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1945 / I ain't from round here, I'm from another woo-hoo!
« on: 08/05/2015 at 19:13 »

I haven't made an intro since i started a year ago ahahaha (oops?)
Also i can't code or like i refuse to learn at the moment (raas will set me straight)


My name is Shy! (the little frog, basilisk/dragon on bad days, feel free to blame family for that one) However feel free to call me whatever nickname you want!
I have even been named the little centurion at work which may or may not be a good thing >>

I've lived in South Africa, England and Australia and hopefully if I plan things right, I plan on visiting america next year! Maybe singapore to go throw peanuts at someone's window....

If i ever do anything wrong please tell me, sometimes I'm a coconut that needs rolling in the right direction.
If you need any help at all in anything even if its to rant and rave then i am more than happy to listen and help in any way that I can ^^

Umm ok so You've probs seen me lurking about, I don't go onto MC much because i feel like a toad and have nothing to say really in massive groups but you can always skype me, pm, pc me and on rare occasions steam chat me!

I am happy to plot anything with anyone with any character! Everyone's characters are beautiful~

Things I like! *deep breath*
Supernatural, true blood, wayward pines, Jordskott, Dexter, teen wolf, face off, true detective, penny dreadful , the following, american horror story, vikings.Star vs. the forces of evil, steven universe, the amazing world of gumball, adventure time, princess and the frog, most disney movies.One piece, bleach, naruto, Berserk, Magi, loveless, Loki: agent of asgard, hellsing, dogs: bullets and carnage. Animal crossing, bayonetta, kingdom hearts series, guild wars 2, rift, final fantasy series, hack.// series, professor layton, phoenix wright, pokemon.

Basically I love a looot of stuff so feel free to chat about any of them or even suggest some stuff >>

Characters I play!

Casper Baines - gryffindor- 17
 sweet as can be and forever trusting and forgiving, holds his heart on his sleeve and loves nature.

Michael Albear - pureblood- 22
Has his issues, enjoys MOD, grumpy as hell but he loves his snakes and will follow his brother to the end of the earth.

Coming soon (hopefully)
Abel Dstrazio- mid twenties-  pureblood
Gentlemen with a few secrets, studies languages as a hobby, the bane of Jun's existence



1944 / Strong bonds [Ra'asiel]
« on: 04/28/2015 at 19:56 »
Near the end of summer

It was odd but during the whole of summer he'd somehow ended up being in the great divide more than he did the forest or the woods. It was odd because there were no plants, not as many as he wanted anyway.

It was nice though, during both day and night and today during the day for once he'd asked his friend Ra'aisel to come and sit with him.

It was nearing the end up summer and things had been a little bit hectic for everyone so a little break would help he reckoned. He wanted to ask how his friend was doing in the first place. Not much privacy or room back in the camp especially with this subject.

So he waited, he waited for his friend to come and in a way he hoped he;d bring that little fox with him too. He'd grown rather attached to it, just like Nougat had Ra'asiel.

1944 / Catching up on 5 years worth of cold!
« on: 04/11/2015 at 11:38 »
Some might know that I have moved country back home to wee old England and since being here in a week I've somehow, no idea how managed it but I am currently juggling two jobs at the moment and still getting used to being home.

I'll try and post whenever I can with my ladybird friends~

Feel free to pm me for plots though!

1944 / Leo [Noel]
« on: 04/06/2015 at 01:54 »
One summer night

It was one of those beautiful summer nights where the stars shone and the clouds were sparse so that any wandering eyes would just see the marvels of the night sky. It was a night like this that Casper had decided to venture out, barefoot and free to the Great Divide to watch the stars.

They reminded him of home, where nothing disturbed him, where the world was quiet at night and he felt at peace.

He hadn't expected to spot someone else watching the stars and with great curiosity he moved closer until that someone became someone he knew.


1944 / Swimming Lessons For A Fox /Ra'asiel/Caius
« on: 04/05/2015 at 13:02 »
He'd made bounds and leaps in the last year so that when this summer had arrived the blonde haired boy was no longer shy of his body, no longer swam with his shirt on and stayed under if he could whenever someone was around.

Instead he was now waist deep in the water, shirt off as he moved his arms wide through the water. He was always transfixed on nature and water with its odd fluent rythmn was no different. He still prefered plants but the cooling affect of the water surrounding was enough.

He'd invited Ra'asiel to come swim with him and their pets, Nougat of course was somewhere close close enough that whenever Casper looked he could see something hoping about and though he should have learnt by now he found it was enough.

He'd been excited though to get the oppotunity to spend time with his friend, he had very little but Ra'asiel had been a permenant fixture in his his school life so far so he planned on keeping that. He found that spending time with one another set him at ease, he was new to friends and he often found himself unsure on where he stood some days.
He just hoped that Ra'asiel did not find him pushy and that he had brought his little fox friend.



Who is also Raasiel


Say happy birthday to our lovely callie!
Who gave birth to the unicorn we know as Raas,
who also makes our character question their sexualities.
She's been trying super hard this year and I'm so proud
of her so everyone wish her a magical birthday!

Happy birthday from your frog baby, nougat and cas!
Maybe mich, you know he's grumpy


i have no idea what im doing but i had to

1942 / Catch that toad! l Calypso
« on: 08/21/2014 at 07:38 »
At some point in the night, while Casper had been sleeping in his designated Teepee with his toad hopefully nearby, somewhere that he couldn't be grabbed by someone that might find it fun to chuck him out the window.

Casper slept soundly until the sun started to rise. He was so used to waking up early back at home that it had just become a habit that he followed out on. This particular morning though felt a little different and after checking around for a bit, hair mushed from sleep, looking like someone had hit him with a weed whacker, he found nothing. He couldn't find Nougat.

Panicking, Casper stumbled out of bed, barefoot, shirt and pants on as his sleep wear, Casper ran out of the teepee. He knew already knew that the toad wasn't in camp Scylla because Nougat had pulled this already, a few times to the dismay of his owner.

He stumbled outside, didn't dare to call out just in case he woke anyone up but he did run along to the toward the center of the camp, a long way but his long legs and fitness made that time was hopefully cut in half.

He looked everywhere until he eventually landed by camp Typhon, where he saw the little monster hop right up someone's porch and into their lodgings.
Panicking Casper hurriedly whispered "Nougat!" but it was too late. The toad had gone in and Casper had to find a way in without being caught. He just hoped whoever was in that room was gone already but chances were low of that happening.

Sighing, Casper made a dash for it, looking for another way in if he could.

1942 / That one flower [open]
« on: 08/17/2014 at 12:43 »
Fingers reached for that one tiny plant just out of reach, just the one that he needed for his flower pressing book. He'd already collected as many as he could find on the way into the rainforest and when he looked for more of this one flower he couldn't find any so he ended up going back. It was right between two big roots that he himself couldn't squeeze between and though he was patient it turned out to be rather frustrating very. He make be meek and timid in character but his body being tall and lean did not do well in squeezing into small places as much as he wished it could.

His legs were in the air, Nougat the toad was on his head croaking and making noises to any of the other noises in the rainforest that Cas didn't pay much mind to. This was a hobby he couldn't stop himself from and to leave this one little flower would haunt him for the rest of his stay before school started again.

He was glad he was on his own though otherwise he would never have gone for it, would have put himself between a rock and a hard place all by himself because he shy and just plain scared of people.

He huffed, scrambled to get closer and when he couldn't he just laid there for a moment before trying again, he'd keep trying all day and night if he had to, not like he had any friends here anyway to meet up with.

As a result he wouldn't even know if someone showed up behind him or nea him for that matter.

1942 / *nervous croaking*
« on: 08/15/2014 at 03:30 »
I'm Shy, both literally and that's my actual nickname bahaha
Half of this is going to not make sense at all, i have no idea what to put but I was told by the two friends that dragged me here to write an intro.
This is my first time in a proper RP site, ever, i haven't even been rping for long. Maybe a year?
My grammar needs work and my English in general even though its the only language i know so be warned~ mwahahaha
The reason I even came on here was because of said two friend, you might know em as Callie and Ash or Ra'as and Felix. During the whole process I was like

(the picture makes me laugh)
but i ended up doing it anyway. So please bear with me as I try and understand anything, i am literally shy about the whole thing but I'll try hard!

Anyway! I am at the age of i still don't believe I'm an adult purely because i am tiny, tiny frog. So basically I'm in my twenties but just very tiny. I have interests all over the place, arts and crafts, books (i can read anything except a few things like the last book of twilight and eragon XD), i'm all over the show with music, i enjoy manga, anime, all that jazz.
I generally enjoy a ton of stuff.
Um the character, my only character here is my baby Casper (not the friendly ghost i assure you, i still hope he's alive by the end of this)
Cas is a hermit toward people, has shaggy blonde hair, rather tall but lean, think of a baby bison that has no muscle.
Passes out a lot and i mean a lot, you shout too loud, baby be gone, something blows up, he gone. It's not a medical thing i don't think but it is a weird manor or coping I believe. Still gotta poke him for that info, pick his brain so to speak.
One thing I find really funny about him is that he has a problem of eating everything and anything when he's working or not pay attention so that pencil you had other there? That's in his mouth, that bug you wanted to save? He ate it and he doesnt even know it.
Hmm doesnt cope well with people either, bad things happened in his childhood, my application is gone already so i cant link that ;A;

but yes, please forgive any mistakes, feel free to smack me for it and tell me what i did wrong. (please be gentle, i bruise easy) and in return I shall try my hardest to become a good member of this community!

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