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1959 / i should be working... SO WHAT?
« on: 04/04/2020 at 20:09 »
you'd think after four years i would've saved some sort of intro template and yet-

HI I'M SAMMY, or you can call me by any of my character names which is fine too c:

i'm... 27? new yorker born, bred, obsessed. currently in the midst of the chaos that is our world right now as an accountant-turned-loan agent for my clients, part-time student, part time kpop fangirl as of jan 2020. avid lover of the environment, dogs, cats, and as of 9:05 am this morning, dalgona coffee. i've been so busy lately but summer is my favorite time at hoggies SO I HAD TO INTRO

some facts? i guess? this is chaos what is this intro idek
last thing i watched on youtube BON APPETIT
last thing i read bitterblue by kristin cashore i am three books behind my reading challenge GAHHHHHHHHHH
last album i have been obsessed with [hastag sign that messes up my code] by LOONA
unhealthy obsession with BTS someone save me

aaaaand i guess you can know a lil bit about
my characters: even though i haven't been really active for the better part of a month now

margaret eleanor harkiss
26. ravenclaw alum. herb prof.
current mood:

generally feeling disappointed in herself for failing her students, constantly behind the curve of what's going on, and trying to stay awake despite nightmares of astro marquis falling dead on her face. holds it together somehow. in her spare time, tries to find comfort w/james knight

calvin ronaldo sharppe
19? gryffindor alum. chaser for magpies!
current mood:

idk what this boy is doing honestly. auto-pilot as I try to rig my irl back together. lives in hogsmeade with his best pal in the whOLE WIDE WORLD/domestic partner aiden duncan, seeing eunice lamont somewhat seriously
he's actually a very upbeat happy guy generally like....


1958 / all i want for christmas is... AVVIES
« on: 12/04/2019 at 16:41 »

avvie holidays!

i have a problem where i like to not do homework and instead fiddle with photoshop. and it's the GIVING SEASON so if you like my lil avvie (see to the left) and want something of the sort PLEASE FILL OUT THE CODE BELOW. i'll also most likely only be making 1 or 2 per person and i'm closing this... probably dec 15 since it seems pointless to have a christmas avvie in, say, january.

edit if you just want REGULAR avatars please go here to request them! might be slower on that though


face claim:
age: this will let me know what kind of pics to use
gimme a pic!: this might make my life easier! maybe i might use it if its a decent one (something with their head unobstructed/blocked) orrrr maybe i might use my own pic idk life is wild like that
anything else?: put all pertinent information here! gimme a vibe, a specific color you want? maybe you REALLY want them to have a red nose like rudolph or just a fancy christmas background and nothing else

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[size=24pt][font=Elsie Swash Caps][NAME HERE] ! [/font][/size]

[b]face claim:[/b]
[b]age:[/b] this will let me know what kind of pics to use
[b]gimme a pic!:[/b] this might make my life easier! maybe i might use it if its a decent one (something with their head unobstructed/blocked) orrrr maybe i might use my own pic idk life is wild like that
[b]anything else?:[/b] put all pertinent information here! gimme a vibe, a specific color you want? maybe you REALLY want them to have a red nose like rudolph or just a fancy christmas background and nothing else

Around the cozy fire of a hearth
Perhaps in an alternate universe, many years from now
Late in December

There were more children sat around his feet than last year. Most heads had shaggy mops of dark brown and black, ribbons tied up high on their heads, giggling girls, quieter boys who were too young as of yet to speak up loudly. Calvin's back hurt, which was why there was a throw pillow behind him, propped the long way and crushed against his weight. There was a little twinkle in his eye as one of the oldest girls tugged on the edge of his trousers.

"Tell us about how you got your scar, grandpa!"

It was a tale which he'd spoke of multiple times now, but with new eyes and ears on him, how could he say no to those glimmering looks at him? He shuffled in his seat to get comfortable, looking into the fire pensively before tugging the side of his lips upward in a smile.

"I was living in Hogsmeade as a young man- hopping around the various bars and pubs." Calvin crouched down low for effect, trying to get on the same level as all those who sat on the carpeted floor. "It was late, far too late for anyone to be up. But that's when Godric Park was at its best- quiet. That was when… I saw a shadow… darting quickly in the distance. I thought, who could it be out here so late at night? So, curious as I was and also making sure someone wasn’t making a trouble, I went to investigate. I chased after the bloke- a slow walk at first to remain inconspicuous but then that turned into a small jog until  I was outright running, running in the middle of the night through the park until-

“SLASH!” He pitched his voice higher and some audible gasps ran throughout the room. Some of the girls had their hands reach towards their face, covering their mouths in anticipation of the horror.

“Something sharp and long cut me deep in my leg. I didn’t even notice at first- I was so focused on catching the guy. But he must’ve caught onto me to place the trap, and all of a sudden my head was getting dizzy, woozy from the loss of blood.” Cal placed a hand on his head in imitation of that night. In reality, he had been brought down quickly, maybe even too easily for his liking. “I worked quickly to try and stop the bleeding but just when I thought the skin had been charmed closed, the wound sealed, it would burst open again, the blood pouring out like a fountain.” His mouth made gurgling noises and a little girl, no more than five, made a retching sound from the back.

“Just then, an older lady came up, claiming to be some sort of investigator and psuedo-Healer. Even she couldn’t help me. Things were getting dire now, I could barely see my leg anymore it was coated in darkness and black liquid. My eyes were seeing double, I wasn’t sure I was conscious anymore…” Calvin’s voice faded away into the quiet, letting the cliffhanger linger in the air.

“W-WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?” piped up one of the boys, finding it unacceptable to leave the story there. “Yeah, go on, tell us!” The voice seemed to have a pout attached to it.

His eyes darted left, and then right, looking to make sure he had captivated everyone’s attention. “Then… I was apparated to St. Mungo’s. Fixed me up real good.” Then, and only then did he lift the leg of his trousers up, revealing a faded but still dark flesh colored line down the side of his calf. Those in the back scrambled forward to see, some coos of ‘oh’s and ‘ah’s echoed around. The story seemed to shift and change with each passing holiday, having used to mention being overly inebriated when the tale began but dropping that for a more heroic form of cat-and-mouse chase.

“Did you ever find the person who did it? What happened to them?”

Follow up questions chimed in, one after another. Calvin turned away from the group, his hands dismissing the questions straight away to focus more on the flickering flames of the hearth. The warm fire was where he wanted to focus on now. The voices died down as one by one the little ones and their attention wandered elsewhere to the other parts of the house until all that was left in the room was Calvin Sharppe, alone with his thoughts and memories.

1957 / -insert jonah hill screaming gif here-
« on: 08/02/2019 at 18:12 »
hello it's me sammy i guess !

title of this intro is probably a good summation of me. it's how i feel about this site constantly.

BUT YES HELLO! I am sammy, or maggie/mags/cal as well as those are my characters :3 who am i????

- 26 yr old new yorker born and raised in queens
- accountant-in-training with a splash of environmentalist on the side
- in school for my masters and it's really boring
- been at hoggies since april 2016? wow i'm so old

some things i've been doing recently:

- taking naps at work because coffee upsets my tummy
- baking things no one will eat because they're all on a "diet"
- i kickbox once a week! because it's fun but also "excercise"
- watching game of thrones season 7 (only 1 ep at a time because i get anxious)
- listening to the sharpston playlist on spotify and crying


born as the eldest of four in oxfordshire, maggie comes from a halfblood family of modest means. she's made a name for herself since then, working at the ministry, hogwarts, and has a modeling job on the side for irma wolffe's cosmetics line. always yearning to travel, learn, and do good in the world. she is now single and ready to... mingle?

this boi is complicated. i've got the next few years planned out for him already. outside of potential quidditch recruitment officers (come get him!), closed for plotting. if you want to hear his story scream at me on discord

1956 / farts and squish -- a short story
« on: 04/06/2019 at 20:15 »
hhhere's sammy!

-flails around-
HI! I'm sammy; I've been on Hoggies for over three years now (w o w) and I'm flailing because I want to drown myself in threads and plots??
I'm 26, from NYC (-gets on soapbox-), and currently in grad school and working full time for my mother as a tax preparer (whooooooooo tax). But what I really care about is harry potter, baking, candles, posting reactionary gifs everywhere, being anxious about the environment (u should compost), and playing board games (SETTLERS OF CATANNNNN).

currently watching: outlander (s3)
currently drinking: thai iced tea

If you've gotten this far into my intro please post up a vid of your fav song for me to listen to so my bf can give me a weird look and ask "what are you listening to??" and I can say YOU recommended it!

Now onto the actual interest part of this whole thing: my characters c:

25 | SRC | HALF | RAVEN.

-dusts off cobwebs- hi i'm maggie and i like plants, burning food, and being overworked. i don't like living in knockturn alley and salazar ricardus. on the side irma wolffe decided my lips would be good for marketing purposes? will never get married or have children sorry not sorry


this lil 5'8" recent gryffindor graduate has just moved to hogsmeade with his best mate aiden duncnan. you can see him flying as starting chaser for the upton unicorns, shamelessly flirting with cecelia bramston, or finding excuses to save damsels in distress (or if you get on his bad side, he'll just make you distressed)

1955 / Break My Stride | OPEN! Infirmary Case Study!
« on: 12/10/2018 at 16:30 »
July 16th, 1955
Morning, sunny

For all the times Calvin had received treatment from the Hospital Wing, he never delegated much time to understanding the healing properties and practices which went into keeping his health in tact. For the longest time, Calvin had relied upon the skills of capable nurses like Cecelia Bramston to do the heavy lifting for him. But since their rather awkward falling out, not being on regular speaking terms anymore, Calvin had taken his duties as counselor this summer as an opportunity to brush up on those skills which he had never bothered to learn before.

Dressed in his most comfortable clothes and walking shoes, the glint of his counselor badge blinding whoever managed to look at the metal when bits of sun peaked through the heavy forest canopy of the Shuddering Wood Forest, Calvin passed around gloves and buckets for those who were interested in taking a walk with them through this "learning" hike. For those who didn't wish to grab a bucket, as this was all voluntary, Calvin provided them to hold a bottle of water instead. When everyone seemed gathered and present, Cal wasted no time in starting down the forest path. "Today we'll be looking around to harvest some potion ingredients! Anything you see that is viable for making potions or for general medicinal purposes are fair game. Shout out when you've found something and let the rest of us know what they're used for!"

Teo, who was much more experienced in this field than he was, assured him that as long as they stuck to the path, there would be plenty of plants to gather and bring back to Aslan's How. That way, they'd have more than enough supplies for in case things went awry in the summer Quidditch game. 

"Wakey, wake! Let's pick up the pace!" Calvin encouraged to those who weren't used to waking up earlier than noon in the heat of the summer. He wanted to get a head start on the collecting and maybe, if they were lucky, create some makeshift potions. "I'll start." From the side of the path, he sighted a bush of black bulbs with yellow spotted characteristics on its skin. He had seen the plant before and had the benefit of looking up the information beforehand. With his gloved hands (and this was specifically why they had given them out in the first place) he plucked one off the bush and showed it to the rest of the group. "Bubotubers! Common and can be used to help with acne, when properly diluted. Careful, the pus is quite vile." With that, he tossed it into his own bucket and continued on. "Anyone else find any plant applicable to healing?"

Welcome to this summer's infirmary case! Calvin and Teo are pretty laid back when it comes to exploring the forest as long as you keep the designated path. There is nothing particularly dangerous to be found in Shuddering Wood, mostly inanimate plants. For help on what kind of plants to find, this can be a helpful resource!

1955 / rude boy . calmilla
« on: 12/06/2018 at 15:23 »
Late afternoon

It had been a few weeks since the Spin-The-Bottle event kicked off the summer. Since then, Calvin had not one but two contentious "discussions" with various people at camp. It was never his intention to butt heads with people, but when he believed in something and it contrasted with how other's viewed the same world they lived in, there was bound to be some disputes to arise.

Sitting on a makeshift picnic blanket, which was more just a burlap tarp, Calvin fiddled by the edge of River Shribble trying to mend a few kites that had been tattered in the corner of the Asland cabins. Since it was magically created, a simple Reparo didn't do the job. Calvin had to personally glue most of the pieces together. It was a good way for his hands to preoccupy himself while his mind wandered.

This afternoon he had accompanied himself with Camilla Carstairs, occupant of Team Tumnus and someone neutral enough to bounce his pessimistic thoughts to. "Camilla," he asked, looking up from his work, "-do you think I'm rude?" 

1955 / The Snack That Smiles Back [OPEN]
« on: 12/02/2018 at 23:24 »
First week of camp

Grabby hands fumbled around the top most cabinet of the Reepicheep common area. Team Aslan, where Calvin normally prowled, had too many books for his own liking. Not the right of kind of books anyway. And even though he had already finished lunch a few hours earlier, his stomach was already grumbling for some morsel to snack on before dinner. He had a lot of responsibilities this year, seemingly more than last summer if that was possible, and that worked up an appetite. So Chippingford seemed to fit well to satiate his hunger.

After dropping a few boxes of cereal, taking a handful of cookies from a jar (crumbs everywhere on the counter), Calvin decided on a bag of popcorn accompanied with some chocolate frogs still in its container. His hands dug into the bag greedily, not for a second caring that he wasn't exactly supposed to be here. Then again, what was a squib counselor going to say? (How was that allowed exactly) And Aiden wouldn't mind either, he knew. Little bits of buttered yellow coated his fingers as he heard some rumblings of some youngsters coming in and out. Quickly, Calvin hopped down from the counter and looked around to see who it was that had come. "Hello?" He asked curiously.

Ever since Mia and Marina had graduated from Hogwarts, Calvin had felt even more lonely than before. He was still constantly surrounded by friends, housemates, and acquaintances who was always open to socializing, the atmosphere didn't feel the same. He was currently putting on a front, his usual center-of-attention, confident mannerism while trying to process this new normal. Cal was going to fake the happiness until it was real and finding someone to cure his loneliness seemed to be a good start. Unwrapping one of the chocolate frogs which contained, from the looks of it,  a Famous Goblin, Urg the Unclean or Ugly, he allowed the creature to hop over to the newcomer.

1955 / Kiss and Tell | UPPER YEARS EVENT!
« on: 12/02/2018 at 02:12 »
July 1st, 1955 - First Night of Camp!
Evening, after dinner

It was only because of Aiden Duncan, his best friend and loyal supporter in all endeavors, that Calvin Sharppe hadn’t wrung Jeremiah Smallweed’s feeble little neck yet. Being counselors while he was with Marina was one thing. Being single and having to share obligations with the snake was another. And this year, he had to bloody plan an event with the bastard. And while he was fine with going along with Maia Nettlebed and Goose Märchen’s plan of an underwater sea party because the girls had all the little details figured out, he did not enjoy the same responsibility when there weren’t others to take the bulk of the workload.

In brainstorming what kind of event to hold, Calvin obviously went towards things he wished to participate in. If it wasn’t going to be fun for him, what was the point? He thought of perhaps daring them to jump with him into Ettinsmoor Gorge, which was promptly rejected. He had vetoed any normal party since he didn’t want to deal with gathering food and putting up decorations. Then the boys, miraculously, all decided that Spin the Bottle was something they could all partake in without having to necessarily interact with one another. It would mean sitting side by side with each other but Calvin could hold his breath for the evening on that front.

“I think this should be fine,” he declared, looking around at the rather barren space. A couple of bonfire boundaries were drawn, the centerpiece of the space a large and shining light post, seemingly out of place in the otherwise flatland. With his hand, Calvin deftly levitated makeshift signs titled ‘SPIN THE BOTTLE 14+, LAMP POST, WEST NARNIA’ and stuck one on the lamp post. For the others, he banished them to the farther corners of camp, hoping some lonely girls who were looking for something fun to do on a late summer evening would come strolling through.

“Who knows, maybe the next Missus Sharppe will come ‘round,” he offered up optimistically, adjusting the counselor badge on his right pectoral proudly. He remembered a time when he would have run the other way at the sight of such a game and now here he was, orchestrating it.

When enough students milled around with interest, Calvin got out an emptied butterbeer bottle and clinked it against the ground. “Alright, who cares to have first spin?”

Ground Rules!
  • This is open to any rising Fourth Years (14 years old) and up
  • The bottle spinner chooses a person for the bottle to land on. This victim person will then spin the bottle next.
  • By participating in this thread you are subject to the whims of the bottle and the lips which may land on your character!
  • You can choose where the bottle lands or you can use a random generator to make your decison!
  • Please bold your attempted actions. You still get final say on whether your character accepts said kisses or not
  • If after 24 hours no one replies, one of the counselors may swoop in to steal a kiss! (To move along the thread)
  • Thanks to Pax Fellwater for guidance on rules for the game
  • Any questions, feel free to PM myself, Aiden, or Jeremiah!
  • As of this post, there are now two bottles spinning![/sub]

    Participants! (Those already kissed will be bolded. Those who have left the game have been struck through.)
    Aiden Duncan
    Calvin Sharppe
    Jeremiah Smallweed
    Basil Razi
    Rebecca Silvers
    Marilyn-Rose Wilson
    Lia Ayres
    Esther May
    Olette Clarington-DuPont
    Pax Fellwater
    Julia Cole
    Pilar Reina
    Virtue Hir
    Vega Nettlebed
    Camilla Carstairs
    Goose Märchen
    Piper Eden
    Thijs Märchen
    Brooklyn Jones
    Nashira Nettlebed
    Vanessa Naoi
    Téo Wittington
    James McCormick
    Corrina Buzolic
    Bracken Thomas

1955 / Infirmary 1955 Case Study Sign Up!
« on: 11/27/2018 at 16:36 »
infirmary case study sign up!

Interested in getting medical experience? Like helping woodland creatures of all shapes and sizes? Then participate in this summer's infirmary case study! Headed by Calvin Sharppe and Maria Teo Wittington, your trustworthy group leaders will be embarking on a 'Walk and Learn' hike through Shuddering Wood. We will be learning about plants commonly found in the forest which can be used as ingredients for healing potions and salves.

Hikers are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes and a bottle of water to keep hydrated throughout the day. We shall provide bags and baskets for collecting the specimens as well as gloves for those who don't wish to get their hands dirty.

Téo's (enticing) PS: Along with our productive little nature hike, we may or may not encounter a very cranky surprise!  this might also just be you falling in a hole somewhere and being the cranky surprise, oops

Interested? Sign up below!

OOC Event Starts: December 10th
OOC Event Ends: December 24th
IC Walk Date: July 16th, 1955
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[center][div style="width:400px;height:relative;padding:10px;border:5px double #F29A0E;text-align:left;"][font=peacathi][b]Name:[/b][/font]
[font=peacathi][b]Your favorite woodland creature:[/b][/font]

1955 / here i am again :D
« on: 11/24/2018 at 15:57 »

HELLO EVERYONE! i am sammy, native new yorker, environmentalist, accountant-in-training, part-time student part-time napper. been around hoggies for over two years, but have been obsessed with harry potter for almost two decades?! i have strong opinions about almost anything, given the soapbox (i also love soap...). here's a list and if you want to thread please shout me an idea and i'd love to start something!!!!!

currently reading: a career of evil by robert g jk rowling tho
currently watching: frasier (s7), hilda (s1), daredevil (s3)
currently listening to: ariana grande, sasha sloan, ella mai, elton john
current favorite meme: surprised pikachu
currently being disappointed in: the crimes of grindelwald
^ please share all your thoughts with me!!! ^

25?27?! | ravenclaw | ministry liason | halfblood

resident of knockturn alley with addie ross, your local friendly ministry worker helping out the social reconstruction committee, being a pain in salazar ricardus' side, girlfriend to james knight, aspiring traveler and dreamer with a petulance for self-doubt and grounded pessimism.

17 | gryffindor | pureblood | actually a dog.

he is a 1. friend 2. quidditch enthusiast 3. student in that order. decorated with titles such as pureblood, sole heir to the self made sharppe name, (co) captain, prefect, summer counselor, all around "kewl" guy. has a dog named bandit. everything tends to come easy to him which makes his ego as large as a blimp. many might know him as the guy who cheated on marina lamont; he's working on that.

« on: 08/09/2018 at 20:49 »
Early August
The Docks, afternoon

Calvin chose to start his day inside the Kangaroo Cabin this day and immediately got pulled in twenty different directions. Who knew being a camp counselor would have more responsibilities and asks from the students than being Prefect? People asking him to find a book title at the library (How would he know any more than them? He never read any of the volumes on the shelves), replacing said book back when the students got inevitably bored and went outside to play.

By the time lunch came around, he was more than happy to finally sit down and have a meal when a little Kangaroo tugged on the ends of his shirt to have him help her look for her lost stuffed animal. The task really should have been more of a Märchen task but since the jumpy badger was nowhere to be found, Calvin spent another half an hour scouring the fields of Swan Hills until it was found tact on a prickly bed of roses, mostly caught while the girl ran through the patch without looking back.

Now he was at Lake Alexandria, providing life jackets to the students who wanted a turn at the rowboats, canoes, and kayaks that were stationed at the dock. Again, he really shouldn’t have been the one doing this but Marina had swapped duties with him for that afternoon, her knowing that neither of the other Platypus counselors would be there to do their job. “Right, who’s next?” he called out, after pushing a couple of fourteen year olds into the lake. he wiped a layer of sweat from his brow and wiped it on his khakis. On one hand he had an oar, on the other he had a life jacket at the ready.

1954 / Three Wheels Are Better Than Two | MICALDEN
« on: 08/07/2018 at 18:14 »
First Week of August 1954
Late afternoon

Aiden, Mia, and himself were on their annual adventure trek. The trees along the walkway provided enough shade to protect the three from burning the skin off their backs. A hum was in Calvin’s step, finding comfort in the familiarity of venturing out into the unknown with his two adventurers. There was no Marina to make him think twice about his words, about his actions. There was no Cecelia to distract him with her womanly wiles, trying to convince him that he hadn’t made a huge mistake (is brushing off everything he said to her counted as convincing). Just his friends, the outdoors, and the road ahead.

Except things were still not the same. This time, Mia and Aiden were a couple now. No matter the combination, there was a bond, a connection, that Calvin couldn’t pass or find the equivalency in. Maybe if Rina was here as well he wouldn’t feel like such an odd one out, but then, he didn’t want an argument to unleash itself in front of his friends. So he felt content to push thoughts of isolation and being a third wheel out of his mind, humming a small tune under his breath as the group skipped from one slippery rock to the next.

The stones that lined a rather rough path alongside Murray River was narrowing as they walked further. They were going to be approaching the mouth of Murray which would lead them into Lake Alexandria. He already had his swim trunks at the ready, interested in seeing how the camp formed itself to wind from one section of Australia to another. Calvin, who saw it come from a few hundred meters, tactically shifted his position as head of the line to being second.

“I’m stickin’ in the middle!” he declared, before anyone could voice an objection. “Don't wanna slip and fall. Again. If I go to the infirmary a third time this summer it’ll probably be Smallweed this time, waiting for me with a knife and a fork.” First it had been Orion, who was more than willing to shove him into the ground for no reason at all. Then there was Cece, a face whom he’d been avoiding all summer long. The Royal Botanic Garden might as well have been a snake pit. He'd done enough fighting over the last year. He was sick of being snake fodder.

1954 / This Much Is True | sharpston
« on: 08/06/2018 at 18:04 »
July 1st, 1954

They all lined up, the students, as each student got their assignment- some bounding forward with excitement while others casually joined their appointed spots from years of routine setting in their skin. He looked over to the other sides, waved at Mia all the way at the end with the rest of the Wombats, eyes searching for Rina in the Platypus group who kept him company throughout the whole week of training, and eyes fell to the block of blonde hair- shorter now- a few feet away.

Camp Loki sun always made everyone look good, he reasoned to himself as he turned away and waved at his new recruits. He looked to his own group of bouncing kangaroos. Aiden was in his camp at least. He put on a wide laugh and smile, opening his arms and gave a thunderous roar of greeting to everyone else.

July 3rd, 1954
1:26 AM, patrolling around Lake Alexandria

He had already made up his mind on what he thought about the lake. But as the evening wore on, and the food on his belly sat uncomfortably like a stone, his two feet once again took him to the large body of water that calmly sat in the middle of the Platypus cabin territory. He wondered if he would run into Marina, perhaps running along the perimeter. Or maybe witness Smallweed from behind some bushes itching for another fight. What he found was a bunch of duckweed and calm waters, no one in sight.

They were probably all abandoning their duties. Calvin too, would have been found scarce had he not developed a strong liking for doing a full sweep across the camp each night. With hostilities to be found between all three counselors, it was a wonder the upper year students didn’t throw crazy bonfires here each evening: the scenery was beautiful with the stars mirrored in the clear blue waters, cooler than the rest of the camp’s hot outback. He so desperately wanted to like the place except for the lingering image of Bramston’s smug face flirtatiously turned to Alricsson’s own. Already up and onto better things.

Out of frustration, Calvin kicked a random stone on the ground and watched its weight dip down into the water and disappear. The gulping sound the water emitted was the only sound. It was supposed to be peaceful. Instead, Calvin felt troubled for being in a bad mood because of her in the first place. He walked away.

July 10th, 1954
Path to Platypus Caves

He had swiped a stash of cigarettes of a twelve year old camper who thought he was slick enough to get away with it. When the boy wasn’t looking, Calvin, with the help of his wand, fished the pack out. Triumphantly holding the semi crumpled packet of smokes in his hand, he turned to find someone to celebrate with. The path to the caves was calling to him, for he knew that only Cecelia could truly appreciate the feat.

The glaring look of Rina was burned into his head, reminding him of how awful a person he truly was. ‘Would he dare attempt to make contact after what he did?’ The image seemed to scream at him.

Almost abrasively, Calvin threw the cigarettes in the rubbish bin as he walked to the Town Hall for lunch.

After this
Outside Royal Botanical Garden

A heavy strip of blood-stained orange cloth which used to be his shirt was wrapped around his side like a poorly wrapped gift. Somehow he had imaged this hot day to have gone differently. Hopping around in the treeline, getting dirty, washing himself like a dog in the lake, rinse and repeat. He hadn’t expected to be laying, almost prone, on the grass waiting for someone to notice him in the injured state that he was in. Mostly because he didn’t want to go in. Between Orion and Cecelia, Calvin didn’t feel there were many friendly faces waiting for him. So he sat, eyes closed and breathing lightly, trying his best to manage the pain through systematic breathing practices and thoughts that it would all be over soon.

1954 / Find My Senses In Disorder | Vanessa
« on: 08/02/2018 at 20:54 »
Mid July 1954
Midday, hot

It was hot as balls in here. This was what was expected of a rainforest, with its long hanging vines, lean trees interspersed with thick trunks that supported the cawing and cooing of birds and tropical animals above. All sounds but no sight of the creatures though, as Calvin felt his way through the jungle. He mostly stepped on stones, after having one foot sink into the mud and wet his socks with heavy brown mush. The rocks however, were slippery. It having just rained and the humidity turned up a hundred percent.

None of that would stop Calvin from running through the space. Despite the brown stain on his right foot, almost caked and drying at this point, he still trudged on and alongside him, Vanessa Naoi also tackling this stomping ground. It was up for debate whether he had convinced her to go through the dense canopy or vice versa- his Gryffindor housemates usually were keen on any sort of challenge or adventure, risks and all, so there was no question the two would be entering Daintree.

On a separate day, he would have liked for Marina Lamont to come along- any excuse to see her wild bushy hair comb out even wider until it became as circular as an afro. But part of him just didn’t want to risk a good sunny day being ruined by him saying something stupid, something he would be judged upon. Calvin didn’t want another argument, another lovers’ quarrel or spat. He just wanted to get from one end of the forest to the other.

“Hand my that rope would ya?” he asked Naoi with a wide grin, opening his palms up. They had reached a point where moving up and through the branches of the trees like monkey was more efficient than slogging through water levels that went as high as their knees. Parts of his hair had bits of loose leaves in them, the back of his bottom caked with dirt from sliding between tight corners and atop mossy trunks. He was utterly happy.

1954 / Hard Reset | Calrina
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Day before Camp Opens
Early morning

Calvin couldn’t remember the last time he and Marina had this much privacy. Being in two separate houses and having to resort to using abandoned corridors and empty courtyards in the middle of the night to spend quality time together in the last year at Hogwarts castle had called for intensive creative thinking. Towards the end of the year it had become a game of hide and seek, darting and scouring. It had gotten almost fatiguing. But here at Camp Loki, where the sun always came up with a glow and set with a glimmer, where both of them now had rooms to call their own, things naturally felt easier.

A thick blanket was draped over the grass that seemed to grow before his very eyes, Calvin sat with his girlfriend. He took in the way her hair almost seemed light brown in this light- the sun having a tendency to lighten everything from the color of one’s hair to their mood. A hand trailed down from the back of her neck down her spine, hands accidentally catching the bare of her skin. He didn’t pull away and instead tested his boundaries by adding a hand to her waist, closing his proximity to her with kisses.

He wasn't a prude, as much as Smallweed taunted them about carrying their relationship like some elementary school play, and if anything, since breaking down the walls of their secrets and vulnerabilities last June, Calvin Sharppe had opened himself up more to Marina than usual. It reflected in how he simply stopped being chipper when he wasn't feeling a hundred percent and it resulted in a less cheerful Gryffindor. But what he lacked in outward sunshine he made up for in attentiveness and quieter moments like this one.

“Wanna go to your cabin this time?” he whispered, the last week having thoroughly explored and discovered every nook and cranny of the Kangaroo cabins. With its polished floors and structured rooms, the caves of Rina’s platypus emblem was a sight he had yet to uncover. A hand traced the outline of her ear as he awaited her response.

1954 / I Put A Smile On / C. SHARPPE
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new issue of the
Now let me paint this picture, it starts with dynamite. Yes, hit me, BOOM!
Unstoppable today

calvin sharppe

ho is he? Well, apparently, a chaotic and privileged pureblood youngster (2 april 1939). Who surely means well (and if you don't believe his innocence, just look at those puppy eyes)

-------------Calvin Sharppe is a sixteen year old Gryffindor Prefect, Summer Counselor, and Quidditch Captain hopeful. Raised as a pureblood in the heart of London, he has lived a rather privileged lifestyle up until now.  He's rather talented with his wand and athletic to boot! Just a tad bit shorter than your average lad with a head of curly hair that's hard to maintain.
-------------You can see him wandering the halls with a stain on his shirt from the last meal, a collar up because he still doesn't know how to dress himself properly, and his hands fiddling with something small. He is currently dating Marina Lamont but if you had an ear to the pulse of Hogwarts would know he's been rather unfaithful with the one and only Cecelia Bramston. But he's trying his best to make up for it.
-------------Judge him? Sympathize with him? Plot with him!

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1954 / Kindling | Open
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Mid July 1954
Fire pits; 10:15 PM

The first curfew hour struck fifteen minutes ago.

Calvin, as part of his routine for the last two weeks, picked a spot to stay for the next couple of hours instead of wandering the grounds looking for troublemakers. The fire pit space was a place where some of the older students lingered, huddled around the flames in clique groups until he was there to shoo them off. (Or most likely, join them and then tire them out back to their cabins.) He had his own, off to the side, by his lonesome. What he found out quickly was that no one wanted to befriend the counselors for fun due to the sticky business of being an authority figure.

His eyes weren't concentrated on those groups of judgmental youngsters anyway. If they didn't believe his kindhearted nature from his exterior friendly appearance, then who were they to deserve his company? He had become rather closed off in the last two weeks- favoring the solitary of his own company over the large social groups he was so well accustomed to.

As the sun set further, orange hues of the sky which matched the bright flickering flames of the fire changing to deeper navies and purples, Calvin began prodding his pit, creating sparks and black ashes to jump out from the black center upwards into the sky. His eyes followed the flames like it was a compelling story, wondering if he could use his wand to silently extinguish the heat as easily as he had stomped on Marina Lamont's heart. That depressing thought was then broken by footsteps which shuffled toward him instead of away.

“If you approach,” he warned with a loud bellowing voice, “You best have marshmallows.”

July 3rd, 1954
Lake Alexandria

He had been scouting. They had a whole week of "training" (another word for boring instruction he wouldn't be bothering with half the time- why did Litchfield talk as if he was aiming to put everyone to sleep?) but this would be the first week at camp where Calvin would be in charge of the grounds he stepped on. It would be the first week he would peruse the valleys and lakes for troublemakers and perhaps join them. It was the time he would be able to see if there were areas in the camp to rekindle the burnt out smolder that was currently his relationship.

Feet took him into the southern region of the camp where wetlands and lakes were found. He figured perhaps a nice swim would be a perfect date in the evening, when the stars were out and it wasn't so bloody hot and humid.

Eyes caught a figure sunbathing, catching a glimpse of the curvature that laid on the rock, sprawled recognizably like a mermaid on a cove's rock from last summer. He felt his heart drop, his mind already so familiarly acquainted with the person who occupied that space. It was a taunt and a warm invitation all at once and Calvin had half a mind to step forward when a taller and more rigid figure shadowed in front of his pleasant view. 'Alricsson' he scowled silently to himself. The pair were cut from the same cloth it seemed, the way their bodies opened up to each other flirtatiously. Was it even a surprise that Marina detested the two so vehemently? Calvin saw it now and felt a similar loathing but for quite different reasons.

A flash of reminder then when the sun's rays caught his eyes, seeping through the sunnies he wore. The hiccuping sobs from the brunette petite, a bitter taste in his mouth, wet hands from the tears spilled onto the floor. His bad morning breathe. He remembered just why he was here in the first place and instead of interrupting the little interaction unfolding in front of his eyes, Calvin turned around and backtracked. Perhaps Lake Alexandria was not the best place for romance.

1954 / Nice for What | Cal!Mia
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First Week of July 1954
Equipment Room

The height of the snowy mountains made for long shadows down at the base of the pitch. The bright sun streaming through the cracks of the wood provided the only light but it was more than enough in the shabby small space. No matter how grand and extensive Camp Loki was each summer, they never managed to find a way to better the equipment shed. He and Marina had gone through the exact same pile just a little under a year ago and it had looked identical to the current mess he saw now. The memory seemed so distant and faraway now.

In this moment, instead of Rina, it was Mia Green who stood next to him, fellow counselor this summer and co-conspirators in running the annual summer Quidditch match. With her, at least, there was an ease and comfortable familiarity that wasn’t tainted with romance and complicated relationships. It made Calvin feel much more at home than he had been for the last two months.

“I get that you and Rina are best friends and so you’re obligated to hate me but-” Calvin levitated a broom silently across the room, a new trick he’d learned and was only getting better at, “-you’re also my friend, I already know I’m shite, and so, really, shouldn’t that count for something?”

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