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1945 / Tea Addicts [Lyra]
« on: 08/12/2015 at 23:16 »
Early August, evening

Travis arrived at the main hall with an unique goal in mind, tea. Through the years he has developed an addition towards the tea, unlike the coffee it didn't have substances that made one addicted to it. But he couldn't live without the drink.

Technically he could, but it would be a hard and dull life, what would he drink after an exhaustive practice with his violin or after a peaceful walk through the crowded streets? The answer was always tea, it was the spark of his life.

Taking a seat in the nearest bench he placed his violin suitcase by his side, glancing at his surroundings he grinned, it was completely empty, all the room for his violin, tea and him. Grabbing a nearby cup he quickly prepared a delicious green tea, as he waited for the beverage to warm up a bit he examined the different pastries.

He was so concentrated in the hard task that was choosing one that he didn't hear footsteps approaching.

1945 / Kids [open]
« on: 08/10/2015 at 10:18 »
Early August, noon

By far that summer was being the most boring one in his 17 years of existence. The state of the camp and the events of the last term had ruined that special magic that camer with the summer, the laughs, games, overall happines...

It seemes that they were all thinking about the same thing every single minute of every single day, and it was driving Travis crazy, wherever he looked he could see a camper who looked sad or depressed, where had the summer spirit gone? It had disappeared completely.

Deep inside they were all kids, scared kids that wanted to forget about everything and laugh again. Kids were supposed to have fun, bu where was the fun in remembering the events of the past term?

Things had to change, because summer was not the time for tears and sobs. So he grabbed his violin and bow and he played, not sad or depressing music, happy one. The kind of music that made people dance and laugh, they all needed it. He played for a while, because he knew music could change people's moods very easily, in less than a minute he was already smiling.

He didn't stop playing until he heard footsteps approaching. "Hi."

1945 / Paradise [open]
« on: 08/06/2015 at 22:19 »
Late July, afternoon

Travis was in one of the small clears left of the Tulgey Wood, with the growing wilderness most paths and clears had disappeared, but not that one, at least not yet. The grass was fighting to grow and cover all the rocks, and the tree branches were trying to cover the sky above him. But not yet, thankfully that small piece of paradise lost in the middle of the wood would resist until that summer, it was his last summer there so it was all he needed.

Just a few days ago he had turned 17, he was not sure if he was supposed to feel different; older, tired, more mature, more stupid... he felt the same way. He was still the same awkward and clumsy boy that struggled to talk in big groups and tripped in front of pretty girls. And he was still the same boy who was madly and absurdly in love with his violin, the wooden fine instrument was his everything.

As all those thoughts crossed his busy brain the his fingers moved gracefully through the strings, his other hand holding the bow that moved in the same gracious way through the strings. The sound it produced was so beautiful that even the birds had stopped singing to listen to the magical sound, in that moment all what mattered for Travis was his violin, completely focused in the experienced moves of his hands. He was so lost in the music that he didn't hear footsteps approaching.

He only realized their presence as he heard a voice behind him.

1945 / I'm so cool I can't even
« on: 08/05/2015 at 22:20 »
Hi Humans!

The title might not be exactly the truth... but honestly who cares about such small details?

Anyway... I'm Clara, 16 (17 this October *cheers without enthusiasm*), I'm from Spain and I love unicorns, because they're real, they're just waiting for the perfect moment to appear and extinguish the humankind....probably.

I'm about to start my last year of high school and I've recently discovered that my life can be represented with Taylor Swift gifs so...

Right now this is me not giving a shit but at the same time being overwhelmed by life

My whole existence has basically consisted in me being a sassy dork living in my own world and being an adorable pain on the ass. I used to play basketball, but this happened an awful lot and I gave up:

I'm so clumsy I can't even

I can't break rules, I get all nervous and I start walking in circles and yelling to people (and to my dog, but the sassy bitch ignores me)

I speak fluent Spanish, English, French, sarcasm, dolphin and nerd. I'm still improving my dog.


  • Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    Sherlock Holmes
    Dostoyevsky (I would read his shopping list if I could)
    Isabel Allende
    The hunger games
    The mortal instruments (yay for new hot Jace)
    Anything written by Dickens
    Paper Towns
    Alice in Wonderland
    The Book Thief...

  • Modern Family
    The big bang theory
    How I met your mother
    Once upon a time
    Rasing Hope
    How to train your dragon 1&2
    A Roman Holiday
    Pulp Fiction
    Pitch Perfect
    The Avengers
    Easy A
    Mean Girls...


  • The Beatles
    The Rolling Stones
    Taylor Swift (or T-swizzle)<3
    Frank Sinatra
    Mikky Ekko
    The Killers
    Imagine Dragons...

Le Dork

So I play this dork here aslo known as Travis Watson: sassy, awkward, clumsy, secretive, classy and a mess around girls. (He wants to thread with all of youu)

So basically this is me
When I say something stupid, which is like... always

1945 / Watch me rise [Serena]
« on: 08/05/2015 at 21:08 »
Late July, evening

Travis leaned on a tree with a small smirk on his lips, his violin suitcase laying by his side and a cigarette on his hands. The day was warm, but luckily for him the tree he was leaning on had a big shadow, it was perfect. Unlike the rest of the camp Mismy Meadows hadn't changed much, the grass was taller and there were small bushes everywhere, but it resembled the camp of the last summer, the one that was not destroyed.

He closed his eyes for a moment as he inhaled the smoke of the cigarette, it was relaxing just sitting there listening to the birds and crickets, quickly the boy got lost in his thoughts, they were mostly about the events of the past term, as much as he tried they came to his mind whenever he closed his eyes. Opening them again he shook his head lightly as he ran a hand through his perfectly brushed hair.

Travis supposed that all the Hogwarts students were having the same recurring thoughts as him, he doubted any of the wanted to talk about it though. To forget about everything related to the magical school he switched his attention to his suitcase, as he was about to grab the instrument he heard footsteps approaching, looking up a small smirk appeared on his face.

"Serena, what a lovely surprise." He said half jokingly, those words couldn't leave his mouth if there was not a joking tone in them. "I met your sister the other day."

1945 / Late night confessions [Open]
« on: 08/05/2015 at 14:10 »
Late July, Evening

Travis watched the smoke of his cigarette as it ascended to the clouds, the sun was about to disappear behind the horizon and a light wind playes with his brown messy mop of hair, he ran a hand through it trying to tame it.

A bunch of people was in the whispering waterfalls too, each of them had arrived at the place for once reason or another, the reason didn't matter at all though. He was bored, that was all what mattered. Shifting his gaze from the smoke to the people around him he sighed, camps weren't supposed to be boring.

As an idea crossed his mind his eyes twinkled with excitement. "I'm a greek mythology nerd." He confessed without thinking much about what he was saying. Looking at the person next to him he smirked.

"Your turn, tell something about you... whatever, embarrassing or pathetic, it doesn't matter."

1945 / The Kings of Summer (Open)
« on: 08/04/2015 at 22:00 »
Mid July, midnight

It was late, he could hear the crickets relaxing sound, and the sun had disappeared behind the horizon line long time ago. He had watched the sunset from that same spot, and after going for a cup of tea he had returned to that same spot. He wasn't sure why, everything was destroyed there just like the rest of the camp, but he felt strangely safe. And lately feeling safe was not easy, especially after being in that deadly Transfiguration lesson.

 The images were still on his head, playing over and over again, but instead of his housemate in his mind it was his mother's lifeless body the one which collided with the hard floor. It was like watching her die thousands of times and he couldn't do anything to make it stop.

He was sitting on the dock, the tea cup by his side and a cigarette on his hand. As always he just inhaled the smoke. Travis sighed as he took a sip of the hot drink, the warmth of the tea was a nice sensation, his stomach felt warm when everything around him felt so cold. Just as he was getting lost in his thoughts again he heard the sound of footsteps approaching, the sound that the wood made as they stepped on it made him shiver. He had no idea who the person was, but he didn't care.

"Want some?" Travis asked as he rose the cup of tea, offering it to whoever had decided to get lost in their one worlds in that dock as well.

1945 / Fly me to the moon || Phine
« on: 08/04/2015 at 09:17 »
July, early afternoon

The Tulgey Wood, it had always been his favourite place in the whole camp. But the wood in which he had just stepped didn't look anymore like the one that he used adore.

Bushes and wilderness everywhere, blocking some paths and making some other disappear, if it was not because he knew that place like the palm of his hand he wouldn't have been able to tell that there used to be a path there. Travis followed one of the few paths left with a firm grip on his violin, as he walked by he tried to remember all the things that used to be there and where now covered by the wilderness.

Still there was something in the place that he loved, after all it was not like the Tulgey wood had changed forever, all those things could be removed.

Travis arrived at a small clear, just some bushes and tiny rocks around. He preferred the clear in which he played the last year but the path that leaded there was blocked, that one could work there. He sat on the ground with the violin on his lap and got lots in the musical songs of the birds. Before he could even start playing the violin he heard the soft sound of footsteps approaching, he smiled softly, pretty sure of who the footsteps belonged to.

1945 / Edge of Glory || Travis
« on: 08/01/2015 at 11:06 »


Pureblood | Slytherin | 17 | French | Sassy Dork

Travis was born in Paris, raised in a strict Pureblood family that had high expectations on him he grew up surrounded by obnoxious rich people that only cared about money and appearances. At a young age he discovered that breaking rules and doing the opposite of what he was supposed to do was more entertaining that following his father wishes, so he became a little mischevious troublemaker.

 Still the perfect gentleman he was supposed to be, at the age of three he discovered the violin, since that moment it became the biggest passion of the awkward boy. When he was six his mother was murdered by a muggle and his life changed drastically. His father tired of trying to make out of Travis the perfect son, sent him to Englan with his grandfather and head of the notorious Watson family. He hadn't seen his father since that day, for his father Travis was, is and will always be the biggest disappointment of the Watson family.

Awkward ~ sarcastic ~ sassy ~ weird ~ mythology nerd ~ dogs ~ violinist ~ sneaky ~ mischevious ~ trust issues  ~ ambitious ~ intelligent  ~ clumsy ~ misterious ~ secretive ~ adorable ~ hopeless romantic ~ knows places ~ tea addict ~ snarky comments ~ midnight encounters ~  a mess around cute girls ~ sly smiles ~ red cheeks ~ nervous chuckles ~ the smell of rain ~ cigarette's smoke ~ loyal to a few ~ curfew...? Is that even a word? ~ the importance of first impressions ~

Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering...

Love him... or hate him

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1944 / It's called falling with style (open)
« on: 04/19/2015 at 18:15 »
It was a thruth universally acknowledge that Travis had a big problem with balance, he wasn't sure why gravity had such an enormous fixation in making him trip, preferable in front of other people. But with the time he had grew close to his clumsiness, it was rare the day he didn't trip or knock something down but those rare days he felt... empty, it was weird, he wasn't able to explain the feeling.

That particular day was not one of those rare days.

With his hands stuffed in his pockets he arrived at the whispering waterfall, a rather beautiful place in his opinion. Without fixing his gaze in any of the people there he whistled softly as he approached the water. Titling his head lightly he saw his reflex on the water, with a small smile he stared at his perfectly brushed dark hair before keeping with his walk.

There was a small rock in the path he was walking in, small enough for a normal person not to trip with it, but not for Travis... before he could even process the information of what was happening or what had he tripped with his face approached the ground with a dangerously high speed... the very hard ground.

But miraculously his, until the moment non existent, reflexes decided to act, saving him from falling, in less than ten seconds he was standing on his two foot again, Travis what not sure what had happened. He had made some kind of mixture of a handstand and a cartwheel that saved him from his painful fate.

With widened eyes he stood still for a moment, with each second a wider grin appearing on his face... after the shock he punched the air with his two fists and whoop happily, jumping from the excitement in the process.

Not a smart move.

Tripping again his butt collided with the ground, that time nothing stopping him from embarrassing himself in front of the people there. Scoffing he crossed his hands over his chest as he glared at a person that had seen his extremely pathetic moment.

"The hell are you looking at?"

1944 / Perfect Synchrony (Séraphine)
« on: 04/17/2015 at 21:19 »
July, morning

Travis loved the quiet, as the musician he was he had the ability of appreciating how beautiful just a moment of silence could be. But as the violinist he was he had the habit of filling those beautiful moments with the soft sound of the instrument. And that moment was one of those occasions.

Lost at some point of the Tulgey Wood he rested the instrument on his shoulder and started to play a beautiful melody he remembered learning once when he was six or seven back at Paris. After playing for a long while he stopped and put the instrument back in it's case. He was debating whether leaving the forest or not when he saw a big rock on the ground that was practically telling him to stay.

Making his way to it he sat on the grass and leaned his back on the rock, putting the violin case by his side and stretching his legs. Closing his eyes for a moment he enjoyed the sun light, that moment would have been perfect if it was not because a bird decided to poo on his hair... on his damm hair.

Standing up quickly he spotted the bird on a branch of a tree above him.
"You little devil!" He yelled.

1944 / Broken strings [Open]
« on: 04/13/2015 at 22:13 »
July, evening

Travis was not having a good day, he was having one of those awfuls days that seem like a joke and everyone but him would find funny. First he had overslept, thing that for the boy was worse than anything else, he loved to see the sunrises and being awake before anybody else. Then for the surprise of waking up so late he had fell off his bed, hitting his head with the floor, the loud thud still echoing on his head.

When he thought nothing else could go wrong after having a quick breakfast he had managed to trip with his own feet, embarrassing himself in front of whoever was passing near him in that moment.

But with his violin on his hands he felt safe again, he had have his doubts about stepping out of his cabin again or not but in the end he had decided to go to his team pavilion that was curiously empty at that hour, it was rare to see the place so quiet. Closing his eyes he started to play the instrument, as always a small smile appearing on his lips as the beautiful sound filled the room. It abruptly stopped when all of a sudden one of the strings broke, in all his years as a violinist nothing like that had ever happened, with a bewildered expression the boy approached the instrument to his face to examine it more closely... broken, at least it was just a string.

With a defeated expression on his face Travis approached the table and grabbed the nearest cup of tea and filled it with the delicious and very hot beverage. Plopping into a chair he waited for a short while before approaching the cup to his lips... for his not so surprise after a sudden sneeze he ended spilling all the hot liquid on himself. Throwing the cup away he heard it crashing in the distance as he stood up with a funny expression on his face as he searched for something that could stop that insufferable heat.

"MERDE!" Travis exclaimed way too loud as he looked hopelessly down at his shirt

1944 / Awkward is the new awesome
« on: 04/11/2015 at 19:06 »
So hi... I'm terrible at introductions, I probably should be doing something else so that's why I'm doing this... My name is Clara, I'm 16 and from Spain (just if you were wondering I'm completely against bullfights).

I've been roleplaying for a year and a half more less but I'm new on this site and so far I love it... hi again. I play Travis Watson who is a bit like me somehow.

•   I'm socially awkward, too sarcastic for my own good, a (cool) nerd, addicted to pizza, scared of almost everything, breaking rules freaks me out and I'm extremely clumsy. I love drama. I have the mental age of a ten year old kid and a ninety years old woman so I'm pretty mad. I've been weird since I was like... well, since I was born, when other kids where playing normal things I was petting my imaginary unicorns.

•   Music: The Beatles is my favourite band ever because they're flawless... mostly I listen to old music, Dexy's Midnight Runners, The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Smiths, Eric Clapton, The Talking Heads... but modern things too, TAYLOR SWIFT (she deserves to be in caps, I might have a slight obsession because she's amazing), Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, The Killers, Of Monsters and Men, Paramore, Sam Smith, The Lumineers, The Royal Concept, Birdy, Goldroom...

•   I'm a bookworm and books are practically the only thing I talk about. Charles Dickens is my favourite author ever and Dostoevsky probably my second (Crime and Punishment is just perfect) Harry Potter of course (when I was little I was scared of Voldemort) Percy Jackson 'cause I'm a Greek Mythology nerd, The Mortal Instruments, The Giver, The Hunger Games, GAME OF THRONES (Daenerys is fabulous), The Maze Runner... and authors like Isabel Allende, Tolkien, Jane Austen (I want my Darcy please), Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Oscar Wilde...

•   I love How I met your mother, Modern family, Glee, Orange is the new black, The big bang theory... Marvel, Meryl Streep and Audrey Hepburn's movies, How to train your dragon, Star Wars, Mean Girls...

•   I NEVER touch doors in public places...

•   And basically:

I just remembered what I was supposed to be doing so I'll end this here.

1944 / For the love of art (Rin)
« on: 04/10/2015 at 15:27 »
July, sunset

Travis loved summer sunsets, without any doubt they were the best kind of sunsets. The hot temperatures he disliked were a bit colder and the sun was somehow more impressive as it slowly approached the horizon. Simply fantastic. And his violin resting by his side made everything better, he was sitting on the ground, looking at a small lonely cloud that was crossing the sky, blocking the sun for his view for a few seconds. With a small sigh he grabbed the violin and stood up, watching clouds was an interesting thing to do for a few minutes but more ended being quite boring.

For a few seconds he stared at his violin, the soft light of the sun reflected in the wood making the instrument seemed even more beautiful, Travis doubted there was a more extraordinary instrument than the violin, it was not just it's angelic sound but it's shape too, and the wood and everything related to it. That particular violin was his favourite one, he had three more back at home between them his first violin, the one he had inherited from his mother. He had stopped using that one long time ago, he feared it might break and it was all he had left of his mother apart from a few memories. But between the four he owned definitely the one he was holding was the best one, his grandfather had gave it to him for his thirteenth birthday and Travis was smart enough to know it had cost a fortune. That made him being ever prouder of it.

Putting if on his shoulder he grabbed his bow and started to play a melody he had first heard ages ago, it was a bit sad but with the sun starting to fade on the horizon it seemed like the right thing to say, a beautiful goodbye to the sun.

1944 / Privacy at a small party | Travis
« on: 04/08/2015 at 22:08 »

Travis Watson

Sarcastic, Pureblood, 16, British-French, Socially Akward, Violinist, Loves dogs, Dork, Unsorted

Travis rarely talks when there's many people around... probably if no one talks to him he'll just open his mouth to make a sarcastic comment. Beware if he's in a small group though, there's a high possibility that he won't stop rambling and probably embarrassing himself, around girls he likes he can be very akward he starts to embarrass himself and says stupid things.

He likes to keep things to himself, his business are his business, and he will only tell them to the people he's very close with (which are just a few), neither he does care much about other people business. Travis won't doubt in using his sarcasm as a weapon but he'll never get into a physical fight, he's tall but way too scrawny to have any possibility in a fight.

Just for the delight of doing just what his father does not want him to do Travis won't doubt for a minute breaking a few rules, but only if he gets anything out of if.

If you want to know about him... just reply with the code. He's open to all, friendships, romance, enemies...

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