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1957 / jinkies! - jacken
« on: 08/08/2019 at 13:58 »
first week of camp, 1957

"What is that?" came in a harsh whisper, as the moon hardly illuminated the beaten up path.

Jamie's eyes were narrow as his feet crept at a slow pace, beside his best friend. He was not a ninny by any means, but the shortcut to the lagoon was a hell of a lot creepier than he thought. The fog crept around their ankles, masking the ground below, and the redhead hoped to god no hands were around to grab him.

There was a howl in the distance, and he halted, grasping onto Brax for support as his face moved towards the sky. Red eyes glance every which way, and he tried to listen intently. "We're going to die, aren't we? All I wanted to do was go scope out the girls," came quiet and whiny, genuinely afraid.

1957 / an impending doom -- mari
« on: 08/08/2019 at 13:29 »
third night of camp, 1957
12:03 a.m.

He shouldn't have been alone.

And he wouldn't have been if his best friend wasn't attached to Alice Swan, if Pilar had decided to attend camp, or even if Phoebe had gotten off her high horse and came back like she always had. But, none of them did, and Jamie was too annoyed with those circumstances to just sit in his cabin and sleep. Like a normal teenager.

But he wasn't.

James Othello McCormick was officially an adult, well, as soon as the camp had finished. And the idea terrified him, though the redhead wouldn't admit that to anyone -- not even Brax, not yet, not while his friend was so wrapped up in the blonde. (which he definitely condoned, especially with the legs on her) There was no need to ruin the happiness the sun brought each summer.

So, instead, he chose to drown his worries with a flask and a trek through the creep as hell forest. The heat was still smoldering, and in true Jamie McCormick fashion, his shirt hung from his back pocket instead of shielding his body from the annoying biting insects.  A swig of the harsh liquid brought a slight cringe, but even more so from the distant footsteps behind him than anything else.

"Hello?" he questioned, his vibrant hues looking to focus on the approaching figure.


    Slytherin | Seventh Year

         Let     the
Devil  in.

James Othello McCormick is your average seventeen year old boy. Only, he isn't. With a past that would send shivers even down the bravest wizard's spine, the redhead is a pessimist at heart. The only students he trusts are his best friend Bracken, on and off again girlfriend Phoebe, and close friend Pil.  A total flirt, the snake has no shame in the game of love and lust. He enjoys playing games, and doesn't care about the consequences. Reckless doesn't cover it, nor does arrogance.

But, let's play.

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Freestyle Archives / can you light the fire?
« on: 02/15/2019 at 03:25 »


Truth be told, Jamie wasn't the biggest fan of dances. It was another excuse for guys to spend money on a girl they didn't like as well as they let on. But, of course, he couldn't be the only fifth year boy not going. So, he mustered the last bit of money he had saved to go buy a more modernized suit, in order to stand out from the crowd. Even the shade he chose was sure to turn heads, and the snake did enjoy that very much. Being the center of attention was something he craved at times.

So, after about twenty minutes in front of the mirror, Jamie finally decided that there was only so much a dollop of gel could do for his red hair. After one last twist of his locks, the boy strolled out into the corridors. It didn't take him very long to reach the meeting spot he and Piper White had agreed upon. The pretty brunette was awaiting his arrival, smile plastered on her almond face.

"Ready?" he asked before planting a kiss on the girl's cheek. A giggle from the Hufflepuff confirmed his devious thoughts, and off they went.

The Spotlight Dance was a decent idea, he'd be the first to admit. The music was loud, the decorations out of this world, and the Hall was packed with students. He didn't bother sticking to the color code, not really knowing how the night would go with his date. After a few songs, he decided it was time to sit with a drink, and he leaned into Piper's ear to tell her just that. The girl nodded with a smile, and turned to go find a table while he found drinks. The night was going a lot better than he had anticipated in the beginning.

It took a minute for the tall fifth year to make his way through the crowd, and to the refreshments table. There was a ridiculous amount of choices, and for once, he was pleasantly pleased with the works of Pilar Reina. He stood in front of the punch bowl where a tall raven haired seventh year was serving punch. It didn't take but a minute for the girl to begin flirting, gently stroking his ego even further.

But a quick glance to his right made the boy start tuning out immediately. At the far end of the table was a beautiful blonde, stunning in ways the girl in front of her couldn't even fathom. Without another word to the seventh year, Jamie took the cup from her, and walked over to where the girl stood.

"The punch isn't too bad," he offered smoothly, standing beside her. "How's the food?"

1955 / incapable of making alright decisions/cor
« on: 12/10/2018 at 03:18 »

The darkness was a blanket, covering up the deceit and scandals that centered the camp. Every now and again, Jamie liked to rip it off, to relish in the stupidity that came with his age. To sneak out past curfew, to go to parties and drink far too much. Even more so to tangle himself in the strawberry scent of Corrina Buzolic's hair, much like he was at that current point in time.

"You look good," he paused mid-kiss to inform her before returning to their heated embrace.

His arms wrapped around her waist, holding her close as they walked backwards down the path. Curfew would be enforced in a few minutes, and he wanted to be as far away from the cabins as possible.

Fingertips played with the ends of her hair, twirling locks around his fingers. Once their greeting had finished, a grin spread across his features as he peered down at her. They had been snogging on and off since the start of camp just a week prior, but he still couldn't get enough of her.

"I didn't see you today," he offered a snippet of conversation as the pair continued their escape from the line of sight from the cabins.

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