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1959 / K.K. Intro
« on: 04/20/2020 at 02:39 »

Back from the dead and late to the party but hey I'm Vica, a 26 year old alien lifeform masquerading as a loan officer for a community bank. I'm probably not returning to castle this term, but wanted to say hey and sneak a few threads at Crow's~ Regardless, please say hey in the discord if you see me! I miss ya'll! If things ever calm down you'll see more of me <3

Recently I've been doing a lot, including ramping up my cosplay career (I finally did Princess Zelda ie a dream) and streaming met operas with my girlfriend~

Also I've clocked over 300 hours in animal crossing? How?

Stay safe Hoggies gonna lurk a bit but you guys are chill~


1943 / Postcards from /THE FUTURE/
« on: 12/04/2014 at 13:19 »
Psssst! If you didn't know, I'm currently in Japan, and since postcards are actually cheap to send right now and I love you guys, I want to send some! I'm not quite sure what type of postcard you'll end up getting- it might be a shrine or it might be a pikachu, but you'll get one! I'll draw on it (badly) or something. I miss you guys so much the least I can do is send a small piece of cardboard a few thousand miles, right?

If you want a postcard, please PM me a place to send it to! <3 (No howlers, I promise)

*Also I'm only here for a short while longer, so please do this soon!

1943 / Return of the King (jk) ♛ Vica
« on: 11/30/2014 at 12:13 »

Vica's Back

Twenty・In Japan・Perpetually Sleepy

Hey, it's a me, Vica!

 I'm actually still living in Osaka so I'll probably be around only minimally this summer.
(Probably Quidditch+ Some planned stuff???)




I. Studying Abroad in Japan
II. Has taken Japanese for 7 years now (ew)
III. Plays bass
IV. Needs at least 13 hours of sleep.
V. Cosplayer
VI. Has an unhealthy obsession with otome games
VII. Left handed
VIII. Goes to uni with Sylvianne
X. Literature junkie

Haruki Murakami, Neil Gaiman, Welcome To Night Vale, ShiNEE, U-Kiss, Japanese Television, Game of Thrones, Free!, Hakuouki, Amneisa (Otomate),  Noragami, Orenchi no Furo Jijou, Takoyaki, Karaoke parlors, Gyoza

Frank Zappa, Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicle), Zelda, Old Bay

I'm going to Tokyo this weekend.

My host family speaks no English.

Some things I miss about home: beds, pizza, proper coffee, wearing pajamas to class, my dog, free time


Evelyn Takamura
Rising Sixth Year Hufflepuff

Likes Quidditch more than boys

Ars Cadwallader
Bassist, Bartender & Badboy

Elsewhere's next top bachelor

Tiberius Owain Paladin
Spoiled Brat

Future world ruler. Scared of the dark.


Application pending

That's all for now! I look forward to rejoining you guys properly once I get back home! Love you always~

(If you're new, super welcome too!)

If I'm online despite my stupid future-timezone, please feel free to shoot me a message!

1942 / Breaking the Surface ♥ Evester
« on: 08/12/2014 at 01:50 »
With each step Evelyn took away from camp she felt as if she were taking flight, and that at any second her feet would soar from the ground, as they did in Quidditch, and it took all of her faith in her own propriety in order to restrain herself from breaking out into a run. The boy who’d asked her to dance at the masquerade-Rooster he’d said his name was (seriously, what was with boys and the oddest names)- was planning to meet with her at the beach. It had been years since she’d felt sand beneath her toes,  each grain a tiny sun, burning with the rays of summer.

In Britain, she’d finally arrived to the conclusion that were no beaches, and that it might be years before she saw the gentle waves of the ocean again, or felt its cool, salty embrace around her shoulders. Camp had offered her another chance for these things, and she’d taken it greedily, as much as she didn’t want to be reminded of California, she missed it. She would go swimming- and today, she’d go swimming with a boy.

As she crossed the beach, the incessant wind caught her the edges of Evelyn’s white sundress and billowed them around her legs, and didn’t let it settle for more than a second at a time. The constant motion of cloth might have been borderline scandalous if not for the dark shadow of the girl’s swimsuit beneath the sheer fabric, black with white polka dots. It didn’t take her long to spot her companion.

“ROOOOOOSTER!” she called, her voice as light and enthusiastic as the breeze. Even with the sand, she finally broke into a run, her feet sliding a bit with each step. With one hand, she waved, and with the other, she held onto her sun hat to keep from losing it.

King'sGame ♔

Campfire, Past Sunset

Perhaps it was a little bit silly to bring a Muggle game to a camp of wizards and witches, but Evelyn couldn’t think of much else that would be interesting enough to attract a group of people. Anxious, she shuffled her deck of plain playing cards as she waited in the light of the crackling campfire, hoping someone had seen her handmade flyers and decided to show up.

This sort of thing wasn’t really good for a planned event- it was more spontaneous. Truth and dare, but only the fun bit.

“This is King’s Game.” she mumbled as she passed out cards amongst the few campers who’d sat down. They felt so thin and insignificant, but in the game, they were the sole dictator of power. It was still hard for her to believe she was counselor, and she felt odd explaining rules out loud. Typically she was a follower, not a leader.

“If you have a king, you’re king, and you can order around the rest of us for a turn, like a dare.” It was easier to understand after a few rounds, but she hoped the explanation made sense.

“But you have to call the number on our card.”’ That was the best part- it was all completely random. With a hint of a smile, she held up her own card to the circle, showing only its back.

“Don’t share your card unless you’re king either...”


Welcome to King’s Game, a game of dares! This is one the camp challenges, and you can earn points for participating! To join the game, please bold your character sitting down in the circle or otherwise expressing they wish to play! (We need a few people to sit before the first king is chosen!) New players will be added each hand.

This thread will update around every three days, and I’ll send you your character’s card via PM.

The Game’s In Character Rules:

King’s Game is sometimes played with chopsticks, but we’ll be using cards. The character who is dealt a king card becomes “King”, and may dare numbered cards. This will cause the dares to be random.

(For example, if Evelyn is king, she would dare “four” to do a handstand, and whoever is holding the four card would have to do it.

You may dare more than one person at a time.

Out of Character Rules:

Please keep dares within site rating and general reason.

If you are King, please use this code at the top of your post:
Code: [Select]

If you are not king, do not disclose your number before dares are made.  (Unless there’s some IC reason for it.)

Your character does not have to complete their dare in order to earn points! Feel free to have them turn a dare down, but there may be some IC consequences.
Don’t worry if the thread updates before you post:

If you were dared but there’s a new round, you can post your character completing the dare with a line break into the new round!

If you were king and did not issue a dare, please only use your most recent card! (Don’t issue dares on top of another king)

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Current Hand: One

Numbers: 2-5

King: Grant

Players: Grant, Raasiel, Lobelia, Dante, Evelyn

1942 / Black Widow ♡ ≪Elves Catfish≫
« on: 08/03/2014 at 03:27 »
A whole year had come and gone, and after setting up at camp once more, Evelyn felt determined to simply let bygones be bygones and let the memories of last summer slip between her fingertips. What was a single word compared to the gravity of everything else, after all? It took more effort to actively hate someone than to simply ignore their existence, and there was only so much time she could devote to making one boy’s life miserable. With her new group of friends and her newfound acceptance among the other Hufflepuffs, she found she was no longer parched for the desperate attention she’d craved in the fall. She had to move on, simple as that.

Of course, the stupid volcano in her camp had been dubbed “Persephone’s Peak”, and every single time someone uttered the name her mind immediately went to words half-remembered, hidden somewhere under thick blankets of sleep and pain. They were her only real memories of December. There had been no beginning. No ending. No Christmas. December meant Hades and Persephone were together. It felt like a scratchy sweater and sounded like a heartbeat. If it didn’t, and if that one random, beautiful act of kindness had never happened, she was sure the end of the year would have been void. Without that story to think on, she might have not been able to climb out of it.

It wasn’t that it had made it better, it just made her distracted enough not to think on the things she shouldn’t.

The thing was, she owed L something, and she wasn’t quite sure what. If she told him how much it had all meant to her, she was sure he’d laugh. Or worse, he’d turn away like he had when she’d tried to get his attention in class. Seeing him around camp only made it worse.

There had to be something she could do. Something indirect. It was too hard to speak to him without fighting, and she was too proud to apologize.

It was late when she settled on writing a letter. The first contained her actual feelings, and that one was immediately shredded into thin, tear-soaked confetti. After laying with her head on her arms, surrounded by petals of paper, an idea formed in her mind. She wanted to know him as he was, but just not to her.

She had to be someone else.

With an odd sort of determination, she slid out a fresh sheet of paper and wrote.

“L Azuriah,

Hello, I’m camping here this summer, and I heard about you from another Ravenclaw. Is it true you know how to speak German? I’ve tried to learn some to read faerie tales, but it isn’t going well. Do you have any recommendations?



The next morning, despite realizing it was probably the worst decision she’d ever made as of yet, she left it in an envelope taped to his door.

1942 / Secrets I Won't Share ≪Eveliot≫
« on: 08/03/2014 at 02:27 »
Overall, it had been a rather unproductive day, and after sitting around camp all day fighting to keep the salt-laced air from turning the pages of a book she’d borrowed from a friend. (After trying out a few charms, one of which had congealed the paper into a jello-like substance and the other which caused the words to vanish whenever she looked at them, she’d given up.) Sick of the stagnant air and her perpetually miffed cat’s half-hearted meowing, she decided to go swimming after supper. It would be good for her, to get out and all that, or that’s what she tried to swallow as she donned her swim suit, threw a light green sundress over it and headed for the spring.

When the sky flushed with violet, slowly drowning into an indigo haze as the sun set, she headed for the spring, following the path strewn with sweet flowers. She’d been meaning to check out the hot spring, but had just never gotten around to it. What would it be like? Soup? Boiling Water?

Like some sort of mirage, the pool of water finally came into view, along with a familiar face. A year ago, she might have avoided speaking to him, and ran back to her pet and her fairy tales, but this was a new summer. Things were different now.

“Ellllllllllllliotttttttt!” she called, ecstatic to see one of her friends and not some odd stranger. Over-zealous, she darted from the path and out across the damp rock, waving as she ran towards him. They hadn’t talked in a while, and she wanted to know how his camp was going.

However, right as she finally got close, suddenly all she could feel was air beneath her. In that single second, she could feel her foot in her air, and realized she must have slipped in the condensation caused by the steam. When she looked up, she saw Elliot’s face, and managed to make a tiny noise of surprise before she crashed straight into him.

1942 / Summertime Selfies! (OOC Face Thread)
« on: 08/02/2014 at 20:50 »
After the beautiful voice memes I really wanted to start a selfie thread so here it is. Post pictures so we can admire all your beautiful faces ;A;

Here we go. This is me ----V

Here's a picture of me with my host sister/one of my BFFS in Japan, Ha-chan~ <3 (feat. super red hair golly gee)

This is my Madoka cosplay from Katsucon:

This is my crossplay of Walter from Hellsing: The Dawn (feat. dollar store toy smokes)





As a muggleborn orphan from California, Evelyn's struggled to keep her pieces together. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor last winter, her kindly grandfather, a Japanese fisherman who adopted her, was taken by the American government. She hasn't heard from him since.
Penniless but fierce, Evelyn's taken misfortune by the horns and is no longer afraid to say what she thinks. 


Although shy and cute on the outside, Evelyn keeps grudges and constantly dwells on her social position. She wears her social status as a badge- Japanese, muggleborn, woman- mention any of these in a negative light, and she'll remember. She'll make you miserable.

Outside of her determination she loves cats and fairy tale romance clichés.

Looking For

Summertime boyfriends/flirts
 Japanese or non-British people to hang out with
Elitists to hate


嫌い・・・Absolute Hatred
知らない・・・Don't know!
Code: [Select]
[div style="width: 420px; background-image: url(; padding: 18px; border-radius: 10px;"][div style="width: 400x; center; background-color: #ECF1F6; padding: 10px; border-radius: 10px; text-align: justify; font-family: georgia, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; color: #EFABB8;"][div style="font family:feel;font-size: 24px; text-align: left;width:382px; border:double 3px #132437; padding:5px; background-color:#A9BADE;"]

[color=#ECF1F6]Tag 1・Tag 2・Tag Etc・Name[/color][/div][right][font=neou]Blood・House[/font][/right]

[b]History:[/b] Once upon a time

[b]Plots:[/b]This is our story

[b]Favorite Cake:[/b] Important

[b]Our theme song?:[/b] [url=URL HERE]Name[/url]

1942 / ≪sᴘʟᴀsʜ ғʀᴇᴇ!≫ ♒╰ᴠɪᴄᴀ╮
« on: 07/21/2014 at 18:11 »


Twenty・College Junior・Perpetually Sleepy

Nice to meet you!
*Disclaimer: Not actually Nagisa Hazuki

Interesting(?) Facts:
・Leaving to study abroad in Japan at the end of August
・Double major (Japanese language and English Lit)
・Will eat anything with Old Bay Seasoning
・Played upright bass for seven years
・Cosplays sometimes
・Joined Hoggies last April when Slyvianne coerced recruited me IRL in Shakespeare class
・Prize possession: Kvothe the Amazon Kindle


Books: Kingkiller Chronicles, (seriously go read them) ASOIAF, Neil Gaiman, Shakespeare, Palahniuk, Mistborn, NO.6, Welcome to Night Vale (idc if it's a podcast but I'm putting it here), The Bluest Eye, Oscar Wilde, Machinal, Murakami ++other stuff

TV: Noragami, Free!, Kuroshitsuji, Hellsing Ultimate (+other anime yeah), Game of Thrones, Catfish, Adventure Time, Hannibal soon I think

Movies: Studio Ghibli, Satoshi Kon, Only Lovers Left Alive, A Werewolf Boy, Grindhouse, The Hollow Crown and other Shakespeare productions

Music: Frank Zappa, Amanda Palmer, The Dear Hunter, Forgive Durden, Artic Monkeys, Chiodos, Real Friends, SHINee, Dir En Grey, P!ATD, Counting Crows,Steve Vai, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sia, Regina Spektor, Composer Camille Saint-Saëns, Nicki Minaj, Pink Floyd, Pop goes Punk albums, Crappy pop punk in general.

Video Games: Harvest Moon, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Elder Scrolls, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Poke'mon, GTA, Resident Evil, Super Mario, +crappy Otome games like DMMD and Hakuoki



They're all really melancholic so lemme cry it out really fast.

Fifteen・Hufflepuff・Rising Fifth Year

A feisty muggleborn cat lover, don't let Evelyn's charming smile fool you. After recent events, she's left with no family and nothing to live for. With only the unwavering fact of tomorrow to guide her, she's become sweet, but volatile.
 Don't cross her.

Her favorite things are:
 Quidditch, Strawberry Shortcakes, Astronomy, Cats, and Origami.
 Not L Azuriah

Plot Page


With eyes as sad as the deep melodies of his bass, Ars doesn't know what he wants.. A washed up member of a well-to-do family, he spends his time bartending at his cousin's club, Tchaikovsky wondering where his life went. Even though his history's left him bitter, he's still sweet.

His favorite things are:
Ars doesn't have favorite things, but he has an eye for musicians and foods made with blackberries.
 Not Tavish, for sure

Plot Page

Ten・Spoiled Brat・Wants to be King

An evil mastermind in the body of a cute child, narcissist and prankster Tiberius or "Teddy" isn't afraid to speak his mind and do as he likes. Infamous in his family for causing trouble, his plan is world domination. (After he finishes putting dog poo in his cousins' shoes, of course.)

His favorite things are:
Games (only the sort he can win), comics, his siblings letting him sleep with them, butterscotch, anything regarding his sister Pacifica, pranks, compliments, making France jokes about his brother Paris
 Not "That Kedding", Icky, Silvus or Aries
Or anyone for that matter...

Plot Page: (In the futurreee)

Let's have a fun eternal summer!
Feel free to ask for my Skype, tumblr, instagram, etc. ♡


1941 / Workshop Prompt #1 (Loving Reflection)
« on: 04/26/2014 at 00:33 »
Foreign whispers and pretty mirrors sing
Of that day you left me mid-spring
Here I stand, without a name
A face not safe nor same
A face you knew once
A face that
Was yours

1941 / Sun and Sky 「Joy」
« on: 04/21/2014 at 14:48 »
Unrelenting, the summer sun shone upon the waters of the spring, creating a sparkling reflection of the cloudless sky. Although it was barely even noon, Evelyn felt as if it could easily become the hottest day of the summer, and slowly began to regret her choice in times to go exploring. Even though she’d been raised on the streets of California and was used to the parched feeling the dusty air left in her throat, there was something undeniably miserable about trudging about in the sun and then hiking back up a mountain whenever she was done. As it was, she wished that she wasted the day in her cabin reading as usual, but if she really wanted to be a proper adventurer, she could only allow herself that luxury once a week. She’d been out since sunrise though, and the sight of flowing water was welcomed.

Exhausted, she collapsed backwards on the edge of the pool and practically ripped the bag from her back, searching for a canteen of water. Thirst quenched, she gave her attention to the scenery, taking in the other (oddly energetic) students and the absolutely gorgeous and spacious camp. After watching the others frolic for a bit, she hesitantly pulled off her tawny boots, tucked her socks in them and dipped her feet into the crystal depths. She gasped as she found it was quite a bit cooler than she expected it to be, and then giggled and curled her toes. Although it was a lot of tiring work, the entire experience of summer camp was loads of fun, and if anyone had told her a few years ago she’d be able to do silly things like this, she might have cried.

Finally smiling, she dug through her things once again and removed a package wrapped delicately in a cheesecloth. In her lap, she opened it, and picked out a perfectly sliced triangle of sandwich lifting it to her lips. As she ate, she noticed another girl was nearby, and despite never talking to her, Evelyn smiled slightly and held out the cloth with the tiny slightly squashed sandwiches.

“Do you want one?” she offered quietly. Since it was so hot, she doubted she’d be able to eat them all.

1941 / Postal Service ✉「Elliot」
« on: 04/19/2014 at 23:26 »
The timeless air of the summer night invoked a spark of bravery in Evelyn that she was only dimly aware she possessed. Anxiously frozen in place a few meters away from the fire pit, where other students tended to congregate at night, she inhaled the air slowly and let it drown out the butterflies and unease.
When it became condensation and left her lips in the form of breath she made-believe her fear was gone and approached the camp, steadily placing one boot in front of the other.

It was easy enough to find him, although his face was obscured by firelight. Out of the other campers, she’d chosen to attempt to befriend him not only since they were in the same camp, but because secretly she’d spied on some of his conversations with others. If her suspicions were right, he might react better to her motives than others who basked in popularity and might judge her as awkward or completely socially inept.

When she finally reached him, she stood for a moment, glancing in the fire to avoid his face. Hung delicately from her left hand, in curled fingers, was a cloth package. It was tied to resemble a sack, and patterned with tiny pink flowers. Like  a rogue wave, the realization hit that she had been standing in silence for a second too long and she quickly stopped and carefully set the bundle next to where Elliot was sitting.

As she rose, she managed to glance at him from the corner of her eyes, and somehow gave the hint of a half-smile.

Before any words were exchanged however, she turned and sprinted away, despite her best intentions to casually make an escape.

Immediately, she returned to her room and fell into her cot, chiding herself for such an irrational decision.

Inside the bundle there were several black packets of some American candy- M&Ms they read, and a navy-colored book with no title. Inside the front cover, the first page depicted a political cartoon of some sort and the printed words: American Jokes. Peeking out behind the second page was a folded note.

Fashioned out of a single sheet of paper by origami into the shape of a true letter, the note was rectangular and perfectly symmetrical on the outside. A tiny tab in the exact middle read in carefully stenciled letters “Open Here”.

The unfolded letter was written in a similar style, neat and orderly across a background of lightly painted flowers.


Sorry this is so sudden. My name is Evelyn and I’ve just arrived from America and plan to attend Hogwarts next term. Even though I’ve been at camp Iriz Ima for a bit, I haven’t really met anyone. Originally, I bought this book to entertain my friends at Salem, but I don’t know if they’re appropriate anymore. It might be interesting to you though, and we're in the same camp, so I want you to have it. Girls like jokes, I think.

P.S. The candy is also from the Muggle world in America. They just started making them this year. I brought too many, so please eat them.
Tell me how it goes!


1941 / Homesick✰Evelyn
« on: 04/19/2014 at 16:06 »
☆ミEvelyn Takamura☆ミ
From my room, my dreams are calling―

✰Fifteen/Sixteen✰Hopeful Ravenclaw✰
✰Japanese-American Muggleborn✰

A childhood victim of bullying because of her heritage and subsequent life in a California orphanage due to the time warp, Evelyn spends most of her time reading or lounging about with cats. Although she wants nothing more than to make friends, she feels as if she’s forcing herself upon people when she tries to socialize. Additionally, she has a habit of keeping tabs on people she would like to know more, learning about their activities and friends. When she’s nervous, Evelyn folds origami stars or bites her bottom lip. Despite all of these qualities, she’s trusting and fiercely loyal.

Evelyn’s muggle parents were Japanese and lived in San Francisco during the time warp where she lost them. Raised in an orphanage with a strange half-English half-Japanese name she was exiled by the other children on the basis of her looks. Because of her confusing history, Evelyn was shocked to realize she was bi-lingual and sometimes is conflicted about her heritage. When she was ten, she was adopted by an old Japanese fisherman whose wife had passed away, and they lived happily until she left for Salem with their lazy family cat, Prince. At Salem, Evelyn hoped to start a new page and make friends, but it never worked out for her. Now, right as she’s preparing to transfer into Hogwarts, she’s resolved to change her chronic shyness, but still homesick for her adoptive grandfather and America.

☆ミSearching For☆ミ
✰Friends✰Best Friends✰Idols✰Love✰Adventure✰

Code: [Select]
[div style="font family:peacathi; font-size: 16px; text-align: left; border-bottom: #00FFCC 1px dotted; margin-bottom: 5px;"][b][shadow=aquamarine,left]☆ミ名前☆ミ[/shadow][/b][/div][size=14pt]NAME[/size]
[div style="font family:peacathi; font-size: 16px; text-align: left; border-bottom: #00FFCC 1px dotted; margin-bottom: 5px;"][b][shadow=aquamarine,left]☆ミ何歳☆ミ[/shadow][/b][/div] [size=14pt]✰AGE✰HOUSE✰BLOOD[/size]
[div style="font family:peacathi; font-size: 16px; text-align: left; border-bottom: #00FFCC 1px dotted; margin-bottom: 5px;"][b][shadow=aquamarine,left]☆ミ人格☆ミ[/shadow][/b][/div][size=14pt]PERSONALITY[/size]
[div style="font family:peacathi; font-size: 16px; text-align: left; border-bottom: #00FFCC 1px dotted; margin-bottom: 5px;"][b][shadow=aquamarine,left]☆ミ私にー☆ミ[/shadow][/b][/div][size=14pt]WHATAREWE?[/size]
[div style="font family:peacathi; font-size: 16px; text-align: left; border-bottom: #00FFCC 1px dotted; margin-bottom: 5px;"][b][shadow=aquamarine,left]☆ミ物語☆ミ[/shadow][/b][/div] [size=14pt]PLOTS?

1941 / Counting Stars ☆ミOPEN☆ミ
« on: 04/18/2014 at 19:41 »

As the palpable weight of the mid-day sun began to falter just sometime after lunch, Evelyn quietly wandered back to her cot and carefully organized a sack of books, water, and crackers. Although she had just arrived, the life of such a busy summer camp was already overwhelming for her. Everyone she had met so far was fascinating, but every single time she spoke to them her throat felt like dried parchment and her stomach irrationally grew nauseous as she wondered if they would turn on her. Her entire life, she wondered if her few friends were truly hers, or if they were actors hired by mentors to play a part. It only came naturally after so many mean jibes, after so much name calling, and after looking in the mirror and realizing that yes, she looked different. Nothing they said, no matter how cruel, was totally inaccurate. Or so she was led to believe.

Now, she was across the ocean from Salem, which was across the country from her salty dock at San Francisco, and her adopted grandfather Hiroshi. This was her first time out of the country, and no matter how much she had promised herself that she’d change- that she’d become well-liked and develop an easy-going sense of humor, all she’d done was hold a few polite conversations and awkwardly hanging about the periphery of her camp. Although she wanted desperately to participate in stories around the campfire, the closeness of the returning students and their easy laughter drove her off. The best she could do for them was smile half-heartedly, and pretend to follow their conversations.

Leaving the camp, she headed up the mountain, the sky slowly stretching and transforming from a flawless blue into a fierce red. She took her time walking, taking in the nature around her- the way the trees shifted in the wind and the way the ground felt beneath her feet. All the time, she was silent, even when she passed groups of friends or other students.

Perhaps it was fine to be shy for now, and then make friends when she found a place at Hogwarts? Just a single person she could relate to would do. The only person like that had been her Grandfather, but if there was just one student who could laugh and joke with her she had to make an effort to find them.

Eventually, she reached the peak and used the last glimmer of twilight to read through a section of Machiavelli’s The Prince. When the pages faded from blue to black, and the words blurred together, she closed it and fell back into the grass, staring upwards, focusing.

One by one, the stars appeared, and she greeted them like old friends. It was always surreal to think that they were always there hiding, even though they were the brightest of all things. Even with all the magic she’d been exposed to, the universe still amazed her. Up on the mountain, away from the dusty, smoggy city streets, she was able to see more than ever before.

Giddy, she began to count them, her lips softly forming the numbers and breathing them to life. She was  completely oblivious to her surroundings.

1941 / 進撃のINTRODUCTION ★
« on: 04/17/2014 at 02:05 »
Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!
Age:A slice of a century. (20)
Occupation:Disgruntled college sophomore
Major:Asian Studies (Japanese Language) and English (Literature)
Life Story:In our mundane Shakespeare class, one of my friends who's a member of this forum mentioned it and I scribbled it in my notebook and here I am. (Whoops) I’m brand new but I’ve been roleplaying for awhile~

I’ve been studying Japanese for six years now and don’t recommend it to anyone! When I was in high school, I went to a city in Osaka and fell in love with it, and I’ve been dreaming of going to the school there, Kansai Gaidai since. I chose to go to my university in order to go, and every other summer I do tours for high school students from Japan in the local area. (I’m really weird okay)

I got my acceptance letter this morning and uh yeah.


I also cosplay and things like that but I swear 99% of the time I’m procrastinating on a paper or asleep.

Here’s some of those lists people are doing huehue

⋆Amazon Kindle

Current Fandoms:
Game of Thrones, Noragami, Shingeki no Kyojin, U-KISS, The Name of the Wind, Portlandia, Shakespeare, Free!, Durarara!! Etc...

Anyways, yeah! I really suck at intros and stuff but if you want my skype, tumblr, or instagram just ask!

Even though I’ve got finals for two more weeks, I’m really looking forward to this term with you guys~ This forum really captures all the magic (wow) of Hogwarts in my opinion.

Let’s be friends~~~~~ (Please I’m begging)

Anyways, here’s my character! Since I’m a bit busy, I’m only playing one for now!
Side note: Since Evelyn speaks Japanese, if you have a character that also speaks Japanese (and can handle it yourself) I’m fine with writing the dialogue between them in kana.
★ Evelyn Takamura
★ Fourteen
★ Unsorted
★ Japanese-American
★ Muggleborn
★Exchange from Salem
A clumsy bibliophile from America who prefers cats over people. After the time warp, she was orphaned and is adamant about finding out about her mysterious Japanese heritage. After a childhood of bullying, she was adopted by an old fisherman who she loves dearly. As a friend, she’s frightfully loyal and slightly terrifying when angered. One of her major quirks is her habit of folding origami stars when she’s nervous. Secretly, she adores pranks and idolizes jokers.

I can't wait to start this term with you!
Evelyn’s chronically lazy cat who fails to live up to his name. His favorite food is tuna.

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