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1959 / who's got game?
« on: 04/03/2020 at 15:21 »
Heeey, I'm Megan, but everyone just calls me Meg or Whatever-Character name is working for you that day. Not picky. You can probably just poke me without calling me anything and I’ll answer you. I've been around here for a while, off and on, since 2005. Billie Dragomir was probably my most recognizable character (until Téo), but we're not gonna talk about how old she is or her kids, gah.

I’m lazy, so here are some maybe stolen lists?

random facts.
one: i’m thirty-something, but apparently look twenty-something (or sixteen if you’re that rando dude at the walmart).
two: before the plague, i spent my time paralegal-ing at a law firm.
three: really into cooking, but a hot mess at baking.
four: big on history and true crime.
five: was going to europe this month or next, but coronavirus said, "lol, no."

random currents.
tv show(s): wynonna earp. mindhunter. one day at a time.
movie(s): documentaries? 
music: feeling the 80’s and 90’s.
book(s): a moveable feast by ernest hemingway. the radium girls by kate moore.
food(s): all of it. send help.

And, the more interesting, my characters! I’m always up for threading, so feel free to hit me up via PM or discord (Meg#2596)!

maria téodora "téo" wittington.
has accidental game.
20. gryffindor, class of '57. mexican-american. painter. intense artist type mixed with warm, protective big sister type. super nice. bit of a puppy when it comes to her best friend and secret girlfriend, vega nettlebed. has a giant maine coon cat that loves said secret girlfriend more than it loves her. currently in south america/traveling.

montgomery "monty" lee king.
has quidditch game.
12. gryffindor. upcoming second year. british-american. daughter of aurors. has a gambling problem (but inherited her father's knack for good luck). inability to turn down a challenge or dare. obsessed with flying. signature look: jeans, t-shirt, windblown hair. signature moves: bruises, scrapes, broken limbs. currently at camp.

addison lee wittington.
hahaha what game?
No (47?). auror. texan-american (it's a thing). married to hector king, mother of monty and witt, and is téo's aunt. incredibly sweet, warm, and will stress bake you some cookies. incredibly protective, sharp, and will take you down without hesitation if she's on duty. secretly a useless lesbian. her very platonic marriage to her partner is also a secret. currently in london.

Freestyle Roleplaying / before i'm yours | téo/nashira AU
« on: 06/09/2019 at 02:41 »
evening, after dinner

friday 1 july 1955
first night of camp; upper year party

As the bottle left Téo’s fingers, she bit her lower lip slightly, because she didn’t think she was going to luck out again and get someone she actually didn’t mind kissing (like she had with Thijs).

What Téo was not expecting was for the bottle to land on Nashira Nettlebed, who was very much a girl. She knew that girls kissing each other was not a strange occurrence, if it was all in jest (or in attempted murder, considering some of the kisses she’d seen so far). It happened all the time. But Maria Téodora Wittington had not--even when it was all in fun, even when they were short a boy and needed a girl to stand in--kissed a girl. She’d always managed to (avoid) not end up being chosen.

Until now.

She hadn’t moved. Dark eyes had, naturally, became busy studying the girl in the light given off by the crackling flames, noticing how it reflected off sharp features, cheekbones, and blue eyes. Nashira Nettlebed was a person she wanted to paint, the younger girl had first caught Téo’s artistic eye in their conjuring and summoning class. It was much in the same way she was catching it now, because there had been orbs of light then, and it was that, the way light and shadows played across the girl’s face she found fascinating.

Téo momentarily forgot they were supposed to kiss.

She still hadn’t moved. Neither had Nashira, not yet, anyway and Téo couldn’t help the raised eyebrow at the girl. For whatever reason, maybe due to reputation, she hadn’t been expecting hesitation on the other girl’s part. It caused an amused, easy smile to curve her lips, momentarily forgetting--like she had momentarily forgotten they were supposed to kiss--her own tension.

Téo still didn’t move though.

cliff side overlooking the water
sunday 8 july 1956

Thijs Märchen.

He was the first person at Hogwarts she had wanted to paint. His very presence she could almost feel at her fingertips, nimble hands restless to reach for a paintbrush, to stretch canvas over wood framing. To mix just the right colors that came off him in gentle waves to her, and add texture to that soft, vulnerability he seemed to carry. The feeling of delicate warmth and sweeping, light brushstrokes that covered the planes and sharp angles of the boy would be different for her, a challenge to her bolder style.

Yet she hadn’t asked him. Not until last summer. Really, it had probably sounded more like a suggestion or even a statement, than a request. But in her mind, it was as good as asking. So, at the time, she had planned on waiting, and then patiently approaching him with a proper request.

Then six days without speaking to or even seeing Vega Nettlebed happened.

Téo had forgotten, had even damaged some of her canvases in her frustration, and if she wanted to be honest with herself (she didn't), it had been because of something else she had felt. All of which, all of this, had peaked at the feel of her best friend’s lips against her own, that night in her cabin, furthering the confusion, and other emotions she wasn't ready to name.

So Téo had been distracted.

Now though, a counselor again at camp, she was waiting again. Gave it some time before she’d approach him, and part of that was because Vega still wasn’t back (unless she had taken up the avoiding her hobby again), and she wasn’t sure she even would be at all.

So a package, wrapped in parchment paper and tied simply with string, was sent to the boy. Inside, was a clean, blank canvas, and a note could just barely be seen, tucked into the wooden frame: I would still like you on this.

Simple words, though they were, the handwriting itself and even the package was artfully done, taking care with the details. There was a date, time, and place if he chose to accept the (sort of) invitation.

Téo had everything fully set up, even if he didn’t come, she figured she could always do something with the view. The turquoise waters were captivating and comforting all at once to her, matching the ring on her right finger, and the necklace that hung at her collarbone. An empty easel was set on the most level surface of the cliff, and her box of painting supplies was balanced on a large, blunted rock piece, opened to the sharp, sea tinged air. 

She was leaning up against a tree, nearest the edge, while she waited, apparently only concerned with enjoying the breeze coming off the waters than how close she was to the edge of the rocks. In reality, dark eyes, though lighter in the afternoon sunlight, were carefully studying the shifting colors of the water below.

1956 / the familiar unknown | camilla
« on: 04/07/2019 at 01:02 »
during breakfast, the steps of palais longchamp

end of June 1956

Morning had broken the horizon, lighting up the entire camp, one golden bit at a time, as it continued to rise. It was pleasantly warm, this early in the morning, and she knew most of the campers were going to breakfast. Téo, however, was hiding (sort of) from her campers, not even in her own area, in fact. She was on the Marseille side.

Sitting on the steps that led up to the grand building that housed Team Cézanne, Téo knew she wasn’t that well hidden or anything. It just happened to be in a corner of the stairs that didn’t get used as much as the more obvious, direct routes did.

She was leaning up against the stone, one leg balancing a large sketchbook, while the other balanced the rest of her on the steps. A step above her was her breakfast: a cigarette, the color, and scent of cacao beans, and her usual mug of her coffee.

France, in this respect, failed to impress her seventeen-year-old self just as much as it did her ten-year-old self (despite that this wasn’t exactly France; it was close enough).

At the moment though, the sharp ended charcoal piece was unmoving, as brown eyes that appeared more amber in the morning sun, examined the statues of the fountain. This, though--the curves, lines, colors, all that France had to offer--that she would be impressed by. Not as impressed as she was by some of the painters from home, but nevertheless.

There was something very familiar about the shadow that suddenly fell over her then.

A smile spread slowly across her face, tipping her head back a little to look Camilla Carstairs in the eye. “Buenas,” Téo said easily, being pleased to see her, especially in this lighting (and her brain was only slightly still uncomprehending how Camilla Carstairs existed without a Vega). “Not hungry?”

1956 / take a piece for yourself | OPEN
« on: 04/05/2019 at 01:44 »
july, 1956
after midnight

There was a contrast; and it prickled at the edges, stinging and alive.

It was like hot, breezy summer afternoons, all blue sky and wild greens. Then a side step—just one—and there was sudden darkness, broken by crashes of metallic lights that struck out against the fractured stone and hard earth. The shocks of light would hit and crackle, streaming molten coppers and golds. Bronzes gleamed in the storm along with melted amethyst that ran through the rips in the old stone, glinting in the uneven strikes.

This was a constant inside of her. Somehow held together with open, delighted smiles and dark, intense gazes.

There was a pulling now, beneath her ribcage; she could feel it. Ever since last summer.

It was how she found herself among the ruins, well after curfew, hands in her hair, frustrated, as she stood in front of a large canvas. A very large canvas held up against one of the isolated arches.

It was blank.

Torches had been lit to allow for the right lighting, and the flames flashed and bounced in brown eyes, casting both light and shadow on them. There were faces she saw when she closed them, and it seemed to pain her, as her hands dropped to rest on her hips, a paintbrush gripped between the fingers of her right hand, twitching restlessly. The summer nights in France were warm, and Téo’s general painting attire had consistently been a loose white-button up, tucked into dark-hued trousers of some sort.

But something was off. 

Briefly, her eyes shifted to a small, mostly finished painting—flowers—something she had become more careful about ever since Jeremiah Smallweed had pointed them out, brought them into the light. Téo let out a heavy sigh, though it hadn’t been loud enough to cover up the sound of approaching footsteps from behind. The paintbrush between her fingers stilled.

"It’s late." were the words that left red lips, soft, but strong and not at all threatening sounding. Even though she was a counselor (again, much to her abuelita's chagrin), but in fact, the tone sounded curious enough that it seemed she would turn around and properly greet them.

She didn’t.

“Are you lost?”

1956 / Belated Intro is Not So Belated (this time)
« on: 04/02/2019 at 01:27 »

My name’s Megan, but people around here usually just go with Meg or whatever character I happen to be playing at the time. I will most likely answer to any of them, ha. I've been here a scary long time, but just recently came back a couple of terms ago (I think?) after a long hiatus. 

So I am notorious for two things: One, I speak in questions. Two, my brain is a 24/7 hot mess (okay, this one might not actually be notorious, but).

Since I'm not good at introductions, I’m totally gonna recycle a list:

The List of Things
  • writing
  • history, pre-1970’s (particular fascinations: WWII, Titanic, Radium Girls, ancient civilizations, othernotsowellknownevents)
  • psychology
  • books
  • tv shows/movies (just a few, because way too long otherwise): Buffy, (re-watched at least once every year), Doctor Who, American Horror Story, Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones, etc.
  • random documentaries
  • music: so varied, anywhere from Rob Zombie to Frank Sinatra
  • cooking (also eating, food is awesome)

I'm pretty open, so if you're ever wanting to thread, just hit me up! Nowww onto some of my characters!

Maria Téodora "Téo" Wittington. Mexican-American (Texan). 17, Gryffindor.
Current character. Painter. Warm. Disarming smile. Protective, big-sisterly type. Particularly good with children and/or those that don’t seem the easiest to be friends with. Intense Eyes. Basically is a puppy when it comes to Vega Nettlebed or Felicia Navarro (but will soundly disagree with this). Speaks Spanglish in an accent that has a lilting quality to it.
Issues: her mother’s death and she thinks she might be kind of gay.

PS: also has a gigantic, black Maine Coon cat that follows her around everywhere, creeps from the shadows, and magically just APPEARS. More Téo’s guardian than a pet.

char!facts  padlet  plot page (tba)

Adrian Dragomir. Early 30’s. Born in Spain, but moved (a lot); has a muddled British accent. Former Gryffindor
Son—of my very first character—Billie Dragomir and Lucan McCoy. Twin brother to Mia Dragomir.  Professional Quidditch player, but has never been able to tie himself down to just one team (might be due to, in part, having taken after a mother with major wanderlust). Known in the Quidditch world for his speed, and sudden dives, he has earned the nickname El Halcón. Girl crazy (especially blondes). Protective, big brotherly. Very warm, open, and good-natured. Has an interest in broomstick making (so he can move even faster than what he does now).

less active characters below

Addison Wittington. American (Texan). Late 30’s (maybe?). Auror. Téo's Aunt.

Bianca Rosalind Lécuyier. Late 30’s (I HAVE NO IDEA)? French-Italian. Seer.

Billie Dragomir. Romanian, raised British. maybe 50? Former Gryffindor. Animagus. Magizoologist.

1956 / Infirmary Sign-Ups 1956
« on: 03/29/2019 at 09:30 »

Welcome to the Camp Infirmary!

If you’ve ever been interested in the arts of healing, potions, or just enjoy helping people in general, then please feel free to sign-up below! No experience necessary!

The Infirmary is a fairly relaxed scene (OOC, at least), so for those of you that are new, it will give you a good, sort of preview on how the Hospital Wing works at the castle.

Like the Hospital Wing, we will be having our own Case Study for the summer. There will only be just the one, but we promise it’s bound to be a very entertaining and illuminating time!

(HINT: the title of the Case Study will be Paris, je t'aime).

When the Case Study is not happening, you can volunteer to help and aid your fellow campers with an array of injuries, questionable rashes, contagions, deathly boredom, and potentially explosive illnesses throughout the summer (but don’t worry, we’ll help to make sure your patient doesn’t actually explode).

Important Dates:
  • 1 APRIL  -  Infirmary sign-ups open
  • 10 APRIL   -  Infirmary sign-ups close
  • 7 APRIL  -  Infirmary Case Study starts
  • 28 APRIL  -  Infirmary Case Study ends

ENTICING BONUS: Any camper (or counsellor!) who posts three times in the case study this summer will receive 2 points towards passing Hospital Wing next term.)

If this all sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, then awesome! Just fill out and post the sign-up sheet below! If any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to your infirmary counsellors for the summer: Téo Wittington, Lia Ayres, and Marilyn-Rose Wilson.

Code: [Select]
[center][div style="width:390px; padding:0px; border:2px solid #5F6FA3; border-radius:20px 20px 20px 0px;"][div style=" width:390px; height:200px: padding-top:10px; margin-bottom:10px; background-color:#5F6FA3; border-radius:15px 15px 0px 0px; font-family:Elsie Swash Cap; font-size:24pt; color:#ECE4D4; text-align:center;"][shadow=#F1C232,left]Firstname Lastname[/shadow][/div]
[left][table][tr][td][img width=100]https://i.imgur.com/5g8AY0D.jpg[/img][/td][td]
[span style="text-align:left; text-transform:uppercase; font-family:archer; font-size:11px; font-weight="900"; color:#336699;"][i][b]AGE:[/b][/i]
[i][b]DESIRED POSITION:[/b][/i]


credit to rafael navarro for the original coding.

1955 / Belated Intro is Belated
« on: 12/17/2018 at 06:14 »
Hiiii, I'm Meg

…Or whatever nickname pops into your head. I’ll probably answer to it. I’ll refrain from mentioning just how long I’ve been on this site, and, just how long a hiatus I took before coming back last term. My life likes to explode in the most dramatic of ways, and always when I try to come back—and like clockwork that has actually happened again—BUT, I’m still here!

--I’m going to take this time to apologize for my sketchy MIA status lately due to said life explosion. A few of you know this in detail, but it boils down to I’m currently uprooting my whole life and starting over in a different state (that I’m going to freeze in because I’ve been living in Florida for the last four years and lack winter clothing, gah). But going to do my best to stick around! wishmeluckiwillneedit.--

I’m super horrible at talking about myself, so I’m going to recycle a list of things I like!

* writing
* history, pre-1970’s (particular fascinations: WWII, Titanic, Radium Girls, ancient civilizations, othernotsowellknownevents)
* psychology
* books
* tv shows/movies (just a few, because way too long otherwise): Buffy, (re-watched at least once every year), Doctor Who, American Horror Story, Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones, etc.
* random documentaries
* music: so varied, anywhere from Rob Zombie to Frank Sinatra
* cooking (also eating, food is awesome)

Now onto more interesting things:

Téo Wittington
16 | gryffindor | mexican-american | painter

Téo is my current active character, and daughter of an older, highly neglected character of mine, Charlie Wittington (also, her aunt is Addison Wittington, an auror, and got more attention than her brother). Téo’s a bit of a conflict, as she’s very warm and big sisterly, but also deeply intense and passionate when it comes to her painting. Painting is Téo, and currently, she is struggling with the death of her mother, living away from her very large family in Texas/Mexico, annnd potentially trying to figure out why she doesn’t think boys are all that exciting. She still needs ALL THE THINGS, so hit her up!

FYI, if she’s staring at you, she probably wants to paint you (orrr you could just look weird, maybe).

Adrian Dragomir
32, maybe? uh | gryffindor | professional quidditch player | basically a big puppy

While not super active, I have been itching to play him, so he may be popping up soon in Elsewhere. He’s the son of my very first character on the site, Billie Dragomir, and has a twin, Mia. Fun, warm, entirely big brotherly. Has his mother’s restless nature (has yet to commit to one quidditch team), but lacks her smooth moves, which is unfortunate due to his love of women. Quidditch is life and is known for his speed. He also needs ALL THE THINGS.

1954 / You have a Victorian accent.
« on: 08/20/2018 at 01:10 »
…is something my fiancé’s co-worker said to me once. Thank you?

Hiii. My name’s Megan, but most people here call me Meg or some version of whatever character’s name I had at the time. Whichever works. I’ve been on this site an overly long time, and then took a super long hiatus (which means I know all of maybe 5% of people here now). I’ve tried coming back a couple of times here and there, but life usually eats me. I also kinda suck at being social, oops. You just have to kind of attack me/tie me down/poke me.

Being antisocial, I’m awful at talking about myself, so have a list:

List I
  • i’m a legal assistant; it’s boring, but pays the bills since writing at this time does not (yet).
  • currently stuck in Florida, but i desperately miss snow.
  • physically haven’t aged much since i was eighteen (i’m absolutely not eighteen anymore). thus i’ve been called a vampire many, many times.
  • cat person; my fiancé calls me the cat whisperer (the two i have i’m pretty sure think i gave birth to them and it’s weird). he doesn’t appreciate that the feral/stray cat community in our complex somehow ends up on our doorstep every night.
  • notorious non-singer. i do not sing. ever.
  • i speak in questions.

List II
  • writing
  • history, pre-1970’s (particular fascinations: WWII, Titanic, Radium Girls, ancient civilizations, othernotsowellknownevents
  • psychology
  • books
  • tv shows/movies (just a few, because way too long otherwise): Buffy, (re-watched at least once every year), Doctor Who, American Horror Story, Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones, etc.
  • random documentaries
  • music: so varied, anywhere from Rob Zombie to Frank Sinatra
  • cooking (also eating, food is awesome)

Annnnd… Enough of that. Characters:

Téo Wittington
She’s the daughter of my short-lived cowboy, Charlie Wittington, and is an incoming student (probably 5th year?). Mostly my only active character at the moment. She’s Mexican-American, 15, a painter, and is very warm and suave (sometimes), but also hot-tempered and stares intensely at things. She’s a bit like a kicked puppy since her mother’s death, but she won’t let you know that. Recently moved from Texas and misses her army of cousins. She needs all the things, so feel free to hit me up with ideas! I’m pretty open. (will hopefully get around to making her a plot page some time too)

Others I could be persuaded into bringing out to play:

Addison Wittington

Adrian Dragomir
professional quidditch player, loves blondes

Billie Dragomir
first character, i don’t know what she’s doing/probablytraininingadragonorsomething, mother of Mia and Adrian

and such.

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