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1951 / Friday's Children | Cosette
« on: 08/19/2017 at 00:37 »
Mid July, 1951
Early Morning

A satisfying sound followed Ernestine, as she tromped her way past the Golden Goose Inn. Squanch, Squich, Squanch! The morning dew wasn't nearly great enough to make her footsteps sound like puddles, but she supposed that was better for her boots anyway. With a jacket tucked underneath one arm and her sketchbook in the other, she swiveled her head around for a nice spot to sit and observe the camp.

Her path took her toward the well. Some other campgoers had been whispering about how it had water spirits or some other such nonsense, but right now- as she spun around to take a gander at the camp from the well's point of view- it would do just fine. She laid her jacket with care against it's side and sat down.

Ernestine was drawing a picture for her parents. Even though Mum and Papa had encouraged the though of attending summer camp- "You can focus on making friends!"- they had worried over small things, like whether they had packed enough sweaters, or if a charm against ants would be necessary for her comfort. Now that she was here- and perfectly fine- she wanted to reassure them. So she would draw pictures of camp and send to them scenes of how wonderful it looked.

Humming a small ditty to herself, Ernestine scrutinized the setting with her thumb before finally putting pencil to paper.

1951 / Duellatorum | Mia
« on: 08/19/2017 at 00:13 »
Near the end of July

Ernestine rubbed her cheeks until her face was loose and determined. Standing in front of the Golden Goose, she made every attempt to smack her nerves with a proverbial newspaper and tell it to stop tearing the curtains. Absorbing the exterior of the Team Bird cabins helped a bit- it looked like it came straight from a fairy tale, with wooden eaves and grass growing over the little cobblestone pathway.

The noise inside- the source being visible through pained windows- was the worrying part. She was looking for Mia, and the thought of having to go around and interrupt perhaps multiple conversations to find her was a bit daunting. Though not as daunting as having to ask Gree-

Whap! Even though it was imaginary, the sound her newspaper made against her nerve was satisfying. Simply because Green seemed absolutely fantastic the night she watched her face off against Silvers and ... Cane, was it? That didn't mean to ask just a few questions would be too great and terrible. She was the Team Birds Counselor after all- and Ernestine was Team Birds, and that meant she could practically ask her anything, and Mia had seemed really nice when she introduced herself at the beginning of summer.

You are going to ask for tips on dueling- the young girl reminded herself as she marched across the lawn, swung open the door, and stepped inside- that isn't so hard. In an attempt to make her quest as quick as possible, she attempted to tug at the sleeves of the nearest person in the warm and chattery room and make a query. "Excuse me. I'm looking for Mia Green."

1951 / Sunshine Child | E. B.
« on: 08/18/2017 at 04:43 »

Ernestine Baumgartner

Halfblood of Eleven years
Ernestine lives with and helps her parents run a small bed-and-breakfast for wizards in Salcombe named Cliffside Callow. She was born in 1939 after the time warp to two muggleborns William and Ida, who were surprised to find themselves dragged through time and stranded in the British countryside during a dinner party. A return to Salcombe was a small relief- their house and business was still there, and still theirs, though they did happen to gain a dingy grey stray cat.

Due to World War II, Ernestine had an odd relation to her father- he was a set of letters to her, having been conscripted and sent away to fight. Until May 1945, it was simply her and her mother and the interesting characters in the Cliffside Callow. When he returned missing an arm, it was like an entirely different sort of magic; there was the warm words on crinkly paper in flesh and blood that actually existed, and he loved her very much, despite his absence. The short time the Hexenreich were in power wore on them both, mostly because Ernestine was desperately afraid her father would disappear to fight once more. William, for his part, was not about to let his daughter attend school with the wizard analogue of his WWII enemies, and took action.

Ernestine herself loves the busy duties of the bed-and-breakfast, from pinning up sheets to dry, to watching her mother use magic to bake, to learning how to hem curtains, to running to the store to get a replacement for pumpkin juice 'because orange juice will simply have to do'. Partly because she was born into the profession, mostly because she loves she praise she gets for service with a smile. Though the Baumgartner's are quite a little bit removed from the wizarding world than most folks, engaging with muggles far more than with wizards that were not their patrons or neighbors, magic has always held her interest. Especially the sorts of things magic can accomplish in the arts.

Artistic and little bit clumsy, Ernestine is reserved, preferring to show her feelings through actions. Or her sketchbook, though those feelings and experiences are a bit more private. She especially loves to dote on her father, even when he doesn’t necessarily need the help. While she does smile often and moves through life at patient pace, she has a habit of taking things seriously and moving immediately to do what she thinks is best, despite what others might think. Underneath layers of a genuine want to be helpful to people, that quick nature to do what's needed of her morphs into a hasty vindictiveness if someone actually manages to make her upset.

Ernestine is a bit of a go with the flow person (albeit a cautious one), so as long as you don't mind someone who tries to speak as little as possible, a friend could probably manage to sway her into an adventure or some mischief. She's a little bit intimidated by older teens, being in that strange stage of life where it's only easy to talk to kids her own age or adults, but a good magic trick will probably garner her attention.

She doesn't have any enemies yet (except for that rude old wizard who's never come back to the Cliffside Callow), but it would probably have to be someone who has either  done her a terrible deed or enough deliberate annoyances that she can’t stuff it down and pretend to be agreeable anymore. It's that person who will have a cold rival for perhaps more than just one school year.

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1951 / Er....Bibbity Bobbity Boo?
« on: 08/17/2017 at 03:00 »
Hello! I'm Waistcoats, playing for Ernestine, and I'm really excited to start playing here. I'm a little bit nervous because I'm rather green when it comes to playing in forums, but I can't wait to start meeting people! You can call me either by my player name or my character name (though I must admit, I might get a tiny bit confused by either one.)

I'm in college for character animation/ creative writing, and enjoy staying up far later than I should be. I draw a lot, both traditionally and with a Cintiq.  I'm really into cartoons like Star Vs the Forces of Evil, Voltron: Legendary Defenders, Miraculous Ladybug, and the new reboot of Ducktales.

I actually didn't grow up reading the Harry Potter series, my second year roommates introduced it to me after I was wowed by the Universal's Diagon Alley theme park. I have so much appreciation for architects, engineers, set designers, and background artists!

Hobbies include:
-Avoiding coding homework like the plague
-Reading fanfiction
-Reading webcomics!
-Walking 3 miles to school in the summer sun because I don't have a car and I'm far too stubborn
-Researching things for writing purposes

.........I would say more, but that's just the thing. By the time I sit down to introduce myself I forget most of the interesting things about me :P

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