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1944 / where we could be [maya p.]
« on: 04/08/2015 at 01:59 »
July 1944
3:14 PM

Hiyori breathed heavily as she turned on to her side, with a slight smile on her face. It was ruined by a quick inhale, then she noticibly shut her eyes more than they were before. Yawning as she peeked an eye open, she almost screamed when she found herself in a field of tall grass and in the distance, yet all around her, large mushrooms.

Hiyori sat up so suddenly that she suddenly felt light headed and fell back into the position she had been in before. "I can't believe myself!" she said, scolding herself for passing out for almost approximately three hours. She couldn't believe she let herself do that. But more over, she really didn't have a reason to be mad at herself.

It was the blonde girl's problem, passing out in strange places. The days where it would happen for less than an hour other than normal sleep time, were the days she enjoyed, but worried the most. The best part though, was the fact that she slept like a baby for those nights.

Hiyori attempted at sitting up again, raising a hand to her head. She sighed to herself as she lowered the hand to smooth out her beige shorts she wore with the mint green shirt she wore. The sandals she wore were also mint green, as if she was almost yelling about her camp cabin. But it was also easier to blend in the colour of the tallgrass if she kept her blonde head down while crawling around in curiosity. It was only a matter of time when it would happen.

And who knew it would be so soon.

1944 / candied apples ✿ miyazaki hiyori
« on: 04/03/2015 at 18:52 »
  Hiyori was born on April 1st 1933. She grew up in a household of purebloods who didn't like muggles much. Her father would always tell her that they had a disease, and they were robbed of their magical energy for that reason... Her mother tells her that muggles are for show, and really are like ghosts... Real, but not to the wizards. But yet she attended muggle school. She insisted that they knew the weaknesses of the muggles, and her parents played along with her as they found it would make her happier.
   Hiyori's letter to Hogwarts arrived in time though, and it cleared up all thoughts of muggles, only to find herself sinking into the same mindset as her Japanese father and her English mother. She would always sigh to herself and attempt to accept any muggles that were around for people with personalities anyways.

And thus forth, taking aim, I pulled the trigger... recognition. acquainted. friend. confidant. This time, my unrivalled true love for you...  irritation. ignore. hate. unconcealed death wish. Will definitely reach your heart...  attraction. flirt. (unrequited) crush. fling. love.
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first name surname
age here. year here. relationship here. insert here any applicable history that your character might have with hiyori. also, feel free to add some possible future plot and thread ideas.

1944 / lies are hidden within me
« on: 04/03/2015 at 02:36 »
We're all normal in our own way.

Sup guys, I'm Priya and I'm a high school freshman. I've been writing since I was 7, but really started writing in the ways of roleplay since I was in grade 6 (which is about three years ago).

I'm a very annoying special person, and I don't talk a lot. I like anime, and I like Marvel, and I like books, and I like soccer, and I like writing.

(I feel awfully annoying, so) To keep this short, my other character is Hikaru Arai. And any form of my name is perfectly okay with me!

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