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1956 / Nyctophilia | Jere
« on: 04/03/2019 at 02:23 »
15 July 1956
An otherwise empty room in Palais Longchamp

Etain sat with a candle in front of her as she poured over a seemingly bulky and only partially unfurled parchment. The majority of it was accordion folded on either side, and the edges would have been far more frayed were it not for the preservation charms that she had placed on it fairly quickly after Seamus had passed it to her.

Carefully she watched parts of the map as they changed, mirroring what must be happening at the school in real time. She changed the way the map was folded, revealing a different part of the castle as she checked to make sure it was working properly. The last thing she wanted to do was mess it up, so she had spent the last couple of years making a list of every spell that had been used on the map so that she could repeat the process if her own project destroyed it. The only downside was that it was going to be a pain to replicate the drawings. If she could get the twins to tag-team that, it would be done in half the time, though.

She had nearly narrowed down which invisibility spell she wanted to use, but it would still take some time to make sure she had the right one, and figure out which trigger phrases she wanted to use. she would need one to make the map appear, and one to clear it.

Though her change to it was not the hardest one to make. That one would fall to whichever of the twins she gave the map to. she already knew the spell that needed to be used, but it required a great deal of power and nearly an equal amount of time. She simply wasn't sure she had the power, and she was definitely running out of time.

As sound near the entrance to the room made her sit bolt upright as she realized that she had been focused on the map until what must be midnight or past! Midnight was her curfew here (wasn't Cinderella a french story....or was that Spainish. She could never remember). If that was one of the camp counselors, she was toast.

1956 / Blood Red Rose| Etain
« on: 04/01/2019 at 21:56 »

Étaín Marie O'Brien
Slytherin. Single. 7th Year. Pure. Irish/Russian.
"She wears darkness like some girls wear a little black dress."

Étaín was born the daughter of Maeve O'Brien and Demetri Draginoff. She's never met her father, and truthfully, doesn't even really know who he is. Just before she left home for her 1st year at Hogwarts, her mother had set her down to explain the oddly complicated backstory that she hadn't even known she came with. She had figured out long ago that Ashling and Seamus weren't actually her siblings, but were cousins that her mum had taken in. then she heard her mum's side of the story in regards to her father. That he was in Azkaban, to her knowledge, though she hadn't really bothered to keep up with all the facts once his 'trechery' had been revealed.

Her mother had been an Auror for as long as she could remember. Now, though, the Irish woman had declared that she had no intention of returning to her job at the Ministry. Something on the last long trip she had taken had changed her, and Etain wasn't sure if it was a good change or a bad one.

Maeve's work as an Auror and frequent trips resulted in her spending a lot of time with Ashling. This has resulted in her spending quite a lot of time with the orphans of the Children's Home. Even though she has a mother, she can sort of relate to the children at the Home, because her mother is gone more often than not. She's figured out that's why Ashling chose to work there too.

Spending time with Seamus is a horse of a different color. Now that she's older, spending time with her 'brother' has changed. Where he used to take her out for ice cream or shopping, she now learns more useful skills that aren't generally taught to wizarding folk. Though she's not exactly sure she wants to follow in his footsteps, she's still eager to learn. Better to have her options open to her.

Her years at Hogwarts have been the only real path that has pulled her forward. It began when Seamus handed her a map of the school, all neatly folded, with the whispered instructions to tell no one of its existence and to try to improve it while it was in her possession. As soon as she had settled into her House, she had begun exploring and researching what improvements she might make. By her fifth year she had mastered a few permanent preservation charms and applied them to the map. Now, in her final year at Hogwarts, it’s time to choose which path she will follow.

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1956 / Discovery| EMO summer '56
« on: 04/01/2019 at 18:09 »
1 July 1956

Today is the day. A day that I've been waiting for nearly a month now. The day that Seamus has arranged for us to go to Azkaban. He is getting information about an object that seems to have fallen into the wrong hands from someone who has recently been incarcerated.

Fortunately, the person that Seamus needs to question is housed next to the cell that has supposedly held my father for the last 17 years. I am going because I wanted to meet him...just once. I want to talk to him. I want to ask him why he had done the horrible things he had been accused of. Why had he done the things that got him locked away and prevented him from being there for me?

I remember how much Ma had to fight to be free of their marriage. More than that, I saw the hurt in her eyes as she set me down to talk about the things I might hear when I went to school. Whatever he had done, it had hurt her deeply.

I need answers.

Past Workshop Prompts / Prompt 1B: Stay Awhile, and Listen
« on: 04/12/2017 at 17:37 »
It is time...

Maeve took a deep breath as she invited her daughter, Étaín to take a seat across from her in the study at their home in Ireland. Her daughter would be off to Hogwarts soon, and there were things that the girl needed to know. Things that were important.

"My dear, there are things you need to know that will help you in your time at school," Maeve began. A great many things. It was tradition, among her family, that information passed from one generation to another was always passed in the form of a story. Though, there had always been completion to the tale...until now.

"Once, there was a, you need to know things older than that..." Maeve cleared her throat, and started again.

"Once, there were two brothers. The older was strong, with broad shoulders, and a temper that blazed hot as dragon fire. The younger was fair to look at, charming, kind, and smart as a whip. The boys grew in a house full of magic, knowing what it could do, and believing that one day they would be able to do such things as well.

Because of when their birthdays fell, both brothers were due to start attending a special school the same year. They both looked forward to it, for the two had become practically inseparable as they grew. The owl came as expected, but only bore a letter for one brother, the younger one.

At first, they were confused,  and the parents of the two brothers wrote and inquired as to why their eldest son had not received a letter when his little brother had. It took them a while, but they got the answer they were seeking. The elder brother did not have any magical talent."

"He was a Squibb, right?" Étaín interjected.

"Yes, he was a Squibb," Maeve answered.

"As the years passed," Maeve continued, "the older brother grew bitter, and resented his family for raising him to know the wonders of a power that he would never wield. When he was of age, he left, and refused to associate with any of his family. Even when his brother reached out to let him know that their father had passed away, he did not respond.

As things tend to go, the younger brother met a girl at school. As they grew closer, he learned that she and her sister had gone through a similar situation, where one had been accepted to the school, and the other had not. Another Squibb in a pureblood family.

The younger brother, and the girl he met eventually married, and had a daughter. In another part of the country, the older brother met a young lady who had a similar background to his own, and they also fell in love and married.

The younger brother was my father, and the older brother was the father of Ashling and Seamus."

Maeve took a moment to let all of that soak in. This next part was going to be hard, not as much for Étaín as for herself, though. She didn't like remembering this bit, and tried to avoid it when she could. But the fact remained that her daughter would need to know this. It still seemed like a lot to dump on an 11-year-old, but better she find out through story time with mom than if something similar happened to her.

"In a knee-jerk reaction to what had happened with their siblings, they raised their daughter entirely without magic, and she didn't know she was magical until she got her letter. She went to school thinking she was the first witch in her family....

Things are tough there for Muggleborn students. Less now than they used to be, but they are still tough. Even since the fall of the blood status registry, the government has been predominately pureblood. The Hexenreich helped alleviate that some, surprisingly, because now the Ministry focuses more on the place of one's birth, and less on how "pure" a person's blood is. I'm not sure how many pureblood elitists you will run into, but you need to know that is a thing in the wizarding community."

Your father was one..., Maeve took a deep breath to quiet her thoughts. It wouldn't be good to get ahead of herself. She was still telling this as a story, in third person, but now she had gotten to the part that was memory, and not simply what she had been told had happened.

"When their daughter returned after her first year at the school, her parents told her of their pure blooded heritage. While it had always been tradition before that training in family-specific arts began after the first year of school, this was the first time that they had decided to raise the child without magic. Their thought was that it would be easier, then, if the child was a Squibb. That way magic was not something they had seen that they could not have. Instead, they hoped it would be seen as a gift, and their child would respect the power they had.

What they probably didn't expect, was her reaction to the situation. She was angry with them for hiding the truth from her. She thought they didn't understand how difficult that had made things for her. Before the summer was over, she ran away, and made her own way to Hogwarts."

"That was you, wasn't it, mom?" Étaín looked skeptically at her mother.

", it was." She had no intention of telling her daughter what her last words to her parents were.

"That year, just before Christmas, I saw something unique to our family, but in no way good. On the bank of the lake at school, appeared the Bean-sidhe. The Washer Woman. There are only five families that the banshee appears to. The O'Briens are one of them, and she always heralds death," Maeve explained.

"That was when your parents died?" Étaín didn't want to press, but at the same time, she felt it was important to know.

"Yes," Maeve confirmed. "I was taken in by the Mildenhall family. I had become friends with their son, George, and he convinced them to take me in. Ultimately, they helped me begin the search for the man responsible for my parent's death, and also afforded me the chance to rebuild this place.

During those years, I was a fairly good student, and played Quidditch. I was good at Quidditch. Or I thought I was, at least. A lot of the Professors that were there during my time at school have moved on to other things now. My pride, though, was in my favorite pet project when I was at school. It took me all seven years, and I didn't manage to finish it then.

I made a map of the school, Étaín. Knowing that it wold be a while before I ever managed to return to the school, I hid it. four years later, it was picked up by a Hufflepuff. Once she figured out who the initials in the border belonged to, she began corresponding with me.

That was how I met Ashling. It wasn't long before her letters spoke of a concern that only her brother was replying to her letters home, and that he had mentioned that their parents were now acting as though they had never had a daughter, and forbade him from writing her.

The Christmas of her second year, something happened, and her parents vanished. I...don't remember what actually happened. It's all a blur. But I do remember rescuing Seamus from being surrounded by strangers at a New Year's party. After that, I took them in."

Maeve stopped to take another breath. She'd been putting this off for eleven years now, but it was time. It was time her daughter knew who her father was, and why he wasn't there. This was the part she had dreaded most. Talking about her parent's death had been tough, but this... She hid it well, but the thought of Demetri -of his betrayal- still hurt her deeply.

"The blood registry began shortly after that. And it was about that time that I met a charming man who was a professional Quidditch player. He had quite the reputation, and not all of it good. I didn't care at the time, though. He was handsome, and charming, and I was lonely and out in the cold.

They say love is blind, and I have firsthand knowledge of the truth of that. I didn't see the man he actually was. He was an elitist, believing that magic should be kept in the old families, and that lesser bloods were lesser people. He also practiced the Dark Arts, and believed that they should be taught at Hogwarts.

Shortly after we were married, he was arrested for a list of crimes that would likely take days to recite. For a while, I kept the faith, and tried to find anything I could to clear his name. I still loved him, after all, and couldn't bring myself to believe that the man I had known was the same that committed all these crimes. What I found instead was more damning than anything they had on him at the time. They never charged him with murder. They could have, but they didn't. They didn't need to. There was already enough there to lock him in Azkaban for several lifetimes.

He was sentenced before I knew I was pregnant with you, dear. I don't think he even knows you exist, and I would be lying if I said that I didn't think that was for the best."

"What was his name, though?" Étaín couldn't explain it, but this was something she needed to know. For some reason she needed to know his name.

"Demetri Draginoff," Maeve answered. "Do you have any questions?"

"What happened to the map," Étaín asked, genuinely curious. If there was a map of the school, maybe she wouldn't get lost on her first day. And maybe it wouldn't seem so strange to her when she got there.

"Seamus had it last. You'll have to ask him what he did with it," Maeve returned, not entirely sure if it was still in his possession or not.

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