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1974 / Anti
« on: 08/02/2012 at 20:03 »
T H E  C R E A T O R

Random facts.
--I came into this world, screaming, on a December morning 23 (and a half) years ago
--I'm Norwegian and very patriotic about it
--I've been on Hoggies for over 2 RL years
--I'm a thinker and a scientist
--I consider myself a RL Ravenclaw (and scored solid Ravenclaw on the sort test - wohoo)
--Tent life is the best
--I'm obsessed with the brutal and the soulwrecking
--Black metal by heart, progressive by soul
--I play drums in a metal band
--I'm on my first term of my University Master's degree in Archaeology
   -->specialization in Scandinavian Bronze & Iron Age, with a natural interest in myths, warrior culture and metal technology
--I work as a light technician on my free time, usually doing lights on live (metal) bands
--My bookshelves are crammed
--I'm not much into romance, unless it's the weird, twisted kind
--Lars von Trier is the only god
--My name is Cathrine, but among English speaking I go by Cat
--I've gone bungee-jumping and I'd love to do it again
--This random test told me I'm male (or solidly within what is considered "a male brain")
--I have an unhealthy alternating of craving attention and hating people
[--Sometimes I wonder whether I'm bipolar]

Some bands to live and breathe for...
Mayhem | Shining |Deathspell Omega | Kongh

T H E  C H A R A C T E R S

Eugene Harmon Prothero
6th year | Ravenclaw | Taxidermist | Pureblood Elitist

Lives in the Prothero Castle, Wales, high class, smart, quiet, Durmstrang transfer, unimpressed by Hogwarts, manners, respect, discipline, kept to himself, observer, not fond of changes, friendly, taxidermy, reading, science of magical medicine, Florence.

Plot page.

Catharina Adhara Eir Vega
7th year | Slytherin | Sugar Princess | Former Dueling Champion | Pureblood

Fleeting, everywhere, cheery, sugary sweet, Slytherin qualities, small, childish, naïve, family events force her to grow up, not fun to be enemies with, hexes people, holds grudges, wants to be friends with everybody, but might hurt you when bored.


Marcus Anthares Vega/Lukas Altair
21 | Ravenclaw | Thinker | Supra Mortalitas | Pureblood

Cat's older brother, my first character, urge to reach the top, faked his death in 1971, Supra Mortalitas, conflicted, Francis Turin's mentee.

Wiki 1.
Wiki 2.

Michael Dominic Gray
39 | Slytherin | Head of Auror Office | Supra Mortalitas | Halfblood

Criminal, murderer, Head of Auror Office, Spencer Malthus' unruly pet, exonerated, the Order, Supra Mortalitas, puppet, spontaneous, aggressive, misanthropic, enjoys hurting people, destructive, hard to control.

I'm extremely proud of this Wiki site.

Maximilian Theodore Yates
47 | Gryffindor | Auror | Halfblood

Justice, equality, human rights, auror personality, idealism, care for others, not good with feelings, former Politics of Magic professor at Hogwarts, hard to anger but frightening, Italian, attended three schools (Beauxbatons, Salem, Hogwarts), workaholic, no wife no children, intensely interested in Potions, believed to be doing some work for the American Ministry of Magic, whereabouts unknown.


Jonathan Twain
18 | Salem Graduate: Knight Society | Sports Enthusiast | Halfblood

Former Salem Quidditch captain, livs in muggle home, Regina, Canada, sports, Ice Hocket, Qudditch, Juliette Chanterelle (!!!!!), friends, not so academic, including, social butterfly, liked by everyone.


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