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1961 / Summer Calendar '61
« on: 11/19/2020 at 13:57 »
Activities & Events Calendar (OOC)
Summer '61

1 December
Duelling sign-ups open
Infirmary sign-ups open
Quidditch sign-ups open
Hippogriffs & Horklumps sign-ups open - hosted by Lawrence Cole & Eviguin Lackless

3 December
Christmas in July Party - hosted by Dylan Duckheart

7 December
Quidditch sign-ups close

8 December
Infirmary sign-ups close
Quidditch games start
Hippogriffs & Horklumps sign-ups close
9 December
Infirmary case study begins

10 December
Hippogriffs & Horklumps begins

14 December
Duelling sign-ups close

15 December
Hippogriffs & Horklumps ends

17 December
Duelling matches begin

18 December
Infirmary sign-ups close
Quidditch games end

22 December
Duelling matches end

24 December
Infirmary case study ends

1960 / Camp Loki 1960: General Layout & Information
« on: 07/16/2020 at 11:44 »
General Layout & Information
Camp Loki 1960

Brace yourselves... Camp Loki has discovered Norse Mythology this summer.

The central camp area, nown as Yggdrasil, consists of: Yggdrasil itself, a great ash tree which is home to the dining hall, the camp the camp director's office and living quarters, the kitchens, and the counsellors' lounge; Urðarbrunnr, a well by which the summer's infirmary and apothecary is set up; and Vigrith, a large field set up like a Quidditch Pitch. Three paths lead away from the central area towards other parts of the camp.

The left road leads towards Asgard. The road continues forward but branches off into a spectacular burning rainbow bridge halfway down. This is the Bifröst, and it connects Camp Loki to the rest of the world this summer. Fireplaces line the road around the end of the bridge, connecting Camp Loki to the Floo Network. If you follow the road further along, you will be greeted by Valhalla, home to Team Odin this summer. The first of three grand halls, the lower floor of Valhalla is filled with interesting rooms, including a library, a music room, and an inner courtyard. The upper floor is reserved for Team Odin campers; the girls' cabins can be found in the east wing, and the boys' in the west. Any boy who tries to cross the threshold into a girl's cabin will find themselves stuck to the floor for the next hour. Beyond Valhalla stretches Fólkvangr, a beautiful meadow filled with flowers, herbs, and other plants.
Team Odin counsellors: Clara Darcy, Lysander Stone

If you follow the middle path, you'll soon find yourself heading towards Jotunheim. Jotunheim is surrounded by Gastropnir, a huge protective wall that surrounds the whole area. The main gateway leads towards Thrymheim, another hall which is home to Team Thor. A common room on the lower floor is open to all, but the upper level belongs to Team Thor campers. The east wing houses the girls, the west wing houses the boys. Any boy who attempts to access a girl's cabin will find themselves struck down by lightning. Don't worry, you'll survive. A well known as Mímisbrunnr can be found in the gardens outside Thrymheim. It's said that there is wisdom in those waters.
Team Thor counsellors: Esther Harlow, Mouse Märchen

Taking the right path will bring you to Niflheim. The duelling block this summer has been marked out on an island in the centre of Hvergelmir, a huge spring from which the eleven Élivágar ice rivers flow. Eljudnir, the final great hall, is home to Team Loki this summer. The lower level is perfect for parties, but the second floor houses the cabins, with the girls situated in the east and the boys in the west. All Team Loki campers will find a raincoat, wellington boots, and an umbrella by their bed upon arrival. You're going to need them when heading in or out! Boys, stay away from the girls' cabins, or you'll find yourself transported outside into the cold, wet snow!
Team Loki counsellors: Auberon Huxley

1959 / don't spell part backwards -- it's a trap!
« on: 04/01/2020 at 20:45 »

hey, i'm yas

new summer, old intro code.

some faves.
favourite artist(s): taylor swift. also partial to the jonas brothers, harry styles, picture this, tom grennan, vampire weekend, & elvis presley
favourite author(s): deborah levy, madeline miller, & zadie smith.
favourite avenger: hawkeye.
favourite disney film(s): the jungle book & tangled.
favourite carb: bread, bread, bread.

some lasts.
last tv show i watched: lucifer. i'm on season 2 rn!
last film i watched: toy story 4 on saturday. started crying 6 minutes and 4 seconds in and didn't stop until half an hour after it finished.
last book(s) i read: song of achilles & circe by madeline miller. read. them.
last concert i went to: jonas brothers, happiness begins tour. i sang, i screamed, i sobbed.
last song i listened to: i saw a tiger by joe exotic. no, i don't want to talk about it.

this or that?
sweet or savoury? savoury.
sirius or lupin? sirius.
team edward or team jacob? team edward.
breakfast, lunch, or dinner? lunch or dinner. breakfast can die in a hole.
aimlessly refreshing this site or being productive? this game is over now.

hey, these are my characters

scroll ↓ to check them out. c:

calypso ilena galanis ross.
almost 31. :/ gryffindor, class of '46. head of the auror office. legilimens & occlumens. wife, mother, cheater. low tolerance for stupidity, no tolerance for roo hopland.

jeremiah joseph smallweed.
turning 21. slytherin, class of '56. bartender, security, & illegal trader at the snake pit. azkaban, class of '58! property of cecelia bramston. a bit lot of a mess.

tawnie cora smallweed.
12. slytherin. rising second year. youngest of 7. very good at scowling. likes snacks, gryffindors, & cecelia bramston. will sell you for half a chocolate frog.

clinton herbert litchfield.
28. hufflepuff, class of '49. director of camp loki. head of hufflepuff. will read your tea leaves for a slice of cake. beginning to realise kids are rubbish.

ella louise galanis.
55?! ravenclaw, class of '22. head of ravenclaw. philanthropist. everyone's mother. not mad, just disappointed. has a very sweet tooth.

nyla adelaide ross.
30. ravenclaw, class of '47. dragonologist. orphan. works part-time at the muffin man. gets excited about dinosaurs. many mistakes have been made.

cyrus helios galanis.
39. greek. healer. workaholic. accidentally became a father of two (thanks, lucille). trying to navigate the many trials and tribulations of being a man.

vega violet nettlebed.
20. gryffindor, class of '57. potioneer. one of very many cousins. a little bit volatile, to say the least. currently in south america with her secret girlfriend, téo wittington.

isla aveline haywood-lowe.
33. slytherin, class of '44. very pure blood. socialite. currently wasting time & money with deimos calloway, probably.

clint is at camp, you can find his plot page here! the others are hanging out in elsewhere for the summer. if you wanna thread with any of them, then hmu via pm or discord (Yas#4887) -- i'd love to thread with you!

1953 / tell me your fave tv shows!!!
« on: 04/23/2018 at 09:01 »
Maybe it's for something super important, maybe it's because I'm nosey, maybe it's because I need more netflix recommendations...

Anyway. Let me know your top 5 TV shows below! It doesn't matter if someone else has already said them, and if you don't have 5 fave shows, just 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 will be fine.

1953 / is it cool that i said all that??
« on: 04/04/2018 at 18:28 »

hey, i'm yas

i'm revamping last summer's intro ever so slightly, so that u don't all have to tag urselves as taylor swift albums again.

quickfire facts about me, let's go: i am...
feelin' 22! slytherpuff! ISFJ! sagittarius! english lit postgrad! obsessed with taylor swift! probably the reason they keep making shrek films. on my fourth attempt at getting past season 4 of gossip girl, but hoping i can pull through this time. one of the only three people who still appreciate the despicable me franchise for the masterpiece that it is. excited for wreck it ralph 2, but mad they called it ralph breaks the internet instead of ralph wrecks the internet. upset about the way the name ralph looks wrong now bc i wrote it out too many times. bad at responding to my intro after i've posted it, but i'm gonna fix that this summer, i swear.

here, have some quickfire faves of mine: i like...
music. taylor swift!!! harry styles! elvis presley! vampire weekend! UB40! mediocre boy bands! spotify playlists full of random songs by random artists!
netflix. everything sucks! atypical! can't cope won't cope! lovesick! love! crazy ex-girlfriend! jane the virgin! anything else u might recommend??
misc. romcoms! marauders headcanons! greek mythology! stalking ur threads!  the oxford comma! really bad puns!  taylor swift’s bridges™! the unicorn emoji! pizza! long naps! the flavour blue! when the beat kicks in during the second verse of Delicate by taylor swift!!!

if u too like taylor swift, pls lmk which song(s) are ur fave. if u do not like taylor swift, i'm not mad, i'm just disappointed.

hey, these are my characters

scroll ↓ to check them out. c:

calypso ilena galanis ross.
almost 25?! gryffindor. hit witch. wife & mother. wants to relive her hogwarts glory days. still can't figure out when she became an adult. trying to become a legilimens & occlumens but altair keeps making her cry.

jeremiah joseph smallweed.
turning 15. slytherin. rising fifth year. opportunist. disappeared into a vanishing cabinet for a week last term, courtesy of pax fellwater. later got his revenge by snogging aforementioned fellwater.

vega violet nettlebed.
14. hopeful gryffindor. hopeful fourth year. one of very many cousins. aspiring potioneer. still trying to come to terms with the fact that her dad left & doesn't want her. in love with flynn flanagan morrissey.

ella louise galanis.
49. ravenclaw. hogwarts professor. src director. philanthropist. loves everybody in equal measure & sees the best in you even when you can't see it yourself. not mad, just disappointed. enjoys illusionary magic.

nyla adelaide ross.
24. ravenclaw. dragonologist. orphan. world-class snickerdoodle baker. doormat. gets excited about dinosaurs; like, really excited. just wants to be loved. many mistakes have been made.

clinton herbert litchfield.
22. hufflepuff. director of camp loki. extremely lazy; naps often. will read your tea leaves for a slice of cake. gets dumped a lot, & has trouble moving on. but still a cool guy to hang with.

isla aveline haywood-lowe.
27. slytherin. very pure blood. socialite (read: living off her family's money). currently pretending she hasn't fallen in love with deimos calloway. it's not working out very well for either of them.

cyrus helios galanis.
33. greek. healer. his fiancé ditched him for his cousin. accidentally became a father (thanks, lucille hopland). has three friends, but only if you count his aunt and his cousin; otherwise, just the one friend.

if you wanna know more about my chars or thread with any of them (jere & vega are at camp, the others are livin' it up in elsewhere), then scream at me via pm or pc or skype or plot pages or homing pigeon bc i'd love to thread with every single one of you!!!

1953 / American Magical Schools [MEMBER POLL!]
« on: 03/27/2018 at 18:16 »
As some of you will already know, HS-Net had its own American wizarding school, Salem, long before Ilvermorny was announced. The school was played for some time before the board was closed with the Beauxbatons board. IC, it still exists in our canon.

Both Ilvermorny and Salem are located in Massachusetts, USA. We'd like you guys to decide whether we should keep Salem as an active school in our canon, or whether it should be shut down IC.

This poll will close on 30 April 2018. Get your votes in ASAP. One vote per player (not per character), please!

1952 / where are average things made? the satisfactory.
« on: 12/02/2017 at 20:16 »

tag urself, i'm taylor swift with a side of red

hi, i'm yas!! i'm gonna try and keep this super short, so... here, have some quickfire facts about me: just turned 22! slytherpuff! ISFJ! sagittarius! english lit postgrad @ uni! probably the reason they keep making shrek films.

aaand have some quickfire faves of mine: taylor swift (fellow swifties, hmu)!!! pizza! stalking ur threads! greek/roman mythology! the oxford comma! jane the virgin! crazy ex-girlfriend! really bad puns! romcoms (if u are also a fan, tell me ur faves? i’m forever looking for more)! long naps! the unicorn emoji! marauders headcanons! animal crossing: pocket camp (my ID is 58655212703, add me)! this lil guy! and this one!

a word i learnt recently is pyschopomp, and i kind of love it because it’s such a cool word and also i love its meaning (literally ‘guide of souls’), but i also kind of hate it because to me it doesn’t sound at all like what it means?? anyway, i think about that word and my tense relationship with it a lot. ok, i'll shut up now. me tag my characters too

scroll ↓ to check them out. c:

calypso ilena galanis ross.
almost 24?! gryffindor. hit witch. wife & mother. wants to relive her hogwarts glory days. trying to become a legilimens & occlumens but altair keeps making her cry. if she were a taylor swift album, she'd be 1989.

jeremiah joseph smallweed.
turning 14. slytherin. rising fourth year. opportunist. awful at real magic, incredible at Muggle magic. will fight you and also your mother. if he were a taylor swift album, he'd be reputation.

ella louise galanis.
48. ravenclaw. hogwarts professor. philanthropist. loves everybody in equal measure & sees the best in you even when you can't see it yourself. if she were a taylor swift album, she'd be speak now.

nyla adelaide ross.
23. ravenclaw. dragonologist. orphan. world-class snickerdoodle baker. doormat. gets excited about dinosaurs. just wants to be loved. if she were a taylor swift album, she'd be a taylor swift/red mash-up.

cyrus helios galanis
35. greek. healer. his fiancé ditched him for his cousin. accidentally became a father. relationship status: it's complicated -- with lucille hopland. if he were a taylor swift album, he'd be fearless.

isla aveline haywood-lowe.
26. slytherin. very pure blood. socialite (read: living off her family's money). currently pretending she isn't falling in love with deimos calloway. if she were a taylor swift album, she'd be reputation.

clinton herbert litchfield.
21. hufflepuff. director of camp loki. will read your tea leaves for a slice of cake. still trying to get over being dumped two years ago. but still a cool guy to hang with. if he were a taylor swift album, he'd be speak now.

vega violet nettlebed.
13. mystery house?! rising third year? one of very many cousins. aspiring potioneer. still trying to come to terms with the fact that her dad left. if she were a taylor swift album, she'd be ???

if you wanna know more about my chars or thread with any of them (jere & vega will be at camp, the others will be livin' it up in elsewhere), then scream at me via pm or pc or skype or plot pages or homing pigeon bc i'd love to thread with every single one of you!!!

i personally would also be very interested in which taylor swift album you/your chars are, so pls lmk.

Past Workshop Prompts / Prompt 1B: If Tomorrow Never Comes
« on: 04/05/2017 at 20:17 »
The last rays of the day filtered through the window, casting golden streaks across the worn floorboards and across the woman's lap. She was sitting in a rocking chair by the window, bare toes only just brushing the floor. A couple of sealed boxes -- untouched and gathering dust -- lay against the far wall, right where they'd planned on putting the cot.

It was too late to return those now, which was just as well, because she couldn't quite remember what they held. A playpen, perhaps, or a set of building blocks.

"Once upon a time," she began, breaking the silence that had settled in the empty house.

The baby mobile was still revolving slowly above her head, casting soft and flickering shadows across the patchy blue walls. Even from down here, she could see the fairy's wings flutter, the Jobberknoll's beak silently open and close.

"There was a girl, and she loved a boy very much."

Her fingers moved unconsciously to rest against the curve of her stomach. All too often now, she found herself reaching for something that wasn't there, but the warmth of her skin beneath her fingertips was enough to temporarily ease the pain that lay heavy in her heart.

"She didn't know this right away -- in fact, it took her an awfully long time to figure out. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. When she finally discovered that he had stolen her heart, she was no longer a girl and he was no longer a boy. They were all grown up."

Her husband would be home any moment now, as soon as he'd locked up for the evening, but she needed to finish her story, so she leaned back against her chair and continued: "They were married not long after, and they found a little house that was just big enough for the two of them. They settled into a happy life: they worked and they played, they laughed and they smiled; sometimes they argued--"

A pause, a twitch of the lips that could've been a smile if it hadn't looked so tired, "Alright, often they argued... But they always forgave each other in the end."

The sun was winking through the hedges across the road now, dipping lower and lower into the sky. The room had grown dark, but the woman made no effort to move.

"There was something missing, though, something they both wanted more than anything in the world. And for one brief moment, they thought they had been granted their wish, but it was not to be."

A single tear slid silently down the woman's cheek and splashed against the back of her hand.

"Still, they keep on waiting and they keep on wishing, and they keep on hoping that maybe one day -- maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, maybe even in five years -- they might finally be able to live happily ever after."


hello, i am yas...

i am: 21! slytherpuff (30/70 split)! ISFJ! sagittarius! final year english lit undergrad @ uni! lucille hopland's better half! probably the reason they keep making shrek films (i own them all on dvd, including the tv specials & spinoff, i think i have a problem)! my favourite kind of hero is an anti-hero.

ok, i'm gonna limit myself to 3 faves per category for the next few sections so i don't get carried away. here we go!

i eat: pizza, phish food, and frozen grapes.
currently eating: Reese's mini peanut butter cups.

i listen to: taylor swift, vampire weekend, and random spotify playlists. you can look at my song muse thingy to see more things i like idk.
currently listening to: ...the shrek 2 soundtrack...

i read: anything john green, peter pan, and any book recommendations u might have.
currently reading: 17th century masques bc my dissertation is due v soon.

i watch: orange is the new black, jane the virgin, and shameless.
currently watching: crazy ex-girlfriend!!! (jane the virgin narrator: this was a lie. yas was not watching anything. she has too many essays due.)

i also enjoy: really bad puns, long naps (& short naps & all other kinds of naps except interrupted naps!!!), marauders headcanons, the unicorn emoji, this video (still), and the oxford comma.

...and these are my characters! meme form. scroll → to check them out. c:

clay! turning 22! hit wizard!

jere! turning 12! student!

clint! 19! camp director!

addie! 21! dragonologist!

ella! 46! head of ravenclaw!

cyrus! 33! healer!

isla! 24! socialite!

silv! 28! junior healer!

if you wanna know more about my chars or thread with any of them, then scream at me via pm or pc or skype or plot pages or homing pigeon bc i'd love to thread with every single one of you!!!

december '45

Dark eyes latched onto to the figure as it tripped out of the library doors. Pinning the friendliest smile she could to her features, Calypso waved at the girl.

"Addie, right? Look, I need your help." She waited no longer than half a second before rushing on, "Should I get Jacks one of those stupid comics for Christmas or should I get him a... Oh, I don't know. A different stupid comic? They're all the same anyway, right?"

If she didn't know the answer, she was every bit as useless as Sophie claimed.


hello, i am yas...

i am: 21! slytherpuff (30/70 split); ISFJ; sagittarius; final year english lit undergrad @ uni; willa's better half. my favourite kind of hero is an anti-hero. if you wanna know more about my chars (check them out below) or thread with any of them, then scream at me via pm or pc or skype or plot pages or homing pigeon bc i'd love to thread with you.

i eat: pizza; hummus; salt & vinegar kettle chips; bread; pesto; anchovies; phish food; curly fries; the occasional cheeky nandos. carbs are best food group.

i listen to: taylor swift; vampire weekend; ub40; john mayer; jess penner; mediocre boybands; elvis presley; ruelle; random spotify playlists.
currently listening to: the sound of my deadlines creeping closer.

i read: percy jackson; john green; shakespeare; jandy nelson; john milton; f. scott fitzgerald; rainbow rowell; jane austen; the brontës; any book recommendations u might have for me.
currently reading: gothic & 18th century lit aka the books i have to read to pass this semester.

i watch: orange is the new black; the musketeers; new girl; merlin; the office; brooklyn 99; sherlock.
currently watching: shameless(!!!); jane the virgin (jane the virgin narrator: that was a lie. yas was not watching anything. she has too many essays due.)

i also enjoy: really bad puns; jack whitehall; long naps (& short naps & all other kinds of naps except interrupted naps!!!); marauders headcanons; the unicorn emoji; mindy kaling; blue food (i'm with percy jackson on this one); zac efron; wicked; chelsea peretti; the oxford comma; this video -- i've lost count of how many times i've hit replay in the past month.

...and these are my characters!

• cries when criticised
• likes slugs & boys
• overreacts to pretty much everything
• sore loser
• could do well in school but is too lazy
• naps a lot
• has an evil twin
• ignores his problems
• always over the word limit on her essays
• eats her feelings
• watches nature documentaries
• easily confused
• does all the work in a group project, but puts his name last
• enjoys cooking
• gossip girl
• pretends she listens to edgy music
• actually listens to country
• really big family
• never remembers birthdays
• just wants to go home
• always hungry
• nearly kills you in a pillow fight
• buys you cake the next day
tag urself
• im clay
• with a side of cyrus
• a glass of clint
• and maybe a dash of addie

Past Workshop Prompts / [Prompt 1] Background
« on: 03/22/2016 at 20:50 »
Summer Workshop Prompt #1
What Lies Beneath

I love this prompt because it reminds us that each and every one of our characters are in some way linked with a whole host of others, and that every individual is part of a much larger network. It  forces us to remember that no 'background' character is unimportant: it's the seemingly insignificant, often overlooked, relationships and interactions that help us to create and shape the strongest, most realistic characters.

back·ground (n.) - something behind the main object of contemplation

No man, woman, or wizard is an island. Whether you consciously develop them or not, all of your characters have background characters, or a supporting cast. At a minimum, almost all characters have families - parents, siblings, grandparents. They may not interact directly with your character at all, but I'll bet your character references them from time to time. These people, whether played or not, influenced how your character develops.

Other examples might be more ancillary - maybe your fussy Pureblood has a favorite (or least favorite) House Elf. Your Hogwarts student probably has a pet. Maybe your St. Mungo's Healer has a patient they can't stand. Perhaps your Beauxbatons student has a favorite ghost. The ways in which you imagine your character interacting with these seemingly-meaningless supports provides a lot of information about your character's personality.

Your Task
Choose One

Option 1
Write a scene from your character's perspective that focuses on a background or supporting character in his or her life. The topic of the scene can be anything you like as long as it's within site rating, and you can use any character you like. The background character can be anything - a parent, a neighbor, a pet, a shopkeeper - as long as it's not something that's a major focus in your character's life.

Option 2
Write a scene from the perspective of the background character. The same rules and guidelines apply as for Option 1.

How do I start?
three simple steps

1. Start a new thread in the Summer Workshop forum. It should be called Prompt 1: Title of Your Piece
2. Write your piece, following the prompt above.
3. Review the pieces of others (see How To Workshop).

1945 / taking the long way home | seamus
« on: 08/25/2015 at 23:18 »
late summer 1945
sometime after lunch

The realisation that she was running out of time had hit her a few days before. And after two sleepless nights filled with hours of it preying on her mind, Calypso had finally taken matters into her own hands. She needed to start with somewhere, and to talk to somebody who was already going through it seemed to be the best course of action.

It had taken her only a couple of minutes to figure out who her best bet was.

Thoughts had slid to Rowan for only a split second before she hastily abandoned the idea. The pair of them couldn't even be in the same room without it ended in yelling or slapping or (usually) both. And besides, the Gryffindor didn't care for his opinion in the slightest. Tavish was off gallivanting through Europe with her best friend, and Monroe was most definitely not at camp.

There was only one person who was both available and pleasant enough for her to want to talk to; which was why she now found herself striding purposefully towards the Mad Hatters' living quarters without giving herself any more time to think about it.

The first building that she glanced into was full of rowdy little girls who seemed to be having a pillow sight. Sincerely doubting that this was the right place, Caly moved on, eliminating three further cabins before she finally drew to a halt outside a respectable looking building that appeared to be completely devoid of small, shrieking children.

One hand extended to knock firmly, and in a tentative voice, the counselor spoke.


1945 / One Of These Nights | OPEN
« on: 08/21/2015 at 22:06 »
mid-August 1945
Several hours after curfew

The moon was bigger and brighter out here than it was back at the castle. Or it seemed to be anyway, when she paused midway up the path to tilt her head back and stare up at it. The lumos that glowed softly from the tip of her wand was hardly necessary to light her way. The pearly white of the moon was illuminating the track in front of her successfully enough by itself.

The treehouses ahead were all dark, lights out as they should have been. Nothing seemed to be stirring, and though as a counselor she ought to have been pleased about that, Calypso was only vexed by it.

(She had said tonight, hadn't she? Moments ago, she'd been sure of it, but now she was doubting herself.)

Craning her neck back to look up at the little windows, all of which remained stubbornly dark, Caly cupped her hands around her mouth and hissed quietly, "Jacks!" Nothing but silence and the sound of her own breath greeted her.

"Jackson!" she tried again, raising her tone a little.


Exasperated now, the Gryffindor bent down towards the path. A couple of seconds later, there was the rattle of pebbles flung against glass. Folding her arms across her chest, Calypso watched the stones tumble back down to the ground and she waited.

1945 / Game 2: Tea Cups vs. Top Hats
« on: 08/20/2015 at 23:31 »
2nd August 1945
overcast, unusually cold

The weather had taken a different, gloomier direction just in time for the next Quidditch game. Perhaps the camp was dreading having to host another match after the fiasco that had been the last game (Litchfields running amok, Beaters using their bats for the wrong purpose, and a general sense of chaos in the air); perhaps they were just unlucky with the clouds that loomed overhead.

Either way, Calypso was glad that she didn't have to play, because it looked set to empty the heavens on them all.

"Captains," the Gryffindor began, though she doubted that they really needed to be told by this point. The words were familiar to them all - and by now, even a little dull. "Shake hands."

As she waited for them to do so, Calypso turned to address the rest of the players. "Try not to fall off your broom," - here she eyed little Tobias Mandrake, whom she was convinced still didn't understand the concept of flying a broomstick - "and try not to die." This time, she glanced at the only Litchfield in sight, though she was half-expecting his twin to jump out any second now.

(If they could go the whole match without a sudden guest appearance from Kennedy, Calypso would be eternally grateful.)

Having imparted those small pieces of advice, Caly released the Bludgers (Raven and Writing Desk) and the Snitch into the air. She waited for a fleeting moment before tossing the Quaffle up after the rest of the balls.

One short blow on her whistle later, she kicked off from the ground, already on the lookout for trouble. In retrospect, putting Tobi and Clinton on the same team hadn't been her greatest idea.

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1945 / jumping off these fences [arch-enemia]
« on: 08/17/2015 at 17:01 »
Early August 1945
Early evening

She hadn't been back in the caves since their camp event several weeks before. It was mostly due to the fact that she hadn't wanted to relive any part of the overly traumatising experience; allowing herself to be turned into a literal white rabbit and then hopping frantically through the intricate maze for the next couple of hours had been far from pleasant.

Her eyes were finally adjusting to the dark, and the Gryffindor moved further into the caves, one hand lifting to rest against the cave wall. Bad idea. Drawing her arm back in disgust and shaking her hand in an attempt to rid herself of whatever slimy substance had coated the dark walls, Calypso paused.

She wasn't alone, Caly realised with a start. There were mutterings echoing off the walls, though she was struggling to make any sense of them. Brown eyes squinted through the darkness uncertainly; there, just ahead of her was the dark shape of a murmuring figure.

The brunette didn't recognise the language, but as she drew closer she certainly recognised the voice.

"You know, talking to yourself is the first sign of madness." Calypso pointed out, picking her way through the rocks until she was only a few feet from other girl. A look of vindictive amusement slipped onto her face when she noticed exactly what the Ravenclaw was holding.

"...Or were you talking to the plant?"

(That was even worse.)

1945 / Fly Away | Tobias
« on: 08/17/2015 at 14:49 »
Early August 1945
After curfew

Being a camp counselor was a lot like being a Prefect.

For the most part, you got to walk around with a shiny title that screamed superiority, and Calypso wasn't about to pretend that she didn't like how much authority she had. Yes, the job came with responsibilities, but nothing equalled the thrill she got when she caught somebody out after curfew.

Watching them wilt before her very eyes into an apologetic mess of hasty excuses (and occasionally floods of tears) was the most rewarding thing about being a Prefect. It was even better than the badge. And she'd found out over the summer that camp counselors had the same perks.

The brunette was currently sitting outside the White Rabbits house, her back against the wall. Her legs were stretched out in front of her, and her head was tilted upwards towards the stars. At camp, they always seemed brighter than when she was at home.

(Was it possible that Hoppy was sitting somewhere in London, looking up at them too?)

Everything was silent.

And then the front door creaked ever so slightly.

Aside from a delighted grin that slipped ever so casually onto her features, Calypso didn't move. From the corner of the eye, she could see a pair of little feet edging from the house and onto the path. She waited a few more seconds; right on cue, the door clicked shut behind the camper. Finally, the Gryffindor tilted her head up to look at the rule-breaker.

"Going somewhere, Mandrake?"

mid-August 1945
late morning

She was sprawled out on her front on the right side of Serena's cabin bed, her chin resting on one palm. Her other hand was currently preoccupied with turning the page of her magazine. "Ugh, listen to this." Caly glanced over at her friend, then looked back at the article she was mid-way through reading.

"According to--" brown eyes flickered momentarily to search for the author, "Amelia Appleby, flirting with another boy while you have a boyfriend is cheating."

Dubiously, the counselor squinted down at the page. That didn't sound right to her. If the writer had been referring to kissing, then she might have been able to understand. Because technically, yes, then it was cheating. But flirting was a different matter entirely.

Stretching forward, Calypso grabbed a jelly slug off the pile of sweets that were heaped on her friend's pillow. She paused to take a bite off the poor slug's head before continuing in an aggravated tone, "That doesn't seem very fair. What if the other boy's cuter than J-- your boyfriend?"

Her argument was purely hypothetical, of course. But it couldn't hurt to wonder exactly where the boundaries were supposed to lie. And at what point did being friendly develop into flirtation? Amelia Appleby clearly hadn't stopped to think everything through before she'd written this rubbish. Either that or she'd never had a boyfriend herself.

1945 / Starting Over | Séraphine
« on: 08/16/2015 at 17:55 »
Early August
After lunch

Packing for summer camp had been an extremely difficult task for Calypso. What she'd wanted to do was to bring the entirety of her small zoo of animals with her. Unfortunately, it hadn't worked out like that.

She had been forced to leave Artemis and her half of the kittens back at home with her parents. A whole basket of felines was too many for one camper, even if she was a counselor. Oddball had been a different matter entirely. There was no way in hell she was going to leave the poor bird in a house full of cats, and she certainly wasn't going to leave OB at the castle. Not after everything that had happened.

In the end, the only reasonable solution had been to send the Jobberknoll home with Professor Oliveroot instead, which had left her with a suitcase and a box of slugs tucked under one arm when she'd first arrived at Camp Loki.

Now, just over a month later, Calypso was sitting cross-legged in the wood, the open box beside her. Slugcenzo was currently trekking up the trunk of a particularly tall tree and - as always - Robin was lagging several inches behind him.

"Come on," the Gryffindor grumbled, prodding at the red slug grouchily. "You ought to be fast, you came out of Jacks, for Merlin's sake." A twig snapped behind her, and Caly's focus slid instinctively from her slugs to glance over her shoulder.

1945 / Smash Hit | Lyra
« on: 08/16/2015 at 16:10 »
20th July 1945
early evening

It was cooler now than it had been earlier during the day, and Caly was thankful that she'd chosen now instead of a few hours before. Quidditch in the scorching heat was very little fun, and it often turned out to require more effort than it was worth.

The sun was sinking in the sky, but its rays were still flooding the skies with pale orange. It was light enough to fly, and the Gryffindor was unable to keep the excitement off her face as she swung one leg over her broom.

"So..." Caly was grinning as she glanced over at the other girl. The pair weren't particularly well-acquainted, but no doubt that would change by the end of the evening. Lyra seemed nice enough, and there was no harm in making new friends.

(Especially when doing so managed to partially fill some of the overly large hole Hopland had left behind.)

"You ready for this?"

Her head tilted to indicate the edge of the large cliff that dropped away suddenly into a gaping crevice. As far as Calypso had been able to tell in the Quidditch game a few days prior, Lyra was not a particularly experienced player. Having said that, she was by no means awful. Practice made perfect.

And what better way to practice than by diving broom-first into a ravine?

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