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1944 / To weave is to love (Mia)
« on: 04/18/2015 at 09:55 »
She looked over to Mia's basket. Or what was supposed to be a basket. Was it a basket? Looking down to her own she sighed a disproportionately long sigh for such an occasion and tossed the heap of tangled twigs to the side of her, resting her head in a defeated fashion on her hands.

"Prrrrrrf" she let the sound escape her lips as she blew the air through them making them vibrate.

She was absolutely bored.

"Are you really enjoying this?" Belle asked her crafty companion. She was only jealous that Mia's seemed better than hers. Maybe Belle would make hers into a hat.

"Why we have to do this without magic I cannot fathom. What is the point?" impatient as ever.

1942 / Thingathings have Birthday's too!
« on: 08/19/2014 at 16:30 »



That is all.

(You can be 13 again right?)

Have an amazing day hon!! xxxx

1942 / Quite a puzzle to the rest of us [Tor]
« on: 08/16/2014 at 20:39 »
A towel stretched beneath her, she was lying on her stomach. Her arms bent in front of her, a book clutched in her hands, eyes darting along each line with a hungry pace. Her legs waving back and forth behind her absent mindedly. She was utterly absorbed.

How long she had been lying in the shade of this particular palm tree Belle was unsure, but at the moment all she cared about was "Who dunnit". She was reading a muggle book. A crime novel to be exact, about a detective that was trying to figure out who was to blame for a string of Murders. It was thrilling.

The activity around her interester her very little. She did like to people watch, but this was a much more agreeable task. Turning a page she tucked a long auburn wave behind her ear. Just as she did so, she heard a low whistle, and she was about to ignore it, but then she remembered there was plenty of wildlife she still hadn't discovered on this Island. She was intent on finding a parrot that she could train to talk, and so she put her book down for a moment, and began to scan her surroundings.

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