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1957 / cards and cupcakes
« on: 08/23/2019 at 14:55 »
I'm somewhat late to the party this year, but you can have an introduction anyway. Excuse the lack of code... I'm hopeless at it.

My name's Elisa and I've been on the site in one incarnation or the other for quite a while (though there was a huge long break in between Yuku and this spot, simply because I misplaced a link). I live with hubby and the pooch in Northern England, though I hail from much MUCH further South.

My career has always been a bit strange. Over the years I've been a teacher (A-level Economics), fishmonger, lettings agent, footwear designer... but right now I'm a retail minion at the place that rhymes with fresco.

I watch too much Netflix. WAY too much. And I read even more than that. We've actually started getting rid of books so that we can reclaim some space in our tiny house, but then somehow all the space has been filled with board games or other cards. Even if we lived in a larger house we'd probably fill every spare bit of room with something hobby-ish.

Current characters:

Shirley Webb is my carefree yet deep thinking Gryffindor. She suffers from motion sickness, can't stand the scent of incense, swims a lot, loves antiques, distrusts house elves and has a way of doing exactly what she wants. Though her love life is non existent, she does pine after somebody. To distract herself she is planning a trip to Cambodia... though we'll have to see if she gets there before graduation.

Robbie Foxglove is an orphan living with two of his three siblings at the Hogsmeade Children's Home. His older sister Willow used to take care of the three younger ones, but after they were taken into care she disappeared. Robbie is still hopeful of her return, though the continued disappointment and ensuing bitterness will shape him into the ornery young boy you'll all get to meet next term. He's part of the now infamous nine ten(!!!) year old group.

Ophelia Marquis is the cousin of the lively Marquis twins, as well as the older sister of Odette. After spending several years in Egypt training as a curse breaker, she's now returned to London to try and resume life in more normal circumstances. She's ambitious and has strong opinions about a few touchy topics, which might still make her unpopular in the future.

Future favourites:

Cyanea Pantazis is loyal, intense, compassionate, shrewd, intuitive, clingy... and absolutely obsessed with the moon. This little dreamer is a hoarder of pretty things, people and memories.

1955 / salada de frutas (vega)
« on: 12/07/2018 at 23:13 »
11:12 am
second Saturday of July, 1955

She'd been browsing through the market stalls, looking for some berries  to add to her fruit salad when she spotted Vega only a few paces away. The two girls rarely spoke outside of class, but Shirley was in a chattier mood than usual.

"So why Herbology?"

The question 'why Brazil?' would have probably made more sense, but the redhead didn't need to ask it. The appeal of the Amazon was obvious. The weather alone would be worth the trip, let alone the strange creatures and unexplored forests. What she didn't understand was why Vega would go to the trouble of traveling all that way, only to study plants that could probably be found inside Greenhouse 3.

Unless there was a boy involved somehow, yet Vega didn't seem like the type to make decisions based on her hormones.

1955 / luminous (nash)
« on: 12/06/2018 at 09:52 »
Second week of camp
8:39 am

It was a glorious day for a swim. A little early, perhaps, but then Shirley wasn't always in the mood for breakfast. Instead, while her camp mates had headed towards Cair Paravel to be fed, Shirley had donned her bright pink bathing suit, pulled yesterday's clothes on over it and headed for in the opposite direction. The breeze that had tugged at Shirley's hair as she hurried westward had confirmed that she'd made the right decision in leaving her towel; the wind, along with the heat from the sun would dry her freckled skin in no time.

Once at Caldron pool, it had taken Shirley only seconds to strip off and head for the water. Right now, her wand rested atop the hastily discarded clothes; a summery skirt protected the polished wood from the rock under it, while her two shoes pinned the parcel down. Shirley's cotton shirt lay somewhat closer to the pool, as she'd kept it on until the last minute (for modesty's sake, just in case any stray onlookers were lurking). Thankfully, there had been none.

For the first time in what felt like a week, the girl was blissfully alone and she was making the most of it. It was a deep pool, but that did not scare her. She often cooled off in the fishing lakes of Lanchashire, so she was used to bobbing about without something to step on. Instead she was more than happy to twist and dive, stopping only to occasionally check the small parcel that had been tied to her left arm.

Instead of a bracelet, the cord of a drawstring bag had been looped around her wrist. The bag was made from cotton. Nestled inside was Shirley's collection of Gobstones, which made the bag quite bulky. She'd decided to bring them along at the last minute. While she didn't mind leaving them at the bottom of her small trunk, they were in need of a wash. Two of the larger ones still carried stubborn potion stains from the last time she'd played against her cousin Barnaby. One look at the frothy water of the pool had convinced Shirley that her stones would be sparkling clean by the end of her swim.

At first she'd been all too aware of the added weight of the bag, but very soon she'd gotten used to the water's resistance. The string had been fastened very tightly, so there was no harm in swimming down to the very bottom of the pool in a bid to sit on the rough pebbles. On her first attempt she'd run out of breath, but the second dive had proven successful. Shirley had spent a good thirty seconds down at the very bottom, trying to catch a glimpse of a few fish. She'd seen none, but had vowed to try one more time after catching her breath.

Her lungs were burning pleasantly as she breached the surface of the pool. She was slightly disoriented from the sudden glare of the sun in her eyes, which is why it took her a few moments to notice she had company. There was a pair of legs quite close to where she'd left her belongings earlier, but it would take the redhead a few more moments to realise whom they belonged to.

"Err.. hi," she said a little uncertainly as she swam closer to the edge of the water, her eyes already skimming the rocks for her shirt.

1955 / calm down, it's just a banana
« on: 12/05/2018 at 19:04 »
Sorry for the boring paragraph form. I can't code (at all!) though it's on my list of things to learn in the near future.

I'm Elisa, though sometimes I go by El.

It took me years to realise this, but I'm definitely a foodie. I get way too excited about recipes and preparing new meals for the first time. I'm actually making slow-cooked pulled pork with a sticky sauce for the first time tonight, so I'm anxiously watching the oven even as I am typing this. Also, our spice rack is insane.

My dog is awesome, but then so are all dogs. I don't think I've ever met a dog I haven't absolutely adored. If I didn't need to actually earn decent pay, I'd work as a fundraiser for a local dog shelter. I'm also obsessed with elephants.

I'm a Ravenclaw, though my favourite house is Hufflepuff. Living underground, close to the kitchens in cosy tunnels that probably always smell like vanilla and cinnamon is my idea of heaven.

I hoard glass straw cups. They're so awkward to store, but I love them. I have owls, skulls, jam jars in every colour you can think of and even a few retro ones.

Right now, Shirley's my only character here. She's my patient, sensible, grounded Gryffindor girl...and is the future great aunt of a character that I played long ago.


* is obsessed with history, gobstones and towers
* struggles with incantations
* loves to collect oddballs as friends
* hails from pendle hill in lancashire
* only rarely worries about the future
* is very suspicious of house elves in general
* is always in need of new friends/enemies/plots... so go for it <3

1954 / Second Glance | Charlie
« on: 08/18/2018 at 14:51 »
July 18th, 1954
Late Afternoon

Shirley was propped up against one half of the Gumtree arch, the ghost of a smile visible on her usually serious face. A perfectly clear gobstone lay in the palm of her hand, while the rest of her collection was resting in her lap. She was wearing a skirt (for once) and the dark felt did a good job of gathering the stones in a colourful cluster. At first glance, the stone in her hand had resembled an ordinary glass marble, but even the slightest movement made thousands of purple sparks erupt from the centre. It was a rare find, Shirley knew, one that she would treasure for a long time to come. Though all of her stones had been hard won, she did have a few favourites. This newest addition would definitely become one of them.

With a contented sigh, the young girl added her latest find to the collection in her lap, then reached for the plain black pouch that lay on the grass. She carefully undid the draw string, before scooping a handful of stones into the bag. The sound of stone on stone didn't alarm her one bit; her father had cast a protection charm on the bag a while ago. Nothing that went into the small pouch would get chipped or damaged in any way. With a second swipe of her hand, she managed to deposit most of the remaining stones into the bag. Unfortunately two managed to evade her grasp and rolled down the side of her leg before bouncing off the trunk of the tree and disappearing.

With her heart in her throat, Shirley quickly closed the pouch before running her fingers through the damp grass. Something cold and smooth brushed against her right palm. With a sigh of relief the girl retrieved the clear stone before continuing her search.

For a few minutes she thought she'd lost the other for sure, until she spotted  a glint of yellow a bit further down. It was an older stone, one that she'd won off her cousin, and it had fallen between some of the thicker roots of the gum tree. Though it was a bit muddy, it was otherwise unharmed. Since it was just beyond her reach, Shirley shifted into a better position before squeezing her arm through the roots. The smell of damp soil mixed with the feint tinge of rot should have deterred the girl. Unfortunately her eyes were only on the stone that beckoned just beyond her reach. She forced her arm in even deeper.  This time, her fingers closed around the orb with ease but as she tried to pull back... she couldn't.

Shirley was stuck.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to brace herself with her left hand before attempting to push away from the tangle of roots. A sharp pain shot through her shoulder and she gasped, realising that the brittle looking tree was tougher than she'd thought. Glancing back, she was despirately hoping to see something, anything, that could be used to unwedge her arm, but there was nothing. Only the black pouch lay a few feet behind her, along with the shoes that she'd kicked off earlier. The fingers of her right hand were still closed around the yellow stone, while a hard lump near her hip bone told her where the other escapee had gotten to. She managed to twist into a lounging position, then wish she hadn't; the white felt poodle on the front of her skirt was now streaked with mud.

Groaning, Shirley looked back down at her trapped limb. Her arm was wedged in a very narrow gap, with the network of roots widenning a little bit further from her. If she could just get into a position to move her arm further along she would be able to wiggle it free, but right now that was nearly impossible.

1954 / boom!
« on: 08/18/2018 at 12:04 »
I'm Elisa, but I also go by El or whichever character I happen to be playing at the time.

I'm a fishmonger by trade, which is a bit strange since I didn't grow up anywhere near the ocean, but I'm loving it so far.

Other than non-fiction books, I read too many YA novels, mostly because their covers draw me in before the characters hook me. This year I've also made an effort to read more sci-fi and so far it's going well. Right now, I'm obsessed with the Lunar Chronicles (only about four years late to the party) and I'm working my way through all of Ursula le Guin's books.

I have many small screen obsessions: The Affair, Sharp Objects, Midnight Texas, The Handmaid's Tale, OITNB, Stranger Things, The Tunnel/The Bridge, Supernatural, Fargo, 13 Reasons Why, American Horror Story. I also get much too excited about adaptations of anything by Agatha Christie. Film-wise I'm a horror nut (Hereditary was a la'al bit disappointing), love all things Disney and still geek out about Jurassic Park.

My girl Shirley is the great aunt of a character that I played for a long time on another board. It's a part of the family tree I've always wanted to explore, so I'm really excited about this. Shirley is independent, pragmatic, confident, curious, a little bit cheeky, very fond of contraptions and oddly detached. Though intelligent, her wand work is very sketchy. Most importantly, she is always open for threads, so please plot with me!

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