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1973 / Burning Low (Colton B.)
« on: 04/13/2012 at 04:46 »
Bleeding hell.

Those idiots were at it again. He could hear them over the thunderous crashing of the falls. 

Julian stared balefully from his perch upon the mammoth of a rock that loomed over the waterfall. How he got up there, he knew not, though he felt the need to separate himself from the group that had cluttered around the area. Desperation drove people to do near impossible tasks, apparently.

Nevertheless, the kids down by the wading pool were creating a sonorous cacophony of noises, like bloody monkeys in a zoo. Not knowing that they were being watched.


If he could have his way, he would hex the lot into oblivion, never to be seen again. If that was the price for a moment’s peace, he would gladly pay. Cruel, yes, but vital. Besides, he would help make this world a better by committing this necessary evil, would he not? The number of fools gallivanting this planet would decrease dramatically. Such noble causes, if only they were legal.

The 7th year was sprawled out on his rock, as if he had every right to be there, like a King upon his golden throne and with the world bowing at his feet. It was a nice, albeit selfish, daydream but Julian wasn’t one to dawdle on such meaningless things. He’d rather be left alone.

Sighing exasperatedly, Julian laid back down. He closed his eyes, trying to block out the unwanted clamor from his mind. Trying to find that peace he’d been longing for. Yet, something still unnerved him, bringing him back to reality.

A shadow loomed over him, dark and ominous. Julian cracked open both eyes to peer at whoever it was that dared to trample upon his god-forsaken privacy. Easy.

“You’re not welcome here, mutt. Shoo,” barked Julian, dismissively.

If the person hadn’t made a move within the span of five seconds, Julian would have to resort to using force, whether the newcomer liked it or not. It was a bloody high drop from his perch and down below was a maelstrom of churning waters, lying in wait for those who wanted to take a deathly plunge.

Accidental or not.

1973 / Stars of Summer (Matty)
« on: 04/06/2012 at 09:42 »
Week 1
 12.10 am

Slipping out of the boys’ cabin was probably second nature to him now. It was simply effortless.  And for some reason, he felt very ghostly with all the creeping around, so to speak. The cabin had been stifling and his bunkmates were a bunch of snoring idiots. Due to such unbecoming disturbances, Julian hadn’t been able to catch a wink of sleep for a week now.

Thus, a second later, he was out the door.

He huddled in his hoodie, his head down and hands buried into the front pockets of his jacket. He felt so much better now that the breeze cooled his body. The grass underneath crunched under boot-clad feet as he ambled slowly through that well-trodden path he was so familiar with. It led to the lake, one of his favourite haunts.

He missed the stars.

At the lake, you could see clusters of them, perhaps even a portion of a galaxy. They scattered over the firmament like dust, twinkling ever so brightly in their constellations, as if they claimed dominion over the skies. The sight had never failed to enthrall him so.

Julian stood by the water’s edge; his head was tilted back towards the heavens, green eyes roving across it in admiration. A strange calm came over him, tranquility washing over his soul. He let out a deep sigh, expelling all the events of last term. Standing here, he could forget and start all over again.   

The blond boy crouched down, patting the grass flat, before settling himself down. He stretched out on the ground, his hands crossed behind his head, knees bent towards the summer night sky. He could see Libra, the scales, Ursa Minor, the little bear and the bright North Star, Polaris. His musings made him a little drowsy, and though he fought against it, the pull of sleep was just so compellingly strong. Finally, his eyelids finally drifted close.

A shadow crept over him and Julian felt a distinct presence beside him. He cracked open both eyes, peering at whoever it was that dared to disturb his peace. Could he not have one blissful moment to himself, alone? Judging by this uninvited guest, apparently not.

“What do you think you’re doing here?”

1974 / We could find new ways to fall apart {JMC}
« on: 04/05/2012 at 09:13 »


ж || Ravenclaw || 7th Year || Pureblood || ж

This boy has a superiority complex. Thinks himself above all and acts ‘holier-than-thou’ with most. Looks down on his inferiors and despises their inclination to idiocy. Hates everybody (except those whose presence he could tolerate). He is snarky and mean, meant to be a facade to cover up his inner softie. Comes from the pureblood Cross’ family, both parents are absent from his life, so he resides with his relatives.  Has a pretty dysfunctional past so he is looked upon as a misfit who has trust issues. He has a sister, Katie, who is believed to be a squib. He does not like asking questions as he'd rather rely on his own knowledge. Likes chocolate cake and stargazing.

Best Friend



Mentor/Role Model

ж What are you staring at? ж

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1973 / Too close for comfort (Eve)
« on: 04/05/2012 at 08:38 »
Hedge Maze, After party

By the time Julian had recouped from his unbidden dilemma, he returned to the dance floor only to find that his escort was nowhere in sight. Where had the lass gone off to? Had she detested his abrupt refusal so much so that she’d decided to punish him with her sudden absence? Oh, he’d seen her expression just before he’d left her standing there, bereft of his companionship. He probably deserved this just as much as he’d hurt her. It wasn’t his fault entirely.

Furious, Julian gripped the two flutes he’d managed to pilfer from an unassuming 4th year, somehow managing not to crush them with his bare hands. The liquid sloshed and stained his fingers, he looked down, annoyed at the dampness that ran down his palms. Irreverently, he dumped the purloined beverages onto a nearby potted plant. With nary a glance, the vile-tempered youth stalked towards the exit, his intent to make haste of his departure was apparent in his foul mood and hooded gaze.

A step outside the Terminal (the UFO had long since landed) brought him into the open space, surrounded by walls of green, fastidiously trimmed shrubbery. The cool breeze slapped his cheeks, reminding him that he would have to find his way out of the Hedge Maze. The boy walked on, down the straight path that cut through the maze, his hands tucked into his pockets while he simmered in anger. Julian knew not the reason why he was in such an emotional state. Anger was something he was very well acquainted with.He was a Cross and therefore, nothing should ever deter him.

Amidst his contemplations, a sound was picked up by the wind, bringing the brooding boy to pause in his tracks. He listened, head tilted to the side, wary yet vigilant. He took a right turn and plunged into the darkness. The muffled sounds of sobbing grew louder with each blind turn that Julian took. At this point, he relied mostly on his hearing and the moon’s aiding light.

The walls gave way, parting to reveal a clearing of some sort. A dead end? Julian wasn’t certain, although it certainly resembled one. The open space was enshrouded with darkness and grim-looking statues, one of which was Rowena Ravenclaw herself. He looked towards the centre, where a raised platform under a domed roof had been constructed.  A bench sat in the middle of the structure, and in it was a familiar-looking figure. The person’s silhouette was recognizable, the curve of the shoulders, the bend of a graceful neck, the shadowed features of a girl.

“Eve?” Julian called out, approaching with carefully measured steps. He ascended the platform and came to stand by the girl, not knowing what to do. Eve didn’t strike him as a person who would cry easily. Yet, here she was, curled up into a ball, tear-stained and alone. She reminded him of Katie, his sweet sister, for Eve looked so young in her vulnerability.He felt somewhat guilty to see her in this state. Angry, too. He would find the miscreant that had caused his Eve this misery.

His…Eve? Clearly, the night had addled his wits.

The wooden bench creaked to the additional weight. He sat, flummoxed, as he looked at the girl beside him. With a soft sigh, he took his handkerchief, the very same one that she’d refused earlier, from his breastpocket and offered it to her a second time. He nudged her arm gently, not wanting to frighten her.

“Eve…”  He tried again, once more, his voice barely a whisper. “Here, wipe your tears. Take it. You know I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

The boy watched her, then, under the moonlight. His heart went out to her, and not knowing why he felt that way, he discarded the emotion altogether. That kiss meant something to him, though he knew that it shouldn’t. For the life of him, he couldn’t let it mean something. It would ruin everything he’d worked so hard for, break him, even. Yet, this girl called out to him, charging through his barriers as if they were nothing but air. She forced him to care. Maybe, even love.

This was no longer a game they should play.

Cursing himself, the boy draped an arm around her shoulders and drew him to her. The least he could do was give her some comfort, a listening ear, his shoulder to lean on. It should’ve been a disgrace, the way he was acting. He couldn’t have cared any less. There was not a soul to witness his weakness, his undoing.

“Tell me what’s troubling you.”

1973 / So, I’m copy-pasting this…
« on: 04/02/2012 at 08:10 »

Nope, I won’t do that for my intro. Heh, but I was tempted to ‘cause I’m lazy like that.

Okay...! *rubs hands*

My name is Chris and I’m going to be 20 (nuuuu!) this year, come September. I hail from the tiny island of Singapore, and yes, it does exist. TEAM ASIA FTW. I didn’t know which timezone I was in until quite recently. It’s actually GMT +8…! Whoopie.

*puts thickening cream on face*

I’m a Virgo but not exactly a Virgo because my closet’s a dump and it’s sad I don’t color code my clothes. Neither am I a very organized person, because I love to procrastinate, my RP buddies can so relate to that. But if you’ve got a problem, I’m good at listening and giving crappy advices. However, I like to think myself as a likeable and humorous person, so PC me and you’ll see why. :D

Anyway. I study Visual Effects/Motion Graphics , and if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically enhancing a movie through computer graphics and stuff. Like if you remember Harry’s invisibility cloak? They actually have a special cloth, made with metamaterials to make that happen. Also, if you’ve watched Transformers, there’re lots of effects in there to make it so realistic. Oh gawd, I’m geeking out, aren’t I? I don’t care. Most of us are geeks, anyway, and I love you all.

Hobbies, eh? I love reading. I’m still not cured from my blonde obsession, but I’m getting there, yeah. Don’t judge the book by its cover? I know. Also, I’m more of a book over movie kind of person, so I’d get pretty guilty if I haven’t read the book and the movies are coming out. Like THE HUNGER GAMES craze. Wai oh wai, library, y u so mean? I want to get my hands on at least the first book so that I can have that “Oh, I’ve read the book version and it’s so much better” feeling. Hee. :D  Oh, and any book that makes you cry is a keeper. I swear.

I love watching anime, reading manga, singing and being stupid in general. I draw sometimes, too. Not very good at it, though. Ehm, my life would be nothing without music. I’m more into country, actually, mostly pop, sometimes classic, but I like whatever my ears like, so no specific genre. And if the song has a meaning, then I’m in love. Bands from the top of my head right now: Mcfly, A Rocket to the Moon, One Direction, Rascal Flatts…and many more.  Of course, I love Hoggies and you lovely people, with all my heart.

Let’s get on to the next part. The charries.

Okay, so I lied. I copy-pasted this from the Mentor Meetup thread.


Erathalia Gray Gryffindor, rising 6th year, sixteen

Adventurous, impulsive and clumsy. Typical Gryffindor. Hates the cold, particularly, the winter season. Is involved in a complicated (tell me about it) love polygon-ish. Has insecurity issues and blah. British by nationality but raised as an American. Has Aurors for parents, and comes down from the Gray lineage. Niece of Michael Gray, cousin to Tegan O. Likes pranks and everything nice.

Julian Cross Ravenclaw, rising 7th year, seventeen

This bad boy has a superiority complex. Thinks himself above all and acts ‘holier-than-thou’ with most. Looks down on his inferiors and despises their inclination to idiocy. Hates everybody (except Eve and maybe, Thomas). He is snarky and mean, meant to be a facade to cover up his inner softie. Comes from the Cross’ family, both parents are absent from his life, so he resides with his relatives. Has has a sister, Katie, who is believed to be a squib. Likes chocolate cake, stargazing and Eve Hallows.


Stefan E. Sinclair 5th year, Artist (painter)

Playboy extraordinaire. Used to getting what he wants and is willing to do everything to get it. Never serious about anything. Too charming for his own good and he knows it. Prone to deception and lying to accomplish his goals. A little spoiled and vain. Oh, and he swings both ways.

And soon at Elsewhere:

Seth Gray Gryffindor, Class of ’48, Auror

Father of Thalia, brother to the notorious awesome Michael Gray. He takes the brunt of the Gray name and Auror responsibilities on his shoulders, trying to please his old man while living up to his expectations. Has a hard time accepting the fact that his little brother is now his superior.

Yup, I think that’s it. Thanks for reading my extremely uncool intro post. Hoping to thread with you soon. :D

1972 / Let's talk with our fists (Thomas S.)
« on: 12/26/2011 at 07:45 »
Hogwarts - Main Hall - Around dinner time

Julian had always been in a perpetual bad mood. It'd been like that for five years now. Nothing seemed to make the boy smile and today was definitely no exception. It wasn’t as if there was anything remarkably interesting enough to do around the castle anyway. The days spilled over each other being marred by the inescapable arms of mundanity. The same old faces and places merged together in one giant blur and it seemed to swallow him whole. It was probably why he didn’t talk to people much. Why, he barely acknowledged the fact that they were there. Simply put, Julian thought himself above his peers. He was much too different to be classified within the same ranks.

The light was dwindling into darkness, the day almost reaching its end. The dinner bell would soon call starving students into the Main Hall. He counted himself as one of those starving ones. Lately, his appetite for pastry and sweets had increased in ferocity. He seemed to go hungry faster than anybody else. So there he was leaning against the corridor just outside the Main Hall. 10 minutes more. He could’ve gone in the hall as he waited but no, he preferred to stay outside, in the corridors, until the need to go inside arises. The house elves weren’t quite pleased with him and he’d rather not risk their combined wrath. His frequent visit to the pantry ensured that, he wasn’t so stupid as to let the lot gang up on him. He was outnumbered, anyway.

As he leaned against the wall, Julian saw a figure walking towards him. Probably another straggler waiting for his meal, just like him. But as the figure got closer, surprisingly enough, he recognized a very familiar bespectacled face. Him. Thomas Sincade.

They did not know each other very well, except for each other’s name. Julian knew that the boy was in his year, but hadn’t really bothered to know his House. He didn’t like him much. His face had that ‘know it all’ look on him. It didn’t help that the boy seemed to ace his classes without much effort either. Julian felt affronted by this despite the fact that he did well enough in his classes. Still, he couldn’t help but feel that the boy was a threat… Truth be told, Thomas made him feel inferior. He hated, no, loathed feeling that way.

Their encounters were very few but they were quite…for a lack of a better word, intense. 5 days out of 7, they would bump into each other and none too gently. Sometimes Julian did so to tick the boy off just to see if he would react, other times, well, it just happened. Tonight, Julian attempted the former. He wondered if he could shake him out of that cool façade of his. Thomas seemed quite absorbed with his thoughts that he never quite saw that foot that Julian had chosen to stick out.

“Watch where you’re going, idiot.”

(I’m sorry it took so long. Hope that’s okay and yeah lame title, I know. I’ll edit anything in the post if needed!)

1972 / Because I'm bad :: Julian Cross
« on: 12/14/2011 at 16:36 »


::Jerk with a heart of gold::
::Hopeful 6th Year (or 5th)::
::Loves cake::
::Hates the world::

::Bio here ---> Sorry, they took it down XD::


What are you staring at?

House and Year:
How we met:
Future Plots/RP ideas:
Relationships: (Eh, just throw 'em at me. I was kinda lazy to list them all out)

"I'm actually a pretty nice bloke...NOT."- Jules

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