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1951 / Hide and Seek | Oz
« on: 08/14/2017 at 16:20 »
July 20th

Phoenix's raised a hand as deep orange from the slow setting sun in the distance pierced through the tree branches and blinded her view. Dinner had left her uncomfortably full, but she was never one to turn down a game of hide and seek and a chance to make a new friend.

She needed to find a hiding spot, somewhere her new friend Oz wasn't going to find her to quickly, and somewhere where she was wasn't too well hidden that she was forgotten about and left behind forever.

That had happened once before with her half-sister.

She had sent Nix to hide in the forest out back of their home in Cumbria when she was eight. Needless to say it was very dark when she finally realised she had been tricked.

She came home just as her parents were about to call the police, sick to their stomach with worry. That was the only time she remembers Fallon ever getting into any real kind of trouble (if you could call going without a new outfit and makeup set for two weeks, a punishment)

Finding a tiny crawlspace beneath the spindled roots of a large oak tree, she climbed inside the tight, cramped space to hide, meanwhile in the distance she heard the echoes of Oswalds final count.

Grinning with excitement she tucked herself into a tight ball and patiently waited. One hand clamped over her mouth as to hide her bated breaths, she watched with eyes full on wonder as he came ever closer to the spot she was hiding in.

1951 / Summer Scrapbook // Phoenix Starr
« on: 08/10/2017 at 14:17 »

Phoenix Starr - Summer 1951

1951 / Wild Heart | Cain
« on: 08/06/2017 at 22:48 »
July 5th

Phoenix didn't miss home. Truth be told there wasn't much to miss. Her parents were working away again, which meant the only thing waiting back in Cumbria was her harpie Half Sister Fallon and her evil Aunt Augrey (Neither of which she ever desired to be around).

Truth be told she did miss her faries though... especially Tilly.

Camp Loki was like no place she had ever seen before ( and she lived in the Lake District surrounded by phenomenal views, thick forestry & beautiful wildlife). There was magic, she had always knew about magic but she hadn't experienced much of it on account of her sister been a squib - her Father thought it unfair.

Nix liked it here, there was so much to do and so many things to experience and see - and so far the other kids she had met seemed friendly enough towards her. She hadn't got into a fight with anyone yet, so that was good. She felt like she could finally be herself.

She hadn't made any solid friendships yet either...but there was still time for that.

By natural habit she had found the forest fairly quick, for that had always been her hearts home. Back in Cumbria she spent hours with Tilly decoratively perched in her hair as she hid among trees, taking pictures of the deer with the camera her mother gave her or playing games as they collected twine and logs for the fire. Here at the Camp, she had spent the best part of her morning collecting twigs and flowers to craft two tiny fairy crowns in hopes that it might lure a few friends in. They were such beautifully vain creatures, she was sure they would like the gesture.

Placing them on rocks, she slid out of her shoes to stand barefoot and tossed them to one side underneath a large tree opposite. It was the perfect climb, a think trunk with plenty of branches to grab hold of. Her small but agile frame made easy work of it and within a few moments she was neatly tucked away a few feet in the air, feet dangling either side of a tree branch, happily perched above.

Now she just had to wait.

1951 / Reborn • Miss Starr
« on: 08/04/2017 at 22:38 »

Phoenix Starr
Eleven | Team Birds | Halfblood
Born in 1940 to Valkor and Phoebe Starr, Pheonix was the second of two daughters. Her half sister Fallon (born from Valkor Starr's first marriage) was different to Nix in several ways, she was a mean, bitter, selfish and most importantly, a squib born with no inheritance to their shared father's magical abilities whatsoever. The two sisters never saw eye to eye, and although Phoenix tried to put there differences aside for the families sake, it never lasted as Fallon had a tendency to try bully her and take her thing's. As they grew older and Nix started to show her abilities her sisters envy grew bigger and her resentment became all too clear.

Her family live in a small cottage between the thick forest in Cumbria nearby the Lake District. She shares a room with her sister, which she hates so she spends most of her time outdoors exploring the forest for faries and wildlife or collecting wood for the fire. Her family are vegans and grow there own food in the cottage gardens, but Nix secrectly dabbles in the odd steak pie and mash when she is at friends houses.

Her Mother is a Nature Photographer and her Father is a Magizoologost. As they are often away working for their professions there Aunt Augrey often stays and looks after them in their place (and she doesn't like Phoenix or her Mother). During her stays she makes Nix do all the chores, and study while Fallon gloats at her from the sidelines getting her hair braided and having fun.

Phoenix is Adventurous, back home she loves to swim in the lake, fish and climb trees. Much like her Mother, Nix likes to take photos and write stories, she also shares her Fathers keen interest in animals and creatures of all kind, But her favourite thing to do it to discover new things and meet new people.

Nix has developed fighter's spirit from her sisters bullying. she'll fight anyone. she'll fight you. she'll fight your dog. she'll fight even herself. if that doesn't interest you—which it should, by the way, or else Phoenix will seriously consider fighting you—then something must be very wrong.

But despite Nix's readiness to fight anything and anyone, she's still a good person!! like, she makes these amazing lemon cookies. and she'll go on adventures too (so as long as she's the leader, but hush hush!) and maybe if you're super duper incredibly nice, she might even.... maybe become.... your FRIEND!?!?

(and then you'll teach her how to finally cartwheel and then she'll be in your debt forever and we'll all live happily ever after)

She is slightly dramatic at times and feisty too. She isn't the brightest in the bookish sense but she isnt dumb either. Her imagination and cheery outlook on life more than makes up for her lack of academia. She is foolhardy and boisterious and wants to do all the things, and a few broken bones aren’t going to stop her. not for long, at least, because when she got a leg cast she couldn’t do anything except whack people with her crutches. she will do things without thinking and say things without a care. consequences don’t exist when it comes to miss Starr (unless you’re a teacher or her mom, because those people scare her to bits.)

despite all these traits, Phoenix is glad to say she isn't mean or anything. in everything she does, she means well, and if you become her friend, you have a nuisance friend for life. c:

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