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1944 / Get out of here, this is my tree! (Séraphine)
« on: 04/26/2015 at 17:36 »
Mid-august, early afternoon

"Aargh", Max cried out, while he was pushing himself up, the rugged surface of the bark hurting his hands. He wasn't even halfway there and he already had a nice little collection of scratches and bruises on his hands, arms and legs. The tree had turned out to be quite a nasty motherflipper, full of pointy branches and sticky resin that could drive you mad. Still, Max was in no way considering a retreat and kept on climbing and huffing and puffing and then climbing again.

It started to get easier as he approached the edge, or at least less painful. The thick sharp-cornered branches gave way to thinner and smoother ones, but they were also more likely to break. Max had set out to reach his so-called "nest", an unlikely structure of several extensions of the same branch, entangled in such a way that they formed a particularly comfortable, and most importantly, dependable seat. What's more, once settled in it, you could see the whole camp from up above, all of the areas and tents and tiny little people going about their business. It felt thrilling and empowering and Max could hardly wait to get there.

Suddenly, he heard a crack from somewhere beneath him. His heart skipped a beat, as he thought that the branch beneath his feet might have broken, but it felt as steady as ever. He looked down, but there was nothing there, either. Then he heard the noise again, this time closer.

"Hello?", he called out. "Who's there?"

"It must have been a squirrel or a bird", he tried to convince himself. "Nothing to worry about." Yet, something in his gut was telling him that there positively was somebody there, but it was neither a squirrel, nor a bird.

1944 / Dreaming as the summer die {Open}
« on: 04/26/2015 at 16:26 »
Late afternoon, last week of summer vacation

Max was lying on his back, his arms and feet stretched apart, trying to cover as much of the giant mushroom's surface as he could. The afternoon sunlight was gently caressing his face and he felt the stinging of a slight sunburn on the tip of his nose. He had been lying there for quite a while, just contemplating his navel.

"All that's missing is a hookah", he smirked, as he imagined himself as the Caterpillar, all blue and wrinkly. Oh no, there he was, drawing comparisons to that children's story again. It couldn't be helped, this whole summer was about remembering Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and experiencing them in the face of your own life's trials and tribulations. He wondered whether the Hogwarts staff had intentionally chosen the camp theme as a place for self-evaluation.

Max suddenly felt nostalgic. It was that especially frustrating type of nostalgia, when you don't even know what you're longing for. It couldn't be the people, since he was going to meet most of them again at Hogwarts. It wasn't summertime, either, since Max had always preferred his much more eventful school days, as opposed to summer's lazy humdrum. And he definitely wasn't going to miss the whole Alice in Wonderland setting that, for the most part, did nothing but give him the blues.

He felt a dull ache in his lower back. He had been in the same position for as long as he was there, so he decided it was time to switch sides. He rolled over, his right arm and foot now hanging freely from the edge of the mushroom top. He grabbed hold of the periphery in order to keep his balance,  but instead of the usual mushy surface, he felt a harder yet fragile material folding between his fingers.

Paper. It was a tiny piece of paper, that's what it was.

His initial gloominess was instanty replaced with a surge of excitement. He pulled it out, careful not to tear it apart and held it tightly in his fist, as he was pushing himself up with his other hand. He was now sitting on the edge with his back turned east so he could read the note, using what was left of the fading sunlight.

It was a thin piece of yellow parchment, folded about three or four times. It seemed like it had been there for a long time. Max unfolded it with the cautious precision of an operating surgeon. Then he held it before him with the tips of his fingers. It was an old, squiggly writing, but he managed to read the message:

I dream that one day I would feel with all their simple sorrows, and find a pleasure in all their simple joys, remembering my own child-life, and the happy summer days.

No sooner had he finished reading the sentence than a sudden blow of the wind swept it out of his hands, carrying it in the direction of the road. Max jumped off the mushroom and immediately run after it, but the wind was moving it too fast and he could barely see it as it was getting further and further away. There was someone approaching in the distance.

"Hey!", Max cried out. "Hey, you! The note, please, get the note!"

He wasn't sure why, but in this very moment, he felt like his life depended on that stranger catching the little piece of parchment, before it was blown away and lost forever.

1944 / ♦ THE BVLGARIAN ♦
« on: 04/11/2015 at 17:56 »
Hey there, lovely people of the world! My name is Nancy and I'm an 18-year-old girl from Bulgaria. Yes, that is in Eastern Europe.

 I don't really know how to begin my introduction, so I'll just start by saying the most clichéd yet true thing: I am extremely excited to be a part of this world which never ceases to amaze me (and I've only been here a week!) You people are so awesome I wanna cry! *sobs*

Mostly random things about me:
♦ Presently I only play Max Kuczynski, but my first character on Hoggies was Lana Lancaster
♦ My first ever RP experience was a Bulgarian HP forum, where I basically played myself  (don't judge me, I was 10!)
♦ I have an unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift <3

♦ My posting in threads consists of 20% creative work and 80% googling words
♦ I study in a high school for mathematical prodigies
♦ However, from next year I'm going to study political science in France
♦ I have zero coding skills
♦ I'm chief editor of the school paper

♦ I adore the 20's and jazz music, which is why I go to swing dance classes with my male best friend <3
♦ I'm also very passionate about skiing and windsurfing
♦ I want to write a series about time travellers when I grow up <3

Seriously though,

1944 / Don't believe me just watch| Max
« on: 04/06/2015 at 21:25 »



Max is your typical carefree, lazy guy who relies on his sharp sense of humour and his charm to get through everyday life. He's friendly and easygoing, likes to be the center of attention, especially when he's doing teacher impersonations or mocking people in general. His one crucial weakness is talking to girls. Or, as he would put it, chicks just can't appreciate a good joke, man! He likes to think of himself as a philosopher and is more than glad to share his 'deep' revelations about life to anyone who's willing to listen. Recently, he's been feeling a bit lonely and misunderstood, yet he continues to play the part of the class clown. What would it take to finally make his mask come off?

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