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1955 / no one knows me, no one ever will // PIPES
« on: 12/06/2018 at 01:14 »

               American Mudblood

troubled sea so deep,
troubled home, no sleep

you've been flying so high, avoiding the road
Pretending to not feel alone

Streetwise | Firecracker | Cunning | Runaway

Piper Eden was born and raised all over the streets of New York City. Orphaned at a young age, she learned that staying in one place was rarely an option. Rather than let herself get shuffled around and abandoned by family after family, she often took it upon herself to find her own place to live. And it worked. For short bursts at a time until she was brought back to this Home or that Home.

After getting expelled from Salem in her third year, a caregiver moved her to Hogsmeade where she performed community service and homeschool for an entire year. Finally she was accepted into Hogwarts to start her Fifth Year.

But was she fully reformed? Maybe not. Piper’s wandering heart still beats very firmly in her chest. She still has no problem taking what doesn’t belong to her. Her trust issues still run rampant and she finds it hard to form too tight of attachments. But Hogwarts was a fresh page. A new start.

She just had to find where she belonged.

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1953 / Grave Adventures // ORPHAN GANG
« on: 04/22/2018 at 03:45 »
The Witching Hour or something

It was a little stupid.

As much effort as she’d put into distancing herself from Hogsmeade and the Children’s Home, she found herself helping to organize an escape back to that same place. True, the home was only a pitstop. Their real destination would be the graveyard. They’d be breaking at least two handfuls of rules in the process, which was even more foolish considering her recent acceptance into Hogwarts. At this rate she was going to be expelled before she even got there.

But still, here she was.

They were gathered by a designated tree outside the Lost Boy’s Home Under the Ground since the majority of the orphans were members of the fitting team. But there were others, too, from the Pirates and the Mermaids. They were missing someone, though, and Piper was about to remedy the situation. Telling the group to wait for her, she beckoned Gabe with her and they snuck back into the Lost Boys cabins.

Olette was sleeping soundly with a book still draped on her lap in the otherwise empty common room. The good thing about Gabe and her is that they were able to communicate almost silently and in no time at all a blanket was grabbed from the back of an armchair and thrown over Ole’s sleeping body.

Acting quickly was essential. Letting Gabe do the heavy lifting, they wound Olette in the blanket and hoisted her up gently, almost like they were going to carry her away to bed.

But no. Piper held tight to the girl’s feet and they were in a hurry now as they rushed to get Ole out of the cabins before she woke everyone up. “Shh!” she hissed, “Be quiet Ollie.”

When they got back to the Meet Up Tree, they set her down.

“Kay, now we’re all here. Ready ta go?”

This was going to be a good night.

((Powerplays of Ole and Gabe approved.))

1953 / The Big Bang // OPEN
« on: 04/18/2018 at 01:08 »
July 4th 1953
After Sunset

It was the Fourth of July and Pipes was bored. She wasn’t homesick per se. Rather she missed some of the traditions she partook in back in New York. No big deal. There was a simple fix to this trivial trouble. She’d bring a little bit of her traditions to Camp Neverland. And, for the Fourth, that meant one thing: firecrackers.

Yes. The good stuff. The stuff that woke the neighbors. Sent the littler kids running to their mothers. The stuff that rattled your brains a little bit inside your skull if you stood to close when they went off. Powerful and loud. To the point. Either the signal to the start of a really great night or a celebratory snap to end a really good night.

Excitement wiggling through her body, she picked up the pace towards her destination: Pirate Cove.

Ideally Gabe would be here to set them off with her. Unfortunately he was busy. Maybe he’d been out of the States for so long that he forgot about how big of a deal the Fourth of July had been. Maybe he’s just gotten old and boring. Whatever the case, it was his loss and just meant more for her.

It only took a few minutes to set up. Three tin cans were pulled from her backpack. And then several packs of bright red firecrackers were placed inside. With a little tweaking of the fuses, she set it up so that all three cans would go off at once. Finally she pulled a pack of matches out, deftly lit one and then carefully lit the fuse without hesitation.

Backing away, she waited for the noise.

…And then someone else approached the cans.

“Ay! Get away from them! You crazy?” she called.

…And then the shoom shoom POP POP BANGing started.

1953 / Fishnets // OPEN
« on: 04/17/2018 at 03:36 »
Middle of Camp

Morning was moving through the sky, melting away the bluish purple bruises into peachy pink blushes. The sun itself winked away as it pushed through the clouds. Soon enough the camp would be alive with activity, buzzing with the start of the new day. Plans would form. Friends would meet. Trouble would be had.

But Piper Eden was already awake, brushing the last of the sleep from her eyes with her fist. Truth was, she wasn’t getting a whole ton of sleep in the Lost Boys cabins. Luckily she was pretty good at functioning on minimal sleep. She’d certainly had a lot of practice through the years. Not that it ever got easier. You just got used to it. Besides, the sun did wonders for wiping the dust from your eyes.

Ever-present backpack on both shoulders, like a lost ship, she made her way towards the light house.

Not to the building itself. No. She had no use for it. But the treasure of junk thrown carelessly around it. Kneeling in the middle of the mess, she got straight to work, untangling rods from netting and casting them aside. Dusting rope off. Tugging on it to see which pieces were still strong and which were weather-worn and fragile.

She had no use for delicate rope and, that too, got tossed aside.

Allowing the work to absorb her, her fingers danced across the netting. Fishing net wasn’t something she typically had at her arsenal.

But Pipes was really good at finding something out of nothing.

1953 / Do you even boat, bro? // Gabriel
« on: 04/15/2018 at 22:57 »
Late Summer

Piper was always a little less on her guard around the other orphans from the Home. Maybe because she felt they could understand her a little better. Or relate to her. Or look past her hand-me-down clothes because they were going through similar turmoil. There were still walls built from them. But they were less enforced. Smaller. Shorter. Easier to scale.

Maybe more of a chain linked fence. You could see through it, but not pass it. Not too easily at least.

It was hard to let anyone in. But she tired.

Soon she would be going to Hogwarts and surrounded by people. But for now she was just happy to spend time with the handful of people she could claim as her friends.

If only she could find them.

Roaming the beach, she didn’t have to look too long, “Gabe!” she called, making her way over. And without further small talk or pleasantries she pointed at the Skull shaped rock, squinting in its direction, “Lets you and me check out what that’s all about, hm?”

And she slipped off to claim a sail boat.

1953 / Ex-Shoes Me? // Avery
« on: 04/15/2018 at 03:05 »
July 1953

Camp or no camp, beach or no beach, she wasn’t going to leave her shoes behind for anything. When one owned so little, it was important to take care of the small things that you had. Sneakers were vital and pretty difficult to obtain by… creative means. They were always on people’s feet, after all. And if you entered a shop shoeless, the shop keeps tended to know exactly what you were up to.

These particular shoes were tied together by the worn laces, dangling from Piper’s fingers as she roamed the beach barefoot, wiggling her toes in the sand. So often she was in the city, and this —she glanced at the sand and rock and sea— was a luxury. The city would always be her home, but she couldn’t think of a better place to kick back.

Enjoying the sun on her skin, she continued down the beach, swinging her shoes absently and watching a fluffy white cloud make its way across the horizon. Eyes scrunched up at it, she tried to pull shapes from the fluff. But it was no good. It was a cloud. Just a cloud. A pretty one, to be sure. But she never really understood the concept of seeing shapes in them. Wasn’t it part of their charm to be shapeless?

Lost in her fluffy cloud thoughts, she didn’t notice the tie in the shoe giving way. She only felt on shoe pull back to hit her in the arm and falling to the sand while the other went flying behind her.

and if it fell in the blasted ocean, she would have to dive in after it because she wasn’t going to hop around camp for the next however-many-days they had left

But there was no splash, like she feared.

Instead there was the unmistakable thud of it hitting something —someone?— solid.

Huffing a sigh, she scooped the shoe at her feet into her hands and turned, “Ah— Sorry! I wasn’t y’know, throwin’ that at you or nothin’.”

Piper Eden’s people skills were off the friggen chart.

1953 / Can't Hold Us // OPEN
« on: 04/08/2018 at 04:10 »
July 28th, 1953
11 o’clock pm

Her feet were very rarely idle.

Piper Eden preferred to stay on the move. And, though she very rarely had an actual destination, onward she always pushed. The shoelaces of her worn sneakers slapped the ground as she made her way up the mountain. Better fed than she was used to, and with an already high stamina, she moved fairly swiftly, avoiding larger rocks and tree branches that threatened to send her tipping over.

It had been nearly a year since she moved to Hogsmeade from New York City. And it had been a big adjustment. But the biggest adjustment, a year of no school, was, possibly, coming to an end. She’d done her homeschooling. She’d done her community service. She’d toed the line. Sort of. At the very least, she hadn’t gotten caught, and that had to count for something.

Now, on her 15th birthday, she would find out whether or not it had all been for nothing.

Too restless to read it inside the stuffy cabins, she took to the mountains, letter tucked into the back pocket of her jeans.

Once she finally made it to the top, she made her way over to large rock jutting out of the mountain. Climbing over, she took a seat on it, legs dangling dangerously below her. The view was probably fantastic, but she only had eyes for the letter she was tugging out of her pocket. She read it once. And then twice.

Her acceptance into Hogwarts.

Acceptance was a word she rarely felt.

1953 / don't belong to no city // pipes
« on: 04/01/2018 at 18:28 »

Piper Eden

troubled sea so deep, troubled home, no sleep
you've been flying so high, avoiding the road
Pretending to not feel alone
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Streetwise * Firecracker * Cunning * Runaway

Piper Eden was never stranger to moving around. If she wasn’t being shuffled around from orphanages and foster families, she was running away on her own accord, sometimes spending weeks at a time away from whoever was destined to take care of her at the time before being rounded up again and brought back to ‘The Home.’

Her status as ‘Muggleborn’ proved difficult at times, but she was able to work with it. She had an issue with wandering and thievery and it, and a handful of other misdeeds, eventually led to her expulsion from Salem at the end of her Third Year in June of 1952.

Summer of 1952 a caring and patient witch, Naomi Jackson, took Piper under her wing, though Piper still resisted and ran away often. Street smart and crafty Piper was far too used to taking care of herself. But Naomi, who had British roots, moved her to England where she began homeschooling her for her Fourth year and had Piper do community service through the Social Reconstruction Committee with the hopes that good behavior would gain the girl acceptance into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  As August came to a close, Piper began staying at the Hogsmeade Children's Home as Naomi had to return to America to care for a sick Aunt.

 Piper opted to stay at the children’s home where she continued her homeschooling and community service. Finally in the summer of ’53, Pipes got her acceptance to the school.

Maybe this time it’ll stick? It’s hard to tame a wandering heart.

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