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1952 / Yo
« on: 12/21/2017 at 18:35 »
I'm not dead!

Or well... I mean... I'm Kat been here for awhile. I got a few characters and because I don't like talking about myself... I'm just going to list them and them... or most of them. Not all. Cause there are too many.

Oswald Viggano
"Something of a prat."
Pureblood. Third Year and oldest son of Catharina and Frank Viggano. He doesn't really understand the need to interact with people, but he'll try. Sorted into Ravenclaw he's judgemental and really not all that patient and more like his father than he'd like to admit.

Eirian Aalmers
"Sociopath... maybe."
Muggleborn. Fifteen, and most likely will be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw... She isn't all that polite. More focused on her own goals and achievements then others. Doesn't mind lying and can be a bit lazy. Not really much else I can say.

Xerxes Gerdher
"Disgustingly good-looking."
Pureblood. Former Slytherin, and heir to his family's fortune he's currently engaged to Tempest Northcutt. They were basically caught making out everywhere at Hogwarts. He's being groomed to take over the family business, and also planning a wedding. Being only 19 though, this may be a little more difficult than he thinks it will be. That and he's pretty and he knows it.

Adam Carlisle
"Cinnamon roll."
Pureblood. Dis-owned, and currently working as a bartender at the Warbling Rogue, Adam Carlisle is an actual cinnamon roll. He's just too pure and good for this world even though his world isn't going exactly how he thought it would. Then again at least he's got a job and gets to walk dogs almost everyday. So... it's not perfect but he's happy.

Vincenzo Nicolosi
"Kristoffer Carlisle."
He's Pureblood and actually he's Kristoffer Carlisle, but he just finds it easier to be Vincenzo at the moment. He is engaged to Elsie Marchen. It's cute. He doesn't know how he got so lucky. Neither do I. His past is rather tragic being a metamorphmagus and all. Father emotionally neglected him, brother died during the war (not really but he thinks that's what happened), was tortured by the British Ministry, and basically seen as a sideshow/anomoly for most of his life... Yah, he kind of has a right to be bitter. Still, Elsie makes everything better because she is amazing and strong and a beautiful angel that somehow is able to understand and love him. Basically I just love Elsie. Elsie makes him one of my favorites. 

Frank Viggano Jr.
"Former Badboy turned Dad"
American Pureblood that was sorted into Slytherin. He is the sort that can be charming with a smile and a wink. Never thought he'd get married but he did and he even has children! He has four in total. Two boys and two girls, one of them being Oswald. He is currently 32 and has been an Auror for about 13 years now. Cat is the love of his life and she's just wonderful. Again Frank got really lucky. Seriously.

Quincy Carlisle
"Feels way too much"
He's an Empath, former Pro-Quidditch Player and ex-soldier, he kind of has had it tough. His ability makes it rather easy for him to connect with people, but it also makes it difficult for him to be around people sometimes. Makes frequent trips to St. Mungo's for help in keeping his abilities under control, has had issues since after the war and well... also being tortured and all that. But that's another story. He's the 2nd oldest in the Carlisle family, and was married but is now separated/divorced.

Edward Carlisle
"No idea what he's doing."
He's the current head of the Carlisle family. Which... He doesn't know what he's doing half the time. So far he's just been attempting to keep his life in order with having a wife and kid. Two kids? Maybe? Don't know, but he is married to Lilith (Ricardus), and he was nervous about the whole age gap thing but so far it's okay. There is of course some scandal and politics involved around him and him being the head of the family but it's fine... He still works at the ministry as an Auror like his cousin Frank. Though he prefers paperwork more than fieldwork.

Joshua Case
"Grumpy old man."
An American Halfblood on paper... In actuality he is muggleborn but he doesn't know that or even wants to know that. Orphaned, he grew up with a bunch of nuns and basically got the fear of hell put into him. He's a Healer at St. Mungo's, and he's good at his job. Mostly professional, he excels at Herbology and has a "pet" Devil's Snare he named Lula-bell. He's very proud of her. He's rather grumpy and snarky. Sarcasm is his friend. Would rather deal with plants than people.

And now... Those that aren't used that much but technically are still active.

  • B. Foster - Graduated in 1946 from Gryffindor house, he's muggleborn and grumpy. Not a talkative fellow. Works as a freelancer with the Daily Prophet.
  • Caleb Lance - American and graduated from Salem Instituted. Came over because of the war and just kind of stayed. He's a genuinely nice guy.
  • Jane Montclaire - Married and has two kids. War kind of messed her up. Timid, but a sweetheart. Likes Conjuring and Summoning and housework.
  • Silva Ricardus - A Ricardus from the Italian branch family. She may be too independent for her own good.
  • George Viggano - Is Frank's Uncle. Came to Britain to spy on the Hexenreich and to report back to the U.S. Government what was up. In the end still sticks around because he's kind of hoping to get Frank a seat on Wizengamot. It's something to do right?
  • Andrei Voskhod - Is actually Andrei Carlisle, Kristoffer's older brother who he thinks is dead. He was part of Hexenreich, but he was cleared of all charges and is currently helping with the Reconstruction. Or that's the story.

And... That's it. I think... maybe? Idk... uh... warning if you ever rp with me I will let rps die unless I'm nudged to respond to them. I also am very needy and survive on praise.

That is all.

1951 / Minimalist | Oswald A. Viggano
« on: 08/14/2017 at 00:07 »
mi aiuti a capire
twelve ravenclaw capricorn

Oswald Viggano

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[div style="width:200px; height:50px; overflow:scroll; overflow-x:hidden; position:relative; top:20px;"]Plot stuff[/div]

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1949 / I may have gone crazy...
« on: 12/02/2016 at 11:44 »
Like a long time ago...

I collect characters like cats or like... I don't know if it works like that. ANYWAYS...

Here is the cast, those that are colored have plot pages and you can click'em to find it. Those that aren't well... You can ask? Or fill in the blanks if you like~<3 They're all open to rp with... That is if you want to risk it and such.

As for myself... I like lots of things. I like writing, I'm an illustration major, I uhm... like to make people participate in odd games. Spend way too much time in chat, and procrastinate. Want to know more, you're welcome to PC or PM me if you wish. Most likely will answer PMs sent to either Adam or Kristoffer... Maybe Xerxes.

BUT YAH... Anyways... That's all. Love yah lots and uhm... ? I think that's it...

I just realized you can play bingo with them also... RP WITH A ROW WIN A PRIZE! -shot-

Okay... I'll stop OTL...

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