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December 20th, modern era
central park ice skating rink, NYC
eight pm

"I swear if you let go-" The blonde let out a small sound in fear as her balance seemed to unhinge itself, arms outstretched and hands grasping the fabric of her companion's winter coat.

A puff of air visibly rose from her lips as she sighed in relief as her balance regained once again, legs stiff like a deer as an attempt to keep that said balance under control. Juliette didn't even want to remove her hands from Linden to adjust the white beanie on top of her head in fear she'd fall unfortunately onto the freezing icy floor.

Multiple figures skated their way past the pair, all sorts of groups collectively coming together to skate around on the large open ice rink. Couples held hands as they drifted along in a steady pace, a group of friends laughing as each other occasionally fall down, a little child squealing as they finally get the hang of their balance.

It was getting a little ridiculous over how many children skated perfectly normal past Juliette at that point.

The rink was lit up with different strings of christmas lights, the winter holiday in full blast throughout the whole city. Trees wrapped in multicolored lights and a light layer of fresh snow covered the grass. 

"I bet you even Baby could skate better on here than I am right now" The blonde laughed, her little red colored nose scrunching up.

1960 / my characters honestly control me now
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enfp - campaigner

[big thanks to alex for letting me use the intro template <3]

hello hello!

for those who don't know, my name is Jamie (or sometimes known as Emaline, Luella, etc based off of my characters). I'm sixteen years old and just about to enter my junior year (year twelve for you brits). please send help im so nervous obviously things are a little different with going to school during a global pandemic but I guess the bright side is now with having two days online during the week, I can have more time to respond to threads!

some quick tidbits about me:
♡latest music listens: childish gambino, conan gray, harry styles(always), anything from the 60's tbh, pink floyd, one direction(also always), five seconds of summer(my babies), music that plays at the end of 90's animation movies?
♡ tv show binges: AVATAR AND KORRA ALL THE WAY, that 70's show, greys anatomy, gilmore girls, the office.
♡current mood : praying for fall to arrive sooner i can't take this heat anymore and i miss candles
♡book recommendations: a court of thorns and roses series, selection series, throne of glass, the bad boy and the tomboy(official wattpad book that is honestly so cute and amazing)


♡ favorite candle scent?
♡ socks on or off when sleeping?
♡ which of your ocs do you seem the most like, wish you were, and who you wouldn't ever be friends with irl?
♡ favorite movie genre?
♡ zodiac sign?
♡ want to plot?
(limited addition because jamie has an addiction with making ocs)
Juliette Rose
28 . ministry . wine aunt.

One of the many cousins in the Rose family tree, american born, single to the max, really has an issue with loving wine and fabrics, always has her sketch book hidden in her work bags, trainee in youth welfare, lives alone with her french bulldog - baby, mega friendly, gives the best hugs tbh.

quirk fact: doesn't like the smell of steak
Maisie Juniper
23 . st.mungos . grumpy woman.

coffee addict, a grandma trapped in a 23 year old body, comes off unfriendly, RBF, perfectionist, workaholic, needs friends, goodluck to anyone who tries to flirt with her, adores sleeping and her hairless cat - Mihos, apart of the #hexadamclub, emotionless other than annoyance or frowning (only time to get her to smile is by telling her that theres a new deep roast added to a cafe menu)

quirk fact: spends hours smelling all different types of soaps at the store
Nari Parker
7 . future slytherin?  rugrat.

soft spoken, mega ambitious, apart of the rugrats, TINY TINY BABY, ballerina, going to become a ballerina ninja, already in karate lessons, has a nerdy cute english single dad, lives with her dad and their fat cat, mother died when she was an infant, small but crazy.

quirk trait: has a pet tarantula
Caspian Fedorov
25 . russian pureblood . rich rich rich.

Married, needs more friends!!, mechanic, rich pureblood lifestyle, super sweet and lighthearted, mega player in his youth, bilingual, again please be his friend he's a lonely dude minus being also friends with his wife.

quirk fact: LOVES black licorice
Luella Jones
19 . american model . ball of sunshine.

alumni class of '59, ex ravenclaw, american beauty, loyal friend, upbeat and friendly, kinda a mess at being an adult so far, romantic life is a little,,complicated rn?, modeling at Bumblebee Boutique, isn't very fond of liars due to experience, come be friends!

quirk fact: highkey a koala in real life



1952 / Dangerous{Open}
« on: 12/10/2017 at 18:35 »
July 16th, 1952
Early morning
Slightly chilly

Most of the summer, Caspian had been keeping his distance from everyone and tried to ignore human contact other than his roommates. He never even spoke to his own roommates. The only company Caspian had was his pet rat, Роза. Роза meant Rose in Russian.

Pushing open the doors to the cafeteria, Caspian felt Роза stir awake from her little nap in his leather jacket pocket. Running a hand through his dirty blonde hair, Caspian felt eyes instantly look towards him. Caspian couldn't help but smugly smirk at the suddenly attention. Who wouldn't look at him?

Snatching a tray, Caspian started loading his plate with different foods. He would casually sneak in a few pieces of gingerbread for Роза.

After grabbing his food, Caspian looked around for any sort of empty table that would be possible in the back. Away from people and prying eyes. It's not that he didn't love the attention it was more...he had been trying to keep a low profile.

Spotting a table in the distance, the young Russian started to make his way over towards the table when a sudden force hit him as someone stood up from their table. His tray seemed to go flinging back at him and all his food fell onto the floor.

"Hey! Watch where the hell your going!" Caspian spoke, his Russian accent fresh. He glared at the person in front of him, his body language showing that he obviously was pissed off. That was his breakfast!

"You better have a damn good excuse why you were in my way" The boy growled, his eyes narrowing. Back in Russian, no one dared to run into him or would not even stand in his way. Obviously this person stood up right in front of him and caused him to spill his food.

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