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1948 / Do you think we could ... | Ruby
« on: 08/01/2016 at 02:50 »
Standing on one side of the valley she looked over towards Ruby who was besides her and said “ Think we could make a rope bridge? “  The sweet memory of one that she had climbed as a child that was safely only two feet from the ground came to mind.  Now she was older she wanted one that was more challenging and dangerous.

Leaning against one of the oaks she said “ Think any one but me would dare to cross it?  Would you? “  After all, if she was going to propose to build it, or in the end actually build it she’d have to try it.  Then she gulped looking at just how deep the valley went and knowing that a fall could cost someone there summer.  She said “ Naturally we’d have people on brooms just in case. “  Would that be enough.

As she was thinking and speaking the idea she wondered if it was too dangerous. 

Still it would be a potential fun adventure if there early summer exploring didn’t find them something better.  As it was still early and they had a lot to explore in order to make plans of how they could fully take advantage of this summer.

1948 / Introduction to Seeking | Icarus
« on: 08/01/2016 at 02:03 »
It was important to plan a sunny day right.  Especially when the two days had more rain than was acceptable for a summer or day that started with S.  Though now the weather was nice she had to make the most of it.  Naturally she’d give herself bonus points if she managed to find something productive to do with her day which with the sight of Icarus was an almost certainty.

She had said, to herself, last term that she was going to do something about him on the pitch.  Sure she could have been seeker, but that idea had fizzled from her mind about when she decided that if she did all the third year work they’d have to make her a fourth year next year.  The fact she got many of those assignments by looking over Icarus’ shoulder in the common room was something the boy didn’t need to know.  After all, it would be embarrassing if she had done that much work and it had failed - which seeing as she had heard nothing it probably would.

With a shout she said “ Icarus we’re hitting the pitch today. “ then started running towards the boy.  Reaching him with a smile she said “ You got the right body mass to zoom as seeker. “  Then she paused with a slight blush and said louder in an almost “ Seriously this is workable, and we’re starting today. “  Then she linked her arm in his, and directed him towards the pitch.

Hopefully he didn't have plans.  Hopefully he wouldn’t notice the blush.

1948 / Looking up with a frown | Irma
« on: 08/01/2016 at 00:53 »
There were few older years that were worth respecting and looking up to.  The catch was her looking up was causing her mouth turn down with a bit of disgust.  The rumor mill that almost echo’ed the insane personal details that many would hide at Hogwarts was in full effect with a rumored arranged marriage of one Irma.

She understood.  She’d even told uncle David that it wasn’t even worth going to Hogwarts because she was a halfblood and pureblood basically got everything in the wizarding world.  Yet, she wanted to have some hope for herself and that meant having at least one solid role model of the older student form.

Somehow she had secretly picked Irma without telling her.  The girl was realistic, but as logical as her words were she was falling into the trap that was Elizabeth’s nightmare.  Except for the whole arranged marriage part, as her parents would never be organized enough to coordinate that.

Walking up to the girl she uttered a quiet “ Umm. “  Then hesitantly looked around making sure no one else was around before quickly blurting out “ Is it true.  About the arranged marriage. “

1948 / Swim Away From Flying Rocks | Circe
« on: 08/01/2016 at 00:26 »
She had expected it to be silent.  The noises only she heard around the castle especially in the dark twisting secret passages to be gone.  Yet she took a deep breath and tried to calm herself as she heard the groans of what she assumed was yet another ghost haunting her.

She had to keep her cool.

Though it did come from the direction of the lake so she picked up a handful of rocks and started throwing them in the water with a quickly muttered grunt of “ Take that. “ as the first rock hit the water.  Then her smirk widened with every following rock that she sent arc’ing into the water. 

Then she saw a fish jump out of the water and said “ For Circe’s sake swim away from the flying rocks you dumb fish. “  The fact that she shouldn’t have been tossing into the water so carelessly didn’t manner.  She was sick of hearing ghostie groans, and it wasn’t as if she could shout that from the rooftops.  Or more presently accurate from the side of a lake.

1948 / An answer for every question | EA
« on: 07/31/2016 at 23:59 »
I’m planning a come-back with the one and only Elizabeth Arnett…

I need your help.  I plan to write my re-application with Elizabeth Arnett telling various people snippets of her life story and opinions on the world as the reaction to questions being asked to her with no context on when/how they came up.  I need your characters IC questions. I think it will be fun to see how she answers different questions based on who asks them.  Your character will be credited with the question, and I plan on tossing this app up August 13th so get your questions in… I'll also have EA answer all the questions in this thread.
Feel free to skip reading here and respond below…
Code: [Select]
[u][b]Blood status:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Public Opinion on Blood Status:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Desired Relationship/History:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Question(s):[/b][/u](max three)
[u][b]Do you want me to contact you for summer plotting or wait till term:[/b][/u]

Still reading…

Basic Information
  • Name: Elizabeth Arnett (EA)
  • Age: 14
  • Blood status: Halfblood ( feels superior because of it, yet smart enough to realize the wizarding world is run by purebloods so the fact she is better doesn’t manner in the scheme of things)
  • Two Time Sorted: Ravenclaw
  • Parents: Zoraida Trowbridge (H) & Rory Arnett (S)

Known for
  • Legendary coffee addict
  • Frequent user of secret passageways, (sometimes shouts boo as she exits)
  • Suspected prankster, admits to the small ones
  • Quidditch know-it-all (annoyingly tries to coach people so she can watch/play better games with higher levels of competition)
  • Super book and muggle street smart (and by muggle I mean London back alley)
  • Being horrible at actually doing magic (her wand is more of a hair accessory)
  • Defender of those insulted being muggleborn/halfblood (even if she dislikes/hates the individual as it is about principle)
Academic facts
  • Failed her first year.  (Spent most of it trying to escape and go home.)
  • In her first year re-do she accepted that she was stuck at Hogwarts and minimally applied herself due to being upset about that fact.
  • In her second year she decided there was no way she was spending an extra year in Hogwarts.  So she tried to do all the second year work she was assigned, and gave unsolicited responses to the third year work in hopes she could go back to her correct year placement. (Results unknown)
  • Lets make her fourth year in the castle epic together!

1947 / Burning Mud | Open
« on: 04/01/2016 at 23:19 »
Early Summer

She had to admit the summer campus this summer was nice.  It had plenty of opportunities for adventure.  Though no adventure she could find was more exciting than the apple orchard.  The trees could talk back which meant they could be new co-conspirators and someone had to make sure they weren’t taken advantage of.  Or if someone were to take advantage of the potential in them it was going to be her.

She might not have bothered with herbology much, but if someone told her plants had this kind of potential she might have paid attention.

Thankfully she had plenty of time to figure out how to make friends with the trees so she could later use there help.  Walking with a bucket muddy dark colored dirt she made her way to the first tree and said “ Do you need some extra fertilizer? “  As she imagined trees liked things like that.  Right?  Hopefully they weren’t smart enough to realize there was a difference between muddy dark dirt, and fertilizer as she hadn’t gotten past the color when it came to her studies.

Hearing some odd noise from the tree she threw some of her muddy dirt below it.  Then she added “ Let me guess you’d rather coffee. “  Then she after some hesitation tossed a bit of the coffee from her cup towards the bottom of her tree.  Which resulted in the tree speaking “ How dare you try to poison me with that burning mud. “ and tossing multiple apples in her direction.

1947 / The Coffee Crusader | EA
« on: 04/01/2016 at 01:58 »
Elizabeth Arnett
Elizabeth Arnett is finally going into her second year.  Somehow on her second try at being a first year she managed to take enough breaks from adventuring the castle, random pranking, and bossing about others to pass her classes.  All the credit for this oddity should go to the house elves of Ravenclaw for bribing her with coffee and nudging her out of bed.

Though now it is summer and she has a few ideas of how she is going to use it to improve herself, others, and camp itself.
  • Organizing a book lending program with fellow campers (So she can borrow and read all your books.)
  • Improving the coffee at camp.  (She failed on the last day of term to kidnap her favorite Hogwarts house elf and has a slight addiction... )
  • Making sure all the beaters hold there bats and swing properly. (Valencia that means you!)
  • Educating others on the advances of the muggle world, and demonstrating how she knows more about them even though she is a halfblood.
  • Perfecting a prank idea she has involving smoke, and the rest is ever evolving.
  • Being distracted by helping others with personal improvement plans she randomly decided they needed to be on.
  • Shrieking when something scares her.  Probably in someone's ear as she decides to jump into their arms. (Guys or Girls as to her everyone is pretty.)
Come join her crusade...  Or not...
Code: (To plot with Elizabeth Arnett copy/paste) [Select]
[div style="width:450px; height:300px; background-color:#ccd9ff; float: left; overflow-y:scroll; border:dashed;"]
[u][b]Desired Relationship:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Weakness EA should nag you about:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Area for EA to focus on to improve you:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Would you like to be a prank victim or co-conspirator?:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Favorite Tiara Style:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Future Plot Ideas:[/b][/u]

1946 / Please don't say Seeker | Fish
« on: 12/25/2015 at 17:44 »
A few days after Quidditch Game 2

Rather surprisingly the quidditch game the other day was actually not as boring as she expected it to be.  In her first year she had skipped most the games only going to one of the Ravenclaw matches.  A match she spent half of yelling things from the stands not cheering her team, but trying to correct them on form. 

It was irritating watching such bad form.  The summer game was even worse.  Thankfully Zak distracted her from watching Valencia.  Furthermore by the end of the game Zak even managed to be steady enough on his broom she wasn’t worried that he’d tumble off due to trying to turn.

Getting on her broom she started flying around the pitch as she waited for Zak to show up.  She didn’t have a full set of quidditch equipment out as she left the snitch fully captured in the box.  As she had taken the box from the quidditch cupboard and knew letting the snitch free could mean she was still chasing it tomorrow.

Then she saw Zak and flew down from where she was flying swinging a bat smacking the bludgers around.  Keeping the bat in her hand she said “ So after watching that last game what position do you want to play?  My favorites are beater and keeper. “  Then she landed on the ground in front of him.

Silently she added please don't say seeker.

1946 / You're a witch ... | Zailey
« on: 12/24/2015 at 02:23 »

She had cast a spell the other day.  Sure it had been sparks, but it changed things in a major way.  No longer was she a squib playing about and faking being a witch at Hogwarts.  Prior she had been trying not to be to embarrassed by her failures which often involved just not showing up to classes.

Now, she knew she could do it.  She, Elizabeth Arnett, could do magic.  It was possible.  Furthermore, she knew she knew exactly how.  Not only had she read the books when she gave others advice it worked.  However, she was no longer giving advice in dueling to seventh years as all of Joy's spells hurt more after that.

She needed to think about limits.  Though not now.  Now she needed a strategy for figuring out how to get spells to work for her.  Her first success came with an attempt at Incendio.  Rather practical considering the fire aspect and how cold it was.  So she pointed ahead of herself and said “ Incendio “ yet nothing happened. 

Then with a slight grunt she said to herself " Your a witch Elizabeth Arnett. " repeating the phrase four times.  A book she read talked about positive self image and such, naturally it was hogwash.  However, at this point she had to try anything.  Then she said " Incendio " with her normally perfect motions.

It didn't work.  At least the hot spring her feet were in as she sat on a rock to the side were warm.  A definite improvement over most of this summer.

1946 / Failure | James
« on: 12/23/2015 at 20:26 »
End of Summer

She wasn’t sure what to do.  Yet her feet instinctively seemed to be walking and she had no idea why they were walking in the direction they were.  Her howler was clenched in her hand, as by now she’d learned not to be in the main hall for mail times.  As her mother hand sent at least six howlers and the  calming voice of her father made her suspect there were a few he destroyed before she could.

It was odd as she looked at the howler, but she had a feeling things were coming to this.  Well, before she had managed a spell she had expected this to be about her being a squib.  Now she knew she was a witch as evidenced last week in her jumping on James bed for like thirty minutes making him jump too as she rambled on excitedly about managing to get sparks out of her wand.  The catch was she had been rather certain she had to have passed.  She knew she aced the tests.  Apparently the fact she hardly showed up to class and didn’t waste her time on any other assignments had come to haunt her.

Though they were boring and useless.  How could have she known she would turn out to not be a squib.  Naturally she was ignoring David who had been rather certain of it, along with her parents and every adult she knew that didn’t teach at Hogwarts.


Now she was less than happy.  She had failed.  Then she found James finally after stomping all over camp.  Sure the snow was fresh, but hadn’t he gotten bored of sledding.  Looking at James at the bottom of the hill she said " Come up this hill now.  We got to talk. " with her anger and sadness clear in her voice.

1946 / Library Royalty | Aurel
« on: 12/13/2015 at 23:12 »
She looked up briefly impressed with the skylight in the nutcracker cabins that let one see outside.  However, today like most days the skylight was white and covered in snow making her happy she was sitting on the end of Aurel’s bed with her back leaning against the wall it was near.  With a smirk she said “ If we spend anymore time here your feet are going to fall into the bump my butt is making in your bed. “ 

Then she closed the book she was reading with a thud.  As much as she loved reading Aurel’s books she was getting bored.  They spent to many hours this summer already reading, and the pile of books she hadn’t read had gotten smaller.  She said “ Have you had a snowball fight yet? “  She’d already had six this summer.  Then she added “ Sleigh ride? “ as she tried to think of other exciting things that were unique this summer. 

Things she wouldn’t mind doing that was.  As there was no way she was suggesting ice skating as that just seemed like a way to get stuck in the infirmary and they didn’t have any good books.  She checked.

After a bit of a pause she asked “ Have you found anyone else with a good book collection? “  As if they just had each other's it wasn't going to work out well for much longer.  With that though she continued her statement " As if not maybe we should take more reading breaks. "

1946 / Magnetic Force | Val
« on: 12/13/2015 at 19:08 »
It was like nails on a chalkboard.  The crack of a bludger with a reverberating swing that impacted the bludger without the force to have a proper follow through.  She couldn’t take it and worse she knew there was a one in four chance this girl would be in her own house.  At a minimum she’d potentially be forced to watch this for terms to come.

It had to stop now.

Except for the girl couldn’t see reason.  Things went down with her shout of “Valencia Alvear lock that wrist. “ moments ago.  Then they went further downhill with the girl not understanding that the force had to come from ones body.  There was only so much one could say.  Yet, there appeared no end to what the girl could say back.  However, like a magnet she was stuck in place continuing when she should have walked away

So now she shouted “ The reason it hurts your wrist is you are swinging with your arm not your body. ” back keeping the school broom she road on in line with the other girl and her grip on her bat funneling her frustration.  She was on a rant and couldn’t stop herself from repeating her words from minutes ago.  Then she said “ See. “  Then she demonstrated a perfect swing carefully aiming her bat to hit the bat in the other girls hand.

Hopefully that would have enough force to get through to the girl.

Why had she picked today to fly about the pitch?  Why didn’t she look away when she heard the familiar sound of a bat?  Why?

1946 / Commutati Frostbite (Open)
« on: 12/11/2015 at 20:14 »
Early Summer *cough Winter*

She wasn’t a doctor.  However, she was also rather certain she hadn’t managed to pull of transfiguring her fingers blue either.  Though as she looked at her fingers she smirked and realized that it was a much better story than she forgot to wear her gloves.  Plus she had been practicing spells so she did have a transfiguration book in her backpack.

It was a good story so she moved quickly to the infirmary as her hands didn’t seem to be returning to normal near the fire in the main hall where she was standing. 

Entering the infirmary she said “ I accidentally transfigured my hands blue, any of you good enough to undo it as my Reparifarge isn’t working. “  Then she moved to sit on one of the beds and took out her wand and mimicked the motions she read about and said “ Reparifarge “ once for good measure.  Her pronunciation was perfect, and her wand motions were just like the older Ravenclaws she observed studying for there OWLs. 

Yet, like every other spell she attempted it failed and her hands were still blue.  Of course, it naturally wouldn’t work if anyone could even pull off the spell as she hadn’t managed to successfully transfigure her hands blue either.  No, she just tried to have a snowball fight without gloves as she was pulled out of her warm bed to quickly towards a fun adventure and it was the gloves or her backpack filled with books.  Naturally the backpack won.

1946 / Flaming Sparks (Tallulah)
« on: 12/06/2015 at 23:45 »
The fact she hadn’t managed a spell yet was irrelevant to the fact that she probably was one of the best with the motions.  She’d studied the books, mostly prior to last summer and the disappointment that was Hogwarts.  Furthermore she still looked them over every now and then as perfect wand motions were at least to her absolute truth that she was a squib.

Though now she no longer had her spot in that nice grammar school she wasn’t going to advertise that.  No uncle David would just have to put up with her for the next five years.  After all failing the practical portion of the OWLs had to be a big deal, even if some were left back for it.

Looking towards Tallulah she said “ It is quicker on the inside part of the loop. “  As with Incendio the flicks and loops were important.  For some reason all the books she said the inside part of the loop somehow adds bit of power to the spell if it was done quicker.  Then she continued “ It gives a bit more power to that last flick which does them in. “ 

Then with a smirk she said “ See. “ as she repeated her motions.  The motions were perfect.  The fact they weren’t allowed to do magic was naturally meaningless as she focused on the words and pronunciation of the spell “Incendio”.

“You try.”

1946 / Zooming | Tobi/Open
« on: 12/05/2015 at 18:14 »
Second Week

She didn’t have a sled.  It went along with the good number of other things she didn’t have that she wished she had this summer.  Naturally she hadn’t even bothered sending a letter home so she was stuck with James sweater, which she still hadn’t given back, and freezing for the most part.  At least she had a couple pairs of pants, two of which she was currently wearing for warmth.

What doesn’t turn you into an icicle makes you stronger. 

What she did have was the creativity to make one out of acquired things.  Hopefully the trash bags, medical tape, cutting boards, and jump rope wouldn’t be missed.  Though she was rather certain the jump rope would come out of this unharmed and could be returned to the girl she legitimately borrowed it from.  The rest was naturally snatched from the camp supplies for an adventure.

Looking towards Tobias she said “ I know it isn’t a looker, but trust me I’ve already been down the hill once on this and it zooms. “  Then she put it down and grabbed the roll of medical tape that was on her wrist as a bracelet almost and pulled out another trash bag from a pocket and added another trash bag to the bottom. 

As naturally the first run down the hill had partly torn up her sled.

1946 / Howling Failures | Open
« on: 12/05/2015 at 03:49 »
First Week

Looking around with a laugh she looked at her most recent howler opening it quickly.  It had been the second of the day from her mother shrieking about her grades at Hogwarts and she hadn’t even finished her breakfast.  The odd thing was she wasn’t sure if her mother was in shock or mad at her in the first one.

A red howler with black ribbon



I still love you,

Probably mad.  This one mentioned she failed muggle studies in the most embarrassing way.  Then she blinked and reached forwards to the howler grabbing it.  As it said her biggest secret.  In the wizarding world she knew it was bad to be associated with muggles and now it was spelled out she was practically one. 

Her face turned red.  As she went from the kid who was called squibby due to the fact she hadn’t managed her first spell to basically a muggle.  Which made the fact her mother was mad at her meaningless. 

Looking around she glared at everyone daring them to say anything.  She couldn’t undo her mothers words, but she could put anyone in there place that jumped on the opportunity.

OOC:  in the howler CAPS was all shouted with definite anger the last bit was spoken softer in a loving tone

1945 / Incoming | Tobias
« on: 08/22/2015 at 02:08 »

She ran forward through the grass chasing after her football as she kicked it.  It wasn’t a wizarding sport, but she picked it up both from her mother and her friends at the muggle school.  Nor did she care how wizarding it was. 

After all, she knew she’d be a rubbish wizard and had seen the proof with all her magical attempts with a wand failing.  With the fact she knew she had a stick not a wand one of the only things helping her maintain her confidence this summer.  So she wanted to feel good at something for once.

Then she kicked it hard just trying to see if she could hit the tree a good distance away.  Of course she had been slightly off balance and it ended up that her football was headed directly for a boy.  Whoops.  Shouting she said “ Watch out. “ 

It wouldn’t hurt him, but she figured it might try to warn him.  It wasn’t like she needed more people not liking her.

OOC: Football = soccer = round

1945 / Filling Mathematical Cauldrons | Open
« on: 08/16/2015 at 20:26 »
Mid Summer

It was raining which left her with few options.  Or options that wouldn’t involve her being soaked in water and considering the state of the camp she wasn’t risking getting a cold.  A cold would be small, and under no circumstance would get her sent home, or if it did her parents would laugh and send her right back.  So that meant high odds of being stuck in that awful looking infirmary.

There was no way Elizabeth Arnett was stepping foot in the infirmary as odds were it would just make her sicker.

So instead she was in the main hall when it was devoid of food after lunch reading a book.  At least the fact she was reading a book was normal enough.  Though the book and the parchment she had besides it were probably foreign to the majority of the wizards in camp.  It was basically a muggle arithmetic book except it was made for young wizards so it had lots of fractions and pictures of cauldrons.

Some of the longer questions were adding up how much would be in a cauldron to choose which cauldron one should brew it with.  At least there was some common sense in the wizarding world.  With a shake of her head “ I guess transfiguring caudrons is out. “  Then she started scribbling out her latest answer as there was no option for a cauldron as large as the number she got.

1945 / Hexing through Pages | Aurel
« on: 08/02/2015 at 17:30 »
First Week of Camp

Looking around she found it seriously disturbing the sheer number of outdoor activities and a distinct lack of indoor places to read.  It was silly.  Sure the older years probably knew everything they needed to, but she was going into her first year which meant she had to be prepared.  So she carried her books to the only place she thought had a solid roof - the caves.

Plus the caves reminded her of a bunker making them feel safe.  Even if this place was so dilapidated she couldn’t see anyone targeting it.

After gaining a few new scrapes on her legs she found herself an unoccupied cave entrance with a rock in it and sat down placing her books next to her on the box.  She only had three as she didn’t want to risk hurting them in a stumble. 

Opening her book on hexes she picked up her self made stick of a wand and started confidently saying word “Limax” repeatedly in a somewhat loud determined voice, and making the motions described in the book.  Naturally she knew it wouldn’t work due to her not having a wand.  However, she knew that in order to convince people she was a squib she had to give this all a convincing try.  After all, no squib would just give up being a wizard without a fight - it would be insane. 

Except to her it wasn’t as she had a better ticket than Hogwarts.

OOC: Book titles - Easy Hexes to Surprise Opponents, Transfiguring your Mind, and Essential Number Magic volume 3

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