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1953 / Ahoy, mateys! (Open)
« on: 04/04/2018 at 06:39 »
First Morning of Camp
Older Girls' Cabin

Livvy let her trunk thump onto the floor as she stared around the cabin at the empty bunks. She didn’t see any obvious nameplates or anything, so she figured she was just supposed to choose. She really didn’t want to be the first to choose, but nobody else was here yet even though she was definitely in the correct cabin. What if they already knew each other and wanted certain beds? What if the older girls were supposed to get first pick? This would be her first encounter with her future classmates and she didn’t want to start out by making enemies. She was determined to have a better experience here than at Ilvermorny.

She sighed and shoved her truck over to the nearest bed. It wasn’t too close to the door or window, so she figured it wasn’t a prime location. The bunks didn’t look especially comfortable, but she had been expecting things to be a little…well, rough. It was a camp after all. Of course, the sort of rough she had expected was tents or leaky cabins. Her mother had said it was a different camp than the Hogwarts students had attended in her youth, but had still given her a rundown of what to expect. Pirate ships had not been anywhere in that description. Nor had cafeterias inside huge hollow trees.  The whole purpose of her mother telling her all about camp was to make her feel better about going into a totally new situation. Nearly everything looked different than she had expected. This was not a particularly auspicious beginning to her new life.

1953 / hi hi hi
« on: 04/01/2018 at 05:54 »
I'm gonna paste in an old intro that I also pasted in from an even older intro. Who needs new intros?

I'm Carrie. I'm 26 30 almost 33 and I live in Illinois (the not-Chicago part) Southern California. I've been at Hoggies about ?? terms, non-consecutively, since '61 (2007?). When I'm not lurking in chat and procrastinating on my posts, I work at a daycare, where I currently teach toddlers not to bite and how to use a spoon, in between the diaper changes am always in chat. I live there. I love Coke Zero and I don't love pickles.

There. I still love Coke Zero and hate pickles. Those are the constants in my life, apparently. I also watch tv shows sometimes with the husband, Mark. We like Agents of Shield and Adventure Time the most at the moment. Without him I watch Supernatural, Bob's Burgers, and whatever reality show amuses me most at the moment.

Okay, those things are also still true, except new tv shows and I had to give up my caffeine habit so less Coke Zero and also they changed the name to Coke Zero Sugar. I also like YA fantasy novels and corgis. I'm currently watching The Magicians, Shadowhunters, Reign, and Outlander (& I also love the books). I WOULD still be watching Supernatural if they made the new episodes easier to get online. Yes, I know, quality entertainment.

I have characters! (some of the years are pre-warp, of course. I don't live in the future)
Livia Thatcher: rising (hopefully) 5th year who is transferring in from Americaaaaa! She wants you to think she's really cool.
Annabella Twitchett: I abandoned her, but she would have just graduated. (Gryffindor)
Henrietta Chant: a smarty pants who I also abandoned and I guess she's probably like 21ish (Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff I think?)
Lydia Chant: is a terrible mother to ^^ and a decent healer. (Gryffindor '74)
Cassandra Chant: no idea what she's doing (Gryffindor '45)
Pippa Thatcher: is selling friendship bracelets on the street in Diagon Alley and probably giving Jazzercise classes. (Hufflepuff '40)
Elisabeth Thatcher: She was kinda boring but now she's Livia's mom! (Gryffindor '70)
Verity Blythe: is probably still alive somewhere. She also has a daughter that I played for a hot second but she doesn't get to be on the list since I don't even remember when that was. (Gryffindor '63)

And also ask me questions about things I forgot to add.

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