it was the lesser of two evils. Henry wasn’t able to forget it anyways so he might as well embrace it. The werewolf aspect of camp, that was. It was a horror story along with zombies and vampires. Only one of them were fake and two were real.

This was why he’d plastered on smiles and such for the campers in his cabin as the last thing they needed was some emotionally unstable kid as their counsellor. Half the student body probably didn’t even know he was there at the event two terms ago - yet it seemed like just last night - and Henry was determined to keep it that way.

Night fall was the worst, with absent thoughts, lack of sleep and resurfacing nightmares. They’d never left but at least he didn’t used to cry, even that was just so he didn’t wake Neddy or Frankie. The first morning he woke up all snotty and with wet cheeks, he knew he’d have to do something about it.

Hence the current situation of it being evening and his whereabouts being at the edge of the wolf man’s woods. If he could walk through it and not have a panic attack, Henry was pretty confident that he might be able to sleep better from then on. He had his wand with him but nothing else - he didn’t think he’d need anything else. The howls were causing his hair to raise on the back of his neck and arms and he could feel the tremors trying to become known again, just as the lovely silent movie was playing in his head. The inside of his mouth was getting sore and he barely realised that he was chewing it.

Due to his hyper alert senses that were tense in anticipation of growls, the smell of blood and the like, he heard the twig snap and moved quickly, his wand pressing into the neck of the intruder, a spell on the edge of his lips.

1957 / if I were a pianist, i’d play in the closet
« on: 08/01/2019 at 17:34 »


Hufflepuff 5th. Muggleborn. 9th Dec 1941.

Henry is a camp counsellor for Team Werewolf this summer ~~oh dear trauma~~ and is more than happy to chat to anyone. Last term was tough for the young Hufflepuff but with his friends by his side, he got through this one. Busy exploring himself and finding new friends, he’s a chill kid who needs to recharge his batteries every now and again. Classic introvert, am I right? His photographic memory makes him a handy side kick for remembering tidbits of conversations, secrets and confessions. Of course, his lips are sealed to anyone who doesn’t need to know.

If you’re alright with odd bursts of rambling about an interesting book he found or just a smoking session when all the younger kids are asleep, feel free to respond! Friends, ~~enemies~~ and whatever else there may be!

Everyone has a photographic memory but not everyone has film

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[span style="font-family:times;font-size:7px;letter-spacing:2px;color:#6D6968;text-transform:uppercase;"]AGE HERE. HOUSE HERE. BLOOD HERE.[/span]

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1957 / Year 2000 [open]
« on: 08/01/2019 at 08:45 »
He’d climbed to the top, it was his first mission of the summer that he wanted to explore the new site because even if it was the same grounds, the theme made everything different and worth his time. It was early in the morning, probably barely 7am as he got to the top. The view was almost breathtaking, if it weren’t for the fact that the little hike up there had beat it to the chase. He was puffing slightly because his body had missed the stamina and agility that he usually kept with him in his back pocket due to working on the farm. By the time it got to holidays, he felt so unprepared for lifting hay bales and pushing pregnant cows into the paddock.

Once Henry had gotten to the top, he sat down cross legged and just appreciated the view. Mixed with the sunset that he luckily got to see almost every morning, it was beautiful. As he had planned to miss breakfast due to spending as much time up there as possible, he had packed some fruit in a little pot as well as some hot chocolate in a flask. The house elves were the best with providing him with food beforehand.

Placing the food and beverage at the side of him, Henry would turn his head slightly at the footsteps that he had just become aware of. Ideally he had wanted to have some alone time - being a counsellor meant people people people all day - but it couldn’t be helped. If someone wanted to see the amazing view too, then that was cool.

“It makes me wonder what this will all look like in the when the new thousand arrives.” Part of him wishes he’d be there to see it but he doubted it. “I have fruit if you want some and hot chocolate, help yourself.”

1957 / awesome party, i'm so glad i came - h.r
« on: 07/18/2019 at 00:32 »



hiya! i'm caz, nice to meet you if we haven't met already! [Disclaimer: thank you Birb for being the awesome human being that you are and letting me use this code.] Okay facts!:

» i'm british - north west aka the best
» i am seventeen but by the time i am properly active again for summer, i will be eighteen!
» i'm off to uni in sept which is both scary and exciting, though a lot of my friends are going miles and miles away...
» i am a music junkie, nothings better than having literally any music type [bar rap + edm] playing in the background but i do prefer musicals and ballads because i like to imagine myself singing them even if i have 0 singing ability
» i have 3 guinea pigs (ive had 7 at one point and it was the best few months of my life) and one dog - i also have a lot of puppy and baby guinea pigs photos.
» i'm a twin and technically am one of five girls though my cousins are pretty much as close as my sisters are bc we're a tight knit family. my grandma is my best friend!!

15 . puff . calm.

Hen is my main castle character. He's a summer counsellor this year so plotsplotsplots! He is sweet and reserved and will happily recite chapters upon chapters of his favourite novels, speeches or just general interesting facts to you. If you're lucky.

He's a swirl of loyalty and anxiety that clashes from time to time. Sometimes he just needs reminding that it's okay not to know everything. Individuality is hard for him, a boy washed away in the midst of eleven (and growing) siblings and a home life that involves a farm, a clinically insane mother, an in-over-her-head stepmum and a downright troubled father.
14 . ?? . run.

Mouse is just another kid in the complex Märchen family, his fate written out for him without him knowing. Of course, if he did know he probably wouldn't bother to read it. He likes to see things, to see how it ticks and getting his hands dirty, whether it be through accidentally picking up someones precious item or ripping apart a clock to understand its function. Drawing keeps his fidgeting fingers entertained, will you keep him out of trouble?
9 . ?? . sensitive.

My little baby orphan.. PJ is one of four kids and whilst he isn't at camp just yet - the jury is still out on whether the kiddo will be a squib or not so who knows what the next term will bring? - he's available to plot with in elsewhere! Shove him in with your kids, he'll charm their socks off. With adults? As long as they'll buy him a treat, he doesn't mind. Be warned, he has a big brother and sister who are fiercly protective of the little rugrat, as well as a baby sister who he's now guardian of.
23 . Snake . man of all trades.

Kurt is an ex-Slytherin, ex-ministry worker, currently resides in knockturn apartments. Works at the greenhouse, snake pit and jokeshop. applies for like 5 jobs a day, work work work to help send his mum money and to keep his girlfriend-who-isnt-his-girlfriend-happy. he's a grump but catch him at a good moment and he'll have a half decent conversation with you. Needs more friends, really.


Past Workshop Prompts / Prompt 2: Dangerous.
« on: 04/27/2019 at 21:36 »
Stage 1:

(Done by my friend, who has an art insta if you want to check out his other stuff! @cygnxis)

Stage 2:

Professor Navarro is probably insane.

Felicia Navarro was my Care of Magical Creatures professor in my third year. It was the first year I convinced myself to take the lesson and I still can’t decide if I regret it or not.

We’ll start with her stable side. She’s a lovely individual who I thoroughly enjoyed talking to about all sorts throughout the year. There isn’t many people who can tolerate my rambling and hundreds of questions, but Professor Navarro did. She listened and she answered. That gained a lot of respect. There wasn’t a point where she told me to go away because she was busy- even though I’m pretty sure I interrupted her doing something - or talk to me like I was a 13 year old who didn’t know anything. I learnt new things from her, such as the fact that you didn’t have to use quills to write with (what a discovery!) and about the animagus registry. It certainly helped to ensure that she was a professional person who was an expert in the mythical animal field, despite the fact that she was a new teacher, so I thought her classes would be safe.

The only thing that would be safe is to say the least that I ate my own words when her lessons started. The theme? Dragons. No, you don’t have fluff in your ears. Prof. Navarro literally brought a bunch of vulnerable children to dragons, or in some cases vice versa. This is where we’re venturing into the ‘she’s probably insane’ aspect. I have the utmost respect for the teachers at Hogwarts, so this is purely a strength, not a weakness. Why would insanity ever be a weakness?

The first main set of dragons we encountered were some little dragons. They were sweet and were sort of like moths but not in the sense that they flew towards light, more like they had dust on their wings. I enjoyed feeding them apples and watching the classroom turn into a mini forest. They were called Glasswing Flowers and I’d say they were the prettiest dragons I’ve ever seen. My dogs at home were bigger than them! These seemed like a nice dragon for the first lesson we had and it seemed like Prof. Navarro knew what she was doing and had the amazing ability of looking after these lovely creatures.

The second was the Desert Rockhides. I didn’t really pay attention much this lesson as I was having a rough time with my health, but I do remember being shocked that we were basically transported to a desert and had to figure out how to survive. This was a great opportunity to learn some basic skills too, as we got to learn about oasis’ and directions and safety. The dragon didn’t really come into contact with us but if it was real life, we’d have probably been eaten by it because it had hidden so well by the watering hole. That would not have been good.

It wasn’t in that lesson, where we had to try to save a blind classmate but in the lesson that we were taken out to the woods and introduced to a pack of Quetzle’s that I started to doubt Prof. Navarro’s stability. It wasn’t too reassuring to see her burn marks on her arm, and then a dragon perched on her hand. The dragons were bigger than the Glasswing’s and a red and green colour. They seemed angry and aggressive, like the dragon stereotype and nobody was brave enough to touch one. When we were told that Professor Navarro was the Alpha, one could have strapped her up in a straight jacket, and by the time she made one sneeze to demonstrate it shooting out its poisonous quills, it would’ve been the class that was doing the buckles. These dragons were not a fan of us, much like we probably weren’t a fan of them. Prof. Navarro was comfortable with them, as if she wasn’t surrounded by creatures that could kill her in a heart-beat. That was when I realised that she was insane.

Yet, through that insanity, it was only when I was out of that dangerous (way too dangerous for a bunch of kids) situation/s, that I really thought about it. Yes, it was possibly a good way to accidentally kill a class of students, and yes, most parents probably would not be too impressed if they heard that their children had come into contact with fire-breathing/poisonous-quill-shooting/confundus-inducing/easily-neck-snapping dragons but at the same time, they weren’t there.

They didn’t see how Felicia Navarro taught us that dangerous can be controlled, it can be contained and it can be beautiful. It can be tiny dragons or it can be ones that pretend to be rocks. It can be beautiful, and that is its most powerful weapon. I think that whilst Professor Navarro is insane, she is insane in the best of ways and she has such a big heart that she can love creatures that are capable of destroying her in a second, and she can love her students enough to show them that not everything dangerous in the world has to be scary. It can be a lesson well taught; that nothing is bad if only one has the right skills to make it good.

Past Workshop Prompts / Prompt 1: The beauty of simple
« on: 04/27/2019 at 20:10 »
Stage 1:

Stage 2:

The beauty of simple.

Unlike houses that are infected by hand-made bricks, castles are a true wonder.
Born from the stones of the land, she stands tall and mighty.
She protects those inside, despite the swirling of wind between her fingers.
There are no chimneys or gardens but instead, tall towers and a moat to act as limbs, to allow her to travel to magical places unknown to any man.
She is beautiful.
She is powerful.
She is simple, and she is just.

1956 / Crosswords / Open
« on: 04/23/2019 at 21:44 »
2nd August '56

Henry was under no impression that camp was boring, nor did he anticipate the amount of activities that would actually be available. There was a lot. He'd taken part in..pretty much all of them. They almost always involved socialising and were highly stimulating, such as duelling, infirmary and Quidditch. Henry's mind never stopped, or at least that was what his family thinks. Henry thought that his mind was just eager to learn. He was good at spotting patterns and was pretty decent with numbers. His eidetic memory helped in a lot of cases becase a lot of the education system before Hogwarts was just regurgitating information.

He could still get away with it in some aspects of Hogwarts, like in essays and homeworks but it also required practical skills, such as actually doing spells and stuff. That part he actually had to work at. Whilst he enjoyed actually learning and being challenged, this was summer and he was fine to take a step back and let himself relax when he wasn't taking part in activities. God knows, he deserves it after last term's events.

Today, he'd decided to sit on the edge of one of the fountains and do a crossword. It was in a book that had sudoku's, wordsearches and crosswords mixed about. Having been a birthday present back in December, Henry had filled in some parts of it already. The teen was hunched over, sat cross legged with the pencil tapping against his chin as he scrunched his eyebrows up in thought.

Henry was stuck on one, though.

"Strips in geography class.." He was sure he knew it somewhere, it rang a faint bell, about how something connected land across water. He just couldn't remember the name of it for the life of him. He'd missed out a few on this last crossword puzzle but was determined to finish it, whether it was by himself or with help.

1956 / Row, Row, Row your boat //Open!
« on: 04/23/2019 at 20:57 »
10th August '56

It was sunny and Henry was happily absorbing the last few days of camp before he went home. Part of him regretted going to camp because only having a week to spend with his family afterwards was way too short but he had to remind himself that he made that decision purely because he couldn't stand being home all summer after last term. Perhaps he'd stay home next summer, and do a camp-home-camp (etc) pattern for the rest of his Hogwarts years.

The little island that had a lot of boats moving to and from was one of the only places that Henry hadn't been to yet, so he was spending today ticking it off his bucket list. Except, he didn't exactly trust boats. He could swim and all, he just didn't like the idea of a pieces of wood floating on water. The logic was there, as well as the magic moving the boats so he wouldn't even have to row, but it still spooked him.

That was how he found himself standing at the edge of the water, watching the little boat slowly move towards him from the small island. His hands were picking at each other, as if there wasn't enough skin to get to in time, like the discomfort would suddenly wash away his fear. He didn't even know why he was afraid- there was magic on the boat, it wasn't going to sink nor was he going to drown. Perhaps it was the floating sensation but he couldn't be quite sure.

As the boat got closer, he felt his nerves rattle again and adjusted his bag over his shoulder (which contained a book, sunglasses, suncream and binoculars) to head back over to the main area of camp. He'd just have to look from a distance.

1956 / Make-believe Land // Alice!
« on: 04/15/2019 at 16:37 »
15th July '56 9pm

One thing that Henry liked about summer was the fact that the sun set at a good time. If his analysis of the sun and moon's pattern over the last few weeks was accurate, the sun should set today at roughly half past 9.

It wasn't too early as to make everything dark when even the youngest of campers were outside but it wasn't too late as to mean that he'd have to sneak out after curfew. This sunset was before anybodies curfew, so it would mean that everyone could see it if they wanted to.

Henry had chosen to sit on the edge of the cliff that overlooked the waters, his legs dangling below but he was secure enough in his spot that he wouldn't fall. He had enough grip.

He was starting to get a headache from looking at the slowly descending sun, but it was all going to be worth it when all the pretty colours came out. He'd once read somewhere that it was to do with the light molecules scattering, though he'd stamped it as magic a long time ago. Henry didn't know if anyone would join him for the sunset, he hadn't found anyone who had appreciated it as much as himself. If he was artistic, the teen would've loved to try and paint it..even if he was quite sure that no painting could ever accurately get its wonderful-ness.

1956 / The Book of Henry | H.R’s Summer Journal
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1st July 1956
a neat note book that is usually under his pillow


Apparently writing in a journal is supposed to help organise your thoughts, like locking them away in different filing cabinets. According to my mum anyways, and you can never tell whether she’s being serious or just saying something to throw off the Government listening to our conversations through the radio.

I've decided to write it as if I'm writing to the person who gave me the idea so that when I go to Hogwarts, she can read about my summer. So, Hi mum! I know you're upset with me right now but I promise that this will make up for it. Don't show any of your doctors or they'll think I've gone mad. Not that you're mad, but they wouldn't believe either of us.

I got to camp today and unpacked. I was put in Team Cezanne and got the shock of my life when I walked into the dorm to see Raj. Remember him? The one in the green house that has really nice hair? So, that's good that there's someone I know. I'm not too sure on the other dude.

I'll talk soon.

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