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1973 / Hey sister, soul sister. (Kaitlyn)
« on: 04/08/2012 at 21:16 »
Placing a hand over her mouth, Thalia barely suppressed a yawn.

She staggered into the Main Hall like a drunk, only with better-looking hair, before plopping onto an empty seat. The girl had barely gotten a wink last night. Someone had been snoring, quite loudly at that, and thus depriving her of a good night's sleep. Wasn't there a spell for loud noises such as that? Thalia asked herself. However, her addled brain refused to provide a rational answer.

Evidently, she wasn't a morning person.

Sighing deeply, Thalia leaned on the table, cupping her chin as she tried, once again, to cover a yawn. Lazily, the 6th year started to pick out some food until she felt a presence looming over her. The blonde looked up to see a familiar face. One that she had barely seen last term. Despite her drowsy state, Thalia managed a smile.

"Morning, Kaitlyn. How long has it been since we've last talked?" Thalia grinned before biting into her bagel. She chewed thoughtfully before swallowing.

"How was last term? Good, I hope?"

1973 / Stealth (Bronwyn)
« on: 04/08/2012 at 20:22 »
It wouldn’t come.

No matter how much she tried, sleep still eluded her. Hell, she even started counting sheep until her fingers twitched. Something kept her awake yet she didn’t know what. Maybe fresh air would do her good.

The blonde dragged herself out of bed, slipping out of her covers before she padded over towards her trunk. She lifted the latch and grabbed a hoodie and a packet of magically-enhanced sweets before padding out towards the door. Who cared if she was out in nothing but her jammies? Thalia certainly didn’t.

Creeping out of her cabin didn’t hold much challenge. Sneaking out seemed second nature to her already. Not a soul was in sight, not one councilor patrolling the grounds. Almost too easy, perhaps? A smirk played at her lips. Still, she wouldn’t take her chances. Being caught was the last thing she wanted. Thalia checked the area, to make sure that there were no stragglers around. Once she gave an all-clear, she walked briskly towards the direction of the lake, with only the moonlight as her guide.

There ought to be lots of fresh air there.

The blonde slowed her pace once she was under the cover of trees that surrounded the large body of water. She could hear the gentle lapping of the waves, which meant that she neared the bank. Finally, she reached the grassy knoll where water met land.

Plopping herself down on the ground, Thalia looked out towards the water, watching it ripple prettily. The scenery calmed her almost instantly, but it didn’t wipe the urge to do something. Nor did it lull her to sleep. In fact, it made her more lucid. Weird.

A sudden movement whispered over the grass.

Thalia’s ears pricked up as she instinctively patted her pockets for her wand.

It wasn’t there.

Drat it, how could she forget? Anything but her wand! If this was a wild creature, which no doubt it could be coming from these woods, she’d be worse than dead. Without her sole weapon, she was defenseless and was most likely going to die an ugly death. Being gored to death by some stupid animal wasn’t going to be pretty. She hoped to Merlin it wasn’t a wolf or something. Even so, she wasn't going down without a fight. Thalia turned around slowly, her eyes glued to where she’d thought the sound had come from.

Something stepped out of the shadows.

"What on e-?!"

1974 / Stardust in your eyes {Thalia}
« on: 04/05/2012 at 19:28 »

Erathalia A. Gray

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1973 / Summertime Blues (Montmorency girls)
« on: 03/29/2012 at 08:01 »
For the third year running, she was back again in summer camp. It wasn’t exactly a bad thing, staying at the Hangout. But just like every year, something was just bound to happen. She hoped that something was she could at least cope with. Her trip back from DC had pretty much shaken her up and brought up unwanted nostalgia. That followed right after her break-up with Chase Mcknight. The blonde had never been the same since then.

Thalia pushed open the door to Montmorency, elbowing past as she dragged her luggage into the room with her. Spying out a vacant lower bunk, the blonde lumbered towards it, depositing the suitcase and backpack she’d brought along at the foot of the bed. She peeled off her hoodie and dumped it on the bed, stretching her limbs as she took a good look at the cabin.

The place looked no different from last year. Then again, why should it?  The Hangout always looked the same to her. What had she expected? New bunk beds, perhaps? Maybe she was looking for something different, something that screamed “new”? She was paranoid like that, just like Izzy had said during a particular kitchen patrol. After all, she’d just gone through a break-up, she had every right to lose a bit of her sanity, didn’t she? Thalia mused, cracking a bitter smile.

Stop moping, stupid. Thalia scolded herself.

She probably needed to lighten up for she couldn’t possibly wallow in self-pity for the whole of summer. Nope, that would just spell capital P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. She was stronger than that. The Gryffindor was better off single, anyway, no commitments and boy troubles.

Thalia really didn’t know why she bothered crying over such things for weeks. Heck, she should celebrate and get drunk! Too bad she was a minor and that meant alcohol was off-limits. Not that she minded, really. Maybe she could ask Erynn and Izzy to bring her down to Hogsmeade for some retail therapy. Better than getting totally wasted, the blonde smirked to herself.

 “Hello? Anyone home?” The rising 6th year called out in the seemingly empty cabin room. She could use some company. Any company other than herself, that is.

1972 / Do not trespass. I mean it. Not.
« on: 12/04/2011 at 18:43 »

My name's Chris. It's not a nickname for Christina or Chrissy but it would've been nice if my name was a tiny bit feminized by my parents. I suppose I'm still grateful to them that they didn't name me after a diaper brand. (Kimberly fans, I'm sorry.) Nothing interesting about me, nuh-uh, except maybe for the following:

-I'm in college, studying Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, but I'm still no good with that stuff. I once tried to model Spiderman and failed like a boss! He ended up looking like he swallowed 10 huge, lego bricks.

-I'm no Twilighter, though I prefer the book to the movie, I aint that hot and bothered about Edward and I think Bella's a offense to anyone! But I still like all things paranormal and stuff. But get this, I hate horror/gory movies. Hate them to the core. Again, I'm sorry for those who like 'em. It's not you, just me. XD

-Um, I love books. But currently, I'm going through a phase. So I end up borrowing them, skipping to the exciting parts and throw them aside. Weird huh?

-I have a strange obsession for blonde hair. I dunno why... Don't be surprised if all of my charries are blondes. I'm such a sad case, i won't even read a book if the heroine's not blonde. Yes, I know I'm missing out on the good stuff!

-I live somewhere in Asia, guess where! Nah, kidding. And because I'm from Asia, I've got the midget, no, 'petite' genes, standing at exactly 5 feet tall. Unfortunately, I stopped growing a year ago. Make that three years actually.

-I have no preference of genres/styles when it comes to music, as long as I like it, it's da bomb and will be on repeat in my mp3 player for a whole week.

-I love playing room escape games. Coz it makes me think and crunch my brain for solutions. But sometimes, walkthroughs help. A LOT.

-I'm a crazy, random, hyper person! Please do bear with all the !!!! and the general craziness.

-Ever since I got on Hoggies, I've been addicted ever since. Whee. It's just my first term and I'm already on my way to making another charrie. He's not going to be blonde, though, I made sure of that. If you're here for the first time, I swear you'll love it in Hoggies. I did and still does.


Thalia Gray- Impulsive, Curious, and Clumsy. She's a rising 5th Year, Gryffindor. She has a lot going in her life right now...probably more than she could handle. She's currently engaged to her guy bestfriend and is struggling to get out of it. Thalia could totally use some help in that department.

Julian Cross- Working on a bio for him right now...but he'll basically be the 'Jerk with the heart of gold' kinda guy. Huh, I've never played a guy but I'm gonna TRY my best to act like one. Or else I'll never live up to my name. >.< He's a hopeful 6th year and Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff. He's trying hard to be nice to people, so bear with him.

Catch me in chat or PM me if you wanna thread or something. Thanks for listening, peeps.

No comments allowed, by the way.

Kidding! Spamming is welcome. XD

1972 / Hearts of Fury (Talisin)
« on: 12/03/2011 at 16:44 »
Thalia felt like she was about to burst. Not for joy but due to unresolved and unaired frustrations. As the days went by, she was finding it increasingly difficult to keep these troubling thoughts to herself. She needed some kind of outlet before she could actually hurt anyone due to her eventual self-destruction. Thalia was usually a carefree and expressive girl, but the haunted look on her face proved otherwise.

Her situation with Takeshi wasn't getting any better since Summer started. And ironically, this summer camp wasn't helping at all.Takeshi seemed to be quite busy with things at the moment, having their own different summer activities respectively, therefore it was incredibly difficult to find time to talk about the "engagement". But as more time passed without touching on the subject, the decision seemed a little bit more final. With each second that passed by, Thalia felt caged by her Grandfather's expectations, and with the fact that getting out of that mess would be quite an impossible feat. This helpless feeling was foreign to her.

Heck, she didn't want this at all but it wasn't as if she could do anything about it. Her opinions were obviously disregarded. No, it was more like they weren't required. She and Takeshi had absolutely no say on the 'engagement.'  Still, she cared about their friendship and would do anything to save it but at the moment, she just didn't know how. She was concerned about Talisin's reaction, as well, since she was infatuated with Takeshi. Probably more so than her since she encouraged the match. The two girls weren't exactly close but Thalia couldn't just pretend that everything was alright, could she? Yes, she had to tell her...she deserved to know anyway. And that was probably why she had sent her an owl and arranged to meet her by the gardens. She was hoping for a positive outcome or at least an advice on how to resolve this problem. She was sure Talisin would understand...if not, then she'd have to make do with whatever she had.

 Indeed, life was unfair and so complicated, sometimes.

Thalia paced a little around the clearing, for once, not admiring her surroundings. She was supposed to be a nature lover, but here she was stomping on the lovely wildflowers that grew nearby. The blonde was certainly pre-occupied by something that was totally troubling. So much so that she was directing her frustrations on the ground with such vehemence. Thalia tired quickly from her stomping around, finally deciding to rest against a tree to watch the sun go down slowly beyond the horizon. However, seeing the sunset did little to soothe her troubled spirits. This little distraction, however, was enough to take her mind off things, though, only even if it's only for a little while. The rising 5th year was so absorbed with the sky that she hadn't heard or felt the soft rustling of grass and the looming presence of someone familiar...

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