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1958 / Deep End (Open)
« on: 12/01/2019 at 15:24 »
July 2nd 1958
Sometime after breakfast

It was a new era, so to speak. Imogen could see everything and everyone. She remembered her time as a blind person very well. All the trials and the successes and the failures. The fears. Speaking of which, she was facing her biggest one as a blind person that morning. She had settled next to the pool of water, watching the clear liquid coming down in an amazing spectacle. And she remembered how afraid she was to get anywhere near to a large body of water.

Now, it was different. She wasn't afraid anymore. Still having some issues with actually being in the water, since she didn't know how to swim all that well. Imogen had recruited Gabby for the few days between the end of term and start of the camp to try and get herself accustomed to water again. Unfortunately, learning how to swim wasn't that easy. So perhaps someone could teach her how to do so at the camp. Someone in charge, not just anyone.

For the moment, she just sat there at the edge, cross-legged and watched the waterfalls. A shirt and short pants covering her two-piece black swimsuit. At some point, she'd probably at least dip her feet in the water, maybe even stay in water at a low depth, before heading back to her accomodations for this summer break. It was different. A good different. Hence why there was a smile on her face almost non-stop. Ever since that last day at the castle when she had regain her sense that had gone missing for almost 9 years. It had felt so good. It still did.

Now she had to slowly catch up to what she had missed all these years.

1955 / Forever Night (Open)
« on: 12/04/2018 at 04:29 »
First week at camp, 10 pm

It was rather strange to be at this camp with all these other kids. Most of them, older than her. It was supposed to be a camp with a theme. Some fantasy story that she hadn't really heard of. The Chronicles of Narnia ... She should ask Gabby to read it to her sometime. Maybe next term, whenever time would allow. The whole theme was a bit pointless to Imogen, since she couldn't see anything around her. So there was no excitement. Nothing. It might've as well been a regular camp.

It was towards the end of the first week at the camp. Imogen was sitting by herself by the river. Well, not really by herself. Max was there too, just beside her. The almost 11 year-old brunette had gotten adjusted to the surroundings of their 'cabin team'. It had taken her about two days of exploration to figure out where everything was. Well, most of it. She had no intention of entering the Western cabins. That was where the boys were.

The sound of the water running along was quite peaceful. It was a shame she couldn't see it. Just something to imagine in her mind. Imagine. Sandy's nickname to her was quite fitting. Imogen was living in a permanent night. Well, hopefully not permanent ... Maybe someday the sun would shine for her too. But until then ... it didn't matter if it was day or night for everyone else. It was night for herself. However, she was pretty sure that curfew was approaching. But Imogen wanted to stay there a bit longer.

Because it was peaceful.

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