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1952 / making deals with the devil // lrc
« on: 12/09/2017 at 16:14 »

Lita Renae Chevalier
Half French, Half Spanish, Halfblood, Sixteen

never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary

Thanks to the betrayal of her best friend and boyfriend, our little puffball isn't as good as she once was. The picture perfect sixteen year old took a hard left, picking up smoking and leaving all conscious thoughts of rules to the wind. Still friendly as ever still, Lita is always up to making new friends, that hasn't changed. She's just more inclined to break rules, and snog a bit more.

Give her a reason to be distracted, yeah?

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Freestyle Archives / it was all a lie...// invited
« on: 12/09/2017 at 15:24 »
Continued from the Beltane Ball

"Do you really think you should be snogging him when you have a boyfriend?"

Lo's sassy tone echoed above the noise of the student body. With a grin curled upon her lips, the badger crept closer to her two friends while her boyfriend went to get them something to drink. Lita couldn't help but be completely full at the sight of the beautiful evening in front of them. Everything was just perf--

"That's rich coming from you. Didn't you kiss Bren over Break?"

Stopping just behind her blonde best friends, her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach. Wh-what? Her brows furrowed in confusion as she reached out to grasp Chloe's attention, cutting her off mid-sentence.

"Yeah,  but --"

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Lita's voice quivered.

Surely, there was a different Bren around Hogwarts. It wasn't her Bren, not Brendan McCrae, her boyfriend. They had been together since last summer. If Chloe had kissed him during break....that meant Christmas Break, when she had gone home and they had stayed at the castle.

She bit her lowered lip to attempt to keep it from quivering further, to keep the tears from welling in her eyes. There had to be an explanation for the comment.

"Did you just say you snogged my boyfriend?"

1951 / down 4 u \\ bren
« on: 08/07/2017 at 04:32 »
end of july
late afternoon

Two weeks had passed since Brendan had asked her to be his girlfriend. Fourteen days of absolutely bliss, basking in the sun that radiated from the Ravenclaw. Exploring new haunts, sneaking away in the forest for snogs, even acting silly and climbing trees, it all brightened her a day little more knowing she would be doing it all with him. She craved his attention more so now, adoring the way he looked at her now. Openly and freely expressing the words he hadn't yet uttered.

(Summer was good at bringing love into the air)

It made her even happier knowing that Chloe was one hundred percent supportive and happy for the pair. Though the brunette had been trying incredibly hard to split up her time evenly between her boyfriend and her friends, but she couldn't help but want to spend all of her time around him. Never would she have thought it would be this difficult trying to please everyone involved.

Especially Circe. Of course she and Lita weren't nearly as close as they were with Chloe, but they were gradually getting to trust one another. But it was proving to be difficult when the smaller blonde took every chance she could grasp to remind the Hufflepuff just how she viewed boys; that they were heartbreakers and were only good for one thing. Those very thoughts were beginning to get under her skin, causing a worry and panic to plague her mind.

She wasn't anywhere near ready for that.

And even in the cool, crystal water, the girl couldn't escape those taunting words Circe spoke. They stayed buried in the back of her mind, ready to spring forward any moment.

Splashed water brought her back from the cloudy daze she had found herself in. The sun was shining brightly above the camp, heating the bodies below. Exposed bronze skin held water droplets, no doubt brought forth from the boy she had been spending so much time. More than likely to grasp her attention once more, to grab her from the dark corner of her mind.

What would she do without her best friend?

"Bren!" she called out in protest with a laugh.

Not quite standing in the deepest parts of the spring, water reached her thighs. She bent at the waist to splash him back, a grin never leaving the curl of her lips.

1951 / whispers of devotion \\ brendan
« on: 08/05/2017 at 03:26 »
two weeks into summer

where is he?

Green hues scanned the passing faces, casting pondering glances at the campers she walked by. She could feel the steady thrum of her heart beneath her bronze chest, another sundress exposing the dark skin under the pale color. Hands clasped together at her waist, fingers playing tug of war with one another, a nervousness erupting within her stomach. It was an unsettling feeling -- an almost foreign one, twisting her insides into knots she didn't know the names of.

It was quite clear her friend didn't want to be found, at least not by her.

The past week had felt the absence of his boyish charm, that contagious laugh he seemed to have. It had been seven days since she had last laid eyes on him, and she hadn't a clue why that was. He had always been honest with her about everything -- hadn't he? Brendan McCrae was one of the most honest people she had met, and the sweetest, and the kindest. Surely this time apart was just a coincidence, nothing serious.

But that didn't stop her from wondering, from feeling hurt they hadn't spent much time together yet. She assumed after him being gone all of the previous camp, this would be their time to hang out as much as possible.


The familiar head of dark hair came into view as she was passing the Black Forest, and her brows furrowed with curiosity. Picking up her pace, Lita hurried to catch up with him, but not until both bodies were immersed with the looming darkness of the trees. Her footsteps echoed in the silence as she came just behind him, hand outstretched to grab his shoulder.

"Hey stranger," she started with a smile. "Where have you been hiding?"

As a chuckle forced its way through her parted lips, the look on his face made hers disappear.

"What's wrong, Bren? Why have you been avoiding me?" the brunette asked as she pulled her hand back as if it had been burnt, hands finding one another again to fidget.

1951 / not love, but dangerous \\ zakkk
« on: 08/04/2017 at 02:29 »
first week of camp
just past curfew

Lita had no idea Chloe and Circe actually slept. There was this twisted thought in her mind that the girls stayed up until sunrise, slept a few hours, then spent the day wrecking havoc and snogging boys. And mostly because Circe talked about just that; chaos, boys, and food, and definitely not in that precise order. Both of her blonde friends were firecrackers, that much was certain, but the Blackwood was a spitefire, something to be admired from a distance. Not up close, not if one wanted to avoid getting burnt.

She watched that happen far too many times to put herself in the line of fire.

But the brunette couldn't stop her heart from sinking at the sight of her two friends asleep so early in the night. She had gone through the trouble of sneaking out of her window, unaware of the curfew for the upper years, not paying close attention to the information given when she arrived, more excited to find her friends. But one friend in particular was acting strange towards her, and Bren had never been like towards her before, and it left her utterly puzzled. She chalked it up to their awkward kiss after the dance, frantically failing at her very first snog.

(Okay, maybe it had gotten a bit weird after that. But why did he have to let it affect their friendship?)

Shaking her head, the Hufflepuff pushed the thoughts from her head, but instead focusing on the path in front of her. Exposed skin found the moon, a light colored sundress hugged her frame. Peeling dark hair from her cheek, she shifted her thick mane to the right side of her neck. The water came into view and a smile found her lips, the croaks of frogs filling the air like music.

There was a slight breeze, and crickets soon joined into the chorus of nature. It was a peaceful setting, one she knew wouldn't exist if her friends had joined her. Where the two blondes went, fire was sure to follow. Though she had originally wanted their company, it was nice to be alone and be able to take in the scene before her. The lack of obnoxious noise brought her to a sort of contentment.

"Pretty," she murmured, bending down to pick a lily from the ground, before sitting down at the edge, just about to dip her feet into the water when a figure emerged from the shadows.

"Who's there?" the girl asked, unable to see the face of the stranger.

1951 / drive me wild \\ l.r.c
« on: 08/03/2017 at 17:58 »

Lita Renea Chevalier
Half French, Half Spanish, Halfblood, Fifteen

never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary

after a rather eventful term of first snogs and best friend fights, your neighbor friendly good girl is back for another great summer. after reconciling with chloe, she's back as the third of the little group with circe. sure to be inseparable, she's ready to dive back into the swing of things. she's bound and determined to shake things up, try and smear her reputation a little bit. are you going to help her be a little bad?
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1950 / scared to burn \\ fish
« on: 04/18/2017 at 22:35 »
Last month of Camp  1950
late night

If it were even possible, the energy of the camp was at an all-time high. It seemed like there was a gathering every night, of upper and lowers years, coming together as one to enjoy the night of fun and endless laughter. Bonfires were popping up every several feet, hosting at least a handful of campers with drinks, smiles, and flirting. Swimming was at an all-time high, or so it seemed, as teens littered the water, splashing and carrying on at all hours of the night and day.

There were only a few days until the campers would be leaving, to return home and get ready for another term at Hogwarts. And everyone was taking full advantage.

Including Lita.

Chloe was off running around with Circe, another girl who claimed stake on her best friend. And it wasn't that she didn't like the Slytherin, it was just Circe was a little bold for her taste. When the blondes got together, it was whole other world that was completely foreign to the French teen. She needed a break.

And Reggie was probably off with Zak, causing trouble somewhere, so she didn't even bother looking for the redhead, even though they hadn't been able to hang out much that summer. And it kinda hurt her feelings, but she was trying to act like it didn't. (--and was failing miserably--)

So, she opted for a night swim, wanting to find sanctuary away from the chaos.

In the furthest part of the river, Lita could still hear the laughter and the music. It was soft in the background, a peaceful humming almost. Eyes closer, head back, she rested inside the bank, arms rested on the ground behind her back. Fingers played with the grass, feet moving slowly, just enough to keep her afloat. Dark curls framed her face, cascading on top of the green on the ground.

So wrapped up in the contentment of the river, she didn't pay attention to the steps approaching.

1950 / shock me like an electric eel \ l.r.c
« on: 04/10/2017 at 06:27 »

Lita Chevalier
Fourteen. Halfblood. Ravenclaw.

one sees clearly only

with the heart, anything essential

is invisible to the   e y e s.

The upbringing of Lita Chevalier was one of envy. Born to a known, French muggle lawyer, whom taught his daughter the meaning of kindness and compassion, much unlike her Spanish author mother. The witch thought it best to instill the pure values she herself was brought up with; manners, etiquette, the simplicity a woman should have during conversation. Though she adored both parents, the young flower drifted closer to Pierre with each passing visit.

The girl attended Hogwarts her first year, sorted into Ravenclaw, before her family decided to relocate to France, forcing her out of the school she fell in love with. But not long after Christmas break of her second year, Selena fell ill and the family moved to London to get the best care possible, and that landed her right back at Hogwarts.

Lita's attending camp for the first time, and she's happy to say it's slowly bringing her out of her comfort zone, cracking the shell that covered her from view. She can be found attached to Chloe Rose's hip, or even trying to hang with her best friend Reggie, when he isn't causing trouble with Fish Weiland. Though she may be shy, the little eagle is loyal. and desperately needs more friends

Shy  Sweet  Loyal  Driven
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1950 / my heart burns there, too \\ Fish
« on: 04/05/2017 at 15:11 »
July 1950
right before curfew

As the day wore on into the hues of pinks and oranges, the heat died down. The humidity was lifting, giving the campers a sort of peace from the never ending sweat that seemed to appear everywhere. The sky was slowly darkening, bringing a beauty to the camp for all those who decided to glance above themselves, into something more than the chaos of the teenage fever running rapid.

Chloe was running free with the same illness that the young eagle was trying to avoid. It seemed as if this were the summer everyone was noticing one another, developing crushes, and acting upon such impulses. And here was little Lita, the shy friend, keeping to herself when alone. Though it didn't really bug her to be known as Chloe's friend or Reggie's buddy, it did sting that she couldn't force herself to be more outgoing without their help.

And with both of her closest friends busy, it was left up to her to find some entertainment.

The shorter brunette wandered through the camp, eyes feasting upon the crowds of campers going amongst their business with friends and foes alike. A small smile stayed on her lips, inviting anyone to approach her, to include her in the festivities that any other teenage would have intruded in on their own. Internally, she began to kick herself for the nervousness found in the pit of her stomach.

Surely, it shouldn't be this hard being fourteen.

Stumbling upon a roaring fire pit, nearly as tall as she was, Lita found an empty bench in the midst of a smaller crowd talking excitedly around the fire. With a soft sigh, she lowered herself onto the smooth wood, one hand smoothing the long braid hanging over her shoulder. Green hues scanned for a familiar face and landed on an older year, close friend of her own.


Before she could stop it, a slightly wider smile formed as she looked on at his own grin. The fire made his face glow, enhancing the handsome features he had grown into over the course of a term. No longer was he the lanky boy she remembered when she was a first year, before she left and missed out on so much.

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