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1957 / temperature rising | open
« on: 08/12/2019 at 21:42 »
Late July

Swimming for the last hour had been a nice way to cool down while still building his endurance after rock climbing earlier that morning. That was strenuous work and not something he wanted to do in the middle of the day. It was hard enough doing it free-hand without access to the Muggle gym and its equipment. Rome didn't need to risk heat stroke to get exercise. That would defeat the purpose of staying in shape.

The swim ended up being a little more relaxing that he thought it would, with his sore arms and back. It was what he'd expected this summer to be without going home in between school and camp: relaxing and fun. Things weren't quite turning out that way. Sia accusing him of cheating when they weren't even dating had checked his fun before it had even begun. She was still being a little distant but it wasn't like he was an open book so he couldn't really hold that against her.

So the cool water had felt particularly good and Rome was pretty relaxed (or as relaxed as he ever got) when he finally emerged from the water onto the beach. He swiped a hand through his hair and then down his face to shake off excess water as small rivers of it ran down his bare chest and his camo-patterned shorts before it darkened the sand around his feet. After most of the water had been dispelled, Rome walked another few feet away from the tide lapping against the shore. He reached the area he'd left his sunglasses and towel but he ignored the towel as he dropped to the ground and laid out on his back, grains of sand sticking to his wet skin.

As the aviators were slipped over his eyes he called nonchalantly, "I know someone's there. Might as well come and enjoy the beach. I don't bite unless provoked."

He thought about this a moment as he rested a hand on his chest and the other beneath his head before adding, "Or unless asked."

1957 / I'd rather stay home and hang out with my dogs
« on: 08/06/2019 at 02:18 »

This pic is a couple years old but it was super amusing that they had to wear cones of shame at the same time.

Hi! I'm Kristyl and I joined this site in July of 2011, just after the final HP movie because I still needed Harry Potter in my life.

So I don't have much of a life. I work too much; like 50-60 hours a week. But that's cool, I like hanging out with my two dogs and four cats more than doing most other things anyway.

Here, have a list:

  • I'm a Libra Sun, Aries Moon and Scorpio rising
  • I got my first (and only, currently) tattoo and saw my favorite band (The Spill Canvas) on my birthday on 10/10/10
  • I have two different colored eyes. One brown and one blue/green. They only put brown on my driver's license
  • I'm from Wisconsin and, as you can see from the picture above, a life-long Packers fan.
  • Disney is life
  • So are sparkles
  • I like nature shows but I hate, hate, hate watching animals kill each other even though I know it's for survival.
  • I love music and spotify has been amazing for discovering new things. I'm always willing to listen to anything at least once
  • I'm a Stargaryen and a Huffledor so in an epic battle I'd probably die but I'd go down fighting?
  • I still watch cheesy high school romantic comedy type movies but mostly just when I'm bored
  • Some addictions I have are: mountain dew, chocolate and thai food.

Here, have some tv shows:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Supernatural
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Arrow
  • Reign
  • Gotham
  • Criminal Minds
  • Stranger Things
  • The Last Kingdom
  • Outlander
  • Probably some others...
  • There's probably a list in my head twice as long of shows I wanna check out

Here, have my characters (or the most played ones):

My Babies

Romero Hunt
17 | Slytherin | Halfblood

Rome only looks out for number one (himself). He's got more than just a few trust issues and more than just a few vices to deal with all those issues. Doesn't really care for magic, he rarely ever uses his wand. Mostly he's just trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other until he graduates.

Laurel Douglass
12 | Hufflepuff | Halfblood

Everyone's best friend (they just don't know it yet!), Laurel is warm like the sun and colorful like the rainbows she loves. She is very kind with a sensitive soul truly loves everything unless they give her a reason not to. There is a fierceness to her that doesn't show itself often but don't think she'd be so easily manipulated just because she's nice.

Felicity WildingAlricsson
18 | Gryffindor | Pureblood

Hogwarts did not go as Felicity had planned. She likes learning but she doesn't like staying in one place for too long and so academics were not quite what she hoped they'd be. But something else even more unexpected happened at Hogwarts: she found out that there really is such a thing as love and she found it. Now she's married and figuring out what comes next!

Coming soon to an elsewhere near you!

Zavier Archeron
10 | A king with no crown | Pureblood

This kid likes music, his best friends and almost nothing else. Enjoy!

This barely covers my character list but that might be getting trimmed soon. Still, if any of my kids catch your eye let me know! ♥♥

1957 / leave the ashes on the fire escape | rome
« on: 08/03/2019 at 03:48 »
romero hunt | seventeen | halfblood
to burn away all the words we wanna say 
Rome has a dark past. A past dark enough that the one person he's told (his father) doesn't believe him. He's learned to survive through his various vices: mostly smoking and fighting. Sometimes he filters his anger and bitterness into healthier mediums: art and playing the piano. He was sorted into Slytherin when he came to Hogwarts after leaving Spain halfway through his fifth year. He's probably made more enemies than acquaintances in that time but he doesn't do friends anyway. Just people who are okay hanging out with him without prying into his business. He might just be about to learn why he doesn't trust people all over again...

Some key traits:
-Smokes (and swears) a lot
-Chaotic neutral

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1957 / only the good die young | rolette
« on: 08/01/2019 at 22:32 »
A week into camp
Shortly before noon

After a morning of running laps around the black lagoon and some climbing mountains on the other side of camp, Rome had returned to the black lagoon to check out the island. In a magical camp for kids there wasn't much in the way of strength training opportunities so he was checking out all the different areas to see what they had to offer. The rock formation on the island presented another climbing possibility but the mountains would be the best for that.

It wasn't quite the same as lifting weights but he was at least suspending his own body weight by his arms as he climbed so it was something, at least. His match was still a few months away but allowing nearly two months of that to go by with minimal exercise would be a sure way to lose. He might have told Sia he lost some fights on purpose, this was not one of them. This one would be for some money and he needed that.

Somewhere along the way of exploring the island he'd found himself with some company. One Olette of The Really Long Name had shown up and she was better company than most so Rome didn't try to lose her at the first chance. The girl was on the quiet side, pleasant, when compared to Sia's attitude. And she didn't give a shit about who saw them together.

That thought brought a wry smile to his lips. "Have you ever cursed? In your entire life?"

1956 / pretty good at bad decisions | Rome
« on: 04/08/2019 at 01:19 »
romero hunt | sixteen | halfblood
practising for hell 
Rome is not a good person. Unwanted at birth by his own mother and his father's side of the familly he quickly developed a mistrust of most people and never attempted to make friends. Despite that, he had a mostly normal childhood with just him and his father. It was when he was around twelve and his father remarried that his life really changed. Rome became even more detached and began acting out. Sleeping became difficult and he got himself involved in all kinds of trouble. He taught himself boxing and even though he knew the proper way of doing it he had no qualms about fighting dirty at school. It was in his fourth year that Beauxbatons had enough and expelled him. His father decided it would be best to return to his home of England and for several months Rome's father and stepmother attempted to have private tutors take care of his education. Rome couldn't stand to be stuck in the house and increased his bad behaviour until his father enrolled him at Hogwarts. He started just after the holidays in 1956 and probably remains a mystery to most of the students there, whether they've met him or not.

Some key traits:
-Smokes (and swears) a lot
-Chaotic neutral

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1956 / follow me into the dark | artie
« on: 04/04/2019 at 23:29 »
Third week of camp
Probably past curfew...

Artemis Marquis had been attacked by a werewolf. A student werewolf. Hogwarts never did anything halfway.

Rome hadn't really seen her since the attack. He hadn't tried avoiding her either, there just hadn't really been a reason for him to seek her out. She had lived, he assumed he'd see her at some point in the future. Rome was not the type to offer sympathy and he assumed she was getting enough sympathy and pity the way it was.

Rome didn't do pity. He knew how shitty life could be. What he could offer was understanding. Most of his scars weren't visible but he still knew how having them felt.

For some reason, tonight seemed like a good time to go and find her, see how she was doing. He wouldn't exactly call them friends, Rome didn't really invest himself enough to be someone's friend, but the feisty Gryffindor had been among the first at Hogwarts to put any sort of effort into getting to know him. She didn't give up easily when she set her mind on something, he'd been able to tell that quick enough.

It'd taken a while to track down her whereabouts. Rome had stumbled through camp demanding anyone he bumped into if they knew where she was. Working late in the Infirmary was the answer he finally received.

He stalked his way over (in reality it was probably more of a shuffle) and entered the Notre-Dame look-a-like, banging one of the doors against the stone wall on his way in. He didn't apologise for the noise. Brown eyes bounced around the space before he located her, probably helping someone but he didn't really pay attention as he continued in.

"Angel," he called out to her before he fell backward onto the nearest empty bed, a low groan pushed out as he landed. Everything suddenly felt heavy. Rome tilted his neck to look around the infirmary upside down.

"I figured I'd wait until your shift was over or whatever and walk you back to your building." He paused there, considering his words. They sounded like something a kind person would say and he was not kind so he added, "You know, because you're a girl and can't be trusted to walk alone in the dark."

1956 / comfortably numb | open
« on: 04/01/2019 at 02:13 »
Sometime the third week of camp
late night/early morning who even knows...

It felt like he had eleven heartbeats.

Each fingertip burned and throbbed in time with his heart, angry at the abuse he'd put them through over the last...however many hours he'd been sitting at the piano bench. All of his fingers were red and raw, sore from the overuse since he hadn't played in months.

There was no music issuing from the keys now. Rome, drenched in sweat from his vigorous playing, had one hand in his hair with his elbow pressed against the open top of the piano and supporting his head. The palm of his other hand was against the bench with a cigarette held between his fingers.

It had taken nearly two weeks of his 'antics' as his father had called them to finally push the man into sending Rome to camp. Two weeks in which Rome had suffered every night and destroyed any sort of progress he'd made in defeating his demons the months he'd been at Hogwarts. He knew he'd never able to get rid of them completely, he'd always be broken, but he didn't always have to be completely shattered, did he?

Maybe he did, maybe that was his lot in life. It was fine, he'd find a way to survive.

That was where the piano came in. It hadn't taken him too long to find it, like his brain knew it needed an escape and led him to one. It had taken him two sleepless nights of searching to come across it. At least he'd had something to occupy his time instead of lying awake in his bed.

Tonight, when he'd caught sight of it, he'd stalked toward it almost angrily with his eyebrows drawn together and eyes narrowed as if the thing had offended him instead of providing him with some comfort. The sounds he'd ripped from the keys certainly sounded angry as well, his fingers moving as fast as they possibly could across the ivory; the pressure crushing instead of feather-light.

It had done the trick for the time being. His thoughts weren't completely centred on his life at home but there was still an emptiness inside. A gnawing in his chest because he knew the darkness would consume him again.

Rome heaved a heavy sigh and opened his eyes to look down at his fingers splayed on the bench. They were pulsing so hard he was surprised he couldn't see it.

He was surprised that with his blood pumping so hard through his veins he didn't feel more alive.

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