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1942 / 心店舗~HEART TEMPO~
« on: 08/11/2014 at 10:28 »
<3So......I make things.
*All of these scale to fit the avvie ratio.<3
*I cannot gif because I am useless. D:
*if you've got twin characters you get 2 pairs of avvies with matching themes because i love twins :x

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[b]Face Claim:[/b]
[b]Playlist(if the charry has any c:):[/b]
[b]Anything extra?:[/b]
[b]MAGIC WORD (cuz i'm a bad person):[/b]
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1942 / ⎢R⎟Resistance⎟Y⎢Supremacy⎢S⎟
« on: 08/05/2014 at 08:23 »

a banquet for the Devil's intrigue

hell is empty and all the devils are here
"i'm here to be naughty, are you here to be nice?"
8th august + pureblood + slytherin + illegitimate

Born to the elusive and seemingly omnipotent family of Deiderich, whose influences are are rooted deep in both Muggle and Wizarding German society since ancient times, whom hold a rigid and absolute tenure over local politics. Their repute and acclaim are unparalleled, irrefutable and arrant. Behind the perfect veneer of glorified eminence however, lies secrets buried and silenced treacheries. Young Ryszard was blissfully ignorant of the peril and menace that roiled in the pulsing heart of civilization, growing up in the countryside with his secretive but prudent mother and constantly absent father. He lived a wild childhood, running amok with the squealing village children in endless summertime joy. The winter seems to have only seeped through the paper-thin barrier that separated his lively dreams and cruel reality when his supposed half-sister Rhiannon II came with her eerie poise and peerless majesty, as seen fit for the favorite of the Deiderich's then Dowager Queen, Rhiannon-Rhaeghan I. He feels himself plunging into a bottomless ditch, as he is brought to the hellhole that becomes the bane of his existence. Ryszard is intelligent enough to understand that almost every one of his family members were ill with lunacy, his grandmother being parasitic pathogen's origin. He decides to move against the flow, earning himself an infamous reputation, and all the more reason that would force his grandmother to release him. Yet a hidden knife is brought to his throat, threatening to destroy everything he holds close and dear if he ever dares to put even a hair out of line. In order to protect his treasured companions, he allies with his sister against his grandmother. In due time, they both realize how much they have in common and it leads them to a dreadful assumption that none of them wish to revisit or kindle.

Ryszard is a fiercely independent young man who does not easily regret his actions neither apologizes for his stormy temper.Ryszard may appear somewhat of an abrasive,stubborn and difficult prick, he is in fact quite an observant and pragmatic person that chooses his words carefully for whatever meaning he intended.He has a devillish sense of humour and an equal penchant to conspire, though not as gifted as his sister, Ryszard is a ruthless tactician in his own standard.He consciously lies and manipulates anything and anyone at all to get what he wants. He often comes off as a brute purposely so that many would loosen their guard around him. Ryszard collects secrets, his honest eyes imploring others to confide in him, to seek counsel.In his own words, his intention is not ill,its just for insurance. Yet Ryszard understands limitations and pries as far as his subject subconsciously allows. He was endowed with a bewitching inborn charm, a trademark of those belonging to the Diederich House,but like his sister as well,he shows none of the lunacy carried in their blood that often surfaces in their prime years. He presents himself as a talented athlete, due to his earlier active participation of muggle sports during his childhood in Trier.

a la carte
should've been right {acquaintances, friends, good friends, allies}
to let our hearts ignite {crushes, flirts, dating, exes}
are we digging a hole {annoyances, dislikes, distrust, enemies, rivals}
this it out of control {housemates, classmates, others}
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age + house + blood

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plot ideas and history and everything else here!

1942 / 青窓の外 ⟢tomonigiri⟣
« on: 08/02/2014 at 15:04 »
Marble greens shivered as they thrived in the abundant sunshine and solstice warmth that they welcomed with a broad embrace. The intricately brindled mosaic rippled in the gust of gentle zephyr, some frail corners ripped aghast, revealing shards of mellow light tinged with amber and tangerine. In the air was a wafting fragrance of nature's essence and verve.

Sunlight filters between the crevices of Ryszard's raised hand, the soft caress of its cascade defined the contours and silhouettes of his palm. Ryszard's cool eyes narrowed into slits of intense ice bordered by feathery lashes that bleached platinum under the showering light.

Sparks of starlight twinkled in his flaxen locks, it was gleaming sweat that danced dangerously upon the perch of his spiked hair.

Under the shade of ancient boughs heavy with sprayed greens, Ryszard rests his back against sturdy bark, the gnarled surface of the aged trunk creaked inaudibly under his weight. Nature's best composed a peaceful requiem, it echoed in the weaving whispering breeze, squeaked in the far and near corners, it embroidered an ambiance that drew tranquility despite the season's rising fever.

His open eyes revealed blue depths, its original vivid color faded to a soft denim in Ryszard's quiet contemplation, as his thoughts wandered astray.

1942 / ~WORLD IS MINE~
« on: 08/01/2014 at 11:43 »
Konnichiwa lovelies

My name is Elspeth but you can also call me Elsie, Els or Elsiepie. C: I'm from Malaysia South East Asia, and a Science stream high school student. I was here before as Sophie Rosseau back in 2012 but had to go on hiatus because of RL crap. (;O; BUT now I'm back for good. <3<3

 I'm a big fan of anime and Japan in general, lover of kaomoji and multiple fandoms.

My favorites are Naruto, Bleach, Noragami,Kyoukai No Kanata,GOT,DISNEY,DREAMWORKS,PIXAR,STUDIOGHIBLI,
KYOANI,GOHANDS, Supernatural, Dantalion no Shoka,
Shingeki No Kyoujin,Free!,ToraDora,Tokyo Ghoul,Yondemasuyo Azazel san,Another, UtaPri, DiaLovers,Hakuoki, Kara No Kyoukai,Kuroshitsuji, Durarara, Higurashi No Naku, Mardock Scramble, Sherlock, Harry Potter(pfft obvs), PewDiePie,CSI and there's a lot of stuff down in my obsession hole.

 I listen to back number, Lorde,Perfume, VOCALOID, Taylor Swift, 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, Green Day,Adele,Coldplay,Zedd, Furukawa-P, Machigerita, Cilia, Arctic Monkeys, 5SOS,21 Pilots,Daughtry,Rihanna, John Newman,Avril Lavigne,FallOut Boy, Sia, Gymclass Heroes,Rixton, The Script,Yonezu Kenshi, Charli XCX, The Killers, OneRepublic,Babymetal, Foster The People,The Band Perry, PATD, Paramore,Lana Del Rey,Coldplay and The Pretty Reckless, Florence and The Machine and Marina and the Diamonds as well as anything else that's appealing.

I did not put a list of food i like because you would get offended by how i spam here and leave *clings to*

 I love horror movies in general even though I almost crap myself every time. My favorite books are the GOT series, Harry Potter series, TFIOS, Odd Thomas and man this would go on forever.
My favorite animals include every known species in the cat family.So what if I'm Gabrielle in RL. Now, onto my charries. <3
Rhiannon Deiderich

Machiavellian ; Intelligent ; Diplomatic ; Regal ;  Impregnable  ; Unfeeling  ; Sociopath  ; Refined  ; Elegant

Rhiannon is my favorite baby. She's the Dowager Sovereign, always at the heart of all things, watching and manipulating the strings, surpassing all her predecessors whom have poured their entire soul into building a heartless matriarch of high competence to marry, to become a parasite and absorb all power and wealth so to fuel the Deiderich ambition of monopoly. She was groomed to become a beautiful monster, but deep within her impenetrable high fortress a genteel flower wilts slowly, its livelihood waning but its tenuous grasp adamantly holds onto precious little hope. Her kindness now subsists on her previous dreams of freedom that have seen fulfillment in her daughter, though she is not her blood and kin, Cordelia is her everything.
Caspian Koenig

Neutral ; Collected ; Sophisticated ; Passive ; Perfectionist ; Eccentric ;    Non-Conformist ;   Platonic ;   Disciplined 

Caspian is a lonesome oddball that crafts magical miniatures that are the equivalent to an otaku's figma. He is a born genius at wand-making, coming from a prestigious lineage of perfected mastery. He doesn't have friends, not that he needs or wants any. Caspian keeps to himself most of the time, a recluse from habit and choice. He harbors a deep and irrevocable feeling of love for Rhiannon, would do anything as long as she asks. They've known each other for years, Caspian buries his affections, cradles them in his soul. He mentors Cordelia in the arts. Other than Rhiannon, no one shares his undivided and unrequited devotion.
Ryszard Diederich

Pragmatic ; Sharp ; Unforgiving ; Mischievous ; Insouciant ; Conniving ;    Utilitarian ;   Sentimental ;   Observant 

Ryszard was the wild child and widely avoided black sheep in his family. He brought mischief and chaos, Ryszard purposely made himself an undeniable blemish that is best to be kept hidden away from higher masses. He has experienced life and death situations more than the preferable amount, but he is stubborn and still hangs. He is a survivor in the most primal sense. Ryszard had a runaway habit of escaping into the world beyond Deiderich manor, and is often difficult to find unless he surrenders himself. There are secret pains that he keeps, the sting in his heart reminds him of what he must do.
Corentine Thorne

Sarcastic ; Blunt ; Rude ; Tempestuous ; Violent ; Unpredictable ;  Brilliant ;   Flexible ; Agile ; Bloodthirsty

Traumatized by the abuse she received in the early aftermath of the Time Warp, Corentine awakes with only memory of the suffering she endured with her sister that slowly recovered during her stay at a rural hospital on the borders of Finland. She speaks fluent Swedish, French and somewhat coarse Russian but has no idea of how her linguistic skill came to be. After being released from the hospital, she and her sister are harassed, Corentine retaliates with remorseless violence. She is recruited by a mysterious mafia boss and is given the identity she holds today. Corentine frequently abuses nicotine and alcohol, and sets off on rampages after intoxication.
Cordelia Heidenrich
6+Pure+Professional Dork+dojikko hime+infj


Socially Inept ; Adorkable ; Excitable ; Forgetful ; Pacifist ; Cheerful ; Optimistic ;   Idealistic ; Naive ;  Innocuous

Cordelia is a sheltered little angel that has no idea of the bending cruelty that shapes the world. In her pretty little eyes is a world filled with wonder and amazement, Cordelia feels that despite its vivacious colors the world is a sad place. She makes it her dream to become an artist and a bringer of joy. She believes that everyone should be up instead of down, for we come from the stars and as we are bound to return to the heavens, no one should ever be down. It is difficult for her to find correct words and it has occured to her that her choice of vocabulary often annoys others so she chooses to keep to herself.
Aethelreld Cadwallader


Numb ; Introverted ; Gracious ; Thoughtful ; Quiet ; Angelic ; Logical ;   Secretive ; Artistic ;  Objective

Always the silent little child with an equally reticent mind but ironically and beautifully talented fingers, Aethelreld has never ceased to amaze everyone with his godly capacity of keeping entirely to himself, his voice never raising and/or falling an octave. Despite the flat monotony, his voice itself is a cold refrain that sends waves of shivers down one's spine. It is not by fault of his genetic strain that his soul seems to lack any human emotion at all, but by choice. He knows the world will always choose to ignore tedium and he himself a but a small chip of it. There is a secret that he inherited from his mother, one that she herself carries with guilt to her lightless tomb, and one his freedom is burdened with.

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1941 / HIIIIII
« on: 04/28/2014 at 13:22 »
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Hi there, my name is not Olaf and I hate warm hugs. (<=liar)

(✌゚∀゚)☞As you can already see, I am somewhat redundant.

And forgetful.

And irresponsible.

Aaaaaand let's start this the normal way.

My name is Elspeth and I am Asian. °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° *cue confetti*

I like anime and Japan and all the other things that random otaku do on this fine place the world calls Internet. My spirit animal is Grumpy Cat, social anxiety cat, and all the other cats that exist in this universe.(๑✧◡✧๑) My ambition is to grow old with lots of money,cats and nutella in my house.

I like to write, not all this random stuff I've put up here(*whispers* because it's legal),bur rather normal literature that most folk understand.

Anyways, let's have fun. ˓˓(ृ  ु ॑꒳’)ु(ृ’꒳ ॑ ृ )ु˒˒˒

૮( ꒦ິ⍣꒦ີ)ა Posted in the wrong place, so embarrassed. °(ಗдಗ。)°.( /)u(\ )

1941 / HIIIIIIII--
« on: 04/28/2014 at 13:05 »
Wrong post.Sorry.

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