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It felt like only yesterday that Lucas had been accepting sincere congratulations, heartfelt hugs and claps on the back, graciously taking the teasing advice that he would be thoroughly sleep-deprived within a week. In fact… it had only been yesterday that Lucas had been almost giddily accepting all of the well wishes and helpful tips.

After all, witnessing the birth of his child and becoming a father certainly wasn’t an everyday occurrence for Lucas St. Oswald. Of course, Lucas would always insist that he was already a father, doting over Rosalie’s little girl, Evie, and loving her as though she were his own. Still, even he couldn’t deny that this was a new chapter in his life, a new experience. He would be raising this child from birth, his flesh and blood, and would be experiencing the miracle of birth with his loving wife. It was all going to be just so perfect. Lucas’ dream of being a family man would finally be realized.

… But that was yesterday. At least, Lucas thought it was only yesterday; he wasn't keeping track of time. It already felt like such a long time ago. The celebrations had since ceased. They had very suddenly morphed into half-hearted apologies and murmured condolences as Lucas was forced to deliver the news with a professional demeanor. The joyous cries quickly turned mournful, the boisterous hugs and claps on the back became tear-stained, soft embraces. The advice stopped flowing so freely. Nobody knew what to say.

Lucas could only stand there solemnly like a statue as people began filing out of his mansion. The news from the healers and the back-and-forth between the private staff was just going in one ear and out the other. It was a rare occasion that Lucas St. Oswald was rendered completely speechless and unable to direct his staff. Somehow, he ended up in his den. Had he wandered there? Had someone led him there? Lucas wasn’t quite sure anymore what he was doing or how much time had passed. It was only when a kind-looking midwife entered the room and pressed the little baby into Lucas’ arms that he even moved an inch.

He automatically shifted his arms into a cradle position to accommodate the newcomer. The little baby boy was so soft in his arms and so peaceful after what had to have been a tough night for him as well. He was tiny, snuggled tightly in Lucas’ embrace… he wasn’t aware of any of the damage that had been done... the nightmare that had all started with his birth.
The healers and nurses slowly trickled out of his home now that everything was finished. They carried her away with them, leaving Lucas with his baby to pick up the pieces. It was time to begin his new life with his newborn… alone.

It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. Lucas wasn’t even sure how to react. He was, yet again, completely speechless. The only thing he could do was automatically go through the motions of ensuring that his newborn was taken care of… He had promised Rosalie that he wouldn’t pawn him off on the staff and it was a promise he intended to keep. But he couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Lucas was only able to stand there by the crib, the baby boy still in his arms, like a robot that was just waiting for further instructions. His little boy stirred and, without thinking, Lucas began walking around the crib just to keep doing something other than standing and staring. As he absentmindedly rocked his little boy in his arms, there were only a few thoughts on Lucas’ mind.

Why? Why had his Rosalie been taken away from him? What was he supposed to do now without her? And… how was he going to tell little Evie that she was never going to see her mother again? If he could feel anything besides a complete numbness at that moment, that mere thought would have brought him to his knees.

Past Workshop Prompts / Prompt 2B: Daddy’s Boy
« on: 04/30/2018 at 03:20 »
Saturday, May 17, 1956
Early Morning

Scratch… scratch… Lucas’ quill slowly moved across the page, as he finalized a rough draft for a contract that his client wanted him to draw up. The pitter-patter of rain against his window almost mesmerized Lucas for a second, before he returned to his work. For a moment, he had been overcome by a feeling of immense exhaustion. The deadline wasn’t for quite a while, but Lucas preferred to spend his nights burying himself in his work, with the dim light of lantern as his only friend, instead of going to sleep in his very empty bed.

Three years… it had already been three years since Rosalie had passed away, leaving Lucas alone to raise their two children. Her little darling Evalyn was growing fast. She was six years old and looked more and more like her mother with every passing day. And little Sebastian… it hadn’t been his fault. It had taken Lucas a long time to figure that out for himself. Even if he were to blame, nothing could change the fact that Rosalie was dead and Lucas was the only person in the world that the little boy had left.

Both of his children had been tucked in hours ago, when the sun was only just setting. It had been a special day for little Sebastian.  It was his first night in a big boy bed. Both of them were growing so fast. They were out of diapers, completely potty trained, and now neither of them even needed a crib. In just a couple of years, Evie would be off to Hogwarts to learn all about magic. She was a natural, of course, already showing the early signs of being a witch. It was almost a miracle that her development hadn’t at all been affected by the tragic death of her mother. In fact, she had been such an easy child for Lucas to handle. She had been so independent that, at times, it felt like Lucas was just being dragged along for the ride by her. Not that it was all that surprising… she was so independent and brave, just like her mother.

Suddenly, his entire room lit up with a blinding flash from outside as a loud thunderclap followed. Lucas jumped in his seat, accidentally creating a large blot on the parchment as he did so. After taking a second to calm down, Lucas let out a frustrated noise as he crumpled up the piece of parchment in a momentary fit of rage. He was twenty-five years old and he was still scared of thunder. If anyone had been around, it would have been a humiliating sight. He didn’t even realize that thunderstorms still frightened him… it had been years since he jumped like that. But then, it had been years since he had been so alone. Whether it was Briar or Rosie, Lucas had always had a support system, someone to hold his hand when he was frightened. Briar had his own life now and Rosie…

Another loud clap of thunder sent Lucas into a panic. Clearly he wasn’t going to get any work done with the storm raging outside. Reluctantly, he got out of his seat and turned off the lantern, leaving the crumpled piece of paper on the floor for him to collect and fix when he was in a better state of mind. Taking a moment to change out of his work clothes, Lucas slipped into bed, ready for a sleepless night of staring up at the ceiling, scared out of his wits by the thunder.

As he settled in, however, Lucas heard a faint noise coming from the corridor. Straining his ears, and momentarily panicking yet again, Lucas heard it again. This time, he could faintly make out the call that made him leap out of bed instantly.


Lucas threw his bedroom door open in an instant and looked in both directions as he came out into the hallway. Sure enough, his eyes fell on the tiny form of Sebastian St. Oswald, running towards Lucas with tears streaming down his panic-stricken face, dragging his little security blanket and stuffed bear behind him. Making a beeline for his son and immediately scooping him up, Lucas held his little boy tight and patted his back while quietly pacifying him as he carried Sebastian into his room. Setting Sebastian gently down on his bed, Lucas sat down next to him, his hand still gently running down Sebastian’s back. He took a moment to re-light the lantern, bathing them both in a comforting, yellow glow.

“Shh it’s okay, daddy’s here,” Lucas cooed. “What’s wrong, my little prince?”

But Lucas didn’t have to wait long for an answer. The thunder outside shook the windows and the wind began howling as the storm became even more dangerous and volatile. Sebastian buried his head in Lucas’ chest as he clung to his father for dear life. So that was it… he was scared of the storm too. Lucas returned the embrace, holding his little boy tightly against his chest to mask his own fear. Perhaps a “big boy” bed had been a little too ambitious for his much less independent little boy. But he certainly couldn’t put the toddler back in a crib. He was far too big for one.

“Teddy is s-s-scawed,” Sebastian managed to stutter out as he looked up at Lucas. He couldn't help but smile sympathetically.

“I know, Sebastian… I know… ” Lucas said soothingly, still holding his little boy close to him. “Tell Teddy not to worry. The scary noises will be gone soon.”

Holding Sebastian tightly for a few minutes while the storm continued to batter the windows, Lucas gently tousled the little boy’s hair. His sweet baby finally started to calm down a little as the thunder became more distant for the time being. The tears, at least, had stopped freely flowing, having been reduced to small, almost pathetic sniffles and whimpering as Sebastian accidentally wiped his runny nose on Lucas’ nightshirt while burying himself in his father’s chest. Finally, he had calmed down enough for Lucas to set him back down on the bed and give him a warm smile.

“There now, is Teddy all better?” Lucas asked him, taking the handkerchief on his bedside table and wiping the little boy’s nose gently. Sebastian quietly rubbed the tears out of his eyes and put his stuffed bear close to his ear, as if it were speaking to him. Sebastian nodded slightly. Lucas gave him a tired smile and said, “Good, then let’s get you both back to your big boy bed, shall we?”

Sebastian shook his head sadly. “S’eep wiv daddy?” the sweet little angel asked, his wide eyes looking up pleadingly at his father.

Lucas looked down sympathetically at his little boy. He couldn’t say no to that face. “Yes, of course you can sleep with daddy,” he said as he pinched Sebastian’s cheek affectionately. “But just for tonight, my little prince. Okay?” Sebastian nodded again. Of course, that wasn't a rule that Lucas was likely to enforce. 

Without even hesitating, Sebastian climbed over and settled into the empty side of Lucas’ bed, dragging his blanket and Teddy along with him. Lucas took a moment to tuck his little boy in, kissing him on the forehead before getting into bed himself. With one last comforting look at his little boy, Lucas extinguished the lantern one final time and set his head down against his pillow just in time for what sounded like the heralding of the apocalypse, the loudest thunderclap of the night. A lightning bolt flashed against the window and the entire room seemed to rattle from the booming thunder. Sebastian immediately clung to his father, accidentally stuffing Teddy into Lucas’ face as he did so. While he couldn’t see the terror on his little boy’s face, the sad little whimpering said it all. Lucas responded by reaching out with a firm, reassuring arm, bringing Sebastian closer to him, without even taking a moment to think about his own terror. Sebastian needed him… he was the only person this little boy had left and he couldn’t spend his time cowering in a corner while his little boy cried for him and looked to him for comfort.

“It’s okay, Sebastian,” Lucas whispered softly. “I’m here… You’ll always be safe with daddy.”

1948 / Cousin's Keeper [Briar]
« on: 08/15/2016 at 03:59 »
Middle of Summer

Lucas stormed into the Great Hall of Feasts in a huff, glaring around the room like a hawk locating its prey. Lucas surveyed the room until he spotted his target... Märchen. Lucas marched towards the boy with an austere expression. For the past several weeks, Lucas had barely been able to sleep. His roommate Wolf, was the most obnoxious individual Lucas had ever met. The boy would attempt to sing, badly and was as loud as possible at all times of the day and night. Even when he was sleeping, he snored loudly. It had gotten to the point where enough was enough and Lucas was through biting his tongue and letting the obnoxious behavior slide.

However, not wanting to get into a fist-fight with the boy, Lucas decided to target his meeker-looking cousin instead and coerce him into controlling his relative. It was a tactic that his father taught him. It was like a lion going after its lunch - one never went after the strong-looking and healthy gazelle; it was always better to target the sickly, weak-looking baby for the best results. Lucas puffed out his chest to look more intimidating, but his baby face and short stature didn't allow for much intimidation. Still, Lucas hoped it was enough for what seemed to be the weakest link of the Märchen family.

"You there ... B-Byron? Um... Martian boy!" Lucas said, completely butchering the name, while snapping his fingers to get Briar's attention. "I need to have a word with you about your cousin, 'Wolf'." Lucas felt ridiculous even saying the name. It was as though he were talking about an animal... Although he might as well have been. The boy was absolutely unruly and obnoxious.

"Now." He added for emphasis. Lucas' voice was clear and unwavering, showing he meant business and that he wanted this issue with Wolf resolved as soon as possible.

1948 / Water You Doing? [Jamie]
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Lucas tiptoed across the grassy fields, lantern in hand, checking around periodically to see if he was being followed. He clumsily clutched his gargantuan Arithmancy book in his other hand, which was about to go numb from the weight of the book. Normally, Lucas wouldn't be out this late and he generally was in bed by sundown like a good little boy out of habit, but he decided he needed to throw caution to the winds this summer. Throughout the day, Lucas hadn't been able to get much studying done because everyone kept interrupting him. Earlier in the week, he had attempted to have a peaceful study session by the lake and almost ended up drowning because of a rude little girl. But now, in the middle of the night, the entire place was deserted and peaceful. It was the perfect place to finally get some studying done.

He produced a blanket from his knapsack, spread it out near the edge of the lake and sat down. He propped his lantern down next to him and squinted as he attempted to read from the textbook, while silently realizing how ridiculous it was that he needed to sit outside in the middle of the night to even be able to concentrate. Even now, his head was throbbing from two weeks of not sleeping and attempting to cram his head full of complex magical mathematics. Lucas was determined to stay the course and refused to have any fun this summer. He needed to focus and become the best in every class so that he could make his father proud before joining him at DuPont Industries.

Still, Lucas was becoming more and more miserable by the day and this wasn't the ideal location to be studying. He jumped at every little noise and felt extremely uncomfortable sitting alone in the dark with only the lantern as a light source. He tried to justify his situation to himself by telling himself it would all be worth it once he was the Chairman of DuPont Industries, but even Lucas was beginning to think that attempting to study in the dark was a foolish idea. Suddenly, Lucas thought he heard footsteps. He immediately jumped up and began waving the lantern around wildly, looking for the source of the footsteps.

"Who-who's there?" Lucas called out in a panicked voice.

1948 / Burning the Midnight Oil (Open)
« on: 08/02/2016 at 23:39 »
Second Week of Camp

Lucas sat by the pristine, blue lake, as he poured obsessively over an enormous, heavy and boring-looking, leather-bound Arithmancy textbook, looking completely stressed out and exhausted. He was furiously scribbling down notes on a long roll of parchment as he analyzed the pages of the textbook with laser focus. He had not looked up from his book once all day. It was a bright, warn and sunny summer day, but Lucas had paid no attention to his surroundings whatsoever, nor did he even attempt to admire the beautiful day or the gorgeous lakefront view.

Term had ended over a week ago, but Lucas was still in work mode. He was more determined than ever to cram as much material as possible into his head in preparation for his final year, no matter how exhausted he was from the previous term or how drained he was from just an entire week of non-stop studying. Lucas was a workaholic. He had no time for vacations or frivolous summer activities, he was going to be an integral member of one of the largest American companies in a short amount of time. Lucas planned to spend the entire summer studying for his upcoming final year to ensure that he passed with flying colors and was prepared for his life in corporate America.

Unfortunately, the more Lucas tried to fill his already overloaded brain with even more information, the less he seemed to retain. It was almost as if he was unlearning the longer he sat there and attempted to drill the dry information into his head. Lucas let out a frustrated groan and stifled a yawn as he attempted to continue his studies... to no avail. Lucas had been reading the same sentence over and over again and was fighting just to stay awake.

He felt absolutely miserable sitting by the water and just studying without a break, but Lucas was far too focused on his bright future at DuPont Industries. He figured he would have plenty of time to relax when he retired... Still, Lucas began wondering how effective this tactic was as his eyes became droopy and his focus slowly began slipping away, his head slowly dropping down towards the book.

Suddenly Lucas was jolted awake by a loud noise behind him. "Wha-who?" Lucas looked frantically around for the source of the noise and then yelled out in a frustrated voice to nobody in particular, "Keep it down! Some of us are trying to become world leaders here!"

1946 / Rooming with the Devil (Gellert + Barley)
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"Stupid school! Stupid weather! Stupid, tacky cabin!" Lucas threw his trunk onto the ground and threw a mini tantrum the moment he arrived at the cabin. He kicked at the ground like a two-year old. All of his plans for the summer were completely ruined and he was stuck at this frozen wasteland for the duration of it.

Lucas flopped down onto his bed and sighed dramatically. The final blow was that Lucas wouldn't be sharing a room with Oliver. He was too busy rooming with counselors and doing ... counselor things. Lucas scowled. "Feh, what's so great about being a counselor? Oliver should be here protecting me from all these stupid people!" he said to himself. Lucas threw a pillow against the wall in anger.

Lucas stewed for a few more minutes before thinking about Father again. Father would be disappointed seeing Lucas acting like this. It was Lucas' job to spread the good DuPont name and acting like a spoiled child was only sullying it. Perhaps this was just a test from Father? Perhaps he believed there were still others at the camp who needed a good dose of DuPont. Lucas stood up and straightened his hair in the mirror.

"I'll make you proud, Father," Lucas said as he finished fixing his hair and turned away from the mirror. "My roommates will receive a traditional DuPont welcome and I'll make sure they remember our family name!"

With that, Lucas began fixing up his side of the room, making it look presentable to show his roommates that DuPonts were no slobs. Just as he finished arranging all of his hair care products on the table, Lucas turned around and saw someone entering the cabin.

"Ah, you must be my roommate. Welcome to the cabin!" Lucas said graciously. He may not have been the head of the household and he wasn't the best with social interactions, but Lucas was a naturally gifted host. He knew exactly how to present himself with grace and poise to make a good impression on his roommate. He glided over to the stranger, stuck out his hand and said, "My name is Lucas Theodore Marion Clarington-DuPont the third. And you are?"

1946 / The Knights of Immaculate Blood (Oliver + Claus)
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Lucas was furiously running around his room, cleaning it in preparation for the guests that would be arriving. Of course, his side of the room was pristine as usual, but his roommates left something to be desired. Lucas was looking forward to this "meeting of the minds". He had chased his roommates out of the room for the entire day and had sent ornate invitations to Claus and Oliver, the only Purebloods he knew, for a meeting. It would be the first time all term that Lucas wouldn't have to mingle with people of lesser blood and he was excited.

Lucas decided to abandon cleaning for the moment to put on his face. He walked over to the mirror and admired himself. He was wearing sleek, black dress robes and his face was blemish-free. He just needed to fix his limp hair. Lucas picked up the hair gel and squeezed a liberal amount into his hand. As he covered his hair in gel and began combing it, Lucas began talking to his mirror image, sounding more unhinged with every word he spoke, "Finally, after a term of being stepped on, laughed at, humiliated ... all while laying low and acting as a spy for Father... Now it's finally time for Lucas Theodore Marion Clarington-DuPont to rise from the ashes and be reborn like the Phoenix I am! It is finally time to forge the greatest and most powerful alliance known to man and to begin my journey to becoming the most influential Pureblood in the school. And it all starts with this one meeting of the minds..." Lucas finally finished and nodded approvingly at his mirror image before saying in a much more innocent and rational voice, "Father will be so proud of me!" He tore himself away from his reflection and moved onto the matter of setting up.

Lucas had somehow dragged a long table into the room. He placed three chairs at the far end: one at the head, for himself, and two on either side for Oliver and Claus. He also placed name tents at each of the seats with their respective names on them. Under the names, Lucas also gave all three of them secret codenames. Lucas chose "Pure Champion" for himself, "Grizzled Badger" for Oliver, and "Gelb Omega" for Claus for reasons that only Lucas knew or even cared about. For the final touch, Lucas placed a nice-looking, hand-carved wooden gavel by his name tent. Lucas admired his handiwork for a moment before getting back to work.

With the table finally set, Lucas went back to cleaning the room. He was just about to delve in when he heard a knock at the door. Lucas made a frustrated noise, lamenting that his guests were a whole minute too early, before convincing himself that this was for the best and that the mess just made his side of the room look even better in comparison.

Lucas sauntered over to the door and opened it. "Come in!" Lucas said in his best host voice. "Welcome to the room of Lucas Theodore Marion Clarington-DuPont! Or as it will henceforth be known as: the Meeting Room! Find your name tent and sit down, get yourself situated and we'll begin as soon as everyone arrives!" And by "everyone", Lucas actually meant one other person.

1946 / Fireside Chat (Claus)
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Early summer, Afternoon

For the past few weeks, Lucas had been finding new ways to avoid all the stupid people at the camp. Normally, he would be off bothering Oliver, but he and Adam were always busy with their silly counselor duties, which Lucas refused to participate in. Rather than trying to meet new people and associate himself with all the riff-raff, Lucas decided he was going to spend his entire summer wallowing in misery.

Generally, Lucas was much more sociable and loved talking to anyone who would listen about his family and Pureblood heritage, but Lucas wasn't feeling up to the task this summer. Ever since he got the letter from his father instructing him to remain in Great Britain over the summer rather than go back home, Lucas felt increasingly homesick.

On the bright side, Lucas found he had much more time to catch up on his reading. He had recently re-kindled his love of reading and staying at summer camp meant there was no Father to reprimand Lucas for reading all the time. For the most part, Lucas just read in his cabin, but it was abnormally cold in there today so Lucas attempted to find a slightly warmer place to read. While searching around the camp, he found an inviting fireplace outside that was positively radiating heat. Lucas plopped down on one of the benches and found it was surprisingly warm despite being outside.

He chose one of the many books he was carrying and set the others aside. Ever since Ava helped Lucas with his studies, he had been able to greatly expand his knowledge and was able to move onto more lengthy and advanced books. Father would be happy to know that he was currently familiarizing himself with British Wizarding politics and was reading about the formation and current make-up of the Ministry of Magic. As Lucas immersed himself into the chapter on the history of the Wizengamot, picturing himself as one of the more influential members someday, he shut out the rest of the world and was completely oblivious to anyone who happened to be walking by.

1946 / Soaring to New Heights (Adam)
« on: 12/07/2015 at 20:52 »
Lucas had been ignoring all attempts to persuade him to join camp activities. He hated everyone and everything about the camp, including the frigid winter weather in the middle of summer. Adam was being especially annoying and trying to get Lucas to join the Quidditch team. Normally, some sort of competition would be enough to get Lucas out and about, but Lucas didn't want everyone knowing he still couldn't ride a broom.

It wasn't that he was too dumb to ride a broom, Lucas was just terrified at the thought of even riding a broomstick. And it wasn't so much the broomstick as it was the heights. First years at Salem had a mandatory flying lesson, but Lucas was so scared that he persuaded Father to waive the requirement and never learned how to ride since.

But today was different. Lucas had been all ready to rebuff yet another attempt by Adam to get him involved in some silly activity, but Adam let slip that there was going to be a surprise waiting for Lucas at the Quidditch Pitch. Lucas supposed he would grace the camp with his presence if it meant getting a gift.

Lucas carefully selected some of his warmest clothing and made sure his hair was perfectly gelled before going out into the cold in his fashionable wool overcoat. He plodded through the snow down to the Quidditch Pitch "This had better be worth it..." he thought.

Lucas finally arrived at the Quidditch Pitch and saw Adam standing there with brooms nearby. Lucas looked around for the surprise Adam promised and saw nothing.

"Where's my - ?" Lucas began in a demanding tone before realizing why Adam had lured him down to the Quidditch Pitch. Lucas was extremely naive, but even he was unable to ignore the evidence that this was just another ploy to get him to play Quidditch.

Lucas immediately turned around and attempted to run back to the campgrounds, but slipped on some ice and fell into a large pile of snow. He attempted to clamor out of his snowy entombment to no avail. Every time he tried to stand, he slipped on the ice again and was unable to get a solid footing. Perhaps dress shoes weren't the best attire for a frozen wasteland.

While attempting and failing to get as far away from the Quidditch Pitch as possible he desperately yelled at Adam, "No! You can't make me join! I don't want to play Quidditch!" He sounded exactly like a little child refusing to be fed broccoli.

1945 / Local Man Ruins Everything
« on: 08/21/2015 at 05:02 »
Hey ladies and gents!

My name's Pete, I'm in my mid-twenties and I'm one of those mindless office drones that sold his soul to the wonderful world of finance /sarcasm. Generally, I can be summed up in a few words: reclusive childish Internet nerd. Yeah, that works.

Lucas is my only character thus far (hence why this intro isn't as pretty as the others, I'm a major noob), he's unsorted as of right now. Back in the day (somewhere in the range of 10-15 years ago), I used to frequent several RP sites. Unfortunately, although I loved doing it, I ended up putting it on the back-burner. Now that I've got a little more time on my hands and got things sorted out, I've decided to slowly try and get back into the RP scene. So I'm hoping this is the place to get a fresh start of sorts. I've already started brainstorming ideas for Lucas and it feels great just getting the creative juices flowing again.

... But enough with all that schmaltzy stuff that makes me sound like an old gasbag.

Some of my favorite current shows include Adventure Time, Regular Show, Survivor and Supernatural. I'm also still a huge part of a bunch of fandoms: Legend of Korra (and other assorted 90s Nickelodeon shows), Gilmore Girls, Friends, Boy Meets World, etc.

I don't really have patience (or money) to go to the theaters, so I haven't watched many movies recently. But I've got a soft spot for Disney moves. Recently, I've taken to geeking out about Inside Out with friends.

I used to read a lot of books when I was younger (Magic Tree House and Goosebumps used to be my favorites growing up). I became obsessed with Harry Potter (of course) during middle school and that series basically became the bulk of my reading material since then. Hunger Games and Divergent managed to fill the void for a while, but I'm currently looking for a new series to latch onto. Nowadays my reading material consists of stacks of financial data at work, and "Taking Over the World for Dummies" for my late-night material.

I'm a video game junkie and that takes up the majority of my free time. I still have my old Nintendo 64 from eons ago and love playing the old games I have on there (assorted Mario games, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Smash Bros and Pokemon Stadium are still some of my favorites). I've loved Pokemon since Red/Blue and still follow the games religiously. Some of my favorite PC games growing up were Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time, Commander Keen, Midnight Rescue!, and Bip Bop. In terms of games from this century, I got into the Minecraft PC version a few years ago and I recently got into playing dating sims that I find on steam (don't ask). I'm also into Fallout and Sims (15 years later, it's still fun making my sims' lives hell)

Music is my life. If I'm having a crappy day, jamming out to music always manages to make it all better. My apartment would likely never get cleaned if I couldn't make it fun by putting on my favorite tunes. I'll give anything a listen at least once, although I tend to stay away from heavy metal and rap music. My favorite music tends to be stuff from musicals and pop music. The more upbeat, the better.

That's about all you need to know about me and probably way more than you care to know but... eh I'm wordy. I'm looking forward to getting to know some people here and hopefully exploring more of what Hogwarts has to offer aka spending a few weeks completely lost on the board because I hate bothering people with questions.

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