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1973 / I am so sorry with sugar on top
« on: 04/13/2012 at 15:28 »
This isn't really a notice of a present absence but more a past absence.  Last week I threw my back out and was laid up for several days.  My back is still a bit stiff and sore so sitting in front of a computer has not been a priority. 
I hope to be back in the swing of things in the next couple of days. 

1973 / Getting Started (Open)
« on: 03/25/2012 at 03:59 »
The infirmary was a mess.  A thick layer of dust covered everything.  A discarded bandage with a distinct maroon splotch dangled from the lip of a rubbish bin.  A pile of crumpled linens that had clearly not made it to the laundry lay in one corner of the room.  A trail of animal tracks lead from a busted out window to the counter that was used for checking into the infirmary.  Small crystals of sugary sweets and tiny wooden sticks were the only remnants of the lolly pops that had once been stored in the basket – it lay discarded on the ground several feet away – on the counter   It was very clear to the potions professor that the proverbial hatches had not been battened down at the end of the last summer session.

He wasn't too surprised. For their part the student helpers had likely been excited to get back to school. At least they were excited enough to forgo the last of the chores.  And for his predecessor's part. Well the bloke had likely had another job lined up that was far more important. 

Light penetrated the darkness as shutters opened.  Dust swirled into the air, forming into a cone before being channeled out an open window.   The crumpled pile of dirty linens soared through the air towards a burlap laundry bag.  Green eyes scanned the empty beds. Once his student assistants arrived, he would need to send one to get some fresh linens.  For now the beds would just have to lay uncovered.  The summer camp had just opened an hour earlier.  Surely it would not have its first near fatality so soon. 

The wand of elder with its core of dragon heart string swished and swashed through the air covering the room in disinfecting charms.  Turning towards the door he had stepped through minutes before, his trail of footprints no longer visible on the freshly cleaned floor, he leveled his wand then snapped it vertical with a quick jerky motion. Three large cauldrons floated into the room proper and settled themselves on a counter in the back.  The tap opened and water began filling into the cauldrons.  If the state of the room was any indication, then he would need to remake the majority of the potions. In fact, he decided right then and there to remake the whole lot.  Later in the summer he could put the job off on his student assistants but first he needed examples of what properly brewed medicines looked like.

As fires lit beneath the cauldrons, he walked towards the office. In contrast to the rest of the infirmary, the office was spotless.  It was completely empty save for a desk and a chair which probably helped with it being clean.  But it was also free of dust.  Apparently its anti-dust charm had not worn off.  He was just about to sit down when he heard a knock at the door.

“Seriously?”  He said in a low voice to himself.  Stepping out of the office door, he called out.  “Yes, come in. How may I help you?”

1972 / Icky finals are bleh!
« on: 12/08/2011 at 03:55 »
My apologies to those few that I am in threads with.   Finals and other stuff are sucking up my time and inspiration. Hopefully I should be back in the swing of things by Monday the 12th.

1972 / Life Interupted (Danae)
« on: 11/30/2011 at 03:40 »
April 4th, 1972

The Easter holiday had just passed; the students would be returning to the school throughout the day tommorow.  Like many of the staff, Alex had returned a day earlier. The remainder of the term would pass by in a blur.  So he wanted - no needed - the extra time to get things ready for the mad rush to the finish.

Being in the castle when it was devoid of students was always something that took some getting used to.  Even when they were supposed to be in classes or in bed for the night, it seemed the castle was crawling with them. Now it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  Or as was the case at current, the echoing footfalls of someone walking down the hallway towards the potions classroom. 

He continued to carefully slice the dragon spleens he had been preparing for a future lesson.  He didn't bother to look up until he heard the footfalls entering the classroom.  A smile immediately began to play at his lips when he saw which of his colleagues had chosen to pay him a visit.

“You're early.”  He said, returning to his cutting.  “It has to be at least another hour until lunch time.”

Things had been different between them since the incident in her apartment had put an end to her relationship with Dominic Lauria.  But they had not been as different as they should have been.  The distance that had existed between them for the past two years had not disappeared.  It was still there, just as thick as before. 

A year ago he would have tried to rekindle the passion they had once shared.  Now there were obstacles that had not existed then. Now, he was the father of brilliantly intriguing young girl. He was in a relationship with the mother of the girl, sharing the responsibilities of parenthood.  In time it would make since for him to commit fully to her by marrying her. 

But those changes by themselves would not have been enough to stop him from pursuing the now 'free' Danae.  What did stop him was the now firm belief that their ship had sailed.  He had held out hope that a chance still remained for them. And though a small part of him would continue to hope long after he had breathed his last in this world, the rational side of him had finally closed the lid on that argument. He had finally decided that Danae would not have him even if she did not have another man.  This conclusion had finally solidified in his mind just months before the fated day where her lover proved himself to be a vile demon of a man.  Fate can be such a cruel and sinister bedfellow at times.

“I'll need at least a few minutes to finish up....”  His voice trailed off as his eyes locked with hers.  Something in her eyes told him that she had not arrived early to get a headstart on lunch.  Her eyes didn't give up the full secret, but they did make it clear that it was more significant than just a simple change to lunch plans.

1972 / Tempting Fate (Anna, Anna's accomplice)
« on: 11/29/2011 at 03:04 »
It had been years since Alex had been to the summer hangout. It had been even longer since he had spent any extended amount of time at there.  During his first few years as a student at the castle it had been the place of dreams and adventures. As he had gotten older it had become that place that he might get to go to for a few days here or there.  And then he had been out of school and hadn't really looked back. 

Now he was back.  He hadn't come to the hangout because he had been overwhelmed with nostalgic need.  Rather he had brought his eight year old daughter to the hangout to give her a chance to meet some of the kids she would be going to school with in just three short years.  Alexandra usually kept to herself, so he thought it would do her good to get out and meet some kids her own age.  Besides it would give them both a chance to spend some quality time together as well. 

He hadn't come to the hangout planning to relive his youth.  But mere minutes after checking into the hotel and dropping Alexandra off at the bookstore, he found himself drawn in the direction of the boys cabins, his feet moving of their own accord.  He stopped himself before he got within a stone's throw of the cabin, forcing his feet to change direction. 

The one drawback to being at the hangout was running into his students.  Most, though they might be momentarily surprised to see him walking by, would not really pay him much mind.  Then there were the few that would bug him with questions.  And then there was the handful of students that he really didn't want to have to deal with until school started again.  His best hope was that those few students would not even be at the hangout.  And if they happened to be there, then he hoped he would not come across them.

The best way to accomplish his goal of avoiding those select students was to search out those locations that were sparsely populated with students.  The forest was a good place to start. 

If a pair of eyes (or maybe two pairs) saw him duck into the forest, he did not see them.  His intent was to meander through the woods. Eventually, he would make his way to the creek. Later, he would find his way up the mountainside. 

1972 / Hufflepuff rox your sox
« on: 11/24/2011 at 17:08 »
Better summer house thread.

1972 / Cool people testing thread
« on: 11/23/2011 at 23:10 »
Post in this thread if you are a member of the cool people. Otherwise post in that other testing thread.

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