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1945 / i will find my own bravado || august
« on: 08/03/2015 at 00:44 »
fourteen  |  halfblood  |  shy |  curious

Now we're wearing long sleeves and the heating comes on.

Nervous, nervous, nervous. That's what best describes poor August Weston, the youngest boy in Action Black's Voodoo Crew. He's never been very open with the world, finding it hard to after being put down so often.

August is the son of a Muggle Father and a Pureblood Mother. His Mother was disowned by her family for conceiving a child with a Muggle man, and thus was also deemed a “Blood Traitor” to all elitist, Wizarding families. August grew up rather sheltered and was shipped off to Beauxbatons for his first year of schooling as the war began to erupt throughout France.

As an only child, August was tutored by his mother and knows how to fluently speak French and English. Despite this, he’s never been confident in either language. Often confined by his shyness, he doesn’t talk much except to those he truly trusts. His family, chiefly, and very few friends at Hogwarts.

Beauxbatons for August wasn’t easy, he was just entering a time in his life where he found he wasn’t exactly interested in girls anymore. Toppled on worrying about his father, things went downhill quickly for August.

A lot had changed for poor August by second year. During the War, his father (a Muggle) went to go fight off the SS Invasions of France, only to be brutally captured and slaughtered by Nazi soldiers. His mother had decided to transfer him to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to separate him from the pain that he’s endured in France, and to keep him from seeing the aftermath of the war that’s destroyed France.

August hardly expected to flourish at Hogwarts, too nervous and shy to make many friends outside of Action Black’s “Voodoo Crew” – A gang of Hogwarts students. August has a mounting worry for his friends in the Crew figuring out about his interest in guys, and his variety of crushes on everyone from Quidditch Players to Professors at Hogwarts. One might say he’s desperate, others might say he’s just not gutsy enough to make a move on anybody.

What the future entails for August, who knows? In his mind, hopefully something that doesn’t involve in him being ousted by the members of Action’s crew or being beat up by someone else. August already has enough problems on his hands, and would rather stay as incognito as possible about his love life and his life in general.


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